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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 9, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>>te> ns of thoundsas ofbay arearesidents veha been without cable and inte rnet service all good afteoornn to you. the latest on this outage > >>the good ne wsis that
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thgsin are imovpring now. th athuge cable geouta feafctg inpeople on all desis of the baary ea. taking a look w noat the wee,bsit dn owdetector shg owin outages of cable, phone and teinrnet services. you cae n setwo big spesik of people rtieporng outages of seicfre om the stmo receonnt t heright at 007: a.m. inshowg ouarnd 54 ,000people reportcaing bloue tages. th'sju st the people who botheredor repti ngit. heisre a look at the outage p manationwide. yocau n see the bay eaar thwi thmoe st reports of outages una der big smudge of red. comcast sut pporvidision titweeng at t. en rleaier some cuerstoms expeceriend rvseice disruptions a ltresu of a network suise. cot mcassa idthey have addrd essethe suise and rvseice is w nostreorg infor ctimpaed cuomsters. theywi llcontinue to veinstigate the root cause and theyapologize to e thos feafcted but they han'vet re spdeond to our ret quesfor more rminfoatn ioon the sour ce of the taouge.
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weil wl keep you stpoed. >> anthk you. kitang a live look out at the go ldengate bri dge. lecht's ecink with ryma le e. >> all still trngacki e thisol ated tyspot swehors on ghhi fidenionti doppler. yo u n casee that lit gheegrn ill ghliting up the radar sc reen. fothe easty,ba for the tri llvaey from pleaonsant. you can see a w feshowers there for parts of the penia,nsul down through san carlos as well asright over p artsof san frscancio. at this urho. you can see a wet rindchmo, n sa rafael idbrge camera wthith e rain droanps d we pi ckedup abt ouhour and lfa ha chines of rain. morichndbo aut an inch and a arquter. mo reha tn an in chfor san jose. th e yedrr weather ah ead. we will talk moreut abo that coming up. >> an thk you. >>th> e north bay man risaw mo reha tn two in chesofai rn withthe stlate storm and with ite somwndoed frees and por we
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ous.tage justskin a inwest marin oking wathat the storm left ndbehi. >> this may have been a weak orstm but it wreaked havoc across the bay area. yoseu e that downed tree off in thdie stance. crs rkwoing to remove that tree this is hereon highway 1. itle ft people taking precaus.tion just minutes before hosting th eirar dio show. >> wegave ouelrsves a ttlile trexa time we know there ise somfloongdi and ddpules. >>the rainfall and evhierytng seel it leavesin behd istop of ndmi forem th. this large eetr blocking both laofnes ghhiway 1, just north of pot inreyes. cky for them, 'sit not blkiocng them fr omheadg into work. >>i haveconfidenceat th will be inthe erand incuttg atth tree up fast. oinur experienyoce, u know, we e out herein westar min an eetrs go down. thusey uay.ll >> eyth get emth backup.
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>> cal trans yisang highway 1 will be utsh down for several urs l unti&epg crews arri ve to chk ecthwee por lines the tree brought do. wn this nioverght storm ocknked oupot wer to several s partof e thnorth, soh utd aneast bay. during the peak of the outage pg&e report edmore than 6,000 stcuomers roacssth e bay why sitting in dathe rk. pg&e tiesmates por weshoue ld b restorbyed mi. dday >> we are so still in drghout modeth atevy erdrop of water is precious. awere so y happto see the atweher like this. >> and thankfully this stsyem s t noas stngro as the one we saw last month. li kethe ladysaid inmy report, any inrafall is ceaiy nlgood news because pefully it enlooss e thgrip that the drought s ha onthe bay area. winest n.mari justin and. rews new, alama edcounty has a vainmae ndate for amlabunce, afirend law enforcement as wells anonemergency medical
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trspanortation wor. kers anyone in the dsfiel has unl ti december 21th to be fully vaccinated. in the south bay new numbers from san jose indicate a vaccine mandate for poceli and other cityemeeploy is working to a large exte. nt 95e % arnow llfuy vaccinated. at includes % 92of the lipoce rcfoe. so f ar justx sicity workers have opted to st ayunvaatccined and give up a ekwe ofpa y. 350 others have pending or approvxeed empontis or are in e thprs ocesof ingettg vaatccined. thin e north bay coeglles in marin e arllteing stenudts th mt usbe vaccinated e thcollege of n mariwith two camp, usesha vevaincce mandates r fothe ngspri term. erevy student must show proof vofaccination ngduri enrollmentle unss they have a
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medil caor liregiouexs w noto sta ory atth's ristking a rvnee in the y ba ar. ea the mifaly ofa ttlile y bo killed bya stray bullet is hoping police willfind whr oeve killedir the people gaedther to remember the 23-mon-othld boy on sthistrt ee coer. his fathhaer s w novearrid from china and is plnianng s hison's funel rawith his wife in fremont. gun shots erupted sardtuay af teoornn on 880 northbound. jasper and his mom we rein th is white lexus heading home to fremont in the soutouhbnd diren,ctio rethe kidser we in the back. seat the family said atth as they reacd hetodownwnak oland a ngsile gun shot hit jaspar who was in his r caseat. l>> et us owkn and share infoiormatn thwi authorities. you know we need ftoind justicr e fohim. >> help me find the killers cause i don't waucnt sh a tragedy to ha tppeno another personin aga. >>it 's scary but the reonas
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at y souhould elfe safise th. at instveigats orare asngki r fothe blpuic's he, lpfor yoanne wh itinformation to call the tinep li. happening now the governor isak ting part in dia scsiuson tathe 2120 licafornia econ omic suitint monterey. it 'sfocused on stthe ats e' revecor friday from e th pandemic. the vegornor's office said th at relatepid toc voinlves what it calls a sustainable d an leresintco enomy for mmcounities across the atste. the rsfit tiqueson he s waasked about s way whhad he dieasapprefrd om the puicbl ey >> mom and dad ssmiing halloween, for them it's like wo rsthe an missing chmarists. i woke wiup th something -- probablyil famiar to a lot of parents. atth knot inur yo stomach that i had no oichce. i had to cancel that trip. >> we will have more on the governor's appearance on the
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00 p. .m wsca. st > the vice presidt en isin paris in a d bito smoothr ove nsions with the chfren government. shand r hehusband arrived ieearlr datoy. unedit states reonlati was ripas hit a hist loricow this llfa. that wasteafr edunit esstat and britsuish bminare alde wh it stralia stderoyed a ioprevus co ntctra with france >>it's a signe thcurrent atste of the relation shipand ou r dedicatitoon the refutu but it'salso ofre incdie bl statement about the history of h e laretionship betenwe france and the unedit states on many isessu anond sciencd e an rechsear. >>ha rris will sit down with thfre enchpr esidt entomoowrr on the ndseco day of a four y da vi sit. happenindag toy n sajose ci tyou cncil is exedpect to voonte a tefa of a cororsveial statue. thste atue of th fomasaln lohas stood for 19 s yearand been a poin t ofconten. tion it s showthe former mayor of san jose withthe flag of e th
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end of the mexican amaneric war as a symbol of the united esstat aiclmi ngcalifornia for mexico. councilmembers will decide whether to remove the uestat in abouant hour. coming up on e th newsat noon a wag rninfor the demepartnt of setycuri onha th isim te they are warning about the safety ofyo ur medieqcal uienpmt. >>d > anas the hoyslida awdr ne ar alot of us are making plans r for ouget aways. why you should avoid booking onneli.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ increased antrsporta tionbenefits. one mo trehing y couan relony . one of mansty co-savgin medicare advgeanta benitefs from scan healthla pn for 2022. sc an plaanns c incdelu low maximum ofout--poct kecosts, comprehensive aldent covagere, and so mucreh mo. for bethe nefits that mr attemosto tyou, call scan at 1-81277-2-722 or a yskour agent about .scan
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we lce omback. s let'gut esyou a live oklo at e thbig board. the dow is down170 points. >>ne> geraell ectric sa idit'll didets ielf toin teehr publ ticlyrad debusine. sses the company is trying tostream li neits opernsatio and lift it's stagnant stocprk ice. wgeill insp off s ithethal care division inea rly 2023 and it's energy unit a year later. atth would leave avia tionas it 'sremaining busssine. it'll lead to a remo focused, simp ler,stronger, highec th inridustalom cpany > >>amazon may xpbe eanngdi s it presence in safrn ancisco. rit'septeordly proposing a mar jowarehouse, develiry and ipping ntceer in the . city that would be on 7th st reet stju west of missioy.n ba if approveitd wobeuld the ba
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seor f 200 develiry vans a da y. it cesom as the mpcoany ntcoinues to grow masselivy amidhe t paemndic. padertme ontf holamend curi tyis exctpeed wtoarn medicafal cilities to daupte certain software today e thdepartment hoof mendla secu rityfod unthat some dical des viceli kepatient monitors, a ultrsod uncould be hacked whenconnected toe th internet. if it caben manipud late depes ndon the softwa. re out 004,0 decevis veha not yet enbe unindate d. > mo preeoplare e heinadg back to rkwo in peonrs and ncern is grg owinov erthe ckla of ilchd care optio. ns daycare proverid waabs le to ayst open as esntseial busssineesur ding the ndpaemic but many lostcustomerass ntpares starte d towork from home. a >> lot ofpeople are short afstfed and are telimid in the ouamnt of numbers of dski they catan ke in.
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if thel y alwent ba ckto work at once we ulwodn h'tave engh. >>the city of sacramento said th 1at56 daycroarepvirsde cledos during the pandemic. >>ti mefor a chk ecof weather withy marlee d anare we still sengei the rain out there? we are. we are not done quite yet. high detifinion doppler. u yocan see the locations still geinttg that wet heweatr out th ere. let's zoom in. u can see rtpas of the east bay and the i trvaeyll. a few spot close to unn iocity and fremont. ght over san francisco and r fortpas of the y babrgeid. , alsoloinokg at herc. ules you can see a w feshowers. yocasen e a veli look thwi e golden tega carame. tempureratesun rning in the upr 's50 to low tod-mi60s's this hour. we he avbeen wahitcng the winds leup, especially creompad to last t nighand ieearlr this moinrng.
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14e -milan hourwinds sustainedn kloaand. 12 in san jose d anloinokg at ten mis lean hour iirn fafid el annid ne out of the utsoh at sfano d half moon bay. a otspty afooternn showiser fidenitely a poslisibityfo r us as we go throh ugthe teafrnoon. thghwe are going to t starto y drthings out a little bit more as we head ugthroh telar e ening. ghs toy in e thlow to mid- 60s's. le t'tis me it out as we go urho by hour. re weare at t woin the afrnteoon and you can see a few isedolat sttpoy showers as we ro llthis arforwd at 6:00m.p. drr ndcoitions. a y evineng commute r foyou and weare looking at dry nditions stngarti motorrow thh rougthree st tofhe week as high prsuesre ilbuds in iequter weather d.ahea as we look to the daytime hi ghs,low 60's onalg the mid-s 60s'for the pensniula as wells ainland this rnafteoo n. sunset at6:02 and the suisnre at:4 74. for r ousen vey dacaforest, san franci sco,oaankld and san josete, afr a few spotty showerrls eaie r. at leaeast rlr ietoday we are
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oking at yedrr weather by this evening and highes prsu re ilding in for us for the stre of the workekwe and intoth e weekend. in la endast bay, nobarth y and for the coast. n e teurates on th end of the wookloingog od for wethe ekd.en at tpohis int e thlonger range heweatr demol also bringe th chance ofrathe forecast as we look txto ne tuesy.da ckba to you. >> nt extuesday. ank you. > >>the nation opg eninback up anlid hoda ysarape proaching. whony e expert said you should nobet going onli ne
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>> > datoy califo'srnia . jr nasetor is in san josewith local aklawmertas lking up the inasfrtructure bilatl th e th idpresenist about to sign. >> we e arin the south bay wietth dai. ls >>this s comer aftee th birtpaisan infrasturructe llbi passed in recongss last ekwe. now y todasenator pedia alg on thwi local leadtaers lk edon how this bill wi llinvest in the bay area and in places like the san josest he idsa this bill will he lp imovcae lifornia's s,road bridges, s,port e thelecontric grid and r wateinasfrtructure,
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a g bione as we contin ueto exripeence the drghout. specifalicly to the bay area. it'll help fund the bart silivacon ll eyextension d an veinst in public transit. mu chof this is to ttbeer ecconnt mmcounities. >> travel upand down the e statas your newer senator to make sureat th as we workin congress, as ts hipackage is beg tecrafd that itef rlects the ioprrities of the e statof californncia ilungdi the componleti of the stioatn into the grand central statofion the west. th'sat the kind of sce alof whate ware talkabing ou t. >> a big t pointalked about today s wawater intrfrasucretu and clrecyin g. he said erthe is a gnsiifanict stinveme intn e thbihall tt llwi go tothat and the san mjoseay soraid these funds will addto what they ha vebeen g.doin >> ghthou it mabey raining datoy we are going to be in a dr out ghfor a while. wee hava t loof ambition
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ouarnd expag ndinwar te recycl ing. we are so gratulef to e sethis ll come stju in the memont. whe en hare readtoy move foarrwd aggressively. d anamong otr hethings includined isth llbi that he sa will benefit the bay ar ea includvee inrtntmes in high speed inrnteet, maginang vegetation d anrehabbing rnbued ar eas. thanksgi mvingaylo ok a t lo like it p didrendpaemic. saaaa idor me than 53 million pe opleare exctpeed to travel fothe hodaliy. th'sat a 13% increase from last ar. on5%ly below the 2019 level. remo than 4 million e ar exctpeed to y fland % 80 increasem frola styear. most holidayav trel eralso be li okelyn the road. and e as wadhe ino te th leho dies many of us have plans toget away. atth mnsea lifamies are lookg infor the best d ealson okboing vacations. ter greensbu rghas some viadce foanr yone planning to travel soon >> the stla thing lepeop shou dldo is okbo online. doe sn'tanersw the quesonti
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ythatouju st asked. can my kidsst ay free, n cathey t eafree, will yetou g d riof the $9 bottofles tewar,wi ll you throinw the free wi fiand free parking. no neof the quonestis get answered online. give thema , callhave a coertisaon. use online to rearsech. don't nesscearily use it to book. >>go od tipsre the. peter, altoso lds uthat since thunedit st ateshas opened up it's rdboers to be vaccid nate internatl ionatraverels bo okgsin are up t righnow . 750% big incr. ease we willt gea look at the foca wstith mary and how nglo you can expect this t weweather t there. and today on the drewba rroryme show, watcdah toy at two.
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sw ee tesyea to peel. les t'make sure these taste t.grea when you tebi them niceor an ge lor, all the way around avhey for their size li keall citrus enwh you bring themho meste or them onthe counter. lo ad wedith vitamin c. look at this. lo ok how stfa and easy they
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pe. el thome ara they give you. it so g. reat i love these. alwaysem rembetor eat esfrh d ayst hethaly. a socc erstar says farewell, unannoci nghis remetirent. we will veha th atd an more at ree. le t'ges t one la stoklo of wer athewi thmaeery l. >> hereis one more oklo at high definn itiodoleppr. yon u casee the ghlit scatd tere showers litighng up theda rar sc. reen areas of fofog r the north bay down to a mi leand a halfn i ntroa sa. thmiree les for half moon bay. as wade he througe h th afooternn, we are going sllyow see that yedrr weheatr awere log okinat y dr conditions as we head through the eveng inand into tomorrow. aclytual for the restof the we ekba, ck to you. >> thk anu.yo rithllinorg teifrrying?
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tratacti ionn nerkw yo is beinga ll tedhe wod'rls highest exrnteal building climb. cl imrsbe equipped a special ha rns esand th enthey can move up a45-de egreaistrcase wi tht oueven using their ha nds. >> at the top they are ne arly 1300 feet ovabe the stetre, tyci climb opensto daaty 30 hu dsonyardons the westside. thpre icis $185 each. noan thk u.yo >> you woul ddn'to ? it >> . no > >> th aat's no from l alof us.
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>> ridgeou: enghf othis. let's go. >> hope: ridstge, op. mom, make hiopm st. isth is myade' wre talking a.bout >> brooke: r, idgeait. stju wait a minute. les t'all calm dowhen re. we can talkut abo ts hireasonably. r>>idge: what aoure y dngoi? ta alkbout what? aryodeu fending this guy r afteevyterhing he's done? ally? >>at kie: iits so easy toe makmehe t scapegoat, tome bla ulos gans for all ouof yr obprlems. >> q: uinnwe, llevery time i turorn aun td,here you are. rter and i wjuere stav hing iva pratcoe nversation. >> katie: , yeahi arhed. i meanes, do ievt er get old, this w "holeev lilogan sisters" naivrrate? >>nn qui: doi n't think
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the truterh ev gs etold.


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