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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 8, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. another round of beneficial removing into the bay area. i'm tracking it hour by hour in your forecast. the search is on for a sexual assault suspect in the south bay.
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new video and images that authorities hope someone will recognize. and u.s. airports getting more crowded. the rule change started today letting more international travelers in. good afternoon. thanks for joining us i'm kenny choi. the top orhere on kpix 5 and cbs bay area, it's about to get wet and windy. let's take you live outside. dry at the moment across the region but that is all about to change. chief meteorologist, paul heggen is here with the timing of the storm. >> the first showers are starting to move into the north bay as we speak. this is like activity. the moderate to heavy rainfall into the pacific but making its way closer. those in the north bay, about the western half of sonoma county has green indicating light rainfall edging into marin county. you will see the first showers that will spread across the entire bay area through the rest of the evening and tonight. it is going to rain 100% chance for everybody across the bay area. beneficial rain. chances are it
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will take longer to make their way into san francisco but i think we will see wet roads across the larger part of the bay area with the heaviest rain falling later this evening and overnight heading up to about 1 inch or 2 inches in the santa clara valley. it will be breezy. keep both hands on the wheel for the evening commute. a wind advisory is in effect until 3:00 a.m. downed trees and power outages are possible with the rain and windy conditions as well. we will take a look at futurecast and track it hour by hour in a few minutes. continued coverage of the storm all day on kpix 5 and live radar on cbsn bay area as the storm passes through. and for ways to prepare your home for the rain, you can head to our website, new at 3:00, south bay authorities looking for man who stopped a woman and sexually assaulted her in cupertino. they say the victim is legally blind. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live near the scene of the crime.
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>> reporter: it happened right here near the corner of stevens creek boulevard and north stelling drive in broad daylight. it happened when the man started making some flirtatious comments at the victim but the victim politely refused. then he followed her into a starbucks and then into a target. that is when he was captured on target surveillance cameras for multiple angles. he was watching for distance according to investigators but it is unclear the woman knew she was being followed. the woman exits target and walks to her workplace where he grabs her. this dash cam footage captured the brief attack on the right side of the frame. you see he grabs her from behind and finals are. here it is again but listen to the horn honking. that is a whole foods employee who saw the attack he honked his horn which and startled the assailant. the suspect ran and the employee followed him briefly. would you call that when is a hero. >> i would say so because he
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potentially stopped something from getting worse. we don't know what the suspects intentions were after that. for someone to have the audacity to walk up to not only a female adult in broad daylight but a legally blind person in broad daylight to commit those acts is very brazen. this person definitely, definitely helped the situation out. >> reporter: here's a picture of the attacker. he is hispanic, 20 to 30 years old, about six feet tall around 200 or 230 pounds. they also got a picture of his car. it is an older psion xp silver in color. no front license plate but there once were colorful toys on the¦ if you have tips, send it the santa clara county sheriffs department. we are live in cupertino. kiet do, kpix 5. a live look in oakland where police are working to track down the people whose gunfire killed a little boy on a freeway. jasper wu was just one month shy of his second birthday when he was killed on 880 saturday. the wu family car was caught in the crossfire between two other
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vehicles. jasper's father is in china right now but is trying to get a temporary visa so he can attend his son's funeral. we are looking deeper into the story and will have more coming up at 5:00. an update out of milpitas. we learned today a 15-year-old was booked into the connection of friday's lockdown of the great mall. police say he had a large knife and was involved in a fight there that night. police later received a 9-1-1 call of shots fired inside a store. they never found any evidence of a shooting. looking live at sfo, getting busier as the u.s. opens its borders to international travelers that who are fully vaccinated. jocelyn moran talk to passengers about the big change. >> reporter: today we mostly spoke with people who live in san francisco and were coming back from traveling abroad. they told us about family members who have not been able to visit san francisco. now they are planning trips just in time for the holidays. >> we are excited to celebrate
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christmas with them. for many families, today means being able to make plans for the holidays or even things they may have missed out on doing together in the last year and a half like graduation. >> i was first ted got the a degree. now they are trying to make up time. as of today, non-us citizens 18 years and older can enter for nonessential travel showing proof of vaccination. this applies to those entering the u.s. by land, ferry, border crossings or air. it will also mean a negative covid-19 test within 10 days of departure. >> i was in atlanta, georgia so we were planning to go to florida. now we plan to go to san diego. >> reporter: for the san francisco international airport, they have been waiting for today. >> this is something that supports the recovery of passenger traffic at our airport more so than a lot of other u.s. airports. doug says the airports level of
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recovery lagged behind other airports because international travel is part of the overall activity. >> reporter: this allows some airports to resume service internationally. >> next month we will have multiple flights resuming. we have other carriers like united, expanding the number of fights they have internationally. >> reporter: remember pre- pandemic one holiday traveling that longer lines and you will come several hours before your flights? sfo spokesperson says prepare for that. they expect a busy holiday season. reporting from sfo, joslin run, kpix 5. the biden administration says it's prepared to defend its new sweeping covid-19 roles. a federal appeals court temporarily halted the requirement that temp employees with 100 or more employees vaccinate or test weekly. in addition 4 million federal workers face a november 22nd deadline to get the shot. first lady, jill biden
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visited covid-19 vaccine clinic in virginia today, kicking off a nationwide effort to encourage parents to get their 5 to 11-year-olds vaccinated. let's take a look at wall street right now. green across the board to start the week. the dow gaining 106 points, the nasdaq 14 and the s&p up 5. developing in houston, investigators are expected to examine the design of safety barriers and the use of crowd control. they try to figure out what led to a crush of people at the astroworld music festival. eight people died. hundreds more injured friday night during an event headlined by rapper travis scott. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a signal for help . learn on tic talk. >> there has always been these trends toward finding safety from community and i think this is another platform to do so. >> how a teenager used what she learned online to get out of a dangerous situation. it sounded familiar to some. the other companies now taking
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wi facebook's no name.
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a missing girl was found and rescued next to something she learned on tik tok. kpix 5's and michael vick on
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the viral hand signal now getting even more attention. >> it is one of those times where social media is a good thing. the hour some can spend on training sites like tik tok now being credited with saving a teenaged girl's life. >> there were some people behind her that noticed that she was making hand gestures that signifies for "i need help." and with them recognizing that signal, they notified 9-1-1. >> reporter: deputies said the girl had gone missing from her asheville, north carolina home tuesday, in a car going south on i-75 driven by james permit brick. the two were coming back from and meone in another car noticed the girls signals and call 9-1-1. >> we don't know how long coming down the interstate from ohio she had been doing this to other motorists hoping that they would notice that she was
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in distress. >> reporter: this is a video that started the trend. it came from the canadian women's foundation but has spread around the world. >> i have been doing this work for a long time we talked about safety with survivors like neighbors like how you flip your light on a or do you have a certain codeword if you text it to somebody that was so you need help or are in danger. there has always been these trends soared toward finding safety from community and i think this is another platform to do so. >> reporter: darling thomas is the executive director of greenhouse 17, an advocacy group for abuse victims. >> i find it incredible as a community and society to to pay attention. we can't do it if we don't speak the same language., and universal language of needing help in being able to notice the signal. >> we are in our own little world thinking about what we are doing. maybe we need to take notice and see what is going on around us. bombing anne makovec, kpix 5. some tech news, a small tech company says facebook stole its name.
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chicago based meta-company says it declined an offer from facebook to by its name earlier this year and alleges the social media platform committed trademark infringement when it changed its name to meta. meantime an arizona company named meta people meta pcs is changing its name to now facebook. one in three americans are at risk for developing kidney disease in their lifetime and the national kidney foundation works to support the 37 million people who are affected. the grous annual autrs onhiay. in nowlive to talk about this is valen keefer, a patient advocate. thank you for being here. >> thank you. it is my pleasure. >> tell me about your experience and how the foundation helps people like you? >> the national kidney foundation is an extraordinary organization dedicated to helping patients prevention,
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awareness, research. we just really need a community and they really form a wonderful community for all of us for support. >> let's talk a little bit about the virtual luncheon that is happening this saturday. what can you guess your guests expect? >> it is going to be incredible, the 33rd year they have done this. i'm honored to be a part of it and be able to share my story and share the stage with some incredible best selling authors like mary roach. it is going to be a really powerful and inspiring event of storytelling which is so important to connect us and inspire us and make us not feel alone and this virtual event is an incredible thing last year. one of the attendees was so inspired that they became a living kidney donor so you never know what is going to happen by attending an event and who you will be inspired by. >> you are getting the word out there and valen we support you
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in the kidney foundation. best of luck to you this weekend. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you so much. >> the national kidney foundation authors luncheon is this saturday, november 13th at noon. tickets for the virtual event started $75 with each guest receiving a book or bricks that's with purchase. let's checked the forecast. >>was going on in the north bay but rain will intensify this evening with the heaviest from late evening into early overnight. gusty winds at company the system as well. lingering showers tomorrow, most widespread the first half of the day and we dry out tuesday afternoon because of the sun breaking through and we dry out midweek with a warming trend later this week. here is the radar loop. you can see the shower activity making its way into the north bay and getting closer to the coast of san francisco as well.
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the heaviest rain is still offshore but i think we will have to contend with wet roads for the evening commute. we will zoom out water and show you the scope of the system and you can see it is out there quite a ways. this is why the rain is going to last several hours this evening with lingering showers as we head through the day tomorrow. futurecast has a good handle on the rain showing it spreading through the inner parts of the east bay by 6:00 this evening. still dry in the santa clara valley at that point but you will get into the rain as well. heaviest over the north bay and that will spread over the bay area and late evening and early overnight we will be tracking those bands of heavy rain that continue to sweep across the area. heavy local downpours and the possibility of rumbles of thunder. a couple of lightning strikes are poal active system but just enough instability for a couple of flashes. heavier downpours on the map by midnight but watch the rest of tonight. heaviest rain moves to the east. still lingering showers out morning commute. othe the showers become fewer and further between towards midday
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and into the afternoon. still a couple of sprinkles possible but also breaks in the clouds by late tuesday afternoon. let's add the amount of rain. north of the golden gate, the heavier amounts especially in the higher elevations with 2 inches of rain. a widespread basis, close to 1 inch of rain for most of the north bay. you get into the higher elevations and the atmosphere will squeeze out more moisture in those spots. san francisco looks like close to 1 inch of rain, one half inch on the bayside of the peninsula because you are in the rain shadow there but same thing for san jose. the 1/3 inch will be nice and a little more for the santa cruz mountains but a little more or parts of the east bay, over 1 inch of rainfall. a nice amount of rain, not heavy enough to cause flooding or debris flows on the burn scars. something to watch. breezy with winds picking up through late this evening. the 35 to 40 mile an hour gust, some approaching 50 miles an hour will try to move you around on the roeser travel on the road so travel maybe difficult. it will back off and noticeable
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tomorrow but not as strong as overnight. temperatures low 60s and upper 60s in san jose, 59 in santa rosa with showers moving in. temperatures drop tonight to the lower half of the 50s with a few 40s sprinkle them. high temperatures tomorrow once the sun breaks through a couple of degrees below average, in the mid 60s, kohler along the coast and north of the golden gate. temperatures warm up later this week as we clear out wednesday. temperatures will trend upward. by thursday and friday and into saturday with more cloud cover in the forecast by early this week. one this rain moves through the 7-day forecast is dry so up mu possible tht and early tomorrow. here is a question for you. what if you could stay healthy for the rest of your life? many of us try to exercise and eat well but area researchers are spending millions of dollars to see if they can actually stop the aging process. our boelus good transfer him
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everybody into a centage an area. everybody could live to 90 to 95 in good health. >> sounds good. tonight on the kpix 5 news at 7:00, what they are doing to keep people forever young. coming up at 3:00, taking their cue from hollywood, that's how this pair of bay area brothers found their passion watching star wars. and we ask a local doctor about covid vaccines for children and the rare cases of heart inflammation. that is at 4:15. you can find us on or on the kpix ♪ -do you have cheese? -of course! more cheese for less cheddar in our dairy. -do you have kale? -absolutely! more kale for less cabbage in our produce section. -how about pizza? -yep, more-- -more pizza for less sale
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welcome back. what started as a childhood dream to become real have live jenna nights became a passion for fencing for two east bay brothers. while real light sabers are beyond reality, it has not stop them from becoming a force to be reckoned with. justin andrews has more on how they inspire young people. >> reporter: two teenage brothers. >> my brother, i love my brother. just 18 months apart in age. >> i feel like life with my brother by my side is a lot easier. >> reporter: putting on the armor. defense. >> you got me. they say it is a freedom to explore. >> i like star wars.
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i like the score, fighting and everything about a jedi. >> reporter: 16-year-old djibril gray found his passion when he was nine years old asking his mom, can i be a jedi? mike she let me at try it, exposed me to an and here i am now. djibril and his older brother only are nationally ranked fencers competing nationally and aiming for the olympics. for the story, we got the green brothers going at it at snow park in oakland. >> i love fencing. there are so many things. >> reporter: the brothers are master at the sport. >> the heaviest weapon has the biggest belgard. even as teenagers, some would say they have mastered life. they are filmmakers, instrumentalists and published authors of a children's book "can i be?" >> what may be right it was the lack of i guess inspiration that kids have as far as people letting them know they can be anything. how the they are going to
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become that. not only can you find the book online but on the shelves at 39th and white lake the martin luther king jr. martin's books is the oldest black-owned bookstore in the country in these two brothers are some of the youngest authors on the show. >> putting the book on paper was really hard for me because i felt like it was hard to write about yourself. >> reporter: what the brothers did not know his writing about yourself could pave someone else's path to life's endless possibilities. >> it's the inspirational story about a kid with big dreams. >> reporter: there are several empty pages to inspire kids to draw all right, or create what they want in life. while these brothers have achieved more than some of us adults, their story isn't over. they have blank pages of their own. still waiting to be filled. justin andrews. kpix 5. go, green brothers. another live look outside of
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the north bay. paul is back with a final check of the rain coming in. that is next. international airports like this in charlotte, north carolina are much busier today after the biden administration lifted certain travel restrictions for foreign nationals wanting to visit the u.s. i'm errol barnett and i will show
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the right light rain is
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making his way deeper into the north bay and the first hours making their way into san francisco. light stuff that verse but the darker greens offshore of the moderate to heavy rain that we are going to be seeing throughout the evening and into tonight. it is also going to be windy a wind advisory going to be in effect from 7:00 tonight through tuesday. gusts up to 50 miles per hour. wet roads. keep both hands on the wheel. coming up all new at 5:00, plans to put police officers on bikes to patrol a popular trail in the south bay. we will explore that much more on the kpix news on 5:00. a sign of economic recovery. vegas we buffets are back. some of them. covid shutdown and all 60 vegas buffets stopped servg. incling the back in all buffet at caesars palace. at $75, it offers nine ethnic
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cuisines and 28 different captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, what we're learning about the warning signs about that deadly concert in texas. the criminal investigation, new details about the victim and the first lawsuits against rapper travis scott. the shocking video and cries for help. ( screaming ) >> o'donnell: the big question, why the multi-platinum rapper continued the concert for more than 30 minutes after mass casualty incident was declared. ( screaming ) plus the story of a man who died while trying to save his fiancé. lone survivor testifies. a paramedic shot by kyle rittenhouse during a protest over a police shooting takes the stand. his tense confrontation with the


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