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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 4, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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in i n'se anything like th issomethg will clear up. >> how small businesses in the bay area are making big changes tonight to keep supply-chain chaos from ruining christmas point right now at 7:00, and streaming on cbsn bay area, san francisco's meaning millennium tower sitting squarely at the center of an hours long hearing today , after it was discovered the fix for the problem was actually contributing to it. >> kpix 5's max darrow has new details on just how far the tilting tower could actually go . >> reporter: experts and city leaders made it clear during a hearing on thursday that the millennium tower is an no imminent danger of structural failure. the chief engineer says it can tilt a lot more than it already is, but there is a city supervisor who is pretty skeptical about that. the fix for san francisco's meaning lamp tower is under heavy screening ty
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leaders during a thursday hearing. they called for the hearing a few months ago, when it was discovered that work on the voluntary retro frit designed to fix the towers thinking and tilting was making the problem worse. >> you think this building would have been better off without the fix? >> the fix has never been necessary from the structural perspective, from the safety perspective. >> reporter: he revealed of the building is now tilting 9.5 inches north, and 23.5 inches to the west, but says it isn't as dramatic as it sounds. they have new data that suggest the building can tolerate a lot more. >> we recently competed an update of that information, showing the building could tilt as much as 3 feet to the north, at almost 80 inches to the west point >> the question is how does the building perform in a high
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magnitude seismic event, a big earthquake. >> reporter: limited work on the towers retrofit that the green light to continue last week, after a test on a less disruptive construction method proved to work. during the hearing, he said engineers had increased their frequency of monitoring settlement and tilt. after the held a hearing, the supervisor told us he has more questions he wants answers to. >> i think the building is in imminent danger, but i do think the city has an obligation to plan for the long-term. >> reporter: construction on the upgrade continues, but it isn't back up to full speed just yet, as engineers continue to reevaluate construction methods. we are also learning that they may not install as many piles as they originally planned to. in the meantime, there should be another hearing at the beginning of 2022. we have been digging into the problems at the millennium tower for months now. you can find all of our original reporting on at 7:00, san francisco police hope surveillance video and wounded another. it happened around 1:00 this
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afternoon near haight and masonic. officers closed the scene of the shooting for several hours together evidence. people who live and work nearby say they were shaken up by the incident point >> i cannot. the manager says those weren't gone start. this is haight street. nothing bad happens here. i walked out on the street, and there are two bodies on the floor . >> please can't say yet what started the shooting. i look forward to creating the memories of my own, and sharing them with family and friends, as i pull for the giants the rest of my life. >> legendary giants catcher buster posey hanging up the cleats after 13 seasons with the mlb my beginning and ending his career in san francisco. >> i wish him well. it is a sad day. >> this is a really big loss, and the end of an era >> he has been a fixture of the city for what, 12 years? >> we are just so thrilled. we
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got to be a part of his entire career. >> the big question is why now? >> charlie walter was there as posey made his answer official. >> reporter: it surprising coming off of an ulcer season, with what you thought he had a lot more left in the tank. we say he could've gone a few more years. maybe not point >> the reason i am retiring is i want to be able to do more stuff from february to november with my family. physically, it is much harder now. to be honest, it is hard to enjoy it as much when there is the physical pain you are dealing with. it will definitely be different, but you can see the babies crawling on the windowsill over here, i am pretty sure we will stay busy. her back right after the press conference, we asked about joey barton, the future as he is the presumed catcher in waiting for the san francisco giants.
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they stopped us there. he said i don't want to talk about that position moving forward. today is all about buster, and celebrating all of the great things he did in san francisco. charlie walter, kpix 5 . we posted more from today's press conference, and more stories on the hall of fame caliber career on a live look down the street at chase center, one of the many indoor public spaces across san francisco for kids ages 5 to 11 may soon have to show proof of vaccination for entry. the city tells us and may expand its mandate to that group in a few months , based on how things are going. with the holidays fast approaching, the rush is on for parents to get their kids vaccinated. some 5 to 11-year-olds got their first visor doses at this east san jose school today. it is the first of 80 mobile vaccination clinics that santa clara county is holding its goals. >> we want to make it as easy
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as we can for parents point >> by having clinics on school sites, we do ease that worry about when they might be able to get an appointment point >> they save me a lot of time, because especially now in the clinics, it takes up to 1 month for you to schedule an appointment with the doctor. >> thousands of visor doses are pediatricians offibay area. for more information on the bay area rollout, and how to sign your child up for a vaccine, click the link on the top of our homepage. today the jury in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial heard from a prominent venture capitalist, chris lucas , a black diamond venture employee, said his firm first invested $400,000 in theranos. lucas says he was surprised when theranos would not disclose financial statements. elizabeth holmes said of the time it was to protect trade secrets. lucas says he took a risk and invested another $5 million. >> what this case is showing us
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is that these investors weren't asking a lot of questions. they were going on the brand, and the hype of what the possible return could be, which was huge. >> lucas also testified venture capitalists often invest in the ceo mana because of the performance of the company. san jose police have opened broken up and alleged gambling ring. in the process, they also took down an illegal marijuana grow operation pick up again this summer when police got a tip about an injury go gambling operation selling drugs and stolen property out of an industrial building on rogers avenue. when police searched it, they found 300 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $600,000, plus guns and ammo. >> i know it's easier to make money illegally, but that isn't the way to do business. you have to do it the right way. that way nobody gets in trouble. >> police arrested two suspects. john and mike lee are accused of running the gambling ring and rowhouse together. a small dot from san
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francisco a lot stronger than he looks. a happy ending to a heartbreaking case of animal cruelty. a card careens off of devils slide, and the driver lived to tell about it. it is what he did right after the wreck that is really stunning. november just started, but if you haven't done your holiday shopping yet, it may already be too late for some things on your list point >> many of our distributors are sending us letters right now, that they are no longer taking orders until january. one thing on our wish list, more rain. we picked up some last night and early this morning. i am tracking more rain chances coming up in your forecast.
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ended up in the water below devils slide. the driver coasted all the way down the cliff after losing control on highway 1. that only did he survive, but by the time help got there, he was already trying to climb back up. firefighters used ropes to help him the rest of the way up. he is in stable condition tonight. the clock is ticking tonight for u.s. businesses with 100 people or more to require vaccinations, or weekly testing for their workforce. businesses have until january 4th to comply, or face fines of up to $14,000 per violation. more than two dozen states plan to sue to block the labor department mandate. taking a look at capitol hill warehouse democrats are signaled they are ready to move on the president's massive domestic agenda in the next 24 hours. and includes his trillion dollar infrastructure bill, and nearly $2 trillion in social
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spending, meant to pay for itself through the tax hikes contained in the build back better plan. >> it will be money in the pockets of the american people. >> right now the democratic party is shoving a massive expansion of government down the throat of the republican party. the supply-chain crisis is proving to be a tough nut to crack for california walnut and almond growers. the backups at l.a. and long beach are so bad, many are paying a premium to ship their products out of texas and maryland instead. as for why oakland isn't an option? shipping costs are so high, many ships had straight from southern california back to asia to resupply, rather than stop at the smaller port for pickups. from clogged ports to trucker shortages, the supply chain crisis is impacting everyone. kpix 5's sharon chin on the big changes small businesses are having to make, and what it all means for you this holiday
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shopping season. you may even recognize -- >> reporter: shannon murray bought holiday gifts at nuts for candy and burlingame well before halloween point >> normally, i am a late shopper, like, christmas eve here >> reporter: shopping early is smart if you are seeking something specific, according to these storeowners. >> in 27 years, i have not seen anything like this. >> reporter: they import many specialty products from plush to puzzles, so they ordered their holiday inventory months early point >> any of our distributors are sending us letters right now that they are no longer taking orders until january. >> reporter: so far the store has only gotten 15 to 20% of their holiday stock, like advent calendars from germany. >> these products are sitting on the vessels right now and waiting to be unloaded point
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>> reporter: unlike large retailers, the small chop can't fly them in or hire private shippers point >> it's a difficult situation. >> i've never seen this perfect storm before. >> reporter: adrian of the toy association represents about 1000 toy manufacturers and retailers. she says the supply-chain problems owned and with the holidays point >> it took a long time for this to happen, and it will take a while for it to be resolved. >> reporter: from toys to traits, small businesses developed early recipes to survive the season point >> we have margarita chocolate here. >> reporter: at the chocolates in san francisco, the owner is introducing a new holiday cocktail collection. he and his team planned over the summer to ensure they would have all of the ingredients. >> there will always be this anxiety about what is around the corner. >> reporter: they already entered several shortages. they stopped producing the chocolate orange peel candy for months. afterwards, they couldn't make strawberry yogurt almonds.
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>> there is a nationwide shortage of raspberries in the u.s. who knew. >> recently we had a shortage of sugar recently >> reporter: they should have 2 to 3 times more inventory on hand than needed, and lineup backup sources for ingredients, and imported packaging materials. with the holidays generating at least a third of their profits him a small businesses we talked to hoped their strategies produced a sweet season for them, and their customers. sharon chin, kpix 5. is not just the product impacted. they are making sure to maintain the equipment, because getting new candy machines from europe to take about 1 year. let's take a live look at the port of oakland, where the cargo lanes are calm for now. >> chief meteorologist paul
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heggen is here with a look ahead. we have more rain chances in her future, and last night's rain put us in unprecedented territory. this is the 35th day of the water year, it begins on october 1, and through the first 35 days of the rainy season, this is the no rate most rain that downtown separate san francisco has gotten since recordkeeping began in the gold rush in san francisco. that puts us at 7.41 inches for the season so far, taking the record set all the way back in 1889. you know you are doing something unprecedented when we are breaking a record set 132 years ago. there are more rain chances in the forecast. the one on saturday doesn't look like much to be impressed by. we have a break from the rain tomorrow. the storm system is going to be close enough to us to potentially drag the southern and through the north bay on saturday point let's zoom in. tonight, locally dense fog. that will dissipate. klassen sunshine friday. the rain stays further north. the closest it gets his
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mendocino and lake counties. there is the potential for a few showers to skirt the very northern parts of sonoma county. passing showers north of the golden gate on saturday am a very few and far between, and very tight. it is not worth rearranging out our plans on such a slight rain chance. just be flexible for the north bay. a much better chance of rain is on the way next week, arriving sometime monday, likely before the sun goes down. the heaviest rain will be monday night, lingering into the first half of tuesday. 0.5 inches to 1 inch of rain across the bay area. right now, we are dry. upper 50s and low 60s. pleasantly cool. it will be a bit chilly tonight for inland parts of the bay area, dropping down into the mid to upper 40s. even though 40s for the north bay valleys, with low 50s around the bay. high temperatures tomorrow, 2 to 4 degrees below normal.
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with that mix of clouds and sunshine, pleasantly cool at worst. load a mid-60s around the bay. near 60 degrees around the coast, mid-60s for the north bay. temperatures will stay below average for the weekend and into early next week. there is the next good rain chance for everybody day, monday night, and tuesday point than the forecast dries out by wednesday and thursday. that will probably last into the following weekend at least. that is a long way into the future in forecasting terms. as we get past tuesday, we have a dry spell of weather. at least we have seen all of these early-season rain chances, and we hope the rest of the season will overachieve as well. i will have an update on that rain chance saturday coming up at 11:00. still ahead, a wanted man runs into a area macy's, and a trip to jail was in store for him point "star trek prodigy" premieres tonight on paramount plus.
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tonight on cbsn bay area, the stars talk to us about the new animated series. you can find cbsn bay area on , or on the kpix app. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download it for free on your favorite streaming device.
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a san francisco man is under arrest, accused of stabbing a dog. >> the owner told police she was sitting in her parked car in bayview last week, when a man walked up with a knife and threatened her before then reaching through the window and stabbing the dog. the cute terrier miss mix survived the attack and is now recovering from home. officers arrested 35-year-old derrick juan strong on several charges, including maliciously injuring an animal point a bit of a scare for shoppers at a tri-valley mall when police chased a wanted man into macy's. they say he is suspected of robberies and san leandro and san ramon. police arrested inside of the store at stone ridge in
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pleasanton. luckily no one was hurt. the farmer who unearthed a spud the size of sputnik.
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kaiser permanente. thrive
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well, it looks more like a thanksgiving turkey, but it is actually the world's biggest potato. >> a couple in new zealand unearthed -- there we go. the 17.4 pound super spud while weeding their garden. >> i said look, that's a
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potato. and she went no. indeed it is. no, no it's not a potato. >> they named the gigantic potato doug, since they dug it up. the couple is now waiting for confirmation on their world record, which currently stands at a measly 10 pounds. >> as for what they planned to do with doug, in addition to being a prized potato farmer, colin is an amateur homebrewer. he may distill doug into some rather nice vodka. costco sized bottle, for sure. >> it's an odd looking potato. inc. you for watching. the news continues
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