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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 11, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, live from our exclusive sales force tower camera east over the bay bridge. good morning. it is thursday. i am len kiese. it is veterans day. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with a check on our weather and traffic on this veterans day. >> it looks beautiful. we will see a lovely day on our veterans day. we are starting our day with mainly clear skies. let's show you what to expect as we head through our day. we will see plenty sunshine. it is going to be a pleasant day across the bay area. daytime highs are a little bit above average and a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. along the coast, low to mid 60s. around the bay, mid 60s this afternoon. daytime highs inland with sunshine, we are talking low 70s later on today. we are looking at dry, quiet
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conditions over the next several days. i will have more in the seven- day forecast. let's check with gianna. everything looks pretty good. if you are out early it's a good time to be on the freeways. we are seeing a lot of green on censors. quiet conditions, really no accidents or incidents yet but we'll keep a close eye on that. travel times are in the green, an easy ride into the altamont. west bound 80 highway 4 to the maze, 13 minute ride and no delays on 4 or 101 out of san jose. if you are headed out and taking the bay bridge, quiet conditions with only seven minutes from the maze as you head into san francisco. a quick live look at the golden gate bridge, an easy ride out of marin into the city. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. sad news to report internationally.
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fw declerk has died, last leader of part hide era in south africa. he had ties to nelson man dell will a. they shared a nobel peace prize. his death was confirmed by his foundation. he negotiated the transition to democracy for the country ending the segregationist system that had been there for several decades keeping white minority in south africa in power for several generations. he died at his home from melanoma cancer according to his foundation. back to you. to that cal football team covid outbreak, a ucsf doctor is questioning testing of asymptomatic players. this is a case where guidelines
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have not been updated. >> andrea nakano explains. >> i have zero panic whatsoever as a public health person, as infectious disease doctor of 44 healthy people who are fully vaccinated who may have a little virus in their nose on a highly sensitive test. it is not an outbreak. it does not mean they got sick. it does not mean that the vaccines don't work. it means our public health strategy in the case was off and they were doing mass testing of people who didn't need it. >> reporter: according to the athletic director, 99.5% of players are vaccinated but everyone had to submit to covid test whether they showed symptoms or not. >> we had a person symptomatic and we contact traced anybody who was asymptomatic was tested. >> that seemed to frustrate some of the players. "university health services
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told players they could be arrested for refusing to test as vaccinated individuals with no symptoms." >> it did not need to get to this point. asymptomatic testing of groups regularly is not recommended. >> reporter: the cal football program is in the spotlight but the doctor says this is an example of what can happen if some decide to test following family gatherings this holiday season. >> not only should we test asymptomatic vaccinated, but your likelihood to spreading it is low. if we don't have cognizance we will be in a "never ending pandemic." >> we posted the entire interview on experts are encouraging people to get their booster shots now to prevent a surge as we head to the holidays. the chief health officer admits
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cdc eligibility guidelines are confusing but says if it is six months since you are vaccinated, you can now get your booster shot. >> i think what the public heard was i have to be 65. otherwise i shouldn't get a booster. that's not correct. that's not correct. we know that protection fades from the original vaccine series and so it is important to get a booster. >> i want to make sure i am protected and protecting my community and i am planning to travel a little bit. >> only about 20% of people in the u.s. are fully vaccinated have gotten a booster. piles of stolen dad lytic converters discovered in a bust from crime rings in northern california and oregon. a tip started the investigation that led to the unraveling of the entire crime ring.
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>> reporter: a livermore resident saw a truck slowly circling, snapped a picture with a partial license plate, then reported it to police. >> the officers located the car and they had four catalytic converters freshly cut in there. >> reporter: officers followed the trail back. this led to two drop houses, a criminal enterprise of 30 people dealing in stolen catalytic converters, stolen cars, drugs, guns. >> i don't think anybody thought it would unfold to this. hopefully we were looking for maybe finding a few people selling them but for it to be so bold. it was quite the discovery and we were happy to serve search warrants and seize the property. >> reporter: catalytic converter thefts have been a massive problem since the start of the pandemic, thieves cutting out the piece of the exhaust system in less than a few minutes and selling for
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scrap often netting hundreds of dollars per converter because of the precious metals inside. >> community members throughout the state suffered as a result of this crew. >> police say when the thieves who were driving around neighborhoods stealing catalytic converter were arrested ring leaders would post their bail so they could get out and keep stealing. oakland's fox theater canceled its show after a woman was shot on the street outside. chopper 5 was over the scene at 19th and telegraph just after 2:30 in the afternoon. the victim is expected to recover. in the north bay authorities are going through evidence after serving a search warrant at the home of this former north bay mayor. he stepped down in may after multiple women accused him of sexual assault, abuse, or harassment. end of an era, a roller skating rink that's been around for nearly 50 years is closing
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its doors. >> kenny choi stopped at the golden skate in san ramone to figure out why it is shutting down. >> reporter: this is one of the last roller skating rinks in the bay area. people have come to know and love this place and are lacing up their skates to say good- bye. it's a place to spin, groove, and shake. >> it's magic. we skate our hearts out and we feel amazing. >> people that are older, younger, smoother. >> reporter: turning on the lights after covid restrictions gave the owners a glimmer of hope but the negative impact is still forcing them to close their doors. >> we still celebrate all the holidays together. so it feels like a family. >> reporter: she came to america in 1995 and has been working here since and even convinced me to put on skates. this rink has been here since 1975. the thought of it closing is hard to accept for a lot of
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people who coose really breaks me down. >> i am heart broken. i am absolutely heart broken. >> it means a lot because this is a place that feels like another home basically. >> for kids like michelle, it's an ending they don't want to believe but are rolling with it as best they can. >> no matter what, we'll stick together. we'll always be in contact no matter what. >> reporter: 19 years ago kpix featured this place naming it the best skating rink. the certificate still hangs on the wall near the entrance. >> a lot of memories there. coming up, a first look at the adele one night only special airing on cbs this weekend. expect bottlenecks at bay area airports in coming weeks. why security lines during holiday rush would move at a snail's pace. >> the new research showing
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covid-19 vaccines could stop asymptomatic infections. a live look outside from our sutro tower camera this morning. it is 4:41. we'll be right back.
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ahead of adele's one night only special scheduled to air sunday on cbs, oprah interviewed adele about her new album and discussed the stories
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behind the songs. life after divorce, weight loss, raising her son. >> coert is celebration , new songs. you start with hello. >> i will always stt with hello. >> that music video has been viewed nearly 3 billion times. >> 3 billion, oh i didn't know that! billion, that's insane. >> ♪ hello from the outside. >> that song means so much to people around the world. >> it does. >> what does it represent to you? >> the show is the first time that i am singing it from where i am now which i think is great. this song to me was the beginning of me trying to find myself. i hadn't figured out yet what i was to do. it was to little me, older me,
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all these things. it's a song about, i am still here. hi, i l here, exis >> she's definitely still here. the special airs sunday night on kpix5. it looks like it will be a great show. >> absolutely. live to oakland, if you are flying out of the airport for the holidays you might want to get there early. it's one of many u.s. airports facing potential shortage of security screeners. travel experts recommend getting to the airport at least 90 minutes before the flight to avoid being stranded during holiday rush. tsa check points aren't longer than usual yet but that can change when federal vaccine mandate deadline becomes effective for security screeners in 12 days. that happens to be the monday before thanksgiving. >> we are anticipating it will be continued, amplified further for a number of reasons.
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one is potentially the vaccine mandate. >> last month reps told congress only 60% of tsa screeners were vaccinated. president biden weighs in on how to reverse inflation trend and get people back to work. plus the fast food chain out with limited edition booze. diane king hall reports from the new york stock exchange. stocks took a hit wednesday, dow dropped 240 points and nasdaq fell 263 and s&p 500 lost 38. shares of beyond meat skidded 18% after the bell. the company says u.s. demand is shrinking and sales aren't expected to quickly rebound. executives blame labor shortage and rising prices for the struggle. president biden says reversing inflation trend is a top priority. he said the infrastructure bill
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congress passed last week will help reduce costs and get people back to . esdathe prucerice ed wholesale prices are up 8.6% compared to this time last year matching september's record annual gain and consumer prices rose last month at the fastest clip since 1990. arby's has the drinks. the chain known for its roast beef sandwiches releasing two limited edition vodkas infused with the flavor of its french fries. next week they'll be available for $60. arby's is also offering ingredients to make bloody marys. for more head to >> 60 bucks? >> curly fry or crinkle fry.
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too early for that. >> never too early for a forecast from mary lee. good morning. we are looking at beautiful weather on our veterans day, sunshine and temperatures a bit warmer compared to yesterday. a live look, you see 40s and 50s. we have mid 50s for san francisco, san jose 52 and santa rosa at 46 with the fog. excuse me. here we go with the visibility for the north bay. you are looking at dense fog, near zero for petaluma, a mile and a quarter for fairfield and quarter mile for santa rosa. please be careful on the roads especially in the north bay. here is what you can expect today, mainly clear skies as we start our day with patchy dense fog. through the afternoon, we are looking at sunshine and highs in the mid to upper 60s to low 70s this afternoon.
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let's walk you through the day, micro climates with veterans forecast along the coast, low to mid 60s, warming 70s land, a high pressur and keeping storms to our north, pacific northwest they are lucky and seeing storms to our north. of course we are looking at dry, quiet conditions for the bay area. hour by hour on futurecast you see the sunshine as we head through our afternoon. stopping at 4:00, sunrise at 6:46 and sun set at 5:01. daytime highs for the coast, you see the low to mid 60s, 63 in pacifica, upper 60s for the peninsula. san mateo is 68, 69 red wood city, 70 in san jose, 71 campbell, 72 morgan hill.
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71 in concord, 72 for pleasant hill and low 70s for the tri valley. 67 in san francisco, 64 daly city, 67 alameda, 68 oakland. north bay, low 2 in napa as well as for sonoma and petaluma, 74 for seven-day fore you can expect for san francisco, oakland, san jose, temperatures a little bit above average as we continue through the rest of our work week and into our weekend. then a cool down as we look to next week for the inland east bay, north bay, coast, a little bit warmer friday and into our weekend. pleasant weather ahead with the above average daytime highs and then we cool down as we look to next monday, tuesday, and wednesday. at this point, there is a chance as we look to next thursday where we can possibly see rain. one weather model shows it and another doesn't. we know over the next several days we are looking at dry
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conditions. how are the roadways shaping up? so far, so good with just a couple things to look for. we are not seeing delays in the altamont pass. it is veterans day. thank you for your service. there are a lot of people off work and school today. bart transit, things will be on a normal monday through friday there. this is near candle stick, looks like it is blocking the right shoulder and possibly one lane. we are not seeing a lot of delays. 101 is still a good ride. we'll let you know if that changes. if you have an early flight at sfo, things are clear. if you are headed to san jose airport, things are clear in that area. taking 87, 280, 101, no delays. bay bridge, things are quiet. it's an easy ride so far out of the east bay into san francisco, golden gate bridge
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is quiet also. 20 minutes south bound 101 from highway 37 all the way into san francisco. pretty light conditions for may marin county commute. we are not tracking brake lights or issues on san mateo bridge. most of our bay area bridges are quiet. look at the travel times, if you are out early and taking altamont pass, not a lot of cars. 26 minutes 205 to 680. i am just getting word of a new trouble spot west bound 80 near pit man. i will have more details in my next report. here is vern. what's on my mind? did you hear about this, city of berkeley bit back at the cal football program yesterday on the covid issue and the warriors last night, not only do they share the ball, they share
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good morning. golden state warriors, hits keep on coming for the dubs. there was a reunion for one particular player and i am not talking about bell ringing jason richardson, former nba slam dunk king on hand. steph curry set up peyton ii! like that? how about 30 seconds later, gp ii again! warriors led. wiggins went off. look at this number. they were teammates in minnesota. wiggins hit all nine of his first half shots, dazzling teammates.
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dubs up big mid way. the lead was 20 when greene got hurt, deep thigh bruise. he did not return. minnesota retook inside game, turn over and edwards scored 48 points last night in a losing effort because the warriors did not break. watch wiggins on the follow, dunk! wiggins had a suspect high 35, 123-110 final. warriors record is now 10-1. college football, city of berkeley responded to the outbreak of covid-19 within the cal football program that postponed saturday's game against usc. they claim people in the program did not wear masks indoors, get tested, or stay home when sick. the bears head coach justin wilcox responded last night. >> i don't necessarily want to get into a back and forth with the city of berkeley. we have followed the guidance
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based on our vaccinated population and/or unvaccinated population which was very small. we have followed guidance given to us as a program through our athletic department, through the campus, through the city of berkeley. >> yesterday the raiders showed off its new toy, wide receiver desean jackson running routes with his new team. he will be active sunday when vegas hosts chiefs. he is an l.a. native, former cal bears football star. he knew at some point that the raiders would come into his life. >> i think my first nfl game was a raider game at the colosseum. i was on the sidelines and took a picture. i was seven or eight years old. since then i wanted to play in the nfl. you look back at how time turns, putting on the black and silver will be special. >> healthy desean jackson is a
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dangerous one. raiders can use him. i can use him. i just put him on my fantasy team. have a good one. see you later. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> events planned to honor our country's bravest across the bay area for veterans day. >> what you can expect to pay at the pump this morning as gas prices continue to sky rocket. a live
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good morning. happy veterans day to our men and women who serve. i am justin andrews live in east bay with an event to honor our veterans. the warning from the governor on a holiday covid surge as cases continue to rise in california. >> how getting shots into arms
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is preventing asymptomatic covid infections right now. gas prices continue to rise. we'll tell you about one gas station in the bay area where the price is nearly $6 for a gallon of gas, coming up. >> hard to hear that. good morning. it is thursday november 11. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning and happy veterans day to all the men and women who have served. we appreciate your service. >> yes. >> it is warming up for our veterans as we have these celebrations underway. it is going to be a beautiful day. we are looking at sunshine, temperatures a little bit warmer compared to yesterday and a little bit above average for this time of year on this veterans day. we have mainly clear skies but we are dealing with dense fog in spots especially in the north bay, santa rosa down to a quarter mile in the mid 40s, patchy fog in oakland this morning. let's take you through the day. along the coast low to


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