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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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right now it is more bitter than sweet. we got to enjoy countless memories with buster posey . hitting a grand slam, and obviously the tough times, coming back from injury. buster posey gets to go out on his own terms . an all-star this season, so many fans here, you thought he's coming back next year, no way he's gone. that's not the case. we thought he had more left in the tank. apparently not. >> the reason i'm retiring is i want to be able to do more stuff from february to november with my family. physically, it is much harder now. to be honest, it is hard to enjoy it as much when there is the physical pain that you are dealing with on a daily basis. >> i don't know if this is the right time for it, but i kind of wanted to ask, is this a definite, for sure thing? >> i just really never wavered. i think it really allowed me, not that you don't give it your
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all, but really, really emptied the tank this year like i never have before. to the fans my thank you for all your support that i have received the last 13 seasons. i look forward to creating new memories of my own mama and sharing them with family and friends, as a pole for the giants the rest of my life. thank you. are back empty the tank he did. there is nothing else they could have done this season, leading the giants to 107 wins. the shortened season last year, the giants were all right. they had pieces in place, that there was this very apparent thing missing him last season. he was one of the classiest most standup athletes you'll ever meet. >> you can tell, the emotions were there for him. this was a difficult decision, not easy for him. >> reporter: yes. it was good that he was surrounded by his family because obviously my definitely an emotional decision. it was nice.
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>> he was remarkably gracious as well. let's go to kpix 5's wilson walker, on how esters fans are taking the news this evening. >> reporter: i will tell you right now, i am a buster posey fan. i don't know how you could not be, unless you live in l.a. i think back to 2009 today, as a giants fan, that year where you met buster posey, and we had this scrawny am a crazy looking pitcher, and you could tell that something incredible was about to happen in san francisco. today felt a little bit like a farewell to all of that. >> this was almost as monumental as joe montana retiring. a very monumental player. there will never be another player like buster. >> reporter: while the announcement was made in the club level of the ballpark, his goodbye echoed across san francisco, leaving a lot of people with two very distinct feelings point
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>> i wish him well. it is a sad day. rebecca data brought a flood of memories from that still unbelievable era of success, while making it all feel a good bit further away point >> this is a really big loss, and the end of an era. i wish him well. you know, i am hoping he will still be back with his family to visit us, and see some games in the future. >> reporter: a relationship like san francisco has with buster posey is not forged in triumph alone. fans will no doubt remember the incident at home plate following the first world series, and just how grief stricken it left the city. >> it's sickening. you know, every time i think about it, it makes me sick to my . >> that was 10 years ago. he has been a fixture of this city for 12 years. >> reporter: but they were more wins in parades, buster posey the indispensable centerpiece of all of it point >> he was almost too perfect to
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be real. i mean, that's the way you thought. is this guy for real? his name is buster posey. i mean, you are basically designed to be a hall of famer, and he was. >> reporter: in his farewell, he talked about how much it meant to him to create those moments that were so thrilling for so many people point >> just cherishing the memories, cherishing the four run homer, the grand slam back in cincinnati. >> reporter: so many fans are reflecting on how lucky they were to have buster posey creating all of those memories point >> we are just so thrilled you got to be a part of his entire career. >> reporter: thinking back to his comments on creating all of these moments for everyone, i mean, i know some people don't get sports, but if you lived in san francisco during those 3 years, that is what sports can do to a town. it was an incredible thing to watch. buster posey largely gave that to san francisco. it's an incredible thing, what he and the rest of his teammates, what they gave to
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san francisco, there are a lot of statues of baseball players around this ballpark. i'm not so sure there won't be a street named after buster posey, considering how beloved he was in this town. it was more than being a baseball player. i think you could feel it around san francisco today as he said goodbye. >> that's a great point, wilson. even if you have never seen one single giants baseball game, you know who buster posey was. >> reporter: and you probably thought he was all right. >> yeah. you thought he was a class act. proud that he was a part of your team and city. thank you. we first brought you esther posey's announcement live on cbsn bay area. you can catch us 24/7 streaming on, or on the kpix 5 news app. to a developing story out of san francisco, where one person is dead and another injured after a shooting in the haight-ashbury neighborhood. kpix 5's sean hit kitchen is is on the story.
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>> reporter: we are just now seeing this street open up. police spent hours working on their investigation, try to work out exactly what happened. not too much and they can tell us, and they say they are still early on and trying to gather details, but we do know they arrived here on scene around 1:00, when they came to see two men on the ground. they both had gunshot wounds. one did die on the scene, and the other was transported to a hospital. we don't know his condition. people were shaken up to see a shooting in the afternoon here among many going about their day mama working at some of the shops here on the street. others say they know one of the victims, the man still in the hospital. >> a really good kid, you know? hard-working. he does what he has to do to survive out here in one of the most, you know, richest cities in, you know my california.
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>> we heard four shots, and then we started seeing police cars. i stepped outside and i saw the paramedics doing cpr on somebody. there have been two other shootings in the last 2 weeks, one on central and one in the lower haight . it's popping i guess now. >> reporter: tonight, police say they do not know the motive yet in the shooting, and are still working to identify the man who did die on scene. they are also collecting surveillance video from the businesses that are here in the hopes that it will help them in moving forward with this investigation. tonight in san francisco, shawn chitnis, kpix 5.
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to the weather now, with a wet start to the morning. the rain and dark clouds cleared away this afternoon. chief meteorologist paul heggen joins us now. another storm is expected to roll in? a couple of systems headed our way .1 with a tiny rain chance on saturday, and one with a substantial chance by early next week. let's look how much rain we added up with the rainfall so far. this was not a huge event, but were typical of what we expect in early november. measurable in san jose. closer to 0.25 inches for half moon bay. we do have those additional chances down the line. it is a low chance of a passing shower just for the north bay on saturday, and then a much better chance for the entire bay area beginning to move in on monday. the most widespread rain will fall monday night, and continue into early tuesday. we will look at futurecast attract a slight chance that could impact your be guided just a few minutes. a live look now at the white house, where new rules were announced requiring millions of unvaccinated americans to get the covid vaccine. the development comes as doctors saatchi and wilensky testified on capitol hill about the ongoing response to the pandemic, and the path ahead. skyler henry is joining us live from washington with details.
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>> reporter: good evening to you . there are about 60 days left for those unvaccinated workers to get those shots, according to this new mandate. on the second full day, top public health officials were grilled about the ongoing response to the pandemic point >> vaccination as we have seen them a decreases your risk of infection by sixfold, decreases your risk of hospitalization and death by tenfold point >> reporter: republican lawmakers repeatedly pressed the witnesses about vaccine dates versus natural immunity. >> are you so convinced that the data is so compelling that natural immunity isn't as good as vaccination? >> if we don't know that natural immunity defers protection against future infection, it is because we have decided not to look. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci again clashed with republican
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senator rand paul over whether the virus leaks from a lab in china. >> he won't admit that is dangerous, and for that lack of judgment, i think it is time that you resign. >> is egregiously incorrect in what he says. >> reporter: this came on the same day the white house unveiled new roles, that requires millions of unvaccinated working americans to get the shot. all federal employees, federal contractors, and healthcare workers at facilities receiving medicare or medicaid have until january 4 to be fully vaccinated. people who work at businesses with more than 100 employees must also be vaccinated by january 4, or test weekly and wear a mask at work point >> vaccine requirements are working. >> it's a hard sale to tell people who have covid that they are now under a mandate. >> reporter: or than two dozen states aborting announced plans for lawsuits to block the mandates from taking effect. now let's take a look at capitol hill, where california senator dianne feinstein, and three other senators introduced a bill to create a bipartisan
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9/11 style commission to investigate the covid outbreak. senator feinstein says we must learn from it happened during this pandemic, and ensure we are prepared for any future outbreaks. still ahead on kpix 5, streaming cbsn bay area , a growing memorial for an alameda county supervisor, wilma chan , following a tragic crash. how her colleagues are remembering her. venture capitalism under the microscope and the elizabeth holmes trial. white theranos financial statements were allowed to stay hidden. by venture capitalist games elizabeth holmes extra leeway. an incredible rescue near devils side. crews literally find a man singing to life point before we go to break, many posting
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ new developments in the theranos fraud trial. kpix 5's and ramirez reports,
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a prominent venture capitalist was on the witness stand, giving details on how holmes and theranos were given a pass on key questions. >> reporter: silicon valley venture capitalists are always looking for a bright new ceo, and the next big thing. from testimony here in court today, they thought they had founded in elizabeth holmes and theranos. chris lucas when the venture capital firm black diamond ventures when it first became interested in elizabeth holmes and theranos in 2005. he said four was 19, passionate, sincere, and worked all the time. is firm invested $400,000 and theranos, but later , lucas was surprised when the company wouldn't disclose financial statement another albany documents, as is routine for startups. force it was to protect trade secrets at the time. later, the firm invested another $5 million into the company, saying he knew it was
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a big risk, but called theranos exciting. >> what this case is showing us is that these investors weren't asking a lot of questions. they were going on the brandon type of what the possible return could be, which was huge. >> reporter: lucas also testified that venture capitalists often invest in the ceo, not necessarily the performance of the company at the time. the theranos led analyzer, which promised to do hundreds of letters from a single finger sick of blood only ever managed to do 12 tests, but in 2014, when black diamond made its largest investment, four is headlining a magazine in a cover story point >> she was not only selling her products, but also herself. >> the trial begins tomorrow in a controversial case in welding the murder of ahmaud arbery, a young black man killed in georgia last year. three white men are accused of shooting and killing the 25- year-old while jogging in an in february of last year. after 2.5 weeks of jury selection, his mother says she
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is shocked. there is only one black juror, and the rest are nearly all white. >> i think the african-american jurors come in, and they were questioned so harshly by the defense team, they all struggled. it was very hard point >> the jurors we have found cut across all lines, cut across gender, cut across age, cut across race and ethnicity. >> the two defendants are accused of chasing our paris in their truck, and then shooting him. the third defendant recorded the attack on his cell phone, and allegedly had ahmaud arbery with his truck point a memorial set up to honor wilma chan continues to grow today flowers and balloons can be found at the intersection where she was killed after being struck by a car. colleagues remember chan as dedicated and hard-working. >> she was very thoughtful, fearless. i really valued her
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as a colleague. she brought a lot of integrity, and worthiness, and intelligence to the board of susupervisors.s > wilma chan was hit while walking her dog yesterday morning at the intersection of shoreline drive and grant street. alameda police say the driver involved in that accident is cooperating . a dramatic rescue this morning near devils slide. crews rescued a driver who went over a cliff on highway 1 near pacifica. it is amazing the person even survived. authorities say the driver lost control and went over the cliff. car wound up in the water. >> we showed up, saw chp, and were able to identify the vehicle in the water, and identified the one victim who was climbing up the cliff still, so he advised them to stay put, and we set up a rope system, where we went down and rescued them successfully. when he went over the cliff,
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and was able to successfully get out alive. it was incredible. >> that man got out of his car after surviving the crash. he is expected to be okay. time to bring paul back and . the of the week and on your mind, but what about tomorrow, and friday? the weekend looks mostly dry , keyword. let's look at what will happen over the next few days. a break from the rain tomorrow. the moisture will be directed to far northern california. the very southern edge of that could graze the north bay on saturday . there is a slight chance of a few showers north of the golden gate on saturday. let's look at an up close version of futurecast peer we see some clouds tomorrow. we will see a mix of clouds and sunshine on friday.
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the rain stays farther to the north. as we head into tomorrow night, some showers will begin approaching the coast of the north bay. it will be at osino and lake counties that have the best chance of rain through the weekend. some of it could graze into sonoma county and even napa county through the first half of the day on saturday. do not adjust any outdoor plans. don't cancel anything here could just be flexible in case of a passing shower. if you get some showers, they will be very light. most of us will see mostly cloudy skies through the first half of the weekend, then mx of clouds and sunshine on sunday. another main event comes next week. and that to the tiny amount on saturday, and we are talking about a decent amount of rain. 121.5 inches wide spread further north they. higher terrain spots may pick up more than 1.5 inches of rain. for san francisco and oakland, 0.5 two 1 inch of rain. and then the lowest amounts, as usual, in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains, 0.1 inches to 0.25 inches. we will take what we can get in
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the month of november. we hope to see more rain as we get through the rest of the month. outside right now, looking nice. lots of sunshine. temperatures in the low to mid 60s across the board. tonight, we will drop down pretty quickly with mostly clear skies overhead. some ugly dense fog developing early tomorrow, but it will dissipate. temperatures will drop into the mid to upper 40s in the end, with low 50s around the bay. when you start off below normal, it is hard to recover to near-normal temperatures without as much daylight. temperatures will be 2 to 4 degrees below normal tomorrow, but pleasantly cool. we should all make it up into the 60s for highs, except right along the coast, where there will be some upper 50s. mid to upper 60s around the peninsula and south end of the bay. a degree or two warmer as we had further inland, santa clara valley, upper 60s in the tri- valley. temperatures just a few degrees cooler around the bay. low 60s in san francisco, with
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mid 60s for oakland in the east side of the bay. north bay, a bit more cloud cover, so slightly cooler, with high temperatures mostly in the mid 60s. with a better chance of rain tomorrow, your temperatures are going to be a few degrees cooler as well. a slight chance of a shower on saturday. most of us will stay dry. below average temperatures this weekend point more sunshine for the second half of the weekend, and in the next system moves in with some showers it during the day. the best chance of the most widespread rain will be monday night, lingering into tuesday, and then we dry out at warm-up for wednesday and thursday of next week, back to near-normal temperatures by the latter half of next week. it will be an atmospheric river that says the next chance of rain towards us monday and tuesday. we will look at where it ranks coming up at 5:30. coming up, vaccinated without consent. the parent who claims another california pharmacy gave her child a shot without her permission. streaming today on cbsn bay area , a new animated star trek prodigy series set to stream tonight on paramount plus.
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the effort to recall three members of the san francisco school board getting some fresh support. state senator scott weiner of san francisco today tweeted that the members, quote, have all failed her students and families, and it is time for new , responsible leadership. the three members are under fire for not prioritizing the safe reopening of public schools during the pandemic point there was also a bungled effort to rename several schools point we tried reaching out to get their responses to the tweets, but have not heard back from them. an out-of-state politician trying to take advantage of the backlog of container ships a
5:25 pm
california ports. texas governor greg abbott with a message to shippers. >> are your products stuck off long beach? texas ports are wide open. >> the video promoted on governor abbott's twitter account, the narrator tells shipping companies to escape california, and instead sale 2 weeks to 24/7 unction texas cargo ports. about 40% of the country's imports go through the los angeles and long beach ports. president biden recently announcing a plan to keep those ports running 24/7. elon musk spacex has won the latest court battle for a lucrative nasa contract over fellow billionaire jeff bezos. lou origin sued nasa because it favored the spacex landing system for america's return to the moon. a federal court affirmed that the spacex proposal has already been approved by the government accountability office. spacex was also the low bidder for the project, providing a
5:26 pm
quote of $2.9 billion, or about half the price of the blue origin quote. work on the lunar lander had been on hold pending the outcome of the lawsuit. now nasa says it will resume as soon as possible. vaccine appointment are filling up fast for kids around the bay area. one of the counties is looking to take the burden off of parents, and bring shots to schools. we will take a closer from one m moment to t the ne, our kikids become e the most importanant part of f our liv.
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 , and streaming on cbsn bay area, our local news at 5:30. cash, guns, and drugs. the underground gambling bust in the south bay. a wall of junk. the extreme porterhouse that has neighbors fed up. how long they say the city took to clean it up. our top story, with the holidays approaching, the rush is on for families to get their kids vaccinated. what parents need to know about the process. good evening. i'm allen martin . now that children 5 to 11 can get the
5:30 pm
pfizer shot, there is a new vaccine rush. kpix 5's andria borba is within san jose with appointment already booking up. >> reporter: that is right. the rush is on for many parents concerned about getting their kids vaccinated against covid- 19, and those appointments are already booking up to 1 month out from right now today. santa clara county is looking to ease the burden of some parents, and bring vaccinations onto the mass vaccination sites or clinics, but right at the schools, where their children go to. the cafeteria at catherine smith school and he san jose isn't serving up chicken nuggets, but covid-19 vaccines for the 5 to 11 crowd point it is the first of 80 mobile vaccination clinics in santa clara county that will be held at schools. >> it's exactly right. we want to make it as easy as we can for parents point >> by having clinics on school sites, we do ease that worry about when they might be able to get an


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