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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 10, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. right now, looking live from the mark hopkins camera. you can see the transamerica pyramid with some fog out there this morning. it's wednesday, november 10th. good morning to you. >> we will start with a check on weather and traffic this morning. we all have that rain yesterday. it stuck around for quite a bit. will we see more this week? >> we are going dry things out. and a quiet weather pattern. it's a cloudy start to the day. we have areas of dense fog this morning. with are looking at about a mile. as we go through the afternoon the daytime highs in the 60's. low 60's along the coas i want to show you this as we
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go hour by hour. the skies clearing on future cast. catching sunshine this afternoon. let's check in with gianna. it's slow going. not busy. i need to wake up this morning. it's not slow this morning. i need coffee. we are looking at the foggy conditions in spots. >> it's foggy. it'll be slow. especially at the bay bridge. we are talking about the fog. foggy conditions as mary said. be careful along highway 1 as you cruise along the coast. they have a fog advisory in the golden gate bridge. north of here as you know -- where that normally happens. if you are working through there just some foggy spots. limited visibility. i want to show you the overview of the mapping system. look at all that green. that is good news. if you are up early and hitting the roadways, you should be good to go for the most part. nothing too bad and looks like
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84, 680. pretty quiet. some foggy spots. ly have details on that. we are following the bid from pfizer for united states regulators to approve its booter shots for all difficults over the age of 18. right now the feds have only approved those booster shots for people 65 and overruled. those with medical conditions or those that live and work in high risk environments. this is expected to pass through the federal regulators. we are talk the fda and the cdc for everybody over 18 and that request is expected to be granted by thanksgiving well ahead of christmas travel and gathering. later, we will have the united states surgeon general live to talk more about this and we will keep you posted. this morning the cal football team is dealing with a
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widespread covid outbreak. as andrea reports, coaches and players didn't test or stay home and didn't mask inside. >> this led to more players testing positive yesterday. forcing the pack 12 to postpone the big game between cal and usc. >> see our staff frustrated, athletes frustrated. it's just challenging. >> a major breakthrough outbreak with in the cal football program. more than 99% of the team is vaccinated. 44 testing positive for covid. last saturday's loss to arizona, 24 players were missing including starting quarterback chase garber and 12 coaches. the head coach was upset after the game. >> are those players going to be back next week? >> i don't know. >> the frustration was widespread and centered around the testing mandate from the city of berkeley and the university health services. many players venting on social
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media. garber expressed confusion over the university health services policy saying we have worked to hard to have someone take this away from us. it's wrong. we deserve answers and transparent communication. a teammate tweeted health services told the players they could be arrested for refusing to test as vaccinated individuals with no symptoms. athletic director nolton didn't know if the threat of arrest was made but confirms no test means no play. >> that would be -- you aren't following berkeley public health's guidance which is executed -- and ultimately i would be the one to say we are putting in what the university of california said and you wouldn't be able to play. >> the game has been moved to just two -- to december 4th. santa clara county's jails seeing a huge spike in covid cases. the most recent surge started with 16 infections.
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a week later at least 84 new cases surfaced. a woman whose husband is an inmate at elmwood blames improper mask wearing by deputies. the sheriff's department said it follow its the public health guidelines. it appears in and out's vaccine policy defiance now stretch from the bay area to los angeles. a reporter at our sister station visited five in los angeles and said not once was he asked to show proof of vaccination which the county requires for indoor dining. all in and outs in contra costa are closed for indoor dining because the company has said it refuses to be the vaccine police. we reached out to them for comment but haven't heard back. >> we were told it would be best not to rent a car because of the -- there was a lot of break-ins. they see a purse, something small, anything, they will break the window and grab it and go. >> that tourist took the
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advice. others aren't so lucky as we have seen over and over and over again. betty yu stopped by the hot zone for break-ins. >> witnesses caught this smash and grab involving a black mercedes near pi, r39 in late october. the victim who was visiting from miami said he and his friend lost $8,000 worth of photography and hiking gear. more than a week later two burglars in a black mercedes were seen pulling off a smash and grab. the victim said that her family stopped to ride the cable car. a worker was seen tche crime in progress. >> i'm so glad that we were advised, not to -- or warned about that. >> this couple from tampa is relying on walking and ride shares. the hotel manager had talked to us and asked us where we are from and do we have a rental vehicle and when we answer some of the questions said no, said
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okay, that's good and explained there's a lot of thief its especially with car break-ins. >> tampa bay has seen it's fair share but it's not like this. no. >> why do you think that is? >> i think that it's because the people here little more easier on the rules and regulations here. >> we asked the da about the rash of break-ins. the office said that currently only about 2% of auto burglaries in san francisco result in an arrest. we have prosecuted the overwhelming majority of those auto burglary cases. sfpt did not respond to repeated requests for comments. clearance rates show that this year the department cleared 3.5% of larceny cases which includes car burglaries. in the central district that covers the hottest tourist spots. prior to them take office the department cleared 9% in the same time period. >> that was betty reporting.
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we have learned there will be a recall reiin june of 2022. gilroy police have made an arrest a week after a deadly halloween party. this after the first suspect they arrested was released. maria with the latest and the investigation. >> gilroy police said they arrested a teen charge him with being a felon in possession of a gun. they say they aren't sure if that gun was used to kill someone. just before 1:00 a.m. on october 30th police responded to this home where a large halloween party ended in gun fire and an 18-year-old dead. the home we later learned is owned by counsel a councilmember. as investigators with the santa clara county sheriff and santa clara police department served
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three search warrants. at homes fuscia court -- in connection with the halloween party shooting. >> i'm a reporter with channel 5. we heard there was a search warrant that was executed here at the house. >> be on the property. >> you have to be on the property? >> she didn't tell me to leave. >> those we spoke to said they didn't know anything about the arrest of the 18-year-old. a felon with a gun. police have not called him a suspect in the murder. >> as for the councilmember she is said to be cooperating with police. maria, kpix5. a live look from capitol hill where the house committee investigating the storming of the capitol has won a key court battle. a judge has denied former president trump's claim of executive privilege. that includes white house call logs, schedules and handwritten
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notes from trump's chief of staff. the national archives is on track to turnover the documents on friday. coming up, and streaming on cbsn baarea. nding all edient and -- for hundreds of thousands of dollars. and the high demand of vaccines for kids in marin after they started giving shots to children last week. and looking live from our treasure island camera this morning. you can see that fog out there as we look at a bit of the san francisco skyline on this wednesday morning. we will be right back.
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with a lit the over two weeks to go before thanksgiving shoppers wonder figure there will be shortages of holiday items for the traditional meal. kenny shows us you may want to head to the grocery store early and be ready to pay more than you normally would. >> before you grab your card and head in to the store expect to pay record high prices. the supply chain crush led to soaring prices and it's impacting your holiday meal too. >> vegetables, fruits. >> she loaded up her car with groceries for her thanksgiving dinner. >> i definitely do see a change in the price over the
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last probably like a year, since covid. >> the u.s.d.a. said there isn't a turkey shortage but they say that prices for the birds to be up around 10 to 15%. >> a lot of the companies say they are -- they can't hire anyone sot people they do have they are paying overtime so the costs are going up. >> this current run i'm not grabbing a turkey thankfully. >> many grossers including rj's market in san francisco can't stock up on most items like they used to. >> i have been in business 43 years. i have never seen anything like this. >> from grocery stores to supplier there's are gaps. larry is an organic turkey farmer in minnesota. it's taking longer to distribute his product because of delays in getting packaging materials and other needed supplies resulting in a domino effect. >> more of a challenge getting trucks. everything in the last couple years been a little more challenging. even dune to boxes. >> metal shortages means
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canned shortages are in short supply. >> cranberry sauce, turkey, stuffing, everything is just down, it's very minimal. >> in san francisco, ken kpix5. and on money watch checking in on door dash and what a whistle blower is reporting about hyundai. >> wall street lost ground on tuesday. the dow dropped 112 points. the nasdaq fell 95. after the bell shares of door dash sprinted higher on news that its biling another delivery platform. it's worth more than eight gained dollars. e door dash whl more ground, it lost $101 million in its latest quarter. a former employee is getting $24 million as a whistle blower
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reward. if itself the fir payment of it's kind by the highway traffic safety administration. it reported the company failed a design flaw in an engine that could lead to fires in a number of models from 2011 to 2015. that led to an auto recall and millions of dollars in penalties. a computer built and tested by steve jobs and -- has sold at auction for $400,000. the apple 1 was created in 1976 and sold for $666.66. this is one of opposition known method elms with a case made of hawaii koa wood. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money at the new york stock exchange. i'm diane king hall. it's 4:46. let's get a check of weather and traffic now. >> we will start with mary
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lee. what's it looking like? >> it's a little foggy in spots. as we are looking at dry conditions but that fog. you can see that on the sales force tower camera. we start off the day and checking our temperatures. ine rewe a at this hour and dealing with that fog. down to a half mile. two and a half miles for santa rosa. about five miles along the coast of half moon bay. we have the clouds to start off the day. morning fog in spots. as we head through our afternoon we are going to see the sun. we are looking at high pressure building in for us. dry and quiet conditions over the next several days. highs in the 60's. here we go with the satellite and radar view. that dryer weather through the rest of the week and in fact today the start of a slow warm up through the rest of the workweek and into our weekend. as we go through the day here
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we are. the skies clearing. that sunshine as we head through the 44 our suet at 5:01 p.m. lek e gh 61 in pacifica. half moon bay. along the coast. around the peninsula, 65 in san mateo. 67 in redwood city. for the south bay looking at 67 for santa clara. upper 60's, for the inland east bay, from 67 concord, 68 pleasant hill. 67 for dublin, pleasanton, livermore, for the tri valley. from 65 in san francisco, 63daley city. 67 san leandro. the mid to upper 60's.
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sonoma, 67 in napa. 66. veteran's day forecast for tomorrow and we are looking at beautiful weather for tomorrow. low to mid-60s's along the coast. upper 60's around the bay and low 70's inland as we celebrate our veterans. seven day forecast, there we go with dry and weather conditions over the next several days. high pressure really in place rethe weekand rethrough th the week in to the weekend with temperatures slowly on the rise for the inland east bay, north bay and the coast. you can see the quiet conditions, temperatures on the rise. climbing thursday, friday and into the weekend. we were hoping maybe by next tuesday we may see rain. the weather models keeping us dry into early next week. let's check in with gianna. how are the roadways? >> good morning. it's not bad. the peninsula looking good. the freeway. not seeing any problems. we are dealing fog. if are you working with highway
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1 through half moon bay. limited visibility along the coast. just a heads up. foggy conditions reported. an advisory by chp. 80 in the american canyon. not far from that hunter hill area. just a heads up. brake lights for those out of tracy in to the pass. we are seeing stuff getting busy here as you work over toward that dublin interchange. speeds dipping down 35 miles an hour in some spots. 33 minute travel time from 205 toward 680. looking good though on 80. no delays on highway 4 and 101 out of san jose. all clear. that ride from san jose to sf0 only 35 minutes as you work through there. they are just getting ready to do the lane changes on the golden gate bridge. allowing one more lane from the commute direction. traffic is quiet. little foggy. just north of the bridge along 101. also getting first reports of a new crash. 580 westbound. connector onto northbound 101. just as you come off the
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richmond, san rafael bridge. ly watch that to see if it block blocks any lanes. bay bridge, no metering lights. things into san francisco and a quick live look at the san mateo bridge and things moving nicely. you are looking at a 13 minute commute and no delays or trouble spots as you work along the freeway right now. things clear out of oakland, heyward and into fremont. morning everybody. straight ahead. local college basketball is finally here. the san jose sharks. they felt right at home. north ever of the border. and here is a live look outside. -- a live look at downtown san
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good morning. it's a gray start to the day. i'm tracking the clouds and also areas of fog down to a half mile for the visibility of half moon bay. five miles and -- as we go through the day we are going to catch that sunshine in clearing with daytime high around where we should be for this time of year. looking at upper 60's inland. here is vern with sports. good morning. nhl up top and the san jose sharks. bad enough they played their 5th game without covid head coach. they had to go one on one last night with one of the best teams in the west. calgary. are you scoring at home. john mcclain expected to be the extra head coach until
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saturday. sharks in white. not backing down. the second. came in hot. open up the scoring. calgary with the sharks. ripped one by. a third period goal. sharks on the road. won this one 4-1. the sharks first win on the road since the covid outbreak. meantime this soccer ball revealed chris who made advertise retirement for the sharks officially yesterday. the announcement was lights out. on sunday they scored the last of his mls record 171 career goals. >> how tough is it to be -- >> it'll be very tough. >> its part of me. it's in my broad. very competitive guy. ly have to have some competitive outlets. it'll be great to have it in my daughter's games and be able to know -- attend all basketball and soccer games that. will be special.
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>> he was batman on the field. tough day to be a cal bear yesterday. i feel you. the athletic department. they postponed saturday's game with usc. then one hour later last night he was basketball coach mark fox's bears picked last in the conference in white. uc san diego. little trouble here. jordon shepherd shot over the defense. he scored 27, cal by four at the half. look at this move. tony. kind of wormed in that shot. he scored 27 in a winning effort. uc san diego, a division 2 school last year beat the bears 80-67. first ever win against a pack 12 school. meantime stanford 62, carlton state 50. the sent mary's in white opened up, they can shoot from
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outside. look inside. alex ducas. remember -- here is his kid from outside. augustus, he pumped in nine points. saint mary's opened up with the 87-68 win. top of the nba last night. the denver nuggets, aggressive shove. referees always see the foul retaliation don't they? the mvp should know better. he got a game suspension. he said that he went too far. 49ers all time leading rusher stepped off the field and into a boxing ring. make his debut next month against darron williams and declined advances from nfl teams to focus on boxing. it's one thing to get hit with
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a helmet pads. one thing to hit in the boxing field. chase center against minnesota. we will see you later. it's 4:58. >> the bombshell testimony in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial from the man who once ran
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san mateo county continues its effort to get more 5 to 11- year-old's vaccinated. we will tell you about one click i can happening today coming up. and the high demand to get children vaccinated in marin and the thousands of kid whose got shots into arms. and the concerns rising in santa clara county's jails with a big spike in covid cases. and a bigfoot ball game this weekend has been
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postponed. i'm justin andrew


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