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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 9, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the majority of the shootings in alameda county happened along highway 880 and 580. >> we are joint live in oakland where a memorial for jasper continues to grow. >> reporter: there is a memorial here on the corner of sixth and market. you can see candles are lit and people have placed teddy players teddy bears. we spoke to a man who said these are happening all too often. jasper had a lot of life ahead of him. he was about to turn two years old. but, his life was cut short after he was hit by a stray bullet during if you shoot out on interstate 880 in oakland over the weekend. >> my heart goes out to the family. >> reporter: according to the chp, this with a 76 shooting in alameda county alone, over the
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past year. the majority of them occurring on interstate 580 and 880. reverend ramon price senior lost his 27-year-old son two weeks ago. the victim of another alameda county freeway shooting. this one on westbound by that in oakland. >> you are never prepared to bury your child. >> reporter: his pain only grew when he learned about jasper. >> my son was killed at the age of 27. he had a chance to live life. this baby was 20 months old. he never had the opportunity or a chance to live life. >> we are taking action on each incident. >> reporter: despite the shootings, people should feel safe on the highways. >> it is scary, but the reason you should feel safe is the chance of this happening is not high. >> reporter: price and the other family are waiting for
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justice. in the meantime, everyone hopes to see change. >> the bible says the children are our future. but, we are losing our future at a rapid rate. >> does the chp have any new information in the woo case? >> reporter: we reached out to investigators late this afternoon. they do not have new information on the investigation at this time. >> heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time. thank you. we have developing news out of the south bay or gilroy police have made an arrest in a deadly shooting that happened at a gilgo city councilwoman's home. they served search warrants at three different locations in gilroy this morning. they say the words are related to a homicide at a halloween party on october 30th. the party was held at the city councilmember. there were as many as 80 people at the party according to
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witnesses. during their search, police located a firearm and they arrested 18-year-old lucas tomasetti. they are unsure whergu was used during the shooting and they say it is an ongoing investigation. it was a big day for the prosecution in the elizabeth holmes trial. testimony revealed her blood testing company wasn't even using its own machines to test samples for years. we are at the federal courthouse in san jose. lynn? >> reporter: the companies final lab director testified today that elizabeth holmes wanted to give federal regulators an alternative explanation to why the company had to throw out two years worth of faulty lab results. he also testified that by the time he got to see her nose, the company had all but abandoned its own theranos
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gave devastating testimony. they said the testimony could strongly support the prosecution's allegations of fraud. >> it is her company. she is responsible and she made these representations every day on their website that they were using this technology, this revolutionary technology. >> reporter: the doctor testified that in 2016 the centers for medicaid and medicare services but the company on notice that the practices jeopardized the health and safety of patients. he said he told elizabeth holmes that he voided outpatient test results done on
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theranos devices for 2014 and 2015 because the instruments were so unreliable. he said holmes wanted to give the government regulators an alternative explanation that there was not an instrument failure , but the failure of quality control practices. >> she was put on notice and she should've shut the door and got back to the drawing board and fixed all of the problems. you don't just keep going along with your vision when you know there are problems. especially, when she was told by the government regulators that their lab practices were a threat to patient safety. >> reporter: and the doctor will be back on the witness stand tomorrow for cross examination, in addition to everything else. the courthouse continues to have logistical problems. today, it was the video system used to present evidence to the jury that went out. so, the attorneys in this case had to project from their laptops onto a sidewalk in a darkened court room. the judge apologize to the jury for that.
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a grown covid outbreak is derailing a game between two longtime rivals. >> cal and usc will not play saturday afternoon in berkeley as previously scheduled. let's go to vern. this is the first d1 game of the season to be postponed by covid. >> yes, cal football forced to postpone saturday's football against usc as the bears deal with the covid outbreak and the school strict policy that players who test positive are held out at least 10 days, even if they are vaccinated. head coach, justin wilcox said in a statement, "postponing this game was a last resort and not an action any of us wanted to take. however, it was not possible for us to field a team on saturday." the game has been rescheduled for december 4th. several top players have the voice their displeasure for the schools policy, which is different from the rest conference and left them without 24 players last
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saturday at arizona. that is a very upset clubhouse. >> absolutely. thanks. alameda county has issued a new health order on vaccinations. >> it is giving first responders and ambulance employees for december 21st deadline to get fully vaccinated. we are in fremont with the details. >> reporter: the health order affects everyone who enters high risk healthcare facilities, which includes medical transport workers, like mike. he says he sees both sides of the push to get the top. >> got vaccinated as i want to see my family. rules are rules. as far as my family goes, yes. >> reporter: alameda county department of public health turning up the pressure on paramedics, firefighters, and law enforcement today with a specific health order aimed at them to go and get the shot. these first responders and ambulance crews now have six
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weeks to get fully vaccinated by december 21st. if not, they must submit to weekly covid testing and wear a mask whenever they are near patients or residents. a booster is not required at this time. the county's public health officer issued a statement that evidence shows unvaccinated persons are more likely to get infected with the virus. unvaccinated providers entering high risk healthcare facilities can spread covid-19. this order is necessary to reduce the risk and protect older and medically vulnerable residents and staff. the health order comes at a time when vaccination rates at agencies like the alameda county sheriff's office like behind the county, itself. at the end of september only 54% of alameda county sheriff's employees were vaccinated. >> i quit when i needed the shot. >> reporter: this man lost a friend to covid. >> everybody should. we want to save each other, we should all get the shot. >> reporter: this is a medical assistant and he says getting
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the vaccine is a way of showing respect for others. >> they don't see it to protect themselves. sometimes, you do it for your family. >> reporter: we tried to get some comment and reaction from the largest police unions in the east bay, including those at the alameda county sheriff's deputies. but, we did not hear back from any of them. password workers in oakland and campbell joined a statewide strike today, picketing outside of burger king and jack-in-the- box restaurants. they say they are fed up with their working conditions and are calling for a $15 minimum wage. >> working conditions were not good enough before the pandemic. they have gotten worse. >> we demand respect from the corporate people, from the corporate giants. we demand that they get paid fair wages. we demand that they get protect it while being on this job.
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>> jack-in-the-box, meanwhile issued this statement. while we do not employ the workers in our franchise restaurants, we strive to promote safety, consistency and clarity for all restaurant workers and guests. no word yet from burger king. still ahead on kpix 5 , what we learned about this huge pile up snarling traffic in pacifica. plus, they gathered here for two decades, but they could lose it all. the fight unfolding in berkeley to save a community garden. and, they call him the red bearded burglar. how deputies caught in a tory suspect on the land for months. the radar loop over the last six hours shows numerous showers we had around midday gradually shrinking and just disappearing. we will dry out,
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ an update on a pileup at a busy pacific intersection. when victim is in critical condition and another injured after this crash in the area of highway one and rockaway beach avenue. it happened about 2:15 this afternoon. topper 5 spotted two carts must have been smashed. the crash created a major backup along highway one. lease are investigating. berkeley neighbors have
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gathered at this garden for two decades. now, they could lose it forever. john ramos takes us inside the campaign to save it. >> reporter: the people who planted this garden 17 years ago say it does a lot more than just grow fruits and vegetables. they say it gives life to a community. >> from the street, and may look like an overgrown vacant lot and that is exactly what it was 17 years ago when a group of activists were looking for a place to create a community garden. >> we contacted the property owners and asked if we could start a garden on his property. we hit pay dirt with this owner. he was fine with it. and, those guys were fine, too. >> reporter: for all that time, the two vacant lots have served as the sb community garden, place for those who dwell on concrete sidewalks to get back to the earth and get their hands a little bit dirty. and, provide a place of respite for humans and home for the birds and the bees. >> the pollinators are responsible for our food. and, having core doors for
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those pollinators.
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>> o'donnell: tonight, is it time for covid boosters for all adults? could anyone 18 or older get a third pfizer dose by o'donnell:t time for covid boosters for all adults? could anyone 18 or older get a third pfizer dose by thanksgiving? the breaking news: pfizer asked the f.d.a. to authorize its booster for even more americans as kids wait in long lines for their first shots. investigating the horror in houston: after that deadly concert, narcotics and homicide detectives try to figure out how this could happen as we learn who had the authority to stop the show. plus, a nine-year-old still in a medically induced coma fighting for his life. with thanksgiving just weeks away, could sky-high gas prices and understaffed airports lead to a travel nightmare for americans hitting the road? violent threat: t


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