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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 8, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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whoever was behind this. meantime, this little boy turning two next month. his father is flying here from china. he's never met his son because of the pandemic. now he's coming to san francisco to plan a funeral. fighting back tears, jasper wu's mother said her son was turning two next month. instead of planning his birthday celebration, she is now planning his funeral. >> i don't know what to say. it just happened all of a sudden. i don't even know how to react to this tragedy. >> reporter: her little boy was killed bay stray bullet in a gun battle on interstate 880 over the weekend. jasper never got to meet his father,, who lives and works in china. the two would talk by phone using facetime. >> jasper could recognize his
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father, would call him daddy, daddy. he was such a good boy, and he rarely cried. >> reporter: jasper's mother was driving relatives in this white lexus the southbound direction of 880, headed home to fremont. three kids were in the back. as they reached downtown oakland, a single gunshot hit jasper, who was in his car seat. a single bullet hit jasper as the family was traveling southbound. jasper's grandmother talked about her grandson and his smile. >> he's such a sunny and open and active boy. >> reporter: the mayor of fremont delivered flowers to jasper's mother. she also made it very clear this kind of violence must stop. >> such a tragedy in terms of the loss of a young, innocent
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life. and we need people to stand up and say this is wrong. >> help me find the killers, because i don't want such a tragedy to happen to another person again. it's such a big impact that i still have difficulty accepting it. >> reporter: and, again, the chp did have a news conference just minutes ago, and we'll update you throughout the newscast. i'll have more at 6:00 on the investigation, but i believe we may have an update from the chp. let's listen in. >> communications center, the chp success 'tis patch center in vallejo received a call of a freeway shooting that occurred on southbound 880 in oakland. the victims were traveling in a white lexus sedan when the vehicle was sudd stck by gunfire. the chp into tirelessly investigate this
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incident, and detectives are looking into leads as we speak. the chp takes all freeway shootings very seriously. they are considered major incidents to us, and we are utilizing our resources to investigate each and every one of those incidents to include this incident itself. >> reporter: so the chp and the little boy's family are pleading with the public to come forward with any information, liz, if any has any witness accounts or dash cam video, they need that to solve this. again, the little boy's father is fly in as we speak. she expected to land at 5:30. we are back on the storm watch this evening. rain, wind returning to the bay area. we're tracking some scattered showers hitting the north bay right now. chief meteorologist paul heggen is joining us llbe wet for
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the rest of the evening commute. a lot of what you are seeing on radar is vaniating before it hits the ground, but these darker green shaded areas, those are areas where the rain is reaching the ground. you'll see the highest amounts north of the golden gate as we head into the rest of tonight and the first half of the day tomorrow. there's that heavier rain getting closer and closer to the coast. it's going to move in between 8:00 and 10:00 this evening and will be windy. a wind advisory continues until 3:00 a.m. tuesday. southerlily winds sustained at 20 to 30 with gusts up to 45 to 50 miles an hour, so downed hims and trees could result in power outages. we'll track it with futurecast in just a few minutes. new at 5:00 in the south
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bay authorities looking for a man they say stalked and then attacked a woman who is legally blind. we have a live report from near the scene of that crime. >> reporter: we're right here near the corner of college and stevens creek boulevard. the santa clara county sheriff's office today talk about the attacker, did not mince their words. >> if you want my opinion, it's a your coward move. in broad daylight, a legally blind women, walking up to her and taking advantage of her is a very coward move. the suspect made flirtatious advances towards her. she respectfully denied them. >> reporter: that's when the man followed her into a target where he was captured on their surveillance cameras from multiple angles. >> he followed from a stance. >> reporter: so he was stalking her, basically. >> reporter: he was stalking
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her. he grabs her from behind and fondles her. here it is again, but listen to the horn honking. that's a whole foods employee who saw the attack, honked his horn, which started the assailant. the suspect ran and the employee followed after him briefly. would you call that witness a hero? >> i would say so, because he potentially stopped something from getting worse. >> reporter: her sill a regular customer in the area and said it's a good idea to be more vigilant. >> i hope they camp him for sure. >> reporter: he is hispanic, 20 to 30 years old, about six feet tall, about 2200 to 240 pounds. an older scion xb car, silver. there were some colorful to us on the dash. >> those are some pretty good pictures of the suspect. to the attack happened in may.
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why did they wait to make it public? >> reporter: so they have been using this past six months to go through over database that's available to them. they have not had any luck. so this is why turning to the public. they said that somebody out there knows something. >> yeah, let's get past this dead end. >> starting today, the u.s. is opening up international travel to fully vaccinated visitors. tourists from 33 countries, including most of europe and china have been blocked for nearly 20 months because of the pandemic. non-u.s. citizens over the 18 of age of 18 can enter if they provide proof of a negative covid test. for many bay area families, today means being able to make plans for the holidays, or
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things they may have missed doing with families oversea in the past year and a half. it's also expected to give a huge boost to the american tourism industry, including airlines and hotels. airport, they've been waiting for today for quite some time. >> this is really something that is going to support the recovery of passenger traffic at our airport. probably more so than other 0 airports. we have carriers like united expanding the number of flights that they have internationally. >> we will have much more on the reunions at sfo at 6:00. the biden administration said it's prepared to defend its sweep new covid vaccine rules after a federal appeals court in louisiana temporarily halted the requirement. the companies with 100 or more employees ensure that they are vaccinated or tested for covid
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weekly. first lady jill biden attended a covid vaccination event at a school vaccination sites. >> this is the best way to protect your children against covid-19. live pictures of the white house right now, where the biden administration is celebrating a legislative victory. late friday, lawmakers passed his $1trillion infrastructure bill. the biden social spending plan is up next. >> reporter: the biden administration is taking a victory lap, days after the house passed the roughly $1 trillion bipartisan physical infrastructure bill. >> president biden's historic infrastructure deal will now become the law of the land, and it couldn't come at a more urgent time. >> reporter: it includes, $1110 billion to repair roads
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and bridges $65 billion even to strength then location trickle grid is and exproposed band acc >> when exactly can americans expect to see a difference in their lives? >> the shaner ast as maybe of these agencies have workforces can absorb those dollars. >> reporter: a handful of republicans in both chambers supported the bipartisan bill. >> i voted for it. proud of it. >> reporter: but other members of his party disagree and promise an even bigger fight against the social spending plan. >> the democrats continue to waste your money. >> it's going to be a tough fight, but i feel good, and i think people are beginning to realize it's important to get it done. >> reporter: house leaders wants to pass the $2 trillion spending bill as soon as next week, but moderate says they want to see a generally budget office report first. democratic moderates in the the house agreed to support the
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current bill if it does not add to the budget deficit, or else negotiations continue. >> and the white house says president biden will sign the infrastructure bill soon. this wednesday, she expected to go to the port of baltimore to talk about how the legislation will help ease supply chain disruptions. >> still ahead, the legal action taken following the deadly tragedy at a music festival. the question though, why, that show continued for more than 30 minutes after authorities declared a mass casualty event. >> plus a stoneman church when a man pulls out a gun in the middle of a service. the heroic action by a pastor that saved lives. and a teen abducted. what she learned on tiktok that led to her rescue.
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for 2022. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ a growing memorial for the eight people who died at that
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music festival in houston. families are demanding answers after the concert continued for almost 40 minutes after interest some in the audience were crushed. and defending the decision not to stop that show earlier. cellphone video shows a panicked festivalgoer at friday night's astro world concert pleading for help from a camera operator, but the show would go on. authorities say when scott took the stage at approximately 9:00 p.m., the crowd of more than 50,000 rushed forward. people began passing out in the crush. video shows first responders treating the injured, but authorities say they were overwhelmed. by the end of the night, at least eight people died, with more than a dozen hospitalized, and scores injured as the crowd a s the,a iewhd fonol.
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faen grou and now among the dead. >> i just held his hand until, like, he let go. >> reporter: roughly half an hour after the show started, it was declared a mass casualty event. later on, scott stopped his set to help someone in the crowd, but started again soon after. his show didn't end until about 10:10 p.m. almost 40 minutes after the mass casualty event had been declared. on saturday, houston chief of police troy fenner defended the decision. >> we have to worry about riots. that was the core discussion between the promoters, the fire department and police department. >> reporter: scott posted this video to instagram the next day saying he was unaware of the severity of the situation in the crowd. >> i'm honestly just devastated. i could never imagine anything like this just happening. >> reporter: but some survivers say authorities did
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not do enough. like bazel bank who was at the concert with his brother, who was killed in the crowd. >> he got lost in the group. i looked over my shoulder, and he wasn't there. he did not deserve this. he did not deserve this, he did not deserve this. okay? >> none of them dead. more than a dozen lawsuits against rapper travis scott and organizers of astro world have been filed. scott said he will pay the fineral costs of all eight people who died. a pastor in tennessee shown tackling a gunman in the middle of a service. you can see the man in the front, and then he stands and waves the gun, and suddenly a pastor comes up from behind and takes him down. that man is now facing more than a dozen felony charges. a missing 16-year-old girl was rescued thanks to something
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she learned on tiktok. police say the girl from north carolina use add hand gesture while in a car on a kentucky highway. they say she was take any cross state lines, 61-year-old man. drivers saw a girl on n a car on the freeway giving a hand signal showing she was in danger. she learned the symbol on tiktok. >> we talk about safety, like how you flip your light on or a certain code world that would say you need help. >> the girl has been reunited with her family. since she was a minor and take any cross state lines, the fbi is taking over the abduction case. in washington, a committee investigating the january 6th riot at the capitol has issued six more subpoenas to former associates of former president donald trump. they include trump officials who participated in a so-called
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war room prior to that seize and strategized about,000 stop the certification of president biden's victory. meanwhile, a bay area man wanted by the fbi for his alleged role in the camel to riot is reporting seeking asylum in belarus. the mill valley man faces six charges including felony assault on police officers. colder temperatures means snow for skiers. palisades tahoe said it is firing up the snow making guns for the first time this year ahead of tonight's storm. the ski slopes are set to open november 24th, but could open sooner in conditions allow. >> we'll get a few more inches out of this storm. some places as much as a foot in the high sierras. in the heart of this storm system is way an to our northwest, but there's a ripple in the atmosphere off the coast
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close to us. let's check out the radar loop over the last couple of hours. you can see the light rain spreading in. a lot of that evaporated before it reached the ground, but the darker grethat tually reaching the ground, raining at the rate of a few hundred edths of an inch to a quarter inch an hour. let's switch over to futurecast and track that rain. by 8:00 it's raining in most of the bay area with the heaviest rainfall north of the golden gate that part of the evening. that spreads farther to the east. even san jose will see moderate to heavy rainfall this even. there are going to be bands and of some locally heavy rain continue to rotate through into
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the early hours of tomorrow morning. the heaviest rain will be out of here as the sun comes up tomorrow. that doesn't mean we're done with the rain just yet. the roads will likely be wet for the morning commute on tuesday because of the rain that falling overnight and lingering showers that will still be with us through at least in the first half of the day. this will become more and more miss rather than hit as we head into tuesday afternoon. by the time this time tuesday evening rolls around, we should be done with the rain except for maybe a stray sprinkle here or there. so how much rain? this isn't going to be the same we had a couple of weeks guy with that level five atmospheric river. this this is around a one or two on that scale. farther south the rain won't be
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substantial, but still a nice measurable amount of rain. half an inch to an inch widespread. almost exactly an inch expected downtown. that rain is going to soak in over the next several days because we don't have much in the way of additional rain farther down the line in the extended forecast. the winds will pick up. the windiest conditions will be between 8:00 tonight and 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the wind advisory goes until 3:00 a.m. this could result in some spotty power outages, but they will calm down in time for that morning commute. still a no be breeze tomorrow morning, but at least the strongest winds will have moved out of the bay area. right now, the rain is moving in, the clouds are in place, and it's already getting dark outside, because we're now into standard time. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. they'll drop back to the lower
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50s tonight. we're not going to fall too far down, even to the 40s for the school spots. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures how is return to the mid-60s around the pay and farther inland, except for the north bay. low 60s right along the coast. temperatures will warm up with that dry stretch of weather beginning on wednesday with the warmest days arriving by friday and saturday. low-to-mid 70s for san jose. those temperatures are a couple of degrees above average. looks like a nice weekend overall for the second weekend of november. a little more cloud cover early next week. some of the forecast data indicating maybe a hint of a shower chance next monday night. that's a long way in the future in forecasting terps, but at least we're getting some rain right now. we'll have more on doppler coming up at . au>>cong upthe c
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they are raising the wrong children children after a mix upat a california first illty clinic. what the couples are doing now.
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robin hood announced that customer data was breached in a security breach last week. a customer support employee was tricked into giving access to the system. according to robin hood, the hacker access add list of about five million e-mail address, as well as the full names of two million customers, but the company said the hacker did not obtain any social security
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numbers or payments music information. a small tech company says that facebook stole its name. chicago based meta company said it turned down an offer by facebook to buy its name earlier this year. meantime, an arizona company called meta pcs is having fun with their rebranding saying it's changing its name to facebook. i'm riding along today with the new bicycle patrol for the coyote creek trail. a new section that was just opened to the public. why a police presence is wanted for this area. plus the problem at a busy airport that delayed hundreds of flights. and later an ivf mixup leaves two famili
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right now on kpix 5, a live look at the golden gate bridge. the north bay getting hit with scattered showers right now. paul heggen is tracking the wet weather. >> and heavier rain is making its way to the coastal rains of the north bay. the north bay will be the first to get that moderate rainfall, about a quarter inch an hour where you see the yellow
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shading on doppler. while san jose is entirely dry right now, we'll see that heavier rain make its way into the santa clara valley, as well. a developing story at 35:30. in the past hour, the chp giving its first briefing on a deadly freeway shooting that left a toddler killed. no arrest or or description of any suspect vehicles. a dash cam video was released. it's where 23-month-old jasper wu was killed bay stray bullet during a freeway shootout. and new at 5:30, the coyote creek trail is one of the longest trail systems in the south bay, but there have been some crime issues. now police are trying to make it safer. >> len ramirez is live in san jose where police bike patrols
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have started


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