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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 5, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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later, is a vibrant south bay neighborhood under threat? why business owners say they are in danger of being priced out. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. i'm allen martin. we will start with bay area parents lining up to get their kids vaccinated. >> it has been hard protecting them just using masks, but now we have the vaccine. >> i'm excited, because then my mom says that i can go to chucky cheese after. so that i can be safe, and so that i won't get sick or anything point >> i'm excited, but i'm not a fan of having a needle in my arms. >> we can all understand that. kpix 5's wilson walker is live in antioch. this is a day that many parents have been waiting for. >> reporter: absolutely. covering the pandemic, we are often around these clinics, and over the last couple of months, they have often been pretty sleepy places.
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you can swing by and try to find somebody, and they are often empty. that was not the case today. >> i had to leave school early, and i was a little nervous, but i'm really excited now that i have my first dose point >> reporter: for the first time in a long time, getting vaccinated might have meant standing in line today, as a lot of kids skipped school with their parents to take a step closer to the end of the pandemic point >> we got to keep the kid from school today for the vaccine. it is a big thing for him. he's always afraid of something happening. >> being inoculated, and a parent, it was hard to have the in the armor be the youngest in my family point >> reporter: from richmond to antioch, families raced to grab the first appointment offered by the county. >> this is very exciting for us. we've been waiting a long time. charlotte's condition keeps her indoors during this covid time because this is exciting that we can start going back out again, and she can go back to school point >> reporter: for amanda and her
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daughter charlotte, this day was long awaited, and a tremendous relief point >> i get to go places again, and it's really exciting point >> reporter: the excitement is enough to fill appointments in some locations. >> isolator during the day that apartments were available, and i tried it, and it was really hard. there were some really far away point >> all my friends are pretty much getting vaccinated this week or next week. >> reporter: a wider rollout is coming, including dozens of school campuses as vaccination sites. for a lot of families, this was something that could not wait point >> pins and needles, very exciting for us today. it's the next step. >> reporter: way to go, charlotte. contra costa county is talk about 30 to 35 schools that will host vaccination sites. details are still coming.
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late today, you know, we heard other details from around the bay area. solano county will have the child vaccine at the fairgrounds, starting on the 10th. there's this sort of coming together day by day as all these counties and cities figure out how they will disperse this, on top of everyone's pediatrician, who has probably got a phone ringing off the hook. >> it feels a bit like when the vaccine first came out last spring, where there is high demand, and everybody is figuring it out. it can be frustrating in the beginning. >> reporter: give it a couple of days, then a week. >> good advice. for everything you need to know about getting your child vaccinated, including where to sign up, had to kpix 5 him and click the banner at the top of the homepage point a live look at our bay area ridges. skyhigh gas prices hitting everyone hard at the pump. the regular gallon of gas just under five dollars today in contra costa county. prices are more than $4.07 and san jose and oakland. one expert was telling that the recent storms are possibly to blame. >> reporter: that's right.
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it wasn't just the roof that took a pounding. some refineries experienced issues as well them according to this expert. i live in south san francisco, right off of airport boulevard, where a gallon of regular will cost you $5.19 per gallon. people are feeling the pinch of these prices. it's not fun to fill up right now. this may be the only accurate way to describe the cost of a gallon of gasoline in the bay area point >> it sucks. >> reporter: gasoline prices are inching towards an all-time high. according to aaa, the statewide average is now $4.62 per gallon, the highest price ever in california, $4.67 a gallon back in october 2012. gas buddy says the price spike has multiple causes. first and foremost, the cost of a barrel of oil. >> a lot of that is due to a global surge in demand. oil production and oil supply is lagging far behind.
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it is increasing production, but at a slower pace than what the white house would like point >> reporter: gasoline taxes have also gone up significantly since october 2012, now totaling just shy of $.67 per gallon in california. another piece of the blame is the recent atmospheric river that pounded the bay area and its refineries for nearly 24 hours. much of the refining equipment is outdoors, and got pummeled by inches of rain and wind. >> it's hard to know exactly what would result in the slowdown, but a delusion of water can certainly make very sensitive equipment have some issues. that is what refineries encountered. it wasn't big issues, but enough to slow down, temporarily, the production of gasoline. that is why prices jumped a bit from those adages point >> reporter: the why doesn't matter all that much to michael patterson in contra costa county point
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>> was it now, $5.29 for premium, which is what i'm using. yeah. i mean, it is making a big difference. >> reporter: or robert matthews who commutes from modesto point >> the truck will hold almost 30, and the transfer about 60. almost $300. >> obviously after 2012, prices dropped. any hope on the horizon for costs going down now? >> reporter: there is good news on the horizon. the cost of a barrel of oil has already gone down in recent days. it will take a few days for the cost of a barrel of oil to transfer to refineries, who eventually get here to the service station. you can expect a few days, maybe a week but we will come off of these highs, and maybe lose the $5.19 in south city point >> let us hope we don't have to wait for the infamous summer
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plans to come around. thank you so much point a more unusual crime popping up at uc berkeley. berkeley police say they have responded to gasoline thefts inside of the upper first parking garage on hearst avenue. police are telling us thieves drilled into gas tanks twice to steal the fuel. all lanes of highway 37 are back open in solano county after a pileup involving two big rigs and at least three cars shut down highway 37 for hours. chopper five flew over the scene. the pileup happened in the eastbound lanes are highly highway 121. the silver sedan was crushed right under the cab of a coca- cola truck, and partially pinned underneath. another big rig, at least one person was airlifted to a hospital point two people are dead after a head on crash in san jose. police say a truck was being driven along bailey avenue near
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monterey road, drifted into the eastbound lanes, and then crashed into a bmw. that crash killed the truck driver and a passenger. this is san jose's 50th deadly crash of the year. >> we are learning a san francisco police sergeant has been placed on unpaid leave after being arrested. sergeant cole was off-duty when he was arrested on suspicion of robbery, a rite aid in san mateo , wednesday evening. san mateo police say he was charged with second-degree robbery, and resisting arrest. he was taken into custody, but has since been released on bond. police say cole joined the department 27 years ago in 1994. >> we received a call for service, that there was an in progress robbery. our officers arrived on scene shortly thereafter, where they in fact encountered an individual who was later identified as the suspect, who was arrested. they were able to safely arrest him on scene.
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>> cole has worked as a homeless outreach officer for the police department point looking at at san francisco, where residents of an iconic neighborhood are battled after a brazen shooting. kpix 5's shawn chitnis spoke with residents in the haight . the shooting is not the only thing leaving them on edge. >> reporter: it certainly catching people off guard as they walked by this memorial that is there for the man who died here on scene yesterday. people are surprised to learn that there was a shooting here, and that it happened at 1:00 in the afternoon just yesterday. some lifelong residents of san francisco's haight-ashbury neighborhood now say they might not be able to live here much longer point >> it is that bad. we've already been having conversations about, you know, selling our home that we have worked 25 years to even get into in the city point >> reporter: this man has lived in haight-ashbury for almost 20 years, it didn't feel comfortable showing his face or sharing his name. he's not alone in his struggle to stay in a place he loves
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them up into shooting almost a week apart happened near his home point >> we still left the area and restaurants and shops and access to the parks, and our upstairs neighbors, but it does give me more pause about how long-term the haight is. are back ian mclean moved here earlier in the year, but is having similar thoughts about how long he and his family should say here. the last shooting sent a bullet into his bedroom. >> i had a day to process the shooting outside, and a day after the process the bullet. her back whatever the city is doing now isn't enough. they are calling on city leaders to get specific about what can reasonably be done to decrease violent crime like these shootings, especially during the day. >> what deliverables can we expect on that timeframe? after 30 days we will come back and tell you why we think it's happening, and then what we are doing to address it point >> reporter: nudges shootings, but suspicious graffiti that residents say need to be given higher priority by police. >> it's disturbing to a level of operating a family and a
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life that we have built, somewhere that we have always loved. >> reporter: police did not have any new information on their investigation, including what the motive have been in that shooting. we also have not gotten an update on the other man who was shot and sent to the hospital yesterday. reporting live in san francisco, shawn chitnis, kpix 5. still ahead on kpix 5, and cbsn bay area -- >> if this happens, it will be another willow glen, only for the rich. >> small businesses banding together in one vibrant south bay neighborhood. why they say they are in danger of being priced out. the u.s. marine corps calling it its grandest event of the year, and it is here in the bay area. a beautiful sunset still in progress right now. the sun is below the horizon,
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we have breaking news out of the south bay. we are getting reports. police are responding what could be a shooting at the great mall in milpitas point police confirming minutes ago there is what they call an active situation. it's all happening within the last 20 minutes point we have crews, including chopper 5 heading to the scene. we will bring you more as soon as we get it point business owners in a mostly latino san jose neighborhood are being worried about being pushed out of a vibrant neighborhood due to development plans that could price them out of the area. kpix 5's len ramirez is in the calle willow business district to explain. >> reporter: most of the people who live and work in the calle willow neighborhood have been here for years. they run the salons, working the bakeries, grocery stores, and restaurants, and attend church at sacred heart. the colorful mostly spanish- speaking neighborhood is bursting with culture. now more than ever, people like stylist miriam are worried how much longer their businesses can survive here. >> with the pandemic, we were closed for a long time. and with this in front of us, it's a bit scary. >> reporter: her concern is
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over city plans that would allow for big new housing developments and business districts like this, building height limit changes could spur new residential high rises. the owner of the small money transfer business could erase what is here now point >> of this happens, it will be another willow glen, only for the rich. are back neighbors have organized to fight the proposal and have a crucial city planning commission vote next week point >> one of the ways to do it is to look at this as a regional issue point >> reporter: the chair says he is former housing, but wants san jose to do more regional housing planning that would take pressure off san jose business districts, like calle willow. >> we need to look at this on the lines of how do we reach our goals my our housing goals, without undermining the very fabric that makes san jose's a great. at 6:00 am a marines in the bay area celebrating a major milestone, the 246th birthday of the united states marine corps. >> ♪ ♪
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>> dozens of berries and their families are attending the 75th annual birthday ball in san francisco. the formal event also marks the reopening of the marines memorial. meteorologist paul heggen joint is now. we know we have some rain on the way mother what can we expect this weekend? >> most of the rain will hold off until after the weekend. good news on all fronts, and it waits until after the weekend. let's move over to the big board here. there is a chance of a shower north of the golden gate tomorrow. few and far between. the bulk of the moisture will miss us to the north. widespread rain will arrive late monday. not as strong as the last atmospheric river, but beneficial rain. passing showers late morning and early afternoon point few and far between. a lot of what is showing up will evaporate before it
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reaches ground level. there is a chance of a passing shower as we head into the midday hours. in the atmosphere dries up. the rest of us will see the mix of clouds and sunshine throughout the day, with more sunshine for the second half of the weekend. then there is this big spike in rain chances from late monday into monday night, with heavy rain angering into tuesday. that is that atmospheric river that will be an ar 2 to 3. this one isn't going to be as strong, but it will bring rain to us. a beautiful sunset. temperatures between 58 and 60. not a whole lot of variation. pleasantly cool temperatures for a dog walk. we have a happy face. lola is sending us into the weekend with a doggy smile. san francisco, also upper 50s. slowly cooling off. low temperatures tonight dropping down into the upper 40s and low 50s. locally dense fog possible to start the day saturday.
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that will dissipate, and then we see the clouds keeping temperatures 3 to 4 degrees below average .60 along the coast point low to mid 60s around the bay. a chance for a couple of showers slightly warmer, slightly less cool inland them in these pay, and santa clara valley. the temperatures will continue through the first half of next week point there's that next rain chance on the way, arriving later in the day monday, departing later in the day tuesday, and then we triad wednesday, thursday, and friday. as we try out, our temperatures will warm back up to near normal, it may be above normal levels by the end of next week. we will look at how much rain we might pick up, and where it ranks coming up at 7:00. after our recent rain, have you noticed a lot of bay area hillsides and lawns and gardens going back to green? we invite you to share your pictures of that using the
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sound is up, and aaron rodgers sounded off. said he never hit the truth about his vaccine status that has forced him to miss the packers game sunday will he recovers from covid. >> i realize i'm in the crosshairs of the mob right now point before my final nail gets put in my cancel culture casket, i think i would like to set the record straight on so many of the blatant lies that are out there about myself right now point >> that was rodgers on the pat mcafee podcast this morning. the former cal football star told reporters he was immunized instead of vaccinated back in august, meaning he was administered immune boosting therapies, all of which was reported to the league. he said he is allergic to the ingredients in the vaccine. george kittle is back and ready to go at the right time, as the 49ers tight end will play sunday at home, where they have
6:24 pm
not won against the 7-1 cardinals, after missing the last 3 weeks with a calf injury. great news for kyle shanahan, he gets another offensive weapon back on his play sheet. he's known as one of the league's best play callers. shanahan always has the innovation station with him. >> dinner, bed at night, pen and paper by my bed i always have stuff. i carry my ipad around everywhere. my daughter had a birthday party at the movies last friday , and it was awesome because i got to sit there with my ipad for 2 hours and do that type of stuff. >> news 8 baseball, the giants said goodbye to buster posey yesterday. today, it was starting pitcher johnny cueto. is $22 million option for 2022 was reportedly declined, making him a free agent. he won 39 games in orange and black. dusty baker is going to get another shot to win a world series. the houston astros are bringing him back on a 1 year deal to manage in 2022. the 72-year-old will likely move tonight on baseball's all- time win list. the city of atlanta partied like it was 1995 today. a
6:25 pm
parade to celebrate their first title of the 21st century, lots of security for these events. check out one police officer, trying to arrest braves pitcher tyler magic. get over here. no natural light on the street. he was obviously a part of the parade, so he was okay. warriors-pelicans from chase center tonight is at the top of the hour. is anyone cuter and more entertaining than draymond green junior? a 5-year-old is a fixture now at his dad's press conferences. he makes himself right at home. >> this kid is incredible. he walks around like he owns the place. >> that he does. next and with the hollow weed candy, give them one piece, or about 10 pieces. go to sleep anywhere in between and you get in trouble. >> bouncing off the ceiling. thanks. up next, we are following the breaking news for you.
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shopper 5 just arriving to an active situation in milpitas. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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more on the breaking news from the south bay right now. milpitas police confirming to kpix 5 news that they are
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dealing with what they call an active situation at the great mall point >> quite a police presence. chopper 5 over the scene. we are getting separate reports of what could be a shooting at the mall. police confirming minutes ago there is an active situation that they are working on. that seems pretty apparent. this happening within the last 20 to 30 minutes point we have crews on the way as well. you see chopper 5 over this scene. we will get details trickling in them up a police are not saying much right now point >> we do have this video showing police responding to the great mall right now. this witness is noting that police cars and unmarked cars are rushing in that direction point >> chopper 5 showing us live pictures here. as i said, quite a heavy police response to this point police have not said it is an active shooter situation. they are calling it an active situation. a lot of police activity impacting the vta but we are told. light rail would be stopping at the great mall station until
6:30 pm
further notice. again, heavy police presence in milpitas. as i have mentioned, they aren't releasing many details, but look at all of the first responder cars. ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, president biden's agenda hangs in the balance after weeks of democratic infighting, but can speaker nancy pelosi deliver what she calls a thanksgiving gift for the american people? the bill to repair america's roads and bridges goes up for a vote in congress as the sweeping build back better plan gets delayed. america's hiring boom: more than half a million jobs added to the economy, but with a hot job market, why so many positions go unfilled. celebrating general colin powell. the final salute to the trailblazer as three presidents honor an american patriot. plus, the spotlight his death put on the seven million immu


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