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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 5, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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lanes, but westbound lanes were also closed as emergency crews worked on this collision. now to live pictures from chopper 5. the accident scene has been cleared. minutes ago, the eastbound lanes of 37 have reopened, but as you can see, traffic is still backed up in that area. here is a look at that traffic map. slow going. we will keep an eye on this for you point in san jose, a crash left two people dead on bailey avenue near monterey avenue this morning. video shows a car and a pickup truck collided point police say a man and woman died. no word on what caused the track crash point a deadly shooting yesterday and san francisco's haight- ashbury neighborhood has some people fearing for their safety tonight, especially since this happened in broad daylight point let's go to shawn chitnis who spoke to concerned neighbors. >> reporter: we heard from those who are new to the
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neighborhood, and those who have lived here for years. they both say they are reevaluating whether it is safe, and how long they can stay. regardless of any crime data available, with these two shootings about a week apart, they are scared about where they live. people walking along haight street friday were still learning about a shooting that happened on this block the day before around 1:00 p.m. a memorial for the man who died on the scene going throughout the day. >> shootings is the next step. anything violent is pretty abnormal for me. it does feel like over on the city things are trending that direction. back in mclean doesn't live far from thursday's shooting, and he was even closer from the gunshots fired and another shooting in his neighborhood late last month point >> a bullet from that shooting entered my bedroom and was stopped by a dresser. mackey went to bed last night not knowing about the stray bullet, giving him time to process what happened, and just how close he was to that
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shooting point >> we didn't find out that we had the bullet until the day after. a neighbor noticed the bullet hole and i did investigating. >> reporter: other residents who have lived in the haight for over 20 years sadie's recent shootings changed their view on where they live. afraid to share their identity when i talked about this matter -- >> her whole neighborhood, as far as just walking down the street, people feeling safe, people don't feel safe. i don't feel safe. my wife doesn't feel safe point >> reporter: it is forcing neighbors knew and told to question if this area can remain their home as long as they initially planned. >> the crime is making it hard to live here and want to be here. we have been here and made a life for ourselves. we love it, and it is really hard to process. >> there are websites where people can check crime rates in their neighborhood what did you find when you checked those? >> reporter: the da had this
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new data dashboard, but it is for the entire police district. with this particular neighborhood, it is part of a very large area. technically crime is down slightly from 2021 to 2020, but it does not give the residents a sense of exactly where they live, and what the crime is. >> thank you so much point in the city of pittsburg, firefighters rushed to this apartment fire on power avenue. it broke out a little over 1 hour ago point chopper five was over the scene. you can see the flame tore through the roof of the building. crews were inside mopping up. no word on what caused it or if anyone was hurt point to the weather now, a live look outside from our exclusive salesforce camera. wet weather on the way. chief meteorologist paul heggen is here with a look of that right now. is just missing the bay area to the north, but we had better chances farther down the line in the extended forecast.
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it's beneficial for northern california, but has not been able to make its way into the north bay. there is a possibility of a passing sprinkle tonight. there's a better chance of a couple of showers on saturday. the best chance will shape up by late morning into early afternoon, but lower than a 50- 50 chance of even a trace of rainfall around santa rosa. the rainfall will be few and far between. a much better chance of rain will head our way by monday, monday night, and tuesday. this will be associated with another atmospheric river heading towards the bay area. it will give us some beneficial rainfall. we will track it in the full forecast. big news on multiple fronts in the fight against covid. pfizer has announced a new pill to treat covid, which could save thousands of lives point results from the new study are showing the drug reduced hospitalizations and deaths by 89% in high-risk adults. not only that, but it can also be used at home by people exposed to covid, or who have mild symptoms. president biden praised the new drug and says the u.s.
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authorities that cured millions of doses of the new pill point >> if authorized by the fda, we may soon have pills that might treat the virus of those who become infected. we have already secured millions of doses. it would be another tool in the toolbox to protect people from what the worst outcomes of covid are. we also have market is coming out of the uk. they have approved another covid fighting pill come up from merck. studies show this pill reduced hospitalizations and deaths by half among recently infected people. the bill has been approved for people with at least one risk factor for covid. those would include being over the age of 60, obese, or having heart disease. >> to have a drug like this, an
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antiviral that is potent, able to be taken orally, is a very important moment, and does mark a milestone point >> the merck pill is set for review in the u.s. later this month. the pfizer pill needs to be submitted for authorization. health officials warn none of these treatments are a substitute for getting the vaccine. first it was a san jose sharks, and now the cal football team is dealing with multiple covid breakthrough cases. the sharks say they have a 100% vaccination rate, and cal says it is at 99%. why so many breakthroughs? kpix 5's da lin explains why it is especially hard to protect sports teams point >> reporter: when dr. says vaccine effectiveness the clients of the time. that's one possible reason why some vaccinated players are getting infected. cal football team says multiple players are in covid protocol. they declined to say how many tested positive, but says 99% of the players are fully vaccinated. >> we have to plow ahead. we are done a bunch of people here that's the reality of this
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covid world right now. >> reporter: seven san jose sharks players are evident on the covid list. the head coach and two other staff members are also out due to covid. the team says it is 100% vaccinated point >> the breakthrough cases are not surprising to me point >> reporter: the ucsf infectious disease expert doesn't work with the infected players directly, or the two teams. he says vaccine efficacy fades with time point >> your sharing locker rooms, and are in close contact, and eating together. i think it is easy to transmit infection to other individuals with waning immunity point >> reporter: a new study published in the journal science shows all three major vaccines lose power over time. bay area researchers from oakland and san francisco tracked about 500,000 vaccinated u.s. veterans. they found moderna measured 89% effective in march my butt down to 50% effective by the end of september. pfizer fell from 87% to 45% in the same period.
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johnson & johnson plunged from 86% down to 13% after 6 months. despite the decline, the study finds that vaccines are still highly effective at preventing covid deaths.'s >> these individuals who are vaccinated have a very low probability of getting very ill, and of going to the hospital. >> reporter: the sharks and cal football breakthrough cases are a reminder to the public, time to get a booster. it doesn't matter your age or if you live and work in high- risk settings, you are qualified to get the booster shot. a cow spokesman said football players who tested negative boarded a flight to arizona earlier this afternoon, since they defined to provide a number, we will find out how the cases will affect them. da lin , kpix 5 point in contra costa county, kids ages 5 to 11 are now able
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to get vaccinated. starting today, the county is directing parents to three vaccination clinics. they been set up in antioch, concord, richmond. the clinics are getting doses of the pfizer vaccine. it's about a third of the doses given to teenagers and adults. doctors say they will get to doses, roughly 3 weeks apart, for maximum protection point >> to make sure that if something were to happen, she would have to quarantine the same way she does now. missing 10 days of school is not easy point >> i'm excited, but i am not a fan of having a needle in my arm. >> reporter: i'm with you on that. but you appreciate it? >> so that i can be safe. i'm excited, because then my mom says that i can go to chucky cheese. >> chucky cheese is a great reward. the caddies as other healthcare providers and pharmacies in the area are stocking up, and they soon will be able to give shots to young children. for everything you need to know about getting her child vaccinated, head to click the banner at the top of the homepage.
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let's take a look now at capitol hill, wherever it could happen anytime on at least part of president biden's domestic agenda. house democrats say they will take up the infrastructure bill this evening, while postponing the final vote on the president sweeping social agenda. cbs reporter steve dorsey is at the white house with more point >> reporter: house democrats say they hope to have something passed by the end of the night, but exactly what may still be unclear. president biden issued this plea to the house, to pass his social spending passage, and the roughly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill point >> am asking every house member, number of the house of representatives to vote yes on both of these bills, right now. >> reporter: house democratic leaders now say they plan to take only a procedural vote on the build back better act before moving forward with the senate passed infrastructure bill point >> we believe it is necessary to pass the bit. i do believe there are a large
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number ofmeers ofthpre caus who >> reporter: house republicans oppose the costly social spending measure, and i have tried to stall the process with procedural votes point >> republicans will use every tool in our toolbox to try to save america, to try to stop the reconciliation bill. back in addition to using his bully pulpit, president biden spent part of his day in the oval office, making phone calls to house lawmakers point >> there are things in this bill that the american public love and understand and need. >> reporter: the price tag for the social spending plan is nearly $2 trillion. funds some of the democrats top priorities, including universal pre-k, a child tax credit extension, clean energy, and a plan to lower prescription drug costs. it also includes 4 weeks of paid family and medical leave,
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sticking point for key senate moderate joe manchin. they need support from all democrats to pass the evenly divided senate. many lawmakers say they are still waiting for more cost analysis from congressional efforts. at the white house, steve dorsey reporting for kpix 5 . margaret brennan, the host of face the nation says a lot is riding on this vote. >> it is basically disarray for democrats at the moment. that is hurtful to the president's message. remember, he said this was going to be the week that determined the course of his presidency, and whether democrats maintain control. >> margaret brennan will have the very latest sunday morning at 8:30 on "face the nation." still ahead on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area , a bay area cop arrested. what he's accused of doing at a local pharmacy. a new street drug secretly being sold to students. the parents need to know. >> these things can be really dangerous. you don't really know what is in them. later, to card or not to
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opening statements got underway in the racially charged ahmaud arbery trial in georgia. the state argues that gregory mcmichael and his son wrongly assumed ahmaud arbery, a 25- year-old black man out jogging, was a burglar when they chased him with their pickup truck and shot him last february. the lead prosecutor played cell phone video which captured the deadly attack. >> these three defendants committed four felonies against ahmaud arbery. >> he's not jogging. he's running away, into the neighborhood, possibly armed. travis mcmichael honestly and lawfully attempted to detain ahmaud arbery, according to the law, and shot and killed him in self-defense. >> the three white defendants charged with murder and other
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felony counts. the jury is predominantly white. only one black juror. a san rgwas arreston suspicion of robbery at a rite aid in n sergeant cole was off duty when he was arrested wednesday evening. he has since been released from custody on bond. he has been placed on unpaid leave pending an investigation. police say cole joined the department 27 years ago in 1994. >> we received a call for service, that there was an in progress robbery, and our officers arrived on scene shortly thereafter, where they, in fact, encountered an individual who was later identified as the subject was arrested point they were able to safely arrest him on scene. >> he has worked as a homeless outreach officer for the police department. take a look at this video. oakland police appear to be
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pulling over a boat before forcing it to the dock, and then taking a man away in handcuffs. oakland pd confirms it is investigating a possible stolen boat in the oakland estuary. officers were dispatched this morning at around 10:00 a.m.. they say this is still an active and open investigation point the dues for dungeness crab fishermen. recreational fishing opens in limited capacity tomorrow. the commercial crab season remains on hold with the concern that whales could get tangled in the traps. this parade of storm systems, we have seen the swells intermittently over the past few weeks. there is another storm system heading our way by early next week. over the weekend, things look pretty tranquil. partly cloudy skies tonight. dense fog possible by saturday morning. more clouds and sunshine on saturday. there is a chance for showers north of the golden gate. the second half of the weekend looks really nice. dry and cool weather on sunday.
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then the rain returns to the forecast by late monday, and especially monday night. as we head through tonight, there is the possibility of a sprinkle in the north bay. the chance of actual showers will try to move in for the first half of the day on saturday. this is very light stuff, and a lot of this will evaporate before it hits the ground. there's a layer of dry air between where the rain forms and doesn't ground-level. it will progress through the north bay. everybody else, more clouds than sun shine, but we are likely to stay dry point even for the north bay, i don't think this will be heavy enough to ruin your outer plans on saturday. be flexible, and take an umbrella just in case. we try out the rest of the day. the better chance of rain is on the way for everybody, the entire bay area, beginning late monday, especially monday night. continuing into at least the first half of the day on tuesday as well. we will be able to narrow down the timing on that as we get closer. the data is still a bit spread out.
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we will be able to get more specific as the event gets closer. at this point, it does look like it will rank as an ar 2 on her atmospheric reverse scale, not nearly as strong as the one we had a week and a half ago. that was exceptional. this one won't be so strong. some models are indicating it could be an ar 3, which is moderate. the way to look at it as these ratings give beneficial rain to the bay area without the threat of debris flows in the burn scars, or the major threat of localized flooding. right now, more clouds than sun shine at the moment. not much variation in temperature. everybody around 60 degrees. low temperatures tonight, upper 40s, low to mid 50s point we end up three to four degrees below average. high temperatures are in the low to mid 60s across the board. the exception is along the coast
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, but temperatures in the 60s, pleasantly cool for early november. it might feel a bit cooler with that cloud cover overhead. if you are running in the golden gate half marathon on sunday morning, the race starts at 7:00, or the endurance test. a mix of clouds and sunshine, even for downtown san francisco. pictures by the time the last ones are finishing up should be in the mid-50s. temperatures will stay below average for as long as the rain chances are with us, early next week. in that monday and tuesday rain event moves out, and we clear out and warm up. temperatures should be back up to close to november averages by thursday and friday, even may be slightly above average. once the showers wind down on tuesday or tuesday night, we get into a dry stretch of weather that could carry us almost all the way until thanksgiving. we will hope that we can bring out the atmospheric dishrag as much as possible. we will look at how much rain
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might add up coming up at 5:30. >> we will take what we can get what we can get it. coming up, paying at the pump. bay area gas prices are soaring. why some say it's about to get even worse point did the green bay packers quarterback mislead the nfl about his vaccination status? the former cal football star sets the record straight. streaming today on cbsn bay area, the car rental company hertz is facing a lawsuit point dozens of company or customers claim they were falsely arrested for driving stolen vehicles. we will hear from reporter anna warner with in-depth the details. you can find cbsn bay area on, or on the kpix app. we are also on ♪ ♪ low maximum out-of-pocket costs. more saving. more spoiling.
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nfl mvp aaron rodgers will not play sunday for the green bay packers point that follows a positive covid test. >> because he's not vaccinated, the cal alum is required to stay away from his team for 10 days. kpix 5 sports anchor charlie walter has a bit more clarity on his vaccination status confusion today . >> reporter: rogers went on the pat mcafee podcast this morning and explained his choice of words when initially asked if he got the shot. he fired back on those critical of his decision to stay unvaccinated point >> in the crosshairs of the local mob right now. before the final nail gets put in my cancel culture casket, i think i would like to set the record straight on so many of the blatant lies out there about myself right now. >> reporter: rogers told reporters he was immunized instead of vaccinated back in august, meaning he was administered to be in boosting therapies. the nfl has known about her status all season, and he has dealt with these stricter protocols as a result. he spoke for 20 minutes uninterrupted about his decision. >> i have an allergy to an
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ingredient in the mrna vaccines. i'm not some sort of anti-vax flat earth or. i am a critical thinker. you guys know me. i march to the beat of my own drum. i believe strongly in bodily autonomy. and the ability to make choices for your body. >> reporter: the earliest rogers can return to the packers is november 13, the day before they play the seattle seahawks. the former first round pick in the apparent air, jordan love, will finally get his opportunity. a very intriguing story line in the nfl this weekend. maybe not a wally pitt type situation with aaron rodgers, but definitely a chance for him to show what he can do. >> definitely deserves a chance. still ahead at 5:30, and 8- year-old mystery solved. a suspect known as the clover lease is arrested. the
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authorities tracked him down point parents in different buddhist belief. the warning out for a new drug being sold to students. i'm max darrow in
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after years of terror rising neighborhoods, an accused northern california serial assaulter is finally arrested. the high-tech tool used to to find him. a warning for parents. the school issuing an alert about a new drug being's gold sold to students point san mateo county is getting innovative in its effort to help small businesses. what is in the works. good evening. san mateo county is launching a new app as an incentive to get people to shop, eat, and drink locally. kpix 5's max darrow joins us from san mateo to explain how it works. >> reporter: initially, they plan to test out the app and businesses in seven cities, but will likely see usage expand across the county pretty quickly. can san mateo county, more than
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290 small businesses are giving a new app a try, in the hopes it will drive much-needed for traffic their way. the app is called choose local san mateo county. is designed to incentivize people to support locally owned businesses. this longtime shop final solution records signed up to try it out. the owner says it's worth a shot point >> i think it will help small businesses, because small businesses are definitely suffering point >> reporter: here is how it works. users shop, eat, or drink and local establishments, earn points along the way, and resume the points for discounts point >> it'll be fun to discover and learn more about restaurants or stores. if you get savings in the process, that's fantastic point >> what we are trying to do is create connective tissue around her small businesses point >> reporter: the county supervisor says it's a win-win for consumers and small businesses point >> giving these businesses more eyeballs, it uplifts everyone point >> reporter: the app lodges and seven cities, daly city, half moon bay, san carlos, san mateo, and south san francisco. the owner of nuts for candy in
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burlingame hopes the city wi


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