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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  November 4, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> a new study reveals not only is covid 19 transmissible through humans, it also can be passed through deer. researchers found covid 19 antibodies in deerskin samples which led to the discovery. >> they believe some of the population was infected by humans, and they became superspreaders. ( christmas music ) >> all right, reindeer, time to get ready for the christmas season! >> back off, fat man, or you will give us all covid! >> i'm immunized. i went with aaron rodgers. >> he's lying! fine, i'm not vaccinated. i don't want my jingle balls to swell up like nicki minaj's
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cousin's friend. besides, covid is a myth like the abominable snowman. >> what an idiot! sorry, santa. we won't pull your flying sleigh this year. >> all right, i'll do it myself. sir, you have to wear a mask. i'm not wearing a mask. i'm in an american. let's go brandon! unhand me! >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) tonight, left behind. plus stephen welcomes billy porter! and annaleigh ashford! featuring jon batiste and "staya and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! p ( cheers and applause ) ( cheers and applause )
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( theme song playing ) >> stephen: hey! hey! >> announcer: thank you -- >> stephen: thank you for being here. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to "the late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. ( cheers and applause ) and i'm going to start off tonight -- i would like to wish everyone a happy duwali. for those of you who do not know, it's the south asian religious festival of lights that celebrates the "victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance." so basically, "ted lasso." ( laughter ) ( applause ) we're still digesting the
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the democrats did not have a good night, but it was primarily two states where, historically, the party in the white house loses. and the democrats narrowly held onto one of them, new jersey. so, disappointing. but a mixed bag. or, as cable news put it: >> a five alarm fire for democrats. >> five-alarm fire. >> no silver linings. >> major setbacks on election day. >> the anatomy, really, of a democratic meltdown. a complete and total meltdown. >> you don't think you're part of the problem, and you're a democrat in power? you haven't looked in the mirror this morning. ( audience reacts ) >> stephen: and if you couldn't stop looking in the mirror this morning, you're chuck todd. the media, who all live i ( laughter ) ( piano riff ) ( applause ) the media, who all live in virginia or new jersey, coincidentally, are freaking out so badly that nbc is launching a new sunday show: "sedate the press."
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the dia's not alone in over-reacting. one former official compared tuesday's losses to the last big off-year disaster for democrats, saying, "this is 2009 all over again." yes, back in 2009, americans were all enjoying the old man in "up." and now we've elected that man president. wait, we better check on him. don't go, joe! maybe you'll pass infrastructure by the midterms! ( cheers and applause ) in response to their defeats, congressional democrats have vowed to pass the "build back better" plan. especially senate majority whip, and man failing to "nay nay," dick durbin. durbin said of the poor showings in new jersey and virginia "i think it's an accelerant. it's time for us to go to work." a little late for that! (as college student)
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"okay, i know i got a bad midterm report card, so i'm really going to buckle down. and study. starting tomorrow. first, i got to polish off all the coors lights in the fridge and smoke a little of this. anyone got any accelerant?" ( laughter ) ( piano riff ) one of the reasons congress hasn't done more-- or any-- is continued opposition from moderates joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, and democrats are getting sick of it. take arizona representative and singing snowman, raul grijalva. grijalva complained that there's a code of silence around manchin and sinema, explaining, "we're mad at them, but we can't say anything, because it might make them weirder." ( laughter ) weirder than presiding over the u.s. senate wearing harley casual? ( laughter ) (as sinema) "don't test me, progressives! i have sassy patches and i will
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iron them on!" ( applause ) it's a good look -- sleeveless. and the weirdness has already started with joe manchin. here's footage of him negotiating with chuck schumer today: ♪♪ ( laughter ) >> stephen: point is, the democrats have to do something. and they are... ish. last week, because of manchin's opposition, democrats took paid family leave out of the "build back better" bill. but after what happened in virginia, now, the house has added a provision to provide four weeks of federally-paid family and medical leave. okay. that's something. it's not what anyone asked for, but it's better than nothing. coincidentally, that's also the slogan of rc cola. ( laughter )
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( applause ) the election wasn't all doom and gloom. on tuesday, detroit voted to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms. ( cheers and applause ) finally! detroit has solved its only problem! starting now, in the motor city, possession and use of magic mushrooms by adults is the city's lowest law-enforcement priority. not that it was a big law enforcement challenge before. it's pretty easy to arrest someone who's spent the last 40 minutes in the cereal aisle weeping while looking at a box of froot loops. "they're all my children." ( laughter ) "they're all my children." mushrooms have been gaining acceptance recently, as doctors have found they can be used to treat a variety of psychological issues, including depression. much needed in detroit. with this help, they may one day
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be able to watch the lions. -- watch the lions play. ( laughter ) ( piano riff ) really, really? there are that many lions fans here tonight? get some magic m mushrooms, my friend. ( applause ) ( piano riff ) i can make that joke because if you know me, you know i love sport. ( laughter ) the smell of a new baseball mitt; the smell of the freshly cut grass; the smell of the popcorn. i mostly like smells. there's sport-news about green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers, seen here noticing a cloud that looks like a butt. ( laughter ) this week, rodgers tested positive for covid. okay, not a huge deal. professional athletes test positive for a lot of things.
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but here's the kicker-- which is a football term: news broke that rodgers is not vaccinated. according to n.f.l. rules, that means he has to miss sunday's game, and sit out the next five state farm commercials. ( laughter ) going to be tough on jake to carry the team without him. ( applause ) broad shoulders, though. >> jon: yeah. >> stephen: that's a red sweater. this is a big deal, because rodgers has worked really hard to give the impression that he's vaccinated. here's what he said right before the start of the season: >> are you vaccinated, and what's your stance on-- on vaccinations? >> yeah, i've been immunized. you know, there's a lot of conversation around it, around the league, and the guys who have made statements-- and i made statements, owners that made statements. >> stephen: that's really vague. he better not talk that way in the huddle. okay, bring it in.
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the next play is a run, or maybe a pass? there have been a lot of conversations around it, and the coach has made a statement in my helmet, but the main point is... let me breathe on you." ( laughter ) >> jon: oh, no. ( cheers and applause ) ( piano riff ) >> stephen: now, you may have noticed that rodgers said he was "immunized." that doesn't mean vaccinated. turns out, rodgers pursued an alternative treatment, and then petitioned the n.f.l. to recognize him as vaccinated. the n.f.l. refused, because it was a "homeopathic treatment from his personal doctor to raise his antibody levels." uh, oh, my goop senses are tingling! ( laughter ) mm-mm-mm... ( laughter ) i'm no expert, but i'm guessing it's a lot easier to just play football with a shot in your arm than a jade egg where the sun don't shine. ( applause ) then again, they are called
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"the packers." >> jon: oh, my gosh! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: football players aren't the only ones testing positive. a new study found that the majority of iowa's white-tailed deer may already be infected with the coronavirus. how is that possible? i know for a fact that deer prefer outdoor dining! no surprise-- it appears the deer are getting sick from humans. that means iowa hunters are killing these deer from less than six feet away. "screw this gun, i'm going to strangle this bastard. die! die! look in my eyes! look in my eyes! oim going to chop your head off,mount it on my wall! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: i really got into
11:47 pm
character there for a moment. i hope i didn't upset anybody. the real concern here is that the deer might transmit covid back to humans, in which case the animals could become a reservoir for the virus. it's a nightmare scenario, that's also the plot of quentin tarantino's next film: "reservoir deer." ( laughter ) we've got a great show for you tonight. ( cheers and applause ) my guests are billy porter and annaleigh ashford. but when we come back, "meanwhile!" ( cheers and applause ) oh, stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody! oh, please say hello to jon batiste and "stay human" and friends. and friends. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: hey! >> stephen: jon, i'm very excited because our dear friend billy porter is going to be here tonight in just a moment. ( cheers and applause )
11:53 pm
and, of course, very talented annaleigh ashford, tony winner is going to be here as well cbs's "b positive." who is joining you on the band stand? >> jon: we have kenny garrett on the alto saxophone. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: kenny. >> jon: yes, indeed. >> stephen: thank you for sharing your art with us this evening, always nice to have a jazz messenger up there. >> jon: oh, yes. >> stephen: folks, you know, if you watch the show, i spend a lot of time right over there, gathering the freshest, newsiest headline flowers, scouring the fields and forests for the most topical and fragrant sylvan news boughs, and jokiest festive gourds, then carefully assembling and arranging them all into the grand yet tasteful state dinner-worthy centerpiece that is my nightly monologue. but sometimes, sometimes, folks, i rub some lead paint chips into my gums, stagger into the woods with nothing but a staple gun and some empty cans of spray paint, then, by the light of a tire-fire, using smashed larvae
11:54 pm
and my own saliva as glue, i cobble together a crude pile of punky wood and animal skulls to present to you the unhinged loner's cornucopia of news that is my segment: "meanwhile!" ( cheers and applause ) don't ask me, ask meanwhile. meanwhile knows all, tells all. ( laughter ) meanwhile, lady gaga just became the first person ever to be on the cover of both british "vogue" and "vogue italia" at the same time. impressive. >> stephen: o -- >> jon: oh, my. >> stephen: really impressive. though i've got to say, it looks like she was very prepared for the first one, and a little caught off-guard by the second. another one? quick! cut a hole in a bath mat! i'll make it work! looks like she's going to a halloween party dressed as a tongue. ( laughter ) someone left the grimace out in
11:55 pm
the sun. meanwhile, "sex and the city" fans rejoice, because "carrie bradshaw's apartment is going up for rent on airbnb." ( audience reacts ) (types on laptop) "although i couldn't help but wonder... was this all just a transparent marketing ploy to wring the last dregs of cash from 'sex and the city' fans? (chuckles) i'm such a miranda." ( cheers and applause ) i'm a charlotte. for two nights only, lucky guests will enjoy the storied apartment for just "$23 a night, a nod to the show's 23-year history." and it's also a celebration of how the writers of "sex and the city" had no clue how much things cost. ( laughter ) she's a once-weekly local newspaper columnist. she couldn't live alone in a swanky apartment on the upper east side! she would have six insane roommates in a below-ground studio in sheepshead bay, and work nights at the sbarro in penn station, and she has to
11:56 pm
shower in the kitchen sink. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) visitors will get the full "sex and the city" experience, as sarah jessica parker will virtually greet the visitors at check-in, and they'll be treated to a styling session and photo shoot. not exactly my thing, but definitely better than the "game of thrones" airbnb, which is in an authentic burning castle, complete with a personal greeting from arya, who kills you and then wears your face. ( laughter ) ( applause ) ( cheers and applause ) meanwhile, potato watchers think they have found "the world's largest potato." okay. we've all heard that before. jim, let's take a look. i'm sorry, can someone move that cursed homunculus out of the way? i'd like to see the potato. what? that is spuds mc-crazy!
11:57 pm
where did they find this thing? the island of doctor potato? this is the farmer who found it, colin craig-brown-- seen here, one assumes, breast feeding the potato. he and his wife are farmers in new zealand who say they "were weeding their garden when his hoe struck something huge," so "he scratched away a bit of the skin and tasted it." that's what i love about new zealanders. their sense of adventure. they see this thing birthed from their yard, and their first thought is, "sweet as! it looks like a mummified chimpanzee ass. better give it a lick." ( laughter ) meanwhile, "the best cheese in the world has been named." the cheese is called olavidia, and according to one of the judges, "the cheese stole my heart. it's like nothing i've seen before. it had an incredibly rich, unctuous, creamy texture. it was pillowy, warm, and comforting, and the flavor was rich, round and long. i just wanted to go to bed with
11:58 pm
it." ( laughter ) i don't know if we found the world's best cheese, but we have found the world's loneliest judge. ( applause ) "this cheese just gets me. it listens. we both love laying on crackers, and neither of us wants kids. now, if you'll excuse me, i'm going to go bang this cheese." ( laughter ) meanwhile, "ikea has made sound-absorbing curtains to broker peace between noisy roommates." perfect, if you're roommates with that horny cheese freak. we'll be right back with billy porter. ( cheers and applause ) ♪♪
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( cheers and applause ) ♪♪ >> stephen: hey, everybody! ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. my first guest tonight is the emmy, tony, and grammy-winning performer you know from his time on broadway, his starring role on "pose," and his show-stopping red-carpet style. please welcome billy porter! ( cheers and applause )
12:04 am
♪♪ >> yay! oh, shoot! they're playing my song! ( cheers and applause ) jon batiste and "stay human" are playing my new song! children! hey, got to let the children know what time it is! >> stephen: so lovely to see you. >> it's good to see you, too! >> stephen: before we get started, there's so much to talk about. >> yes. >> stephen: first, i want to to you about this -- you recently -- you made some comments about harry stiles vogue cover. quickly, if you can explain to the audience what happened, what you said and what you would like to say. >> stephen: apparently, i'm
12:05 am
famous now, and it was a slow news day, so the first thing i want to say is, harry stiles, i apologize to you for having your name in my mouth. it's not about you. the conversation is not about you. right. >> stephen: for the people who don't know. harry stiles was the first man to appear on the cover of vogue. >> in a dress. >> stephen: right. and, so, the conversation is actually deeper than that. it is about the systems of oppression and eray sure of people who contribute to the culture of color. that's a lot to unpack. i'm willing to unpack it. sons of the dragging and cancel culture of the internet because i do not now nor will ever adjudicate my life in sound bytes on social media. so when you're ready to have the rile conversation, call it in. okay? i'm ready to have it! and i'm sorry, harry.
12:06 am
i didn't mean no harm. i'm a gay man. we like harry, he's cute! ( laughter ) >> stephen: are you surprised this comment blew up the way it did? >> i am surprised because there are so many other things that are important on this earth to be talking about. it's just weird. >> stephen: let's do it, then. yes, let's talk about it. >> stephen: the most important thing is thank you for sending the shoes. >> yes! >> stephen: okay, this mid summer you sent me -- you're designing for jimmy chu. >> yes, i have a collection with jimmy chu. it's genderless, any size for any shoe, and all the proceeds go to the trevor project. ( cheers and applause ) yes. >> stephen: well, i was thrilled to get it. i always said, you've got a present from billy porter. what could it be? i open it up and there are these absolutely beautiful shoes, they're loafers with tassels. >> yes. >> stephen: a zebra print or leopard? >> brown zebra.
12:07 am
>> stephen: i said, hand to god, i'm going to wear these to obama's 60th birthday party. >> oh. >> stephen: and i'm going to wear a nice zennia tan suit, dark shirt and zebra print shoes. i got uninvited. ( laughter ) the head reasonline is i got uninvited to obama's party which is fine because if i had come in your shoes, no one would have made apension to obama. but i did take a photo and send it to you because i did want to wear them. this is what i was doing the niht i should have been at that party. this is me in the shoes. >> oh, i love that you like my shoes! yay! ( cheers and applause ) i love it! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: they're goodlookin'! where do i wear them? do you have a recommendation? >> wear them every day all day. it doesn't have to be a special occasion. wear whatever you want whenever you want to wear them. > stephen: i'm not as special
12:08 am
as you are. i need special occasions. everywhere you go ends up feeling a little bit special. now, you've written a new memoir. >> yes. >> stephen: all right. i wrote a whole book, y'all! >> stephen: it's called unprotected, and this is -- it really tells the story of what it took to become the billy porter that we all know today. >> yes. >> stephen: you delve into some difficult topics, and how does it feel to share your story with the world? >> you know, it's been very healing, the journey has been very healing. you know, most of it was written in covid, and i discovered how to heal trauma. you know, the book is called unprotected, and it's about healing my trauma through the power of art, and my hope is that my story and my journey will free somebody else and set somebody else free, because it
12:09 am
set me free. ( applause ) >> stephen: we were having a conversation about this before the show. what inspires you artistically? >> the truth. authenticity and the truth. tell the truth. speak truth to all power, all the time. that's what we get to do as artists. ( applause ) we get to do that in a way that's not didactic. i'm not a politician, right. we're not politicians, so we can actually tell the truth. ( laughter ) >> stephen: i would like to vote for you some day, though, billy porter. >> yeah, i cuss too much. >> stephen: you write about your h.i.v. status in here. >> yeah. >> stephen: i know that mustbema people to hear you talk about it publicly. what does it mean to you to talk about it? >> you know, there was a shame that was pervasive in my life for the entirety of my life.
12:10 am
the 2007 diagnosis was just another layer of shame. and, so, after 14 years, to speak that was to, once again, i'll say it again, set myself free of the shame because shame is a silencer, and silence is a murderer. shame is a murderer. i was dying a very slow death, and i have too much work to do for that. ( cheers and applause ) so i had to let it go! i had to let it go, y'all! >> stephen: well, you have an inspiring level of joy and energy and zest for life. what is your source of that joy? what is the work you do to maintain that? >> well, it's -- you know, a just in terms of, you knlike viyou knhan sa covid came and shut down the world so that i could heal. like, i have been in trauma stuff. i have been, like, excavating
12:11 am
the demons and, like, you know, i'm feeling really --, like, real joy for the first time in my life, and i'm feeling real healing for the first time in my life, and it's really, really powerful, and i just want to be able to share that with the world, and i hope that this book, you know, does that. >> stephen: we have to take a little bit of a break, but please don't go away. when i come back, i'll ask billy how "kinky boots" transformed his career. stick around.
12:12 am
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( cheers and applause ) ♪♪ >> stephen: hey, everybody! we are back with the author of the new memoir "unprotected, billy porter. annaleigh ashford is also our guest tonight. you guys were in "kinky boots" together. >> yes, we were! >> stephen: and actually, i think i have a shot of the two of you. there you go. there you are and annaleigh in the middle. >> yeah. >> stephen: it was a big break for you and you got your tony for this. do you remember when you got the role? what was that moment like for you? >> it was an affirmation of the decades that, you know, i was told that my queerness would be
12:17 am
my liability. >> stephen: and that you should hide it. >> yes, and it was for decades. and then "kinky boots" happened, and it wasn't. ( cheers and applause ) so it was an affirmation, and hopefully it will ban affirmation to all of you that your authenticity is the only option one has for survival on this planet. ( applause ) >> stephen: hard to remember sometimes. >> it's hard to remember. >> stephen: it's hard to remember sometimes. >> it's hard to remember. >> stephen: because people want you to be whatever they need. >> absolutely. and we get the oppression, you know, it's government sanctioned, it's religious sanctioned. all you hear is, no, you're not okay, you're not enough, you're wrong, something's wrong with you, you need to be fixed. it's a messaging i received from the time i could comprehend
12:18 am
thought, right. love yourself enough to not need validation from the outside, from anybody. validate yourself, speak life into yourself, and go on out and change the world. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: it is no secret that you are a fashion icon. >> thank you. >> stephen: people love to see what you're going to wear. let's talk about what has authentically happened to fashion during covid because there has been a lot of reexamination of people's priorities and there has been a lot of just sweat pants and tank tops. >> and zoom calls from the top up. >> stephen: exactly. is fashion going to be the same when this is over? >> fashion is going to come back and it's going to morph and be whatever it is. >> stephen: can sweat pants be fashion? >> listen, t ath-leisure is
12:19 am
fashion. ath-leisure is -- now, i'm not going to spend $8,000 on a sweat suit but some people do. >> stephen: or if somebody wants to send you one? >> i would wear it every day. ( laughter ) >> stephen: great to see you again. >> great to see you. >> stephen: the book is "unprotected." it's available now, and it's billy porter, everybody. back with the star of b positive on cbs. alan shepherd, stick around. i and he's got a gift for everyone. so thoughtful. facing expensive vitamin c creams with dull results?
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12:25 am
back in the day, i had a perfect hangover cure. >> oh, god, tell me. cocaine. ( laughter ) >> thank you. look at that bacon. every day i ask for soft, every day i get crispy. >> don't tell me, tell her. every day -- i heard schu! i will talk to the chef. >> how can you call a person a chef when they can't cook bacon? ( laughter ) >> may i join you? please. what? ( laughter ) >> you feel as bad as you look? worse. >> stephen: please welcome to "the late show," annaleigh ashford. ( cheers and applause ) ♪♪
12:26 am
>> man, i can't -- >> stephen: extraordinary. i mean -- >> stephen: nice to have you on. >> so grateful to be here. there's an audience with people! >> stephen: i know, isn't it lovely? ( cheers and applause ) have you not been in front of an audience? >> not like this. i'm going to get a little teary eye. it's a big deal. >> stephen: you're on a broadway stage again. >> full out tears, getting choked up. this is a real thing. oh, my god. >> stephen: is it at all in any way shape or form because your billy porter, co-star from "kinky boots" is here? >> we had a reunion. i got to go to church in his dressing room. i call it the church of billy porter. >> stephen: he's always preaching. >> i said, could we put every appearance he's ever had in a podcast and you can feel better about walking and life and be a human. >> stephen: no one's stopping you. >> billy porter podcast. there you go. >> stephen: last year and a
12:27 am
half really hit the community of a theater really hard. you attended the tony awards. i think i've got a photo right here, ran into your friend there jake gyllenhaal. what was it like to be there at the tony awards this year where y'all are celebrating theater when there was so little theater that was able to go on in the past year? bittersweet in some ways, i imagine. >> so bittersweet. even when i walked in tonight, there are all these beautiful theaters, they're old, majestic, they're historic, and they have a certain smell, they have a certain spirit. tonight, i walked in and smelled the radiator and it made me feel the feel. >> stephen: sure. you know. and i walked in that theater, and they took place this year at the winter garden and i was totally overwhelmed by the incredible spirit of this community of broadway actors and theater workers and crew and everybody who's just kind of
12:28 am
made it through. you know, a lot of us have gotten to go back to work in some shape or other but people who do peter haven't. so we're back now. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: it really is the lifeblood, speeds into all the rest of enteainmenin the united states. stephu'rt of the cbs family. your show b positive is in the second season. what an extraordinary cast. look at the clip, hector alzano. linda lavin, you, i mean, do you ever just look around and say i can't believe i'm sharing a sound stage with these people? >> all the time. the fact they're in my phone makes me feel so cool. >> stephen: do you make up names for famous people? because i put in fake names for people in case someone gets my phone. >> i usually do that. i usually put what thing i've done with them.
12:29 am
like linda lavi in is b positive. >> stephen: sure. conan o'brien is in my phone as pale male. ( laughter ) now i have to change it. >> amazing. >> stephen: this year, we have a clip here because the opening credits are a little bit different this year. i got broadway'd up a little bit. jim? ♪ the more you give ♪ ♪ the more you live ♪ ♪ your happiness ♪ ♪ is relative ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling like crap ♪ ♪ it's time to face the fact ♪ ♪ your prerogative ♪ ♪ to be positive ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: lovely. very positive. are you always kind of hoping they will go, maybe we can put a little singing and dancing to this. was that your idea?
12:30 am
>> i was chuck lori's idea. i said, i'd love to. i said can we find synchronized swimmers who happened to be synchronized citizens? we found a group called the aqua-dets from 60 to 90. it's like fern, aqua dedet, b positive, lots of tables. they're incredible. we had all the incredible dancers in l.a. who they are my elders as well and they were amazing at tap dancing as walkers. it was a really good time. >> stephen: at the end of the summer, we had the great stepstephen sonheim on. you and jake gyllenhaal did sunny in the park 2004, a brilliant production. and when i had steve on, i reiterated to him how important
12:31 am
it was to him. as someone who's been in the show, played dodden, knows the show intimately, do you have a favorite part of that extraordinary musical? >> i have many favorite parts but my most favorite is the intro into the song "children and art," when marie says, there are only two worth while things to leave behind when you depart this world, children and art. and that, i think, sort of says it all. ( applause ) >> stephen: i'll ask you what i asked billy which is something we were talking about before the show. what inspires you artistically? >> what inspires me artistically is the possibility of a story changing somebody. like putting it together did you. you know, sometimes people ask you, oh, when did you know you wanted to do this crazy thing that you do? and i remember being a little person, knowing that stories made me feel good, they made me
12:32 am
feel different, but, more than that, they taught me something, they taught me how to e a better person, and i'm always struck at the capacity that a story has to change us and make us feel better, and i think sunny in the park with george is one of the great pieces of art that just continues to evolve in what it teaches you throughout your life. there's a chord structure in the show that doesn't resolve, it's in minor, and moves on. you will have to get the album. it resolves, so i guess the lesson is there's always a resolve. ( applause ) >> stephen: well, my favorite line from children and art, and i apply this to you as an artist or billy or anyone out there, is that the favorite line is the children are sweet and the girls are so rapturous, isn't it lovely how artists can capture us. and it was lovely you could be here. thank you so much, annaleigh.
12:33 am
>> thank you. >> stephen: thank you. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: bass airs thursdays 9:30 on cbs. annaleigh ashford, everybody. we'll be rigt back ( cheers and applause ) >> thank you! god bless you, and let's go on the court. >> sure, covid rises and the courts will be restricted by the important thing is a rich guy had fun. have another glass of wine, buddy. # ♪
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>> stephen: that's it for "the late show." tune in tomorrow when my guest will be tony hale. james corden is next. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ the late late show-oh-oh te late late show woo! ♪ the late late show-oh-ho the late late show-oh-oh! ♪ it's the late late show


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