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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 6, 2021 2:06am-2:33am PDT

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... attention 24 units broadcast for a possible active shooter at the great mall. >> everybody is just running to the safest place they can find. >> scary moments in a packed bay area mall. now at 11:00. new information about what happened. >> the rainy season on record. i am tracking more rain chances. imagine walking out of your home and seeing this every single day. the million dollar condos right next to san francisco's denses homeless encampment. tonight, the residents who say they have had it. sthao >> what would you say is the
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worst part about the alleyway? >> the threats of violence. >> tonight, we asked the city what is the solution? at makes you wonder how much bolder can bay area thieves get? inside of a vaccination super site for kids. how a county is going to vaccinate 1,000 5-11-year-olds tomorrow. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsnbay yeah area. a major scare in the south bay after reports of an active shooter inside of a mall. the mall was packed on this friday night. kpix5 kenny choy is live. kenny, what have you learned about what actually happened? >> so,al -- so, i talked to the police. it is an altercation with no
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shooting. a report of a knife attack and a shooting inside of this mall. >> they started telling everybody to run away. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams and law enforcement officers scrambled to search inside of the mall looking for a possible shooter soon after a call reporting gunfire inside the burlington coat factory came in at 5:30 this evening. >> automatically switch to, you know, searching the interior of the mall because we believed based on the reports that we have there was a shooting that occurred. >> stores went into lockdown. closing gates, people inside of the stores expected the worst outcome. >> we were all hiding there. keeping quiet. as much as possible. >> reporter: no witnesses we spoke to say they heard gunshots. the police escorted out employees and customers to safety. >> it is like empty inside. they rushed me out of the main entrance, the rear entrance, i honestly thought i was going to be arrested for being inside. >> reporter: the
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authorities detained suspects for questioning. no weapon found or retrieved. the police say there was no evidence of a shooting or a victim after a search of the entire mall and the shelter in place. >> everybody did their part to ensure the safety of the community. that allowed us to conduct a quick thorough and efficient search and help those that had been shelter inside pace and escorted them outside of the mall and ensure there was no one inside that was injured. >> reporter: the authorities gave the all clear two hours after the initial calls for help. the police are saying that they took it very seriously initially, obviously, because of the threat of an active shooter. fortunately it turned out to be an altercation instead. that is the latest here. back to you. >> we have seen why the response has to be that way, kenny, thanks so much. a live look outside right now. parts of the bay area could see
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light rain tomorrow. >> our chief meteorologist here, do you have a little bit of a taste? >> yes. a bit of an appetizer, a better chance for everybody next week. right now, passing clouds out there the rain is focused over northern california and up the coast into oregon and washington. as we head through the day tomorrow there is a chance of a few showers north of the golden gate. the rain chance will peak from late morning into early afternoon. but, the peak of it, it is a 1- 3 chance of anything more than a trace of rainfall for santa rosa. we are just using. this is going to be quick, light, i would not cancel outdoor plans, keep the umbrella handy in case one of the showers pays you a visit. the rest of us monday, monday night, tuesday for the next chance of rain to move in. the timing on it, still a bit uncertain. still moving midday. moving after sunset and moves overnight. adding up the rain that we expect. it will be an atmospheric river. we will show you where it ranks
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on our scale coming up. >> all right, paul, thank you. now a kpix5 exclusive. a one way, one block alley has neighbors living in constant fear. willow street currently has the highest concentration of tents in san francisco, according to city data. residents from the luxury condo next to it is a the problem only exploded since covid-19. so, what is the solution? kpix5 betty yu has been investigating the story for weeks now and here is what she has uncovered [ sirens ] >> reporter: it is a street residents say they are afraid to drive through. most would not dare walk through it day or night. >> it is pretty consistently nerve-racking. it is just, it seeps to be a safe space for chop shops, drug trafficking. >> the garbage, first of all, that is a huge health concern. rats. >> reporter: and it is all
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within feet of the artoni. a modern condo where units sold for more than ilon >> the threats of violence, the threats of violence to us and other residents in the building. >> i have seen people physically fighting. i, myself, was leaving once and a man approached my car yelling and threatening me. it is really scary. there was a guy who passed out in front of our door with a needle hanging out of his arm, all day long, our children had to walk passed that. >> reporter: these residents say they are confronted with unwanted activity as soon as they exit the garage. they share photos of a man that regularly urinates. the smell is in the entire garage. another tries to break into their garage. others are captured damaging
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their property. even trespassing and stealing packages. >> i can not really reconcile just the fact that this criminal activity is allowed to happen and, you know, i myself called the cops a number of times. >> reporter: as recently as october 5th the city came and did a sweep of the street. seen here in this photo. by the next day the tents and the trash had returned. >> the police do not actually come when we call 911 because we are actively threatened by somebody who is wielding a club or a knife. >> reporter: they directed our inquiry to the operation center that coordinates the response to quality of life issues. they say city teams visited there on 24 different days this year. and placed more than 150 people in navigation centers, hospitals, or shelters. they also removed more than 375 empty tents. still, the crisis has driven away
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customers. according to this local business owner. >> absolutely we do not feel safe here because we have really bad experience during the covid-19. wherever i work i lock the doors. i want to kind of like try, i am trying to keep customers safe. >> reporter: the supervisor's office recently held a town hall and promised deep cleanings twice a month on willow street. residents want more police patrols. >> you know, i think that this is a wonderful place. i don't want to be afraid to live here. >> betty, did residents say if it prompted anyone to actually move? saying we have had it? we are out of here? >> reporter: they are thinking about it but they tell me it is very difficult to sell or even rent because of this situation and then there are other resident who's say, we love the neighborhood, we love the building and we hope that with enough pressure on city agencies and leaders the situation will improve. so far it has not.
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>> it is indicative of what is going on throughout the city and california and it is an issue that has to be addressed. >> a resident said he has lived there for 10 years and it was not there 10 years ago. >> i am wondering if they are going to add security, maybe they can add something? >> they plan to, for sure. >> all right, thank you. tonight, the city of san francisco is expected to pay $2.5 million to settle a lawsuit over the killing of an unarmed black man by a rookie police officer. o'neil was shot and killed in december of 2017 as he jumped out of a stolen california state lottery minivan and tried to run away. the officer shot him from the passenger seat of a squad car. it was his 4th day on thjofired and now faces a manslaughter charge. the board of supervisors is expected to approve that settlement on tuesday. live look at capitol hill right now. in a late night vote after
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months of negotiations the house passed a infrastructure bill. including money for roads, bridges, fund transportation and upgrade the nation's broadband infrastructure. 13 house republicans voted yes on the plan while 6 democrats voted no. meanwhile, the 1.9 trillion social spending package remains in limbo tonight. still ahead tonight, a theft on the streets of san francisco. >> in just a few hours a kid's vaccine clinic will open at a bay area middle school. some parents are not finding the process as easy as they had hoped. one california town has just declared itself a constitution republic, we will explain
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-hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. new video tonight, look how bold the thieves are, stealing a bunch of stuff from the suv in the middle of the day. oklahoma musician caught the whole thing on camera at hide and north point just four days ago. sophia was in town and the victims told her they had to end their
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vacation early because of the crime. >> did you notice they were going into a mercedes, by the way. many parents across the pay area hope to get their children vaccinated this weekend. some found it is not as easy to get the appointment. we have appointments disappeared in minutes for that 5-11 age group. >> reporter: marin county said it took 10 minutes for all of the appointments to be booked here. the vaccinations will start tomorrow morning and they are expecting about 1,000 kids per day. >> reporter: the gym at miller creek middle school transformed into a vaccination super site as workers prepare for a very busy day. >> you will notice i am decorated myself as well as the room. we are doing a lot to make this space welcoming, softer, and more fun and playful for our pediatrics. >> with the emergency use
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authorization for the 5-11-year-olds parents such as wendy did not think twice about getting her son vaccinated. >> he has been getting vaccinated since he came out of my womb, nothing new, you know. >> her 9-year-old son is on the wait list for this weekend but was able to book for kaiser later in the month. some other parents, though, are willing to wait. >> i don't think i am in a rush to do it right away. >> reporter: tonight, marin county had two more pop ups. this high demand for the vaccine is not a surprise to a county that already has been seeing 81% of its population get the shot. >> it is as that it is a community that trusts science, trust the vaccine, highly, highly vaccinated population of adults themselves. >> i am sure a lot has to do with supply. when does the county plan to have more appointments available? >> reporter: the county says soon. it is not that there is very
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low supply in the country, there is plenty of supply. just about rolling it out for this age group and the county says to keep checking the website. >> cover your basis. all right, thanks. >> tonight, a former member of the athletic department has been sentenced to 46 months in prison. for her role in the college scheme. a raging for more than two dozen students to get into usc as fake recruits. she pled guilty to wire fraud earlier today. >> this week, the city of oroville getting national attention for announcing it will not follow orders issued by the governor or the president. in a 6-1 vote city council declaring oroville a constitutional republic city. the move stems from the controversy over closing businesses during the pandemic along with masks and vaccine mandates but does the city have the legal right to ignore state
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and federal orders? >> ultimately it would be determined by a court. the strong assumption is they do not. i see it as a gesture. >> we are not just talking about one mandate pushed on us. it is a lot of them. >> testing the emergency powers has been timed by two republican lawmakers. new at 11:00, a live look at the embarcadero in san francisco where the city may actually raise parts of the famous waterfront by as much as 7 feet. the chronicle reports it is all part of the ports shoreline defense strategy to prepare a waterfront for a rising bay waters. impacts of a major earthquake. no timetable on when it must be done. >> i emptied the rain gauge, i am hoping. >> yes. >> i think if you get a little bit there weekend that would be something. have to be north of the golden
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gate to add up any rainfall. it will miss us to the north. another one pushing, temperatures will drop from tomorrow to sunday. below average across the board. most of the moisture tomorrow, staying north. northern california and oregon and washington. we could see a little bit. let's take a look at future cast on an up close basis. showers few and far between. the best chance is from late morning into early afternoon. you can see it is just a few radar freckles on the radar simulation, nothing intense, nothing long-lived. just enough to splash and dash. keep the umbrella handy. a mix of clouds and sunshine on sunday. a nice day for the second half of the weekend. a little on the cool side. our attention turns to the next system, approaching us, this keeps us dry during the day with the rain hanging out off of the coast before
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the sun goes down. 5:00, back into standard time. others hold it off until midnight on monday night. either way, a good chance of rain associated with another atmospheric river. this is different than the last one that ran into the bay area a couple weeks ago. that was an ar5. exceptional event. this one, barely an atmospheric river. it is going to bring beneficial rainfall. let's look at another one. add it up, this is the european model. generally good at its job and showing reasonable amounts for one of the ar-1 rivers, half an inch to an inch for most of the bay area. a little more for the north bay. an inch to an inch and a half there. more in the santa cruz mountains. one spot that it is off. san jose. if you get half that much, i think it will be an accomplishment. it is more measurable rain adding up on the amounts we have seen and we will take it. dry weather is going to settle
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in once the system moves through. it will last a good 7-10 days, right now, fog, creeping in downtown san francisco. the temperatures stand at 57 downtown. it is the warm spot on the map. 51 degrees right now in santa rosa. that is the cool location, a mix of 40s and 50s to start the day tomorrow. locally dense fog. that will dissipate. we will see the cloud cover up in the atmosphere trying to squeeze out a few of the showers over the north bay. going to keep the temperatures cooler. only lower 60s there. lower to middle 60s around the bay with near 60 degree highs on the coast. middle to upper 60s if you warm up. inland in the east pay and in the valley. all of the numbers are 3-4 degrees below average. we will stay there. if you are running in or just spectating for the golden gate half marathon sunday morning the weather locks good. the race starts at 7:00. the endurance event starts at 7:00. 13.1 miles, sounds like a dare more than something i want to do.
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55 degrees, things are wrapping up at 10:00. seven-day forecast shows a good chance of rain, arriving as soon as monday. heaviest will fall monday night into early tuesday. then we clear out and start to warm up. dry weather wednesday, thursday, friday, a return to near normal temperatures by the end of next week. maybe above normal temperatures for the following weekend. charlie? >> we invite everyone watching to join us for sports after the break. if you are a cardinal fan, make sure you close your eyes, plug your nose while you are at it, too, it stunk. warriors on the other hand, oh, did the warriors have fun. the slam cam, it got a lot
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what do all basketball fans love seeing? elbow jumpers and charges? no, threes and dunks, give me all of the threes and dunks i can see. warriors hit them but the real show, closer to e rim. former warriors assistants trying to turn around the one-win pelicans,
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they were wearing the red uniforms and the red sea parted for them to hammer it down. two of the 8, warriors led by 4 at the half. steph, the floor general, threads the needle and jordan pool throws it down. he scored a team high 26 points. the route was on. who is up next in peyton, known for his defense. hammer it home, close to the rim as well. 17 off of the bench. 18-point warrior lead. play of the night by andre, going behind the back. 10 assists off of the bench. warriors outscore new orleans 72-35 in the second half. they win it by 41. the record now is 7-1. best of all, houston is in town on sunday and the rockets stink, too. take care of business. >>y with are okay. a work in progress.
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we had a more favorable schedule. >> we are a better team than we have been in the last two years and we have to continue to prove that every night. >> college football, stanford hosted utah at the farm. the quarterback out with injury. the utes ran wild. hitting the hole. breaks a tackle and all green grass from there. 96 yards to the house. it is 35-0 utes. they rushed 441 yards, outgained stanford. west passed for 59 yards, did have a touchdown but to the other team. pick 6 utes, that is lloyd who scores, stanford lost. news in baseball. giants said good-bye to buster posey and today it was the starting pitcher. his option declined making him a free
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agent. in 6 seasons he won 39 games in orange and black. dusty baker will get another shot to win a world series. dusty, we trust say the astros, houston is bringing him back on a one year deal to manage in 2022. the 72-year-old will likely move to 9th on baseball's all-time wins list. the city of atlanta partied like it was 1995 today. a parade. lots of secure for the events but check out a police officer trying to arrest the pitcher. i bet he would not of grabbed him if it was a beer but the natural lite slander was real. thought he was a fan. he is obviously part of the parade and all was okay there. >> oh, boy, atlanta winning it leaves cincinnati and minneapolis as lousiest. >> they will get over it. >> we will see.
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>> okay, thanks. >> there is always next year. still ahead, moose on the loose. we will show you how this big guy
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of course, in california we have a problem with bears, in south dakota it is a moose. take a look at the moose on the loose caught on video this morning. he sprinted across the home field. the police and stadium staff chased the little
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