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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 11, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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so you can live bountifully. we are going to be in a never ending pandemic. hundred 44 members of the
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cal football team test positive for for covid if there almost all vaccinated? what does it mean for the rest of us? we go one-on-one with dr. monica gandhi. a criminal empire taken off streets. your car may be safer because of it. flying for thanksgiving this year? it will not be business as usual. this rollerskating rink has been here since 1975. why the owner is closing the doors for good. we will show you how people are saying goodbye. notes ♪ or has the voice been for the past six years? we are about to find out. streaming on cbsn bay area, good evening. >> cal postpone the game against ufc with 44 positive covid cases. >> one infectious disease
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professor says most of the poor should have never been tested in the first place. we are in berkeley to explain. >> reporter: i had an interesting conversation with dr. monica gandhi tonight. she says this could be a case where these guidelines have not been updated yet. she says the big fail is that those in the football program that were asymptomatic and fully vaccinated were tested. >> i have zero panic whatsoever as a public health person as as infectious disease doctor of 44 healthy people who are fully vaccinated who may have a little virus in their nose. it is not an outbreak. does not mean they got six. it does not mean that the vaccines do not work. means the public health strategy in this case was off
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and they were doing mass testing of people who did not get it. >> reporter: granted athletic elector, and in an .5% of players are vaccinated but everyone had to have a covid's test, whether they should symptoms or not. we had wayne person who is symptomatic we contact tracing one who was asymptomatic and they were tested. >> reporter: that frustrated some players on the team who tweeted university health services told the players they could be arrested for refusing to test as vaccinated individuals with no symptoms. >> you did not get to this point. asymptomatic testing of groups of vaccinated people is not recommended. >> reporter: the cal football program is in the spotlight, the doctor says this case is an example of what can happen if some decide to test following family gatherings. >> not only should we not test for asymptomatic vaccinated, but your likelihood of spreading it to anyone is very low. if we do not have more confidence in the vaccines we
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will be in and never ending pandemic. >> reporter: i reached out to the state of berkeley and the university to get more clarification on their testing policy. i did not hear back tonight. in a statement released by berkeley last night is that it was following cal osha guidelines. this part of the problem. the city comics county, state and federal going all the way up to the cdc, so it complicates matters. i reached out to the football program to get an idea of how many were systematic versus asymptomatic and i were told they did not have that number. it is very controversial. we have posted the entire interview with dr. monica gandhi on coming up in sports, with the cal football coaches think about this. health experts are encouraging people to get their
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booster shots now to prevent a surge as we head into the holidays. santa clara county chief health officer admits guidelines are confusing. she says is if it has been six months since you are fully vaccinated you can now get your booster shots. with the public heard was, i have to be 65 otherwise i should not get a booster. that is not correct. we know that protection fades from the original vaccine series. it is important to get a booster. >> i want to make sure i am protected and detecting my community. dr. cody says only about 20% in the people in the u.s. i received a booster. catalytic converters recovered in a major crime rink who is responsible for this across northern california and in oregon. we are live with the livermore police department to explain how this unfolded. >> reporter: it is incredible. police say it was a tip from
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one livermore resident reporting a suspicious truck. a letter to the investigation that unraveled the entire crime rink. late one night, almost 11 months ago, a livermore resident saw a truck slowly circling through the neighborhood, snapped a picture with a partial license plate and reported it to police. four nights later, the truck was back. the officers located the car and they had catalytic converters. >> reporter: officers followed the trail back, was buying the stone parts. elected two drop houses. a criminal enterprise of 30 people dealing with the stone catalytic converters, stolen cars, drugs, and guns. >> i do not think anyone at the beginning thought it would unfold to this. we were looking for maybe finding a few people who were selling them. for it to be so bold was quite
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the discovery. we are happy to serve search warrants and sees all of this. >> reporter: catalytic converter thefts have been a massive problem ever since the start of the problem. thieves crawling under cars, cutting up that piece of the exhaust system in less than a few minutes and selling it for scrap, opted netting hundreds of dollars because of the precious metals inside. community members throughout the state suffered. >> reporter: to give you an idea of how tenacious these thieves were, police say they were in the lower level thieves, the ones out in the neighborhoods cutting the catalytic converters out from underneath the cars. when those to arrested, the ring leaders would actually go in, post bail for those lower level thieves and police say as soon as they got out of jail, the lower level thieves were back to work stealing the catalytic converters once again. what an operation. the fox theater canceled a
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show after a woman was shot on the street outside. chopper 5 was over the scene just after 230 this afternoon. the victim is expected to recover. no word on what sparked the shooting. authorities are going to evidence after serving a search warrant at the home of his former northbay mayor. he stepped down in may after multiple woman accused him of sexual assault, abuse, or harassment. the end of an era in custer county county. rollerskating rink that has been around for nearly 50 years is closing its doors. >> we stopped at the golden skate in san ramon to find out why it is shutting down. >> reporter: is a little less rollerskating rings in the bay area. people have come to know and love this place and are lacing up their skates to say goodbye. it is a place to spin, groove, and shake. >> it is magic. we skate our hearts out.
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we feel amazing. >> people that are older, smoother and faster. >> reporter: trading on the lights in may after covid resurgence give the golden skate owners a glimmer of hope. the negative financial impact is forcing them to close the doors. we step christmases and all of the holidays together. it feels like a family. >> reporter: dashcam to america in 1995 and has been working here every day since and even convinced me to put on skis. this rink has been here since 1975. the thought of it closing is hard to accept for a lot of people. hearing that this might close really breaks me down. >> i am heartbroken. it means a lot to me. this is a place that feels like another home. >> reporter: for kids it is and ending they do not want to believe but are rolling with
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it, as best as they can. no matter what, we will stick together. >> reporter: 19 years ago, kpix 5 featured this place on evening magazine, naming it the nest skating rink. the certificate still hangs on the wall in the entrance. i'm sad to see it go. they still have the certificate. that was impressive. the owner says they will keep the rink open through the holidays but have not determined the last day quite yet. promising signs of the bottleneck easing at california ports. major move from governor newsom aimed at addressing the supply- chain crisis. you can expect bottlenecks at bay area airports. while the holiday rush may move at a snail pace. ♪ i cannot wait to see this one. a first look at the adele one
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night only special airing here on cbs this weekend.
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limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. a former star facing additional charges and a high- speed crash that killed anothero henry drugs did not enter a plea at his
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arraignment today. he is accused of driving 156 miles an hour in las vegas moments before causing the crash that killed a 23-year-old woman. prosecutors have added three new counts against henry ruggs, bringing the total to five. a second felony dui charge. we believe that henry ruggs his girlfriend was substantially injured. and then the misdemeanor prohibited person in possession of a firearm. he faces anywhere from 2 to 50 years in prison if convicted. do not look now but there may finally be some progress in breaking up the logjam at the ports of los angeles and long beach. both reports say there get tough approach with the shipping companies is working. containers are moving faster and faster than ever before, ever since october 24.
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the port of l.a. says the number of containers here for more than six days has dropped by 24% at the port of long beach it is down 14%. to help relieve the congestion at the ports, the dmv is doubling its capacity for commercial driving tests to help tackle the commercial truck driver shortage. moves on an executive order from governor newsom. if you're flying out of oakland you might want to get there extra early. is one of many u.s. airports facing a shortage of security screeners. trouble experts recommend getting to the airport extra early. at least 90 minutes before your flight to avoid being stranded. tsa checkpoints are longer than usual. that could change when the federal vaccine mandate becomes effective for security screeners in 12 daysich happens be the monday fo anpa will be amplified come the
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thanksgiving period. one of them is potentially the vaccine mandate. the department of homeland security told congress the only 60% of tsa screeners were vaccinated. ahead of adele's when i only special, scheduled to air this sunday on cbs, oprah interviewed adele about her new album. they discussed the stories behind the songs, life after divorce, weight loss and raising her son. the concert tonight is a celebration of your biggest hits and the debut of the new songs. you start with hello. >> i will always have to start with hello. [ laughter ] >> i am starting with it. >> that music video has been viewed nearly 3 billion times. >> rebellion? i did not know that. billion. that is insane. that n pe all around worl atoeit repre
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>> it shows the first time i am singing it from where i am now. which i think is great. the song, to me, was the beginning of me trying to find myself. i figured out what was the needed to do. i wrote it it was little me, older me, all of these things. it is a song that i am still here. hello, i am still here. i exist in every aspect of my life. >> i cannot wait to watch it. it airs sentiment right here on kpix 5. we have all sorts of water action, waterfalls popping up in the bay area because of rain. this is baltimore canyon. was a half-dozen many waterfalls right now. cataract trail is also really full. is great to see, especially
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after a dry year. >> i love the sound. is fantastic to see, hear and smell the rain when it has been falling. you cannot have designed a better first 40 days to the rainy season. we will get into a dryer stretch for about the next 10 days. high pressure is taking over. it will push the storm track to the north and temperatures will warm up. how lower the rain chances be? take a look at the ring cast for next week. we are forgetting about the rest of this week. it will not rain. the only hints of rain are way down the line. friday into saturday. that is the ninth and 10th day of the someday forecast. it is a 20% chance. we help those numbers go up a little bit because we need more rain. we are only 10 days into november. we will see some fog as we head through tonight. easter cast shows that developing as we head into the early hours.
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may not be quite as dense or widespread as we saw this morning but it will be out there. like today, it will diminish quickly. by 10:00 am most of it is gone. by noon all of it is gone. plenty of sunshine for the rest of the day. temperatures will warm a couple degrees above average. right now, no fog. i love this you at night. temperatures have dropped mostly into the 50s. at 54 santa rosa. 57 in san jose. or miss locations one up with a mix of 40s and 50s on the map by early tomorrow. that is normal for the middle part of november. high temperatures will and in the 60s around the bay. 70 degrees further inland, which does not sound that warm but it is. assuming for a closer look. mid 60s along the coast. mid to upper 60s around the peninsula. the bay with temperatures in the santa clara valley right at
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70. up to 72 for morgan hill. 70 degrees for the tri-valley. warmer towards concord. the babel had the upper 60s. low 70s for the north bay and warmest temperatures on the map is in northern sonoma and napa counties. finland temperatures will warm up another couple degrees as we finish up the work week and headed to the weekend. how much changes at temperatures around the bay. oakland study. low to mid 70s for san jose. we will see a cooldown next week, especially tuesday and wednesday. that is a cold front. it typically gives us a chance of showers but instead it will give us cloud cover and not enough moisture to squeeze out any sprinkles. straightahead in sports, the city of berkeley bit back at the cal football program on the covid issue. the war years, not only do
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the lawyers. the hits keep on coming. there was a union of sorts for one player. i'm not talking about the bellringing jason richardson, the former nba slamdunk. off the turn over, curry set up pagan. 30 seconds later, it was him
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again. were split 4-1. the first half, andrew wiggins went off. look at this number. the gym. wiggins hit all nine of his first-half shots. the team a stunt. the lead to 20. draymond green got hurt. he left the game in the third quarter. he did not return. minnesota took some inside game. turn over. edwards. edwards scored 48. lawyers to not break. watch the wiggins follow dunk. the also on towns. wiggins season high of 34 points. warriors won 123-110 to raise the record to a league best, 10- 1. college football, city of berkeley responded to the outbreak of covid-19 within the cal football program the
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postponed saturday's game against usc. they claim people in the program do not wear masks indoors, get tested, or stay home when sick. the bears head coach responded to the city tonight. >> you do not necessarily want to get into a back-and-forth with the city of berkeley. we have followed the guidance based on our vaccinated population and or on vaccinated population, which was very small. we have followed the guidance given to us as a program through our athletic department, through the campus and the city of berkeley. nfl, the readers showed off its new toy. it was to sean jackson running routes with his new team. be active sunday when figures host the chiefs. the cal their star player new at some point that the readers would come into his life. i think my first nfl game was the raider game at the
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coliseum. i was junk, probably seven or eight years old. i was wanted to play in the nfl. i look back now, how time changes and turns. putting on the black and silver, it will be special. >> i remember him when he joined the cal football program in streets close, about as skinny as his pencil. you put pads on him and he is gone. he has gained speed. hopefully he will make some dazzling plays for the raiders. >> even in vegas. >> he has gained speed. >> he does. tonight, some phases residents of the aquarium are making sure they are
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usually with you hear about covid shot you think about people getting them. >> marine symbols new production also. eight sea otters received the covid vaccine to protect them from the virus. if it says the process only takes a few seconds and fortunately number the otters received a special treat after going under the needle. >> they do not get a sucker or a band-aid. they have not missed a beat, or a meal. >> of the otters have come down with covid with some otters at an aquarium in georgia didn't. >> thought her vaccine is
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different than the human dose and was donated by an animal drug company. >> to take them to a special room. you should have been here at 6:00.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. thank you for - [narrator] this program is a paid presentation for omega xl and is brought to you by great healthworks. (bright music) (calm music) - welcome, my name is connie craig-carrol, and i'm so glad that you're joining me.


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