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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 7, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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and keep the public safe. from the cbs studios, this is kpix 5 nws news. >> right now, abb in the east bay was killed in a gun battle on the freeway. we have the latest. plus a bay area t response to a an ad for a car and winds up dead. >> a large-scale vaccination clinic designed with young children in mind. the goal is to vaccinate children. good morning, thank you for joining us. let's start with quick check on the weather. >> the son is coming up earlier today. you can see more in the sky. that is important. it will feel cooler.
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the temperatures are colder. we do not have so many clouds. it is in the 30s in santa rosa, 39. we will see sunshine for most of the rest of today. afternoon daytime highs will not be much higher than yesterday. it is so morning lows that you will feel the warm-up. we will be in the mid-60s. it is going to rain on monday. i will have more on that coming up. back to you. the police in oakland are looking for gunmen who killed a toddler. there was a rolling gun battle between two cars on the 880 yesterday afternoon. a little boy was caught in the crossfire. we break it all down. >> reporter: paramedics rushed the baby boy to oakland children's hospital. doctors could not save him. family members say a stray bullet hit the baby boy in the head.
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family members gathered at oakland children's hospital in tears. they tell me that the little baby boy was just 23 months old. he was one month shy of his second birthday. his name was jasper will. the mother was driving in this white lexus in the southbound direction from san francisco back home to fremont. other relatives were in the car including three kids in the back. they say as they reached the downtown oakland area, a single shot hit jasper. >> we have shots fired southbound 880. they have another call in. there is a child that is bleeding from the head. >> reporter: the police shut down northbound 880. investigators say evidence recovered from the freeway indicated there was a come battle between two cars in the northbound direction. it was around 2: 10 pm on saturday. a bullet hit jasper traveling in the southbound direction. detectives have not released suspect information or emotive.
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we learned one suspect vehicle was a dark color chrysler 300. the chp is asking people to please call themwhs ckisa single mother and jasper is her only child. they are trying to set up a gofundme page to pay for the funeral. in oakland, kpix 5 nws . >> it does not appear that the little boy was the intended target. right now it looks like he was the only person who was hit by gunfire in the incident. a teenager is dead after responding to an online ad for a car. the victim's family says the 19- year-old found a car for sale on a website. he went to meet the seller on thursday. he was supposed to have a cash sale. people say that the woman selling the car with a 24-year- old. she supposedly shot and killed him. >> he said he went out there to go look at the car.
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he said they were friendly. part of me says that we would have just bought him a car. that is not how michaevery inde and wanted to do this his own way. >> it is unclear what happened the moment before the shooting. homicide charges are being phased. trevor scott is speaking out after his houston concert led to the death of a people. >> 50,000 people were at a concert on friday. they packed a venue so tight that several people were trampled. were put into ambulances that drove into the crowds. witnesses say some people passed out and others suffered cardiac arrest. scott took to instagram to address the deadly episode. >> any time i can make out anything that is going on, i
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would stop the show. i would help them get the help they need. i could just never imagine the severity of the situation. >> the police are investigating whether or not someone was injecting people with drugs. now to the fight against the coronavirus. parents are looking to get their kids vaccinated. a mass vaccination site in san mateo has kids ages 5 to 11. family and leaders say this age group is critical to ending the pandemic. we report. >> reporter: days after the cdc signed off on children five through 11 getting a pediatric dose the covid-19 vaccine, families in san mateo county wanted to make sure their kids are some of the first. this family says that they trust the science. >> i want to protect my children and those around them. it has been a long time we have been going through this. >> reporter: her kids are six,
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nine, and 11. they were surprised how easy it was. >> i was scared but it was not bad. >> reporter: lots of friendly characters are here to greet kids and distract them. >> they gave us juice and snacks. we got to watch a movie. >> reporter: her brother knew why the shot is so important. >> once everyone is vaccinated, there is a lower percentage of a chance that you do not catch covid and we can stop wearing masks and the pandemic will and. >> reporter: families had a similar experience.'s emac this it will help me not get covid. >> reporter: parents were glad to see effort being made. >> they did a really good job. he was excited to get it. >> reporter: this is part of the last phase of the covid-19 response that will get us past the pandemic. >> we are making sure that we
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leave no one behind including her children. >> reporter: this is another motivating factor for parents at this vaccine site. >> this is the extra level that we needed to make sure that we return to normalcy. >> the clinic gave out 300 doses yesterday. response filled up quickly. they will have appointments wednesday through saturday at the event center. they encourage families to go to my turn as appointments are required. the san pablo library held a car show and a mobile vaccine clinic. the that was called lorenz that the library. folks learned about the resources. they were arts and crafts tables, giveaways and you could register for a library card and get a covid vaccine. it was an experience. >> we have not done anything like this before. we brought organizations together. we have had meetings. we are talking about what the people need and how we can get it to them. we are happy to do something
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like this. >> a family friendly vaccine site is open this weekend. children can get their first dose of pfizer. kpom detas. to our websit we look at the white house. a federal appeals court has high did the biden administration's vaccine requirements for businesses with 100 or more employees. the ruling by a three-judge panel in louisiana did not say if it would have a nationwide impact or just apply to states under its jurisdiction. attorneys have until 5:00 pm tomorrow to respond. president biden is celebrating a once in a generation investment. he is poised to sign in infrastructure bill that provides money for infrastructure. it funds also broadband internet access and setting up charging stations for electric cars. >> these are big big
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transformative bills. both of them are about $3.2 trillion. these are big investments that are urgently needed in thisr a has not passed, the white house wants to give moderate and conservative democrats to support a social infrastructure. the bill has no republican support. in honor for california's openly elected official, the u.s. navy ship harvey milk was christened in san diego yesterday. it is the second ship in the fleet euler program. milk served four years in the navy before being forced out. he champions the fight for civil rights for the community. harvey milk was on the san francisco board of supervisors in 1978 when he was killed along with the mayor outside of city hall. it is 6:0 9 am. still ahead, one of the southbay's most vibrant
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neighborhood is being considered for reselling. residents are voicing concern. from ashes to art, we are meeting a veteran who lost everything in a campfire. he is getting creative. we look outside. after that we will be right back.
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♪ welcome back, the time is 6: 12 am. we are looking at san jose where business owners and latino neighborhoods fear they could be pushed out. this is a stretch of willow street that is a vibrant di. ish-speaking residentd y lor pld out. the planningco sellinles to increase building height limits in the area. local say could lead to big housing developments in a race that is there now. >> translator: with the pandemic, we were close for a long time. with this in front of us, it is scary. >> translator: if this happens it will be another willow glen for the rich.
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>> neighbors will fight the proposal ahead of the vote this coming wednesday. a the area law school named for a man responsible for displacing native americans is moving to change its name. uc hastings college of law in san francisco does not have the power to change its name but the board has now voted to push for legislation to make that change. the college was founded by the first chief justice of california. he led efforts to remove the indian from the county leading to the killing of many members. the native veteran who lost her home in the 2018 campfire has found meaning by turning ashes into art. >> you have to rise from the ashes or you will get buried in them. >> reporter: november 8 marks three years for campfire
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destroyed britney april's home. >> it was not just my home, it was my hometown. >> reporter: this is what was left. >> it almost felt like the end of the world. i wanted to just run away. >> reporter: after she fled the flames, she returned to paradise hoping to make something out of anything that was left. >> what do i do with ash and dirty pieces? i will make something beautiful out of it i guess. ♪ >> reporter: it is beautiful. media artwork that both physically and symbolically represents survival, rising through the ashes. britney starts with a blank canvas and as non-toxic resin and ink and the trousers she forges among what is left of paradise. >> i find this in the forest. >> reporter: as californians lose their home to wildfires, britney's message is find the
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thing that pulls you out of the ashes. >> i hope people can find something. i am glad i found art because i can cope with it. i can move on. it looks sunny. this is thanks to the sun coming up. it looks really nice. it tells you something important about this guy. that we have fewer clouds today. we have blue sky and cooler temperatures. let's look at the numbers. it is cool out there. the numbers are down to 39 in santa rosa. it is 50 in oakland, 48 and services go. we have a pretty easy day on tap. we will see highs climbing to the mid-60s with plenty of sunshine. today's your day off weatherwise. there is not much happening. monday and tuesday are going to be quite different. if you look on the future cast and you can advances to monday and tuesday, you can see the
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next storm. watch that long trail of clouds going on across the pacific. that is the atmospheric river. that is a long stretch of water vapor in the atmosphere and a narrow can find ruben stretching all the way across directed rated california. that will help us understand why when we look at the futurecast it is going to be a lot of rain. this does not come close to two weeks ago but it is similar. we will have stronger winds. the showers we get in the north by the time we get into monday afternoon and the heavy rain begins in the evening, that takes us to about 7:00. then you will just watch the rain continue. this is as we go through the evening on monday. it will be wet by the time we get past 7:00. there is a pattern. the heavier rain will be focused on the north bay. that is the miller to the last system from two ask ago.
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we will see bigger rain, more prolonged rain then we will everywhere else. we will get rain everywhere. by the time we are about 1:00 am, it will go to an and. it will last from friday afternoon into tuesday. look at the rainfall totals. we will get an inch and a half in santa rosa. we could not get that much in the city. even in the peninsula, we look at san mateo, we are half an inch. in san jose, we could do well. there will be higher totals in the mountains. there will be final concerns. this is not a concern like the last one. it will get windy but it will not get as windy as the last one. watch this ring. this gets us into tuesday night. that is monday night into tuesday morning. the strongest of the wind will pick up. it is from monday late we noticed gus up to 30 or 40 miles.
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this is bay area wide. that does not come down until we get to 11:30 a.m. on tuesday. that is a switch there. you can see snow will accumulate. monday and tuesday are the focus. once we finish with that system after tuesday we will clear things out and it will get quieter. we will look at the forecast in more detail in the next half hour's forecast. it is the story of monday and tuesday with rain through the first half of tuesday. no more rain after that and we will warm up for the second half. >> i know it is early but i am encouraged by the rain that we got, the rainmaker and last year's storms. >> this one will do its part for seasonal totals. the atmosphere is locked in a pattern. the good news is the addition will be more beneficial than troubling. elon musk is going to twitter for some financial advice after speculation of him avoiding paying taxes. the billionaires thinking about
6:19 am
selling 10% of his tesla stock. he posted a poll asking his followers if they support him selling stock or if they do not support that move. 10% of his stock is valued at $21 billion. he tweeted that is the only way to pay his taxes if he sells his stock. he claims he would abide by the results of the poll. just under 3 million people have voted and yes is the lead. it is an online purchase on wrong after a the area teen was shot trying to buy a car. why am i here? i am here for one thing, to deliver you last night's business in case you are groggy getting up. itmey. set the table with the also, i will give you your san jose sharks and your san jose spartans, what a thriller last night! they tried to spartan up
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and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto let's set the table for the 49ers later today. they host arizona with a 1:30 p.m. kickoff. they have a 4-4 record. elijah mitchell? we are still waiting. it is a game day decision. the defensive end? sadly he went to injured
6:23 am
reserve. much. he had thresas thasonay 1 signing withs e nirs > e ball, co issues forest ryan glover to stay at home for put covid protocol. look at arizona. this was the longest play of the game. 30 yards, arizona lost 20 straight games. they will themselves to win. look at mile. this was the only touchdown of the game. arizona held 10-3 final. the bears have a 3-6 record. also last night san jose coach brett rendon cheered his team on at nevada scoring back after a 10 point deficit. there were only two minutes left. that tied the game at 24-24. the wolfpack drove the field.
6:24 am
brandon was a hero. he kicked a 45 yard field goal and won it 27-24. the spartans have a 5-5 record. utah state is next. high school float well, he had himself the day for the number one chick ranked st. francis. look at the big fellow. he goes. he is near the goal line inside the 5. the school record is 344 yards rushing. third quarter, look at atkinson. he got behind the padres defense. 43 yard score. st. francis was beaten earlier in this season but there was another giant yesterday, 44-21. they sealed the title for the lancers. we go over to the nhl and the sox. they miss this five-game homestand which wrapped up last night. it was not a packed house.
6:25 am
look at urns before the game. he stuck out to watch his son take the ice. he scored. the apple did not fall far from the tree. burns got a point last night. there was a third-period assist. at this point the sharks what the devils by two. later in the third, there was a lot of traffic that developed in front of the goalie. he got him out of position and up for the devils to score and tie it. the game ended at a shootout. he did not miss. new jersey wants a 3-2. the sharks homestand ended with a record of 2-2-1. look at dallas. they had a tie game with boston. look at this for the win. the mavericks won 107-104. >> look at this rare site. this thoughts was on the loose
6:26 am
at usc arizona state came. poor fellow, running around looking for an escape. watch this quick exit. now you see him and now you do not. the sun devils outfoxed the trojans. 31-16 was the score. that is sports. have a great sunday. the next time i see you, i will be at chase center. i will run with the rockets later on today. two dead and two injured after a shooting.
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from the cbs studios, this is kpix 5 nws. >> thank you for joining us. let's start this half hour with a quick check on the weather. about 15 minutes away from sunrise thanks to the change in the clock. we have some light in the sky. there are no clouds. it is colder. it is 39. it is relatively warm in san jose. for the valleys in the northbay we are seeing cold mornings. the afternoons are fine.
6:30 am
it will be sunny today with temperatures in the mid-60s. now that we know sunday is sunny, let's talk about monday for a quick moment. that is monday afternoon. there is a widespread soaking rain coming into the bay area. we will look at that in more detail. back to you. two people are dead after a shooting in oakland. this happened just after 9:00 p.m. last night. when the police arrived, they found two people dead and two people hurt. the wounded were taken to a hospital. overnight emergency clues about the avenue. they continue to investigate. there is no word on a motive for the gunfire. a teen is dead after responding to an online at for a car. the victim's family says a 19- year-old found a car for sale on the offer up app. the family says michael went to meet the seller. it was supposed to be a cash sell. the woman selling the call was
6:31 am
a 24-year-old. she shot and killed the potential customer. >> he went out there the day before to look at the car. he said they were totally friendly. part of me wishes that we would have just bought him a car. that is not how michael worked. michael was very fiercely independent. he wanted to do this his own way. >> reporter: it is unclear what happened moments before the shooting. homicide charges are being phased. the fight against the coronavirus, 7% of all adults are vaccinated. 80% have gotten at least one dose. new mask vaccination sites are trying to make getting vaccinated less scary for children. this includes friendly characters, games and streets to help distract them during their visit.'s emac i was scared but it was not pretty bad. >> they gave us next, and choose, and we got to watch a movie. >> i want to protect my
6:32 am
children and those around them. it has been a long time that we have been going through this pandemic. >> hundreds of children were vaccinated yesterday. the clinic says it will have more appointments available wednesday through saturday. businesses owned by african- americans are among the hardest hit in the past two years. many are trying to bounce back. our reporter shows us a new effort in an to lure customers to black-owned restaurants. >>o haever ied to it than being a good cook. sometimes you need a little boost. that is true in the african- american community. >> this was a place where we could come and be our own bosses. >> reporter: this is the black international marketplace as a way to help african-americans realize their dreams of owning their own businesses. >> this is our first step. we would love to have a storefront. we would love to be able to
6:33 am
leave something for our kids. a lot of us are breaking the cycle out here. a lot of us, our parents never went to college or never finished high school. >> reporter: this was a natural place for pepsico to kickoff dig intake, nationwide effort to support black-owned restaurants with the goal of generating $100 million of business over the next five years. a lot of consumers want to get back to black communities but they do not know how to do it. this is a great way to start. there is a storefront in downtown oakland but today they got to feed people at the lake for free. this was from a food truck provided by pepsi. on the menu today was cajun style barbecue chicken and mac & cheese. there is also vegan stomach and cheese. pep they paid for each meal that was handed out. diners were encouraged to use an app to record receive from other black-owned restaurants as a way to keep track of the new business generated. >> the most thing that helps is word-of-mouth. letting people know, the money
6:34 am
helps but word-of-mouth travels forever. >> reporter: a lot of word-of- mouth came from
6:35 am
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♪ in san jose, latino business owners fear that they could be pushed out. this area is a vibrant spanish- speaking business district. the residence worried that development plans could price them out of the area. the planning commission is set to reconsider zoning rules to increase building height limits in that area. locals say that could lead to big housing developments and this is in a race that is already currently there. >> translator: for example, with the pandemic, we were closed. this is scary. >> translator: if this happens, this will just be another willow glen for the rich.
6:39 am
>> neighbors will fight the proposal ahead of the commission's vote this wednesday. california's giants okoye, the largest trees on the planet are threatened by droughts and wildfires. researchers are trying to help them. this project is years in the making. >> reporter: on california's sierra nevada mountains, scientist are on a mission to restore the area's pass for the future. unrecognizable in their small size, these tiny trees are young giant sequoia's. jim clark is with archangel ancient tree archive, a group working to preserve agent trees. >> when you have dry mountainsides with dry timber, it is a tragedy waiting to happen. >> reporter: they are planting 150 saplings in the mountain community of sequoia crest. a wildfire ripped through the region last year scorching the
6:40 am
landscape and killing many large sequoias. >> the one thing we all agree on is that this area needs help to regenerate. >> reporter: lost with each tree our future cones and seeds. >> that is why we are here. we want to help assist the trees that can no longer do what they have naturally done. >> reporter: these two foot tall trees were cloned from a 225 foot sequoia called the waterfall tree. researchers collected clippings seven years ago before it was lost in a wildfire last year. the team nurtured the saplings in a michigan lab until they were ready to be sent to in the california mountains. scientist say the trees will have an undeniable environmental benefit. >> you will see lesser carbon dioxide. >> reporter: it is important that the quiz continue to survive and thrive. >> we are doing it for your
6:41 am
grandchildren and your grandchildren's grandchildren. >> we are hoping that in years to come, there will be a legacy for future generations. >> reporter: hopefully it will strengthen and grow with times. sequoia crest california, cbs news. researchers are logging the trees they planted on a coordinate so they can monitor them. look at this beautiful shot from our camera on top of the tower. this is lookinsoacross e h toward fremont, beautiful view. daytime highs are plenty of sunshine as we just saw. clouds are not going to be a major factor. it will look prettier than yesterday in terms of getting more blue sky. it will be low to mid 60s for daytime highs. monday is a big deal. we can see the system getting developed out there. that gets here by the time we have gotten into monday evening and tuesday. it will have a long stretch of moisture going across the pacific. that is the atmospheric river.
6:42 am
this is a confined ribbon of water vapor. it is being pulled out of the subtropics. it is point to direct the at us. keeping that in mind now, that gives us the added perspective event it will make sense when we watch how persistent the rain is going to be. it starts as early as monday afternoon. it is monday evening when the best of the rain comes in. we will show you where it is moderate to heavy rain. it stays that way in the evening and overnight hours for the north bay. with the rain getting down to the golden gate and south by the time we get into early evening, everybody is seeing it. there really is a focus. we will all get rain but there is a consistent focus for the north bay. this is like the last system. that is one of the few things the system has. we will not get as much rain as long as we did. it is going to be somewhat
6:43 am
similar in terms of the fact that they are both being fueled by an atmospheric river and the rain is going to be more impressive because of that then it would be with your average storm. if you look at the rainfall totals, we are up to an inch and a half are some northbay communities. that is total for the monday afternoon of the way through tuesday. the perspective i like to give us an inch and a half a rain is enough to get localized flooding. with the system that came through two weeks ago, that was five inches of rain in the northbay. this was a big difference. now not to downplay this one too much but to make the distinction, it gets windy. watch the mountains lineup and then the valleys feel it. that is late monday into tuesday. gusts of up to 40 miles an hour at their peak. this is monday night into tuesday. that will be enough to break branches off tree and take the occasional tree down.
6:44 am
we get a little bit of snow in the sierra. that is nice to see. in the seven-day forecast, we have the rain centered on monday and tuesday. it does not arrive until late afternoon on monday. it will be done by the time we get to noon on tuesday. then we have got no more rain. we have a little bit of a warm- up that will get us to the seven-day forecast. you will see that on the microclimate. we move into the mid-70s in the valley. this is by the time we get to friday and saturday. there is that. next weekend looks sunny and mid-70s. we do not have time to look at that just yet. monday and tuesday will be busy. >> we get rain this week then it clears out. is there rain in the long term forecast again? maybe the following week? >> there is but not enough to hang your hat on just yet. that is what you have to keep doing. the fact that we have done as well as we have so far is a fine. we will take it one weaken a time from here.
6:45 am
first-generation students can feel they are stuck between two worlds. there are cultural expectations from the family with a desire to fit in with friends. this week's units of rising above scholar has embraced the struggle in using experience as a way to help others. >> reportstudents work to clear overgrown vegetation at mclaren park. this is part of an internship project for the nonprofit enterprise for use.'s emac i am making sure you guys understand. >> reporter: leading the cleanup is a program associate warren. he is a 23-year-old kurt and curtis graduate. participants gain valuable job skills and a sense of community with self reflection. >> one community i am really involved with and one of the place as i feel like i have a place and i can appreciate what others to around me is here. >> reporter: these are questions that warren poses to himself as a young adult struggling to find his way. he is far from where he started
6:46 am
in life. when warren was five years old he immigrated to the u.s. from china. he arrived inthe bay area with an unusual x dictation. >> i remember getting off the plane and getting picked up by my aunt and cousin. i was really ecstatic. i was like i can finally see snow in america. my cousin says actually there is no snow in the bay area. >> reporter: no snow but warren had other discoveries. there were video games with neighborhood children. this offered a glimpse into his new life. >> they have their own videogame in their own house. that has got to be something that is classic american dream. >> reporter: gaming was his stress reliever. >> growing up in my family and in my version of what is asian culture, you grow up trying to be the kid who is not troublesome and the kid who just succeeds in school and
6:47 am
does what the parent need. >> reporter: his need to please others changed as he entered college. >> i became self aware. in college you are encouraged to you about your own interests and your own goals. what do i want? where are my most happy? >> reporter: he found happiness guiding other people toward success. program participants look to him as a role model. >> reporter: he is learning to be a leader on his own terms. >> i should look for things that mean something to me. this feels familiar and i know that i can be valuable and do meaningful work. >> reporter: for students rising above, i am elizabeth cook. >> he wants to expand outreach so the organization can serve more students. it was a wild night in southern california. it all started with a dip. ♪
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♪ we have video of a bear making himself right at home in an la county neighborhood. amy powell reports it turned into a wild night. >> reporter: a bear roaming around in this san dimas neighborhood causing quite a
6:51 am
are as it calmly walks along walls between homes. the bear enters a backyard and sniffs around a barbecue grill. residents in the neighborhood were warned by the police to stay in their homes. the big brown animal took a dip in the pool at this home. this man was on the phone when he looked out the window. >> i saw a bear jump in the pool. i told my buddy, i have got to get off the phone i have got to film this. the bear was just sitting on the steps taking a little bath. next thing i know, i get a knock on the front door and the sheriff's department was here. >> reporter: the bear moves on continuing to scale walls and go around in yards. the police said animal control workers try to steer it in the
6:52 am
mountains. at one point it walked along the wall next to the 210 freeway. people were afraid it might get on the roadway. a few people recorded video of their close encounters with the large animal as it number through a field. >> we saw the bear between the chain-link fence. a lot of people stopped and we saw. it seemed peaceful. you never know. >> it hopped the fence right next to me. i had to run to a neighbor's yard. >> reporter: this is a night that residents of this neighborhood will not forget. >> what a friday night! i was ready for bed and the next thing i know it is 8:00 p.m. and there is a bear in the backyard. it was very surprising. >> people in the neighborhood will not forget that night. we also have some adorable new video of a leopard cup making her debut at the santa barbara zoo. this little one is named marta. she is three months old. the public got to see her at the zoo on friday. the leopards are natives to asia. they are critically endangered with just a few dozen left. covid vaccines are not just for humans. archers are getting a vaccine
6:53 am
shot. monterey bay aquarium is vaccinating its sea otters. the creatures are on the endangered list. the aquarium wants to reduce the risk of a covid outbreak. and up date on a seal pup who is recovering at the marine mammal center. he was found wandering the streets near a bridge. workers at the center say that the pup is responding well for treatment for malnutrition. they are hoping he will graduate to full size fish in a couple of weeks. now that the bay area is reopening, share photos of getting back to dinner. show us what you missed doing using the hashtag kpix. we will be right
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it is 6:50 5 am. the police are looking for a man who shot and killed a 23- month-old boy. he was struck by a stray bullet while two other cars shot at each other near downtown oakland. the police say the suspect was a dark colored chrysler 300. a fairfield t was shot and killed after meeting with someone to buy a car. the 19-year-old michael was meeting up with a 24-year-old woman when he was shot and killed by her. the woman faces homicide charges. a mass vaccination site in san mateo help get hundreds more kids vaccinated yesterday. experts and local officials say this is crucial to ending the
6:56 am
pandemic. spots are filling up but there will be more appointments available next week. residents and businesses are speaking out about new zoning being considered for the area. the planning commission is considering increasing building height. people in the area worry that development plans could price the amount of the area. pepsi launched dig in day yesterday and initiative to bring attention to and to black- owned businesses. the company was at the black international get place to do just that. goal is to help businesses recover from the pandemic. two respect is, one the sunrise which happened at 6:40 1 am. beautiful views looking down toward the south and east. this is that by the time being displayed on the giant sundial, it is 6:50 6 am right now. it is cold for the northbay valleys with clear skies. temperatures are 38 in santa
6:57 am
rosa. ukiah is 36. most locations are in the low to mid 40s. it will feel cool when you step outside this morning. it will be noticeably cooler than yesterday. daytime highs will go back into the 60s. yes while it is going to be sunny and low to mid 60s, there is widespread soaking rain coming to the bay area. this is monday evening. the primary focus will be monday night into tuesday morning with showers not coming to an end until we get to about noon on tuesday. this will be another system fueled by an atmospheric river. there will be good rain here that will give us as much as an inch and a quarter. this is for many bay area communities. we will get more than that in the mountains. we have another good rain monday. this will be through tuesday in the early afternoon. thank you for joining us. cbs sunday morning with jane pauley is next here on kpix.
6:58 am
enjoy the rest of yo
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