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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 9, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news, pfizer asking the is to allow covid
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booster shots for anyone 18 and older, the potential expansion for the third shot. a recall effort against the district attorney in san francisco moving forward, why his supporters say they are not surprised. goodbye from a bay area soccer star, chris wondolowski talking about his retirement with us. good afternoon and thank you for joining us. we begin with the breaking news about the recall effort against the san francisco district attorney. the department of elections just confirmed that is certified the potential with enough signatures to recall the district attorney, the election will be in june of next year, they have received criticism for those who blamed him for the rise in crime in the city. in a statement, his supporters say that after spending $1.4 million and using shady and misleading tactics, it is no surprise that this radical recall has bought its way onto the ballot. much more on this story tonight
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at 5:00. a bay area soccer star is saying farewell, san jose earthquakes forward chris wondolowski is hanging up his cleats after 17 seasons. we are here and spoke with him one-on-one. >> reporter: we were joking, at some point it will be over for all of us in our careers but we are used to watching your favorite sports stars for years, it is a different feeling. last week, it was buster posey around here, and today chris wondolowski says audios. he made it official this morning in a press conference in san jose. calling it quits after 17 seasons in major league soccer, 14 with the earthquakes, has 171 career goals are the most in mls history, a record that could last for a while as the next closest active player is 54 goals behind.
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years from now, the teammate of yours in his rocker, grandkids are around, grandpa we heard about this chris wondolowski guy , we heard he was pretty good. what type of a man was he, what would you want the former teammate to say? >> you play the game the right way, he was a great teammate and a competitor, was competitive and brought it every day. play the game the right way. >> reporter: and holy expletive, he could score. >> i would take that. >> reporter: more on this and more in the future, it was daunting to see him in street clothes, the first time i saw him in a regular shirt as opposed to his number 8 jersey. a farewell press conference today, catch all of it on cbsn bay area . we brought you his farewell news conference lift on cbsn
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bay area, stay up-to-date all the time streaming on or our news app. cleanup across parts of the north bay after our latest storm, a large tree coming down on highway 1 in west marin and blocking the roadway north of point raise brought down some power lines. it knocked out power to parts of the north, south, east bay. pg&e reported more than 6000 customers were in the dark at the peak. a storm was a snow maker in the sierra with higher elevations getting a few new inches of fresh powder. paul heggen joining us now. how much rain did we get? >> reporter: it depends on where you are. north of the golden gate where we anticipated the most rain is where we got the most rain. almost 5 inches of rain, higher elevations will always overachieve with these systems. the lohman pick up almost 2 inches of rain.
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closest to sea level, half an inch to an inch for most of us and almost 1 inch in san francisco and a half inch in dublin. san jose, the rain shadow, 2/100 of an inch of rain. it was a good, soaking rain for most of the bay area and still lingering showers and patches of drizzle that barely show up on radar. we will dry out this evening. during and after the storm, cable and internet went out for tens of thousands of xfinity customers around the bay area and other parts of the country. much of the service is back on now. they say it is investigating the cause. coronavirus news as alameda county announces new vaccine rules for first responders as the new order covers ambulance, fire, and law enforcement, and nonemergency medical transportation workers. anyone in these fields has until december 21st to be fully
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vaccinated. if anyone in these groups chooses not to be, they will have to test weekly for covid instead . breaking news from the top of the newscast, pfizer looking to expand the covid booster shots to all adults . and the justice department is trying to get his vaccine requirement for employers through despite some legal challenges. >> reporter: the biden administration has responded to a temporary freeze against the occupational safety and health administration's rules that mandates employers with 100 or more workers to implement a vaccine requirement or regular testing starting in january. the justice department argues that not allowing the rule what "likely cost dozens or hundreds of lives per day in addition to large number of hospitalizations, other serious health effects, and tremendous costs." >> these are polities protecting workforces and
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preventing employees from getting sick.! pfizer asked the fda to grant emergency use authorization for it's booster shots for all adults. >> it gives a high level of protection, higher than the original. the protection was 95% with two doses. >> reporter: now only seniors and those at high risk are eligible for the pfizer booster in the u.s. and the surgeon general released a toolkit to help health professionals, educators, and community leaders to come back vaccine misinformation. >> every parent has a right to the fact to make the correct decision for the children. >> reporter: the rollout of the pfizer pediatric doses ages kids five to 11 happened recently. developing in the east bay, the family of a little boy killed by a stray bullet on an
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oak freeway is speaking out, hoping police will find whoever killed her son. people gathered to remember 23- month-old jasper wu last night . his father has now arrived from china and is planning the funeral along with his wife in fremont. done starts saturday afternoon on 880 northbound, jasper and his mother were in a white lexus sedan in the southbound direction heading home to fremont and three kids were in the backseat. as they reached downtown oakland, a single gunshot hit jasper in his car seat. >> let us know and share information with authorities because we need to find justice for little jasper. >> help me find the killers because i don't want such a tragedy to happen to another person again. >> it is scary. the reason you should feel safe is because the chances of this happening are not high.
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>> investigators are asking for the help from the public as anyone with information can call the tip line, the number is on your screen. 707/-- governor newsom today made his first public appearance in nearly 2 weeks at the california economic summit in monterey. when he was asked why he canceled a recent trip to the climate conference in europe, he said it was all about the kids. >> i am defending myself. i have to go. my wife was going to go. and, mom and dad missing halloween, for them, worse than christmas, missing christmas. i woke up the next morning with, something familiar with a lot of parents, the knot in your stomach that i had no choice and i had to cancel the trip. >> california's junior senator was in san jose with local lawmakers talking up the infrastructure bill that president biden is about to sign. jocelyn moran on how the southbay could benefit .
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>> reporter: this is after the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed in congress last week and today senator alex padilla and local leaders talked about how the bill will invest in the bay area and in places like the san jose station. alex padilla says it will improve california's roads, bridges, the electrical grid, and water infrastructure, a big one as we experience a drought, particularly to the bay area, they say it will help fund the bart silicon valley extension and invest in public transit from electrical buses to passenger railways and much as to better connect communities. >> traveling up and down the state as your newest senator to make sure that, as we advocate in congress, as this package was being crafted, it reflects the priorities of the state of california, including the completion of the station into the grand central station of
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the west. that is the kind of scale of what we're talking about. >> reporter: water infrastructure was talked about today and water recycling as he says there is significant investment in the bill which will go to that and the san jose mayor says the money will add to what they have already been doing. >> it may be raining today, we will be in a drought for a while and we have ambitions about expanding water recycling and purification and we are excited for this bill. this is when we are ready to move forward aggressively. >> reporter: among other things included in the bill that they say will benefit the bay area, good investments in high-speed internet, managing vegetation, and rehabilitation of burned areas. still ahead, investigators went to the scene of a deadly crowd surge at a houston music festival, how one attorney says the main performer made things worse. plus, one group returns and another gets ready to go, the
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could you just. while you're up there? -♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ [announcer] our amazing 20 percent off wine sale is going on now through november 9th at your local grocery outlet. new video out of nashville to show you, during a sunday church service, a man pulls out a gun and starts waving it
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around. even has he walks up to the altar, everyone is relatively calm. a pastor walked behind him, pretending to leave, he tackles the man to the ground and no one was hurt. the man is charged with felony aggravated assault. to houston where the police department is leading a criminal investigation into the deadly chaos at the astroworld music festival were a surge in the crowd killed eight people during a performance by trevor scott. trevor scott. a nine-year-old boy was wounded, described with life- threatening injuries, his family has filed a lawsuit, one of many alleging that ground staff did not do enough to prevent or stop the mayhem. a houston attorney represents more than 30 victims and says that scott and the holders of the event should have foreseen the tragedy after a similar crowd rush in 2019. video from friday shows scott
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did stop briefly to get help but carried on and, according to the attorney, made things worse. >> after seeing dead bodies in front of him, he turned around to the crowd and say, everybody put your middle finger up. >> the mayor of houston is fouling an investigation into the promoter, the park, and weather safety measures were followed. for his part, scott says he is cooperating with authorities and is offering to pay for the funerals. four astronauts returned to earth last night as four more prepared to leave tomorrow. nasser originally planned for the two crews to meet aboard the international space station, but it did not quite work out that way. >> reporter: astronauts inside the alex padilla dragon capsule waved and flashed the sign shortly after returning home. >> great to be back to planet earth. >> before this splashdown in
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the gulf of mexico. >> the crew, including two americans, launched in april on a mission to the international space station that lasted 199 days. >> the longest flight by u.s. spacecraft ever. reporter mike astronauts were asked to wear absorbent underwear because of a problem with the toilet. that is not so uncommon. >> people forget that every time astronauts go on a space walk, they last six or seven hours, they were the same thing. it is not unusual in space. >> reporter: with the astronauts back safely, nasa will launch the replacement, crew three arrived at kennedy space center last month. >> we are ready to go. >> reporter: because of a minor medical issue with one of the astronauts and bad weather, the flight was delalayed. >> they haveve a busy schedule
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with spacewalks, they're trying to upgrade the solar rays on the international space station. >> reporter: is scheduled to blast off wednesday night. financial news, we are learning that the trading platform robin hood suffered a data breach last week and he menlo park, he says hackers obtained emails about 5000 users by posing as a customer support agent and more than 300 customers had additional information exposed like names, birth dates, and zip codes. robin hood does not believe any social security or bank account numbers were released. a down day on wall street as the dow jones falling 112 point and the nasdaq dropping 95 the s&p lost 16. let's get a check of the forecast. we got a decent amount of rain, how much more is on the way? >> not much over the next several days but we have seen so much in the rainy season that this is a fantastic start since october 1st.
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a couple of leftover showers is all we have left with some drizzle. we have high pressure building towards us over the next few days which means calmer weather. we will have gradually warmer weather. we are not talking a heat wave but temperatures a little bit above-average later this week. the last of the showers, nothing in terms of intense rainfall but just enough to be annoying for the evening commute. even these few lingering showers and patches of drizzle will be fewer and far between through the next several hours. we anticipate that a couple of radar freckles here and there, the cloud cover will be tough to shake and we will have locally dense fog developing by early tomorrow morning. once that dissipates, a mixture of clouds and sunshine for the rest of the day. a nice day overall and you can see the rain being pushed well up to our north, a trend that
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will continue throughout the rest of the work week and the weekend. rain chances over the next several days, what rain chances? a zero chance of rain through the weekend, very slight chance by monday night of next week but 20% or lower. we will keep looking for any rain in the long-range data but it looks like a dryer powder for white a while. the low hanging clouds now but also sunshine. 62 degrees downtown. the driest weather is in san jose. your temperatures are warmer and right now at 68. tonight, a mixture of upper-40s and low-50s. once the fog dissipates, we warm up to normal for this time of year, everybody within a degree of average. low-60s around the coast. temperatures will be in the upper-60s for most of the santa
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clara valley. temperatures inland in the east bay are mid to upper-60s and may be a degree below average but that will be about it. it-60s in san francisco and oakland. upper half of the 60s for most of the north bay and cooler temperatures the farther north you go, low to mid-60s for clearlake. temperatures will continue going up degree by degree, with the nicely days in the weekend. into the mid-70s inland in the east bay and a degree or two cooler in the north bay with temperatures along the coast in the low to mid-60s for saturday and sunday. still ahead, the items that may cost you more for your thanksgiving feast. plus, what you can expect on the roads if you're traveling for the holiday. on cbsn bay area , how local authors are spreading awareness about kidney disease, that is a 4:20. you can find us on or
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if you are traveling over the thanksgiving holiday, expect a lot of company as more than 53 million people are expected to be out there. even though gas prices are up
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by more than one dollar per gallon since last year, 90% of travelers are expected to drive. >> you are going to be driving on crowded roads. there will be traffic and lines at the airport. be patient. >> a cbs reporter has a quick look at the tips aaa is offering. >> reporter: book early morning flights, they're less likely to get delayed or canceled. if you are driving, leave wednesday before noon or early on thursday if you're not going far. the bottom line is make a plan now to save on stress later. >> if you are going to have family and friends over for thanksgiving, you may want to budget extra for the mail as the usda says there is not a turkey shortage this year but they will cost you an extra $10 to 50% more, the smaller ones are expected to go first as gatherings will be intimate and
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poultry prices are going up. that cost is passed on to us. pumpkin may cost more as most of our canned and purc pumpkins come from illinois which was hit hard by a fungus. and liquor may be harder to come by, a lot of alcohol comes from overseas and companies are having a tough time sourcing the bottles. still ahead, getting a taste of the movie theater at home, the new offering from a major movie chain.
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coming up at 5:00, a closer look at alameda county's new vaccine rules my first responders. and did the latest rain make a dent in our drop picture? finally, a netflix megahit is coming back for season two, the director and creator of squid game. there has been so much demand there was no choice but to continue that he is still working on ideas and concepts and there is no timeline for a release. movie lovers may like this news, amc will offers theater popcorn to go as they will sell packages for take-out or pickup and prepackaged bags will be sold at supermarkets and convenience stores. i haven't tried it, is a good? >> i have not, i imagine you
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need a whole stick of butter to re-create the movie theater experience. >> butter and a little bit of salt. enjoy that movie as well if you captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, is it time for covid boosters for all adults? could anyone 18 or older get a third pfizer dose by thanksgiving? the breaking news: pfizer asked the f.d.a. to authorize its booster for even more americans as kids wait in long lines for their first shots. investigating the horror in houston: after that deadly concert, narcotics and homicide detectives try to figure out how this could happen as we learn who had the authority to stop the show. plus, a nine-year-old still in a medically indduceded coma fightg fofor his life. with thanksgiving just weeks away, could sky-high gas pricess and understaffefed airportsts ld to a a travel ni


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