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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 11, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 3:00 on kpix and streaming on cbsn bay area , the worst we have ever seen
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local gas prices, reaching an all-time high and we're live with where you can find cheaper gas. the big clue that could help police find whoever vandalized a south bay church. and celebrating veterans today, a look at . thank you r we start with record high gas prices across the bay area we are live in marin with the sticker shock and where you can find cheaper fuel. >> reporter: take a look behind me. we are in marin county and what it means to have cheaper gas prices means traffic backing up onto the freeway where i am standing. gas is almost $.50 per gallon cheaper off of the 101 in mill valley. you can find severely high prices around the bay area, particularly in san francisco. we found gas at $5.85 per gallon on fourth and bryant in
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san francisco. d in san francisco. just a few miles can ma emendoference in of price. off of highway 101, we have two gas stations served up regular unleaded at $4.89 per gallon, but if you drive a few miles south to this arco station in mill valley on way highway did road, you can save $.50 on regular unleaded, it is just $4.39. >> if you are a local, you know that this arco is usually the most reasonable. if you can wait to get gas, this is where most people go, especially locals. >> reporter: the line is stretching on and backing up onto highway 101 here in mill valley, and the strawberry area and pumps have really sat empty. coming up tonight at 5:00, we
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will take a look at exactly where people say they are finding cheap gas prices and speak with an expert about when we can expect things to plateau and level off. live in mill valley, andria borba. gas stations are not the only places seeing rising prices as the labor department says inflation has hit a 31 year high as prices have risen at more than double the rate we have seen in recent decades. you may have noticed your grocery spending has increased, even rent for the average apartment has gone up by over $100 per month. economists are warning that you may want to wait before also upgrading your car. >> even if you wanted to purchase one, you may not find one, there are only 75,000 cars on the dealer lots today. in a typical time, it is closer to 500,000. to the shortages due to the global shortage of computer
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chips. this could take up to two years to ease out the supply chain issues. onto the california drought, northern california county appears to be improving slightly, mendocino county has been upgraded from extreme drought to severe. paul heggen has more on how the bay area is faring. >> some improvement thanks to the start of the rainy season is not just a wet 40 days we need, we a werainy thiswhat thopor looked like four weeks ago before the unsettled weather pattern sent us numerous rain chances and a couple of atmospheric river. we had exceptional drought and much of the bay area. here is the latest map, released this morning, there has been some improvement. there is still a lot of exceptional drought in marin. as you look north towards mendocino county, severe
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drought. we are excited to see severe drought on the map but that is the improvement over extreme or exceptional drought. we will look at the extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. a night person has died following a crowd surge at the music festival in houston, a 22- year-old died today from brain injuries she sustained during the chaos. she was a few months shy of graduating from texas a&m. >> what happened? i want my baby back. you know? i won't be able to live without her. it is impossible. you know what i am saying? i am empty here. >> the defense has rested its case in the murder trial kyle rittenhouse and closing arguments could come on monday. the defense is arguing that the 18-year-old had reason to fear for his life when he shot three
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people, two of them fatally during protests in kenosha, wisconsin in august of last year. prosecutors say his actions constituted criminal homicide. >> based upon your analysis of the video and sound analysis, what occurred first, the kick to the face, or the first gunshot? >> the kick to the face occurred prior to the gunshot. >> the defense is also asking for a mistrial following a heated exchange between the judge and an assistant district attorney over his line of questioning. the judge says that he considered the request but has not ruled yet. if convicted, kyle rittenhouse faces up to life in pr. spray-p the historic buildings have been this way since last friday
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when the church says vandals were caught on security video. let's take a look at salesforce tower on this veterans day. salesforce is donating $1 million to nonprofit groups that help veterans. they say they are doubling the number of spots it has in his military training program which helps veterans and military spouses get the training they need to work in the technical industry. the bay area celebrating those who have served our country today, veterans day parades and events were held all over the bay area, including in marin county, walnut creek comments at the clary. we go to the east bay where we see how veterans were honored aboard the uss hornet . >> reporter: a lot of veterans and others boarded the uss hornet in alameda , all to pay tribute to those who have served our country. we spoke to one man who served three years on a ship similar to the uss hornet . >> a lot of people deserve
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that. they put in a lot of years of their life to serve the country and they need recognition. >> reporter: that was peter who kept saying they, even humbled while he was talking to us. he is a veteran, having served three years on the uss lexington in the 1950s. he is one of several veterans who gathered aboard on this veterans day and they were honored during a ceremony where several local elected leaders, including the alameda mayor, and others were in attendance. they experienced a special exhibit on display, created by the walking ghost of black history featuring the biographies and lives of prominent black female first in the military. a tribute to former secretary of state colin powell was part of the exhibit. >> we looked at, based on veterans day itself, let's bring to the forefront, the
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african-american female accomplishments in the united states military. that is what the exhibit today is about.! a quote says, we don't know them all but we owe them all, today, we honor our servicemen and servicewomen. we first show the ceremony aboard the uss hornet live on cbsn bay area and we can catch news anytime on your favorite streaming device or at . some northbay first responders are calling on those who have served our country to continue serving the bay area. today, the santa rosa fire department held a special job fair for veterans. >> we found that with the veteran community, they are already accustomed to service, that is why they sign their name on the line and they continue to serve their community by becoming a firefighter for the city of santa rosa. >> if you missed the event you can still reach out to the
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santa rosa fire department. still ahead, it is something people have been waiting to do for years, when twitter could soon allow users to edit their tweets and why it could cost you. are you ready to play again? what we are learning about a potential second season for netflix's squid games.
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taking a live look at oakland where police understood three separate shootings all happening within 12 hours of each other. a shooting outside the fox theater yesterday afternoon sent one person to the hospital and the victim is expected to survive. later, another shooting broke out near 97th prompting police to block off the roadway. evidence markers littering the ground on lakeshore avenue where a woman was shot after midnight. she was rushed to the hospital in great condition. coming up at 5:00, we will have more on what oakland police say
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they are doing to stop the rise in deadly violence. stocks were mixed on wall street today, the dow jones dropping 158 points while the nasdaq and s&p made some gains. elon musk is making good on his twitter promise by selling some of his tesla stock. he sold off about $5 billion worth of stock after the billionaire conducted a twitter poll last weekend where he asked followers if he should sell some of his stocks and a majority of voters said yes. he will reportedly use profit from the sales to pay taxes on stock options. the tesla stock drop slightly today. ending 4.5 points less. twitter is starting a pay certificate service and there are deals for veterans.
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fewer americans signed up for unemployment benefits last week according to the labor department the first time filings for weekly jobless claims fell by 4000 to 267,000, marking the sixth week in a row of falling claims and a new pandemic era low. a paid service call twitter blue is available in the u.s. for about three dollars per month, users can undo tweets and read threads more easily. they also can see the top stories from their networks. twitter blue users can customize their navigation and they have access to exclusive themes and icons. it has been available in canada and australia since earlier this year. military personnel can unseal a slew of deals for veterans day, olive garden is doing servicemembers who dine in a free select entrce and fresh faith are free for veterans and active duty military in great clips and civilians today can get a free haircut card to a veteran. that is your wednesday money
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watch. instagram wants to help you cut down on the endless scrolling, they are testing a new feature called take a break, it reminds people that when they have spent a long stretch of time on the app users can opt in for an alert after 10, 20, or 30 minutes. are you ready for round two? the creator of squid games says he is working on season two and netflix is the discussion for another season is ongoing but nothing is confirmed. squid games is a south korean drama about contestants who played deadly children's games to wind cash prizes . in october, netflix shows it was his biggest ever series at launch, dark and gloomy but nothing like our weather. >> we are the exact opposite. if the show has you feeling gray, you can go outside in the sunshine. "everything is going to be
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okay." we are in the middle of a dry stretch with partly cloudy skies tonight and some areas of dense fog by tomorrow morning, a similar pattern repeating itself over the next several days with some dense fog in the morning but it dissipates as we see plenty of sunshine for the rest of the day with temperatures slightly above average and the break from the rain is going to continue indefinitely, at least through the scope of the seven-day forecast with some hints of moisture late next week. the fog will be out there tomorrow morning with reduced visibility across the board, the densest walk around the bay and spilling into the inland valleys. 10:00 a.m., visibility improving but the fog is not quite gone. it will be gone by noon nshi fo throughout the rest of the day. a beautiful look towards outside from the top of the hotel. upper-60s and low-70s. this is the time of year when the temperature differences between the coast, the bay, further inland even out.
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middle of the summer, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, every temperature mingled together but this time of year it is a five to 10 degrees spread from the coast to further inland and that will be the case the next several days. temperatures tonight in the upper-40s and low-50s, normal for this time of year. high temperatures tomorrow may be a degree or two warmer than today. similar in san francisco. we will top out at 68 tomorrow. about five number 46 degrees warmer. temperatures along the coast should reach the mid-60s. not bad for the middle of november. va e low-70s but the nta clara warmer spots around morgan hill reaching into the mid-70s by friday afternoon. inland and the east bay, tri- valley in the low-70s. temperatures around the bay
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itself, upper-60s in san francisco, around 70 in oakland. a little bit above 70 degrees in the north bay. mendocino county, 70s with cloverdale at 76 degrees. temperatures mild to the weekend with not much change and plenty of sunshine saturday and sunday after early morning fog dissipates. more cloud cover next week with passing clouds monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. a slightly below average temperature pattern by wednesday and thursday. even with the clouds thicker overhead on tuesday and tuesday night, not looking at much of a rain chance with some hints of moisture but not enough to give us any confidence and putting rain in the seven-day forecast at this point. but we are only 11 days into november. we have a long way to go in this month and the rainy season and the good news is we are off to a fantastic start to the rainy season and we can take a
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week of dry weather for everybody to put up holiday decorations. as the homeless crisis grows, some are finding ways to make things better. what this couple did to go from a tent on the sidewalk to a permanent two bedroom apartment. >> from the time you come out to the street, you think about this day right here. >> that is tonight on the kpix news at 7:00 . the ppe kept us safe throughout the pandemic but it is damaging our oceans. streaming this afternoon on cbsn bay area, we will talk about the big , new electric car charging station in the south bay at 4:00. you can find us on or on the kpix app . we are on the cbs news at which you can download for free on your favorite streaming device.
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the pandemic caused a boom in plastic waste and much of it has ended up in our oceans. a new study reveals just how much damage ppe from the covid crisis has done . we have a
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report from london. >> reporter: the pandemic touched all corners of the earth and deep into the oceans. a new study finds the battle of covid produced 8.4 million tons of plastic trash, from that, 57 million pounds of everyday ppe ended up in the oceans. >> they are inundated with a new source of trash, facemasks, face shields. >> reporter: add two more packaging material from online shopping as people stayed at home, all of which is deadly to marine life. >> that is likely to be an entanglement hazard for fish, sea turtles. >> reporter: volunteers cleaning canals in the netherlands found a fish found in the finger of a latex glove and asia has generated about 46% of pandemic plastic waste while 22% came from north and south america combined, and 24% from europe. >> we are using more than 2 million basques per day, a
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single-use throwaway item. >> the study found the most waste came from hospitals. dr. marcus erickson has studied the plastic problem for more than 20 years. >> the pandemic is producing a lot of trash and we're hoping this blip will fade as the pandemic does. going to reusable systems is the way to go. >> reporter: if action is not taken to better manage the waste, researchers predict 3 million more tons of trash will pile up and stay with us long after the pandemic is over. still ahead, why does vodka could have you craving a cheeseburger. on this veterans day, we will tell you how new job training on the golf course is helping and healing some of our nation's veterans. plus, we were overwhelmed by the support of our viewers
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with the photos of veterans you sent us and we will feature some of the veterans and their stories on the cbs evening news. you don't want to miss it, that is all coming up on the cbs evening news.
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beautiful weather this afternoon and more of the same in store as we finish the work week tomorrow and going into the weekend, each morning a little bit of fog the
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dissipates and blue sky for the rest of the day. you still have about 90 minutes of daylight to enjoy the mild temperatures. low-70s and upper-60s for everybody, maybe a degree or two warmer tomorrow. coming up at 5:00, a fight in the south bay over noisy trains, the company called out for being a bad neighbor. what is being done about it? we will have a live report at 5:00. finally, would you like vodka fries with that? that is the question arby's has for his customers as they are releasing two limited-edition alcoholic drinks. curly fried vodka and crinkle fried vodka. some say that both taste like their namesake french fries. i think your bloody mary will taste different with that. >> what do you mix with that? just ice. >> you just get the fry flavor.
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>> put ice in it and poured it down the drain. >> let me know how it tastes. >> not me, brother. >> cbs evenin captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the death toll rises from that houston concert. a 22-year-old college senior becomes the ninth person to die in the crush. a family's heart break -- >> i want my baby back. >> reporter: police recordings released as we see performer travis scott for the first time. all the new details tonight. the] a federal judge allows texas schools to require masks. what it could mean for yourq■ kidsch testimony ends after kyle rittenhouse sobbed on the stand, while lebron james is weighing in. covid and kids, the long haul effects. meet this 4-year-old who lost
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his hair and couldn't stand for


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