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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 8, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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young life. up will we are also on storm watch this evening. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. our exclusive seattle forceour exclusion sales for tower cam caught the rain moving in. >> this is going to bring widespread amounts to a half inch to an inch of rain, and even more than that north of the golden gate. this is coming down at about a quarter inch of hour. that heaviest rain making it way into the santa rosa, about to go to petaluma, and raining even offshore. it's light rain around san francisco, across the bay, into the east bay and tri-valley,
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and still waiting on the light rain in san jose. we'll see that rain making its way into the santa clara valley as we head through the rest of this evening. this is going to come surging in over the next couple of hours. so the wettest time frame will be from about 8:00 this evening through about 2:00 tomorrow morning, but still lingering showers will be with us into the first half of tuesday. it's also going to be breezy. wind advisory goes into effect at the top of the hour, 7:00, and continues until 3:00 a.m. we'll take a look at thousands hour-by-hour wind gusts and track the rain on futurecast in just a few minutes. >> a live look at sfo after more than 18 months. the u.s. has dropped restrictions on international travel. says's wilson walker showing us that means reunions and hope for the travel are industry, too, wilson? . >> reporter: absolutely, allen. of course it requires a vaccine
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with an approved vaccine. this is the airport, maybe even big new >> so we're blessed, yeah. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> he's the biggest one. i'm the smallest one. >> youngest one. >> youngest. [ laughter ] >> reporter: sisters who had been unable to mourn a family loss. young couples who had been apart. it was reunions of all kinds today at sfo's international arrivals gate. >> my officer has been living here about 25 year it is, and we see her regularly, but because of the covid, two years ago the last time. >> reporter: but the people had one thing in common. they were standing by for the very moment the travel restrictions fell. >> always looking at the internet, when is the new updates coming. i think it was only an hour after they announced it. i was, like, now i'm booking my trip. rescheduling the flight, and
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now i'm here. so it's amazing. >> the deadline said that early november, and my mom took a flight as soon as she could, on november 7th, actually, and then she learned that after november 8th was the official date. >> reporter: the expectation is that the new rules will bring more flights, and hopefully a boost to san franciscoan tourest industry, still struggling to rebound with sidewalks that are nowhere close to pre-pandemic traffic. >> extremely quiet. extremely quiet. kind of creepy a little bit, especially last year, doing security dune the street at one of the retail stores down there. and you could hardly fine anybody. >> reporter: so possibly good news for businesses this year, but for families, certainly a gift in time for the holidays. >> it was tough. i mean, you know, since we have imes ar, so, yeah, three or beour life for
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sure. we're very excited. >> ultimately, up to the airlines how many people fly in and out of sfo or any other airport here in the bay area. a lot of airlines looking to add flights or restore previously wiped out flights over the last couple of years over the next couple of months. we talked about how it will be several years before offer travel resumes to what it looked like back in 2019. we're live at sfo, wilson walk are, says. the chp is working to track down suspects in a freeway gun battle after a little boy was killed riding in a car seat. jasper wu was just one month away from his second birthday. juliette has the latest. >> reporter: yes, it's a heartbreaking story, and the chp did release new details this afternoon, saying they are looking into leads. they are looking at dash cam
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video, but they still need more witness accounts. meantime, the little.'s father is flying from china to san francisco. he has never met his son because of the pandemic. well, he's landing here soon to plan a funeral. fighting back tears, jasper wu's mother said her son was turning two next month. instead of planning his birthday celebration, she is now planning his funeral. >> i don't know what to say. it just happened all of a sudden. i don't even know how to react to this tragedy. >> reporter: her little boy was killed by a stray bullet in a gun battle on interstate 880 over the weekend. >> chp is continuing to tirelessly investigate this incident, and detectives are looking into leads as we speak. >> reporter: jasper never got to meet his father, who lives and works in china.
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the with would talk by phone using facetime. >> jasper could recognize his father, would call him daddy, daddy. he was such a good boy, and he rarely cried. >> reporter: jasper's mother was driving with relatives in this white lexus in the southbound direction of 880. they were headed home to fremont. three kids were there in the back. the family said as they reached downtown oakland, a single gunshot hit jasper, who was in his car seat. the mayor of fremont delivered flowers to jasper's mother. she also made it very clear this kind of violence must stop. >> we need people to stand up and say this is wrong. many of these crimes happen over and over again by the same people, but the people are still out there, so that means we need to fix our justice system.
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>> y toento ather person again. >> reporter: amazing how strong she is. juliette, is the chp getting any indication of any suspects or vehicle descriptions? >> reporter: the only thing that have spotted right now is possibly a dark-colored chrysler 300, but that is it. i also want to mention that there is a gofundme, but it is not the family's. it is a fake one flout. the family said hold off, and until they get their gofundme account ready, they'll release it, but the one out there right now is not the real one. a teenager is now facing charger following false shooting reports that sent the great mall into panic on friday night. police say that a 15-year-old was arrested. they say he was found with been involved in a fight. police later received 911 calls
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of shots fived inside the store. they never founloss of an officer that died from covid. 46-year-old officer jack nyce tested positive for the virus last tuesday, and then passed away over the weekend. in a statement, the police officers association said quote we honor the 17 years of service officer jack nyce gave to the san francisco police department, and the people we serve. this is a sad time for our department. jack leaves a void that will be difficult to fill. rest in peace officer nyce. authorities in the south bay are looking for a man who they say stalked and then attacked broom who is legally behind. the attack happened last may near the dawn of stevens creek boulevard and north stilling drive. the santa clara sheriff's office said the suspect followed the victim after she declined his flirtatious advances, and then in broad daylight, he aly abbed
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from behindfondled her before a good samaritan scared him off. >> it's a very coward move. in broad daylight, a leakily blind victim, walking up to and her taking advantage of her is a very coward move. >> reporter: would you call that person a hero. >> i think so, because he stond it from being worse. >> he suspect is about six feet tall and 2 hub to 230 pounds. >> a palo alto man is facing felony charges after police say he smashed the windows out of several cars. they said that reece logan of was screaming at people at a shopping center. when police confronted him. they say he ran through the parking lot and smashed two car windows. at one point, officers said he threatened to shoot them and acted like he had a gun. those officers were able to use nonlethal weapons to get off to
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of to surrender. coming up, da own s to t
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ another round of rain
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moving through the bay area right now. we've seen several storms in the last month, yet the local reservoirs certainly far from full and california is still in a drought emergency. devin joins us from lexington reservoir with an update on the drought conditions in the south bay. devin? >> reporter: yeah, we're starting to feel some rain as this storm approaches this area. it's tough not to be fooled sometimes by the evidence of your eyes. when the hills go from brown to green, it's easy to get complacent, but the city said the drought not over, and the situations in the reservoirs like the one behind me is still dire and the need to conserve water is an important as ever. the 10 reservoirs in this count are nearly 90% empty. >> the minute we get rain, everybody kind of assumes that we're okay. haven't brent callahan visits
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lexington reservoir to relax and reflect and said it's abundantly clear the drought not over. >> it seems like such a contrast from when i was kid and we would get a lot more rain it seems like. >> water district officials say no single storm can erase two years of below average rainfall. >> one rainstorm does not end the drought, just like one workout does not make you ripped. >> reporter: the district said that efforts to get people to conserve water has sputtered and stalled. starting next week, san jose state water customers will face fines for using too much water. >> it could be the threat of fines that will help. hopefully people won't let's it get to the fine place, which is showing a kind of "i don't care. ". >> i personally feel there should be mandatory
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people should be fined for watering their lawns every day. >> reporter: we are off to a good start, and many remain hopeful that more wet weather this went her help us finally put the drought behind us. >> the last one we had has been really good. what we really need is a good week of rain. >> so devin, the fines you are talking about here, how big are those? >> reporter: yeah, so those are for san jose water customers. there's about million of those. they'll have to pay little more than $7 for a every unit of water they use over their monthly allotment. a unit of water is about 750 gallons. that might not seem like the biggest fine, but if you're not watching, you can use an awful lot of water on landscaping, washing clothes, showers, and it can start to all add up. >> okay devin, thanks. let's take another live look outside, where rain is falling across the north bay, and it's coming your way. paul is tracking the thisemwe
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much at to the level for most of the bay area, the rain we picked up, all of last year's rain. so not even thanksgiving yet, so hopefully we can keep this go pentagon rain tonight with some gusty winds, as well. we'll track those hour by hour in a second. showers tomorrow won't be as widespread or heavy. but we dry out by tomorrow evening. and then a warming trend will be noticeable later this week. for now, there's the rain continuing to surge in. this is light rain the green shading. the yellow and orange, that's moderate to heavy rain makes it way into most of sonoma and marin county, and plan mr.more back to the southwest over the ocean that will make its way across the rest to have the bay area. even san jose where you have yet to see a drop, you're going to get some rain as we head through the rest virain couing to sur over e wes.e not
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moderate to heavy rainfall. another band will move in from midnight to about 2:00 a.m. heading towards the morning commute, things will become more scattered in terms of the showers. it's not going to rain everywhere all the time, but it is still going to be just generally wet, and the roads will still be wet. the showers become fewer and farther between as we head towards early afternoon, and finally the rain stops entirely by mid-to-late afternoon while you see a few breaks in the cloud cover, allowing temperatures to warm up to a couple of degrees of average for this time of year. generally around an inch for most of the north bay. around an inch and a half of rain falling on top of us, over an inch for santa rosa and kala stow ga. lower amounts elsewhere across the bay area, but still measurable rainfall associated with this atmospheric river, and we'll take what we can get. the numbers from san jose have drop add bit on the estimations, but still a tenth
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of an inch of rain. think it is underestimating by a little bit. but still, it is measurable rain across the board. we need all of it. wind gusts starting to pick up. the wind advisory goes into effect at 7:00. the strongest gusts between about 10:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. will be in the range of 30 to 40 miles an hour, with some gusts 45 to 50 miles an hour, but calming after midnight. keep both hands on the wheel as you make your way out on those wet roads. a lot of cloud cover dropping those showers on us. temperatures in the upper 50s in kong and oakland. all the way down to 53 degrees in santa rosa. a few spots staying in the 40s. tomorrow's dog walking forecast, not looking too great early in the day for oliver, but if you can wait temperatures should warm up as the rain comes to an end and should be trier weather in the
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afternoon. we'll make it up to the mid-60s pretty much across the board. just a little cool earl for the north bay and along the coast. back to near average or even above average temperatures by friday, saturday, and sunday. some more clouds early next week, but once tomorrow's showers wind down, that's it for the rain chances. it is dry for the remainder of the seven-day forecast. with colder tells and snow hitting the slope slopes as soon as tonight, palisades tahoe has decided to boost their chances by firing the snow-making guns. for the first time this year, olympic valley and alpine med dose based areas were hit with a snow maker, as temperatures stay low, snow-making will continue in preparation for reopening the slopes. daily operations are set to start on november 24th. today marks three years since the camp type leveled the town of paradise. the massive wildfire burned
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more than 153,000 acres across butte county. 85 people were killed, and nearly 19,000 homes and other buildings were destroyed. investigators later determined it was caused by pg&e electrical transmission lines. cbs evening news is coming up. >> here is nora o'donnell with a preview. >> we kick off our new series honoring our heros. we've got some great tires head of veterans day all this week. cbsn is just minutes away. straight ahead in sports, warriors try to go back to back. raiders keep losing draft picks in the worst way. and the 49er empire. if you thought sunday was bad, wait till
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introducing the all-new nissan frontier. nfl up top, and the 49ers. when von miller and the rams come crashing through the line next monday night, right tackle gunthy won't be there. he'll be out for the season with a torn much in his thigh, and sanu will also be out with
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a near sprain. the defense could not stop backup cardinals players. gave up over 400 yards of oh pence. fans hit the exits after another home loss, 31-17. it's been 387 days since the 49ers last win at levi's stadium. here is garoppolo. >> yeah, i don't know. it's a tough one. we've talked about it. we've just deposit to fix something. it's hard to pinpoint exactly what that is. our crowd deserves it, though, because they're out there screaming, yelling. we've got to play better for them. the raiders, less than a week after releasing wide receiver henry ruggs iii, the team today cut fellow 2020 first round pick damon arnett, after he posted video of himself waving a gun and
6:25 pm
threatening to kill somebody. the video went viral, and ian raptors of the nfl network tweeted there were troubling off the field signs everyone for arnett. in his first year in the nfl, he crashed up for rental cars within a month. matt chapman was named a gold glove winner for the third time. the club record is six held by eric chavez, and catcher sean murphy won a gold glove for the first time in his career. starting pitcher chris bassett tweeted his excitement for murphy, and then later added chapman, too, but that's boring now. nba and the warriors. the lone one-loss team in the league. they are hosting and running with the atlanta hawks tonight. game six of eight in his home stand, moving pictures on the late show. gary peyton ii continues to give the w's spark off the
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bench. number 0 dished out an assist here. he added four steals last night in front of his hall of fame dad. peyton ii has also scored in double figures the last three games. do you have any kind of st to pretty? maybe your dad went, all right, let me take the whistle off, son, let's go to the back, you've got the long arms, you've got the feet, let's elevate this. >> i know what he wants me to do. he doesn't have to say it. i know. he wants me to lock down and guard. >> do you like young glove or mitten. >> think we're doing y.g. >> i like it. young glove, his dad, "gare" peyton known as the glove for his tight defense.
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looking like back outside adam rain moves through the area. final check of the forecast with paul. >> we're seeing few drops on the camera lens. heavy cyst falling in the north bay with light rain. the heavier rain is still offshore, making its way steadily closer and closer. still lingering showers early tomorrow morning, so allow some extra time for the morning commute. >> all right, great stuff. thanks for watching tonight at 6:00, the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find it on the kpix 5
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news app, and the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> and we're going to be back here with the kpix 5 news at 7:00 p.m. have a good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, what we're learning about the warning signs at that deadly concert in texas. the criminal investigation, new details about the victim and the first lawsuits against rapper travis scott. the shocking video and cries for help. ( screaming ) >> o'donnell: the big question, why the multi-platinum rapper continued the concert for more than 30 minutes after mass casualty incident was declared. ( screaming ) plus the story of a man who died while trying to save his fianceé. lone survivor testifies. a paramedic who was shot by kyle rittenhouse during a protest over a police shooting takes the stand. his tense confrontation with the teenager who shot him.


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