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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 8, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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to hit our region. a live look now at the evening commute across the bay area bridges. we >> we want to bring in paul heggen who is talking about what to expect throughout the evening. and where it's not raining yet, looking at san jose specifically, it's going to start, and where it is falling lightly, it is going to pick up in intensity. most of the heavier rain is still offshore, but it is moving into the bay area now with pockets of heavier rain farther inland in the north bay, and plenty more is offshore that will make its way in as we head through the rest of this evening. it's been light rain, but it's starting to pick up downtown. that rain is spreading into the tri-valley and making its way even into the central valley right now. farther south, you're still waiting on it in san jose. but you will pick up measurable rain out of this system.
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that heavier rain is still off the coast, but getting closer to making its way on land. some higher amounts north of the golden gate. the wind advisory just went into and everything continues until 3:00 a.m. tuesday. gusting up to 45 to 50 miles per hour. some power outages could result in tree branches or full trees get knocked down by those strong winds. we'll add up our rain totals coming up in the full forecast. right now memorial is just getting underway for a toddler who is tragically caught in the crossfire on an east bay freeway. jasper wu was just shy of turning two. the chp is not revealing anything about potential suspect herself to intended targets, but did tell us this about two hours ago. >> the investigation led to
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evidence that the shots that were fired likely originated on the northbound side of interstate 880 and randomly struck the victim's vehicle. >> juliette, you also spoke to the little boy's mother earlier today? >> reporter: i did. she is simply heartbroken. as you can imagine, it is touch a terrible story. behind he is a makeshift memorial here. this small group of asian front liners came together. they have candles lit. they just did a prayer service, and they want to have justice served for this little boy named jasper. fighting back tears, his mother said her son was turning two next month. instead of planning his >> i don't know what to say. ng.
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it just happened all of a sudden. i don't even know how to react to this tragedy. >> the chp is tirelessly investigating this incident, and investigators are looking into leads as we speak. >> reporter: jasper never got to meet his father, who lives and works in china. the two would talk by phone, using facetime. >> jasper could recognize his father, would call him daddy, daddy. he was such a good boy. he rarely cried. >> reporter: jasper's mother was driving with relatives in this white lexus in the south bound direction of 880, heading home to fremont. three kids were there in the back. the family said as they reached downtown oakland, a single gunshot hit jasper, who was in his car seat. the mayor of fremont delivered
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flowers to jasper's mother. she also made it very clear this kind of violence must stop. >> we need people to stand up and say this is wrong. >> help me find the killers, because don't want such a tragedy to happen to another person again. >> reporter: we're back out here live where a small group here haslett candles. this is the location where the little boy was killed. it actually happened on the overpass, but straight down is where they are gathering to pay their respects, say a prayer, and hopefully find justice. that's the latest here in oakland. >> it's hard to look at those videos. he was such an innocent victim in all of this. >> reporter: yeah. >> all right, juliette, thank you. this is the 76th freeway shooting in alma my da county this year, and jasper wu was
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one of six victims of gun violence in oakland just this weekend. two victims showed up at the hospital where one died saturday afternoon. a few hours later, another man was shot and killed just blocks away on weld street. along with jasper's death, that bring this city's homicide rate to 119 so far this year. tonight a 15-year-old is facing charges in friday's shooting scare at the great mall in metropolitan. police say this was after false reports of a shooting in a store drew dozens of first responders to the scene. tonight the san francisco police are mourning the loss of officer jack nyce. he was a 17-year veteran even the department who died over the weekend from covid. there is no word whether or not he was vaccinated. the police union thanked him for his service, adds, quote, jack leaves a vote road is that
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will be difficult to fill, rest in peace officer nyce. tonight the santa clara county sheriff's office is asking for help identifying this man. he's accused of following a blind woman flaw target store back in may and then sexually assaulting her as she walked to work. investigators say the victim had rejected his advances when he approached her earlier, coming out of a cafe. >> if you want my opinion, it's a very coward move. in broad daylight, a legally blind victim, walking up to and her take advantage of her is a very coward move. >> that witness there honking his horn, and thank attacker off. he got away and an older scion xb with no front license plate. san francisco police are doing bike patrols to make sure a newly-opened section of the
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coyote creek trail safe. the area has been prone to crime in the past. under a new program, officers are patrolling the trail 10 hours a day, seven days a week. >> if we see any kind of i legal activity, we will take action in it's occurring, but we're primarily there to ensure that all people feel safe to be able to use the trail. >> the new three-mile section of the trail runs between william street and tele road and also curves along a creek bed behind interstate 280. more trouble for the raiders tonight. both of their first round picks from the 2020 draft are off the roster. cornerback david arnett was let go after posting video of himself holding a gun and threatening to kill someone. general manager mike may i don't care called it unacceptable, saying the raiders would not tolerate this time of behavior. this was less than a week after henry ruggs was released after
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being involved in a deadly crash. ? we were at sfo for hugs people have been waiting nearly two years to give. and i'm in novato where a local research institute has become a major player in the effort to halt and possibly even reverse the human aging process. the possibilities are astonishing, and we'll tell you about it coming up. and just how much of a dent have the recent rains put in our drought? the actual number mace surprise you. ♪
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well, as the baby boomers swell the ranks of the elderly, the scientific community is turning its attention to the causes of age-related illness.
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>> as john ramos shows us in an original report, the buck institute in novato has become a major player in the effort to find out why the body ages and then how to stop it. >> reporter: so is it the fountain of youth? not quite quite, at least not yet. there is an air of excitement in dr. judy's laboratory. she and her young research team are studying the effects of aging on tiny warms in a process where normally cells will either continue dividing to rejuvenate tissue or they die. however the cells seen here in blue stop dividing, but they don't i do, instead creating toxic enzymes, creating inflammation. >> they start to show low levels of chronic inflammation,
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and eventually that will destroy the tissue. >> reporter: at around 65 years old, human bodies start to generate diseases, and this group is studying in these cells can cause it. >> these sinesis cells can contribute to all of the diseases we see go up with age, which is 99% of the diseases you see in the clinic. >> things like cancer, alzheimer's, even diminishing eyesight. they all may be affected by this process. >> and the hope is by understanding what's underneath the aging process, the molecular mechanism, you can identify the major risk factors for all of these diseases, instead of treating them individual laze they occur, you are getting to the root consider of the problem. >> reporter: dr. eric burton said the institute's it goal is to extend the human life span to 100 years while limiting chronic illnesses to about the
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last five years of life. >> our goal is to transform everybody into asen ten aryan, so everyone could live to 90, 95 in good health. >> reporter: and they are getting a lot of health using mice as subjects, joining an institute in a $70 million prompt to understand and possibly halt the aging process. the doctor said there are even hints that it may be possible to reverse the effects of aging, allowing humans to actually wind back the clock on their bodies. >> a whole lot of excitement that we're on the verge of really changing the way we will age and the perception of how we will age. >> how would it affect the world if everyone lived to be a hundred? it's a question humanity will have to wrestle with, but for now, science is just trying to find out if it may be possible.
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>> if you would like to hear more about the project and the buck institute, we have posted our full interview with the ceo on flights could not take off fast enough as the u.s. lifted pandemic restrictions on international travel. in fact, these two jumbo jets lifted off from london's heath row airport side by side bound for american destinations. on the other side of the pond, long-awaited reunions like this one at sfo. >> she is living here for about 25 years, and we see her regularly, but because of the covid two years ago, it's the last time. >> for the past 20 months, the restrictions barred non-u.s. citizens from 33 countries including china, india, and much of europe. they are not we will coming again with proof of evacuation space a recent negative test. proof of vaccination is also required for land and ferry
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crossings from canada and mexico. >> this is the best way to protect your children against covid. >> first lady jill biden visit add school-based vaccination clinic in have a virginia the kicked off a nationwide campaign to encourage parents to sign their five to 11-year- olds up for shots. meanwhile, the white house said it is prepared to defend its sweeping new vaccine rules in court. on saturday, a federal appeals court temporarily halted the knee rule taking in effect january, requiring people at many private businesses to be vaccinated or test weekly. the biden administration is celebrating a legislative victory tonight after lawmakers passed his $1 trillion infrastructure bill, but house democrats are now bracing for an even bigger fight to pass the president's nearly $2 trillion climate and social spending bill. they hope 20 do that by thanksgiving, but house moderates say they want to see a congressional budget cost
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analysis first. tonight, officials in the south bay have a warning. just because it's rang doesn't mean the drought is ending. >> one rainfall does not end the drought, just like one workout does not make you ripped. >> santa clara's 10 reservoirs just over 10% full overall, so in other words 90% empty. customers will face fines for using top water soon. and paul heggen tracking the regard for us. paul? >> light rain so far for most of us, but it's rain and it's going to continue falling. the rain has arrived. the winds will pick up over the knows several hours. the heart of the storm system is well off to our northwest, but straight our west, a rip the atmosphere will squeeze the atmosphere and help to enhance those rainfall rates. the heaviest rain is offshore at the moment, but is making
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progress closer and closer to the coast, and some of that rain has moved into the north bay. the back edge of this is still hundreds of miles offshore. so we'll slip over to futurecast, which has a really good handle of how things are right now. this first batch will movely quickly and then switch to the east, but then more follow-up showers will move through with some locally heavy downpours with rates of a quarter inch of rain for the heaviest rain. i think the roads will still be wet for the tuesday morning commute and there will still be showers for the first half of the day. so keep the umbrella spend a the rain jacket handy. you'll likely need those at some point in the morning, but then everything will wind down as we head farther into the afternoon, and even a few breaks in the cloud cover before the sun goes down around 5:00 in the evening now that we're back to standard time.
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the heaviest amounts will be north of the golden gate. widespread rain around an inch and a half with higher amounts at the highest elevations. farther south, the rain isn't going to quite as heavy, but still picking up about a third of an inch for san jose. a half inch to an inch pretty much across the board for the bay area. very welcome rainfall adding up on top of what we've already received, and this is going to make it probably the wettest start to the rainy season on record to this point, 40 days into the waters year. the winds will pick up over the next several hours. they are noticeable now, but will be in that 30 to 40 mile an hour range for the strongest gusts by 11:00 this evening. winds will die down tomorrow night, but still will be around in the morning, so both hands on the wheel for that morning commute. temperatures have dropped into the 50wise the rain is falling. where it hasn't yet,
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temperatures still in the low 60s in san jose. tonight coolest spots will drop down to the 40s. once we see sunshine breaking through the clouds tomorrow, high temperatures will reach up to the mid-60s for most of us. all of these numbers running two or three degrees below average. we are going to warm up as we head towards the end of the workweek. veterans day on thursday looks very nice. and then some additional cloud cover is going to return to the forecast by monday of next week, but for the next six days, once the showers wind down tomorrow, it's dry weather through the weekend into early next week. we'll continue tracking the rain throughout the evening and i'll have another update at 11:00. arizona he said, we'll have that radar up live all night. i want to tell you where you can find the latest. or the kpix app. up next, a bike path right down the mid-ful the classic hollywood story.
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lukas making the announcement. >> plans for a rather unique back path that would run down the center of pleasant hill road from mount diablo boulevard. a local dad has been pushing this idea since 2017 when he realized that he had to cross several freeway ramps to bike his kids to school. tonight the council is approved to expand the path.
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well tonight police police on the peninsula have nabbed a
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suspected rabbit rustler. >> oreo, a rare breed of rabbit, was taken from his family's yard. the bunny was returned to his family. all in a day's work. >> i heard the suspect looked like a lot like elmer fudd. [ laughter ] >> well, i'm glad he's home. he's very cute.
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