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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 11, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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an active overhaul scene, knocking down hotspots within the complex. once that is accomplished, we will begin our investigation into the cause. >> we will stay on top of this breaking news and bring you any updates as we get them. the other big story this evening, gunfire erupting route the city of oakland. >> three shootings hours apart, and appellees are asking the public for help. juliette goodrich is outside of the fox theater, one of the shootings took place. >> reporter: it has been a very violent 24 hours. the fox theater is having a concert tonight, but last night, the concert was canceled after a concert going standing outside was shot in the arm by a stray bullet, adding to a string of shootings in the city the last 24 hours. >> i was terrified, because i had to run for my life. >> reporter: he says he heard the shots and ran for cover.
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he was standing across from the fox theater point >> it was several shots point >> reporter: a concertgoer was shot in front of the fox theater box office around 230 in the afternoon him a broad daylight. >> i was running for my life, i was terrified. i couldn't believe it either. i said, my god am a shooting in broad daylight here. >> reporter: the lead singer of the band all-time low posted a message on instagram to fans after the concert was canceled point >> he put the safety of our fans first and foremost. we are sending well wishes to everybody out there. >> reporter: hours later, another shooting broke out around 9:30 p.m. police blocked off a stretch of 96th avenue near b street. then, just after ben died, a woman was shot on lakeshore avenue near lake merritt. she was taken to the hospital and is in grave condition. the recent violence comes after 23-month-old jasper will was killed by a stray bullet when he was in the backseat of his
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family's car on interstate 880 in oakland. back to back violence, and still no arrests. on its facebook site, oakland pd is encouraging residents and business owners to consider installing security cameras, as well as alarms. nikki franklin thinks it's a good idea point >> when you live in the area, you get to know the area and people and become a community. asking for the communities help is great. we want to be all in this together, keeping us all safe point >> it should be play the police's job to help us feel safe when it comes to violence like that point >> i've decided to come back out here, and to challenge my fears, so i am here. >> sometimes impressions can be one thing, but the facts are another. is the rate up this year for violent crime compared to last? >> reporter: you take a look on the oakland police department facebook page, edit notes right there, in fact i looked at it,
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it's investigated 119 homicides compared to 97 this time last year. coming up at 6:00, we will hear from the head of the police officers association, and he says he believes this is a direct consequence of defunding the police department. that's at 6:00. >> thanks. new details in a fatal pedestrian accident in san francisco. we are learning an elementary school staffer was killed. we showed you this citizen at the video of the scene just steps from sherman elementary school. yesterday, the principal confirmed that andrew zieman was killed in the crash. zieman attended sherman elementary school as a child , and was a longtime staff member. the school is planning to bring in counselors tomorrow. the principal sent a letter to parents, saying in part, quote, we are struggling to understand this tragic loss of life, especially since he meant so much to so many students, family , and staff. andrew taught from the heart.
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he was patient and kind, and always a positive role model. chopper 5 live over and anti-vaccine mandate protest. this happening, as you see my near the golden gate bridge, and on it. dozens of demonstrators with signsan flag. it is part of a nationwide rally led by first responders. the protest so far, we are told, have been people. earlier this evening police shut down the northbound lanes for a brief moment after somebody did try to block traffic. is take a live look outside at our bay area roads, where drivers are feeling the pain at the pump. gas prices are sky high right now ahead of the busy holiday travel season. kpix 5's andria borba has been driving around san francisco , hunting for the best prices in town. she joins us with helpful tips for commuters. >> reporter: it is all about planning ahead, and finding the cheapest prices, and not just driving and praying and hoping that you find it. here, your eyes are not deceiving you. $4.17 per gallon
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for regular unleaded. just make sure you understand, it is up on the big board as well, but prices are high just about everywhere. if you stop at the corner of fourth and bryant in san francisco for gas, that sound you hear isn't your brakes, but your wallet crying and $5.85 per gallon for regular unleaded. if you are willing to drive to .2 miles, you can get a discount of $1.70 per gallon. had to the corner of divisadero and oak streets, where a gallon of regular will only run you $4.17, but surprise surprise, there is a catch. this is a fire sale on gasoline. they are going out of business. >> we are selling off the inventory. get it while it's hot. mcelroy and patty estimate it will take 3 more days before they are out of gas and closed
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for good. can marin county, regular will cost you $4.89 per gallon off of sir francis drake. just on 101, however, is a $.50 per gallon discount on the arkoe on the frontage road in mill valley. >> you know this station along the freeway is usually the most reasonable around. if you can wait to get gas, this is where most people go, especially locals. >> reporter: it is still pricey. >> it pretty sad. are back patrick with gas buddy says opec is increasing oil production by 400,000 barrels per month, and gas prices might have finally peaked point >> the price of oil has gone down, so it is possible that the prices will start to receipt in the days ahead of thanksgiving point >> reporter: in case you were wondering what a difference a block makes him a we are at the corner now of divisadero and fell. that arkoe, $4.53 per gallon. that $4.17 is a fire sale, get it while it's hot. >> that is at oak and divisadero for folks taking notes right now.
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>> reporter: okay divisadero in san francisco. >> go now, because they will be out of it in about 3 days. great advice. >> reporter: very soon. today we honor the men and women who have served our country. veterans day ceremonies were happening all across the bay area. in petaluma, the annual veterans day parade featured a flyover by this historic vietnam war era huey helicopter. a belgian working dog was also aboard the chopper. the theme of this year's parade is "welcome home vietnam veterans." petaluma considers its parade to be the largest in the bay area north of the golden gate bridge. another powerful event was aboard the uss hornet in alameda , and dozens of veterans gathered as the public paid tribute to their contributions to our country. we talked to one who served about 3 years on a ship similar to this one point >> a lot of people deserve that. they put in a lot of years of their life to be, to serve the country, and they need
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recognition. >> several local elected leaders joined the vets honored in today's ceremony, including the mayor of alameda. they also got to check out a special exhibit on display, created by the walking ghosts of black history, featuring the biographies of some prominent african-american women in . attribute to the former secretary of state, the late colin powell was also part of that exhibit point >> we looked at based on veterans day itself , let's bring to the forefront the african-american female accomplishments in the united states military. that is what today's exhibit is all about. in danville, world war ii displays, historical artifacts, memorabilia, and military vehicles were showcased at a veterans day program. downtown san jose, the united veterans council of santa clara county hosted its annual veterans day parade.
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on a creeks annual ceremony included a performance by the walnut creek concert band, as well as a keynote speech from the chairman and the ceo of the veterans of support group sentinels of freedom. >> i often say in various ways, veterans never really stop serving our nation. >> what this day means to me as i woke up, and realized that today was the anniversary for all american veterans, living and dead. meant to me that we are still a country that puts our heart and soul out, not only to protect her own, but to protect people all over the world. president biden marked veterans day with a wreathlaying ceremony for the centennial anniversary of the tomb of the unknown. the president vowed to continue what he calls a sacred duty to care for our veterans and their families. reporter skyler henry is in
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washington with a look at the days ceremonies. >> reporter: across the u.s. the most cities and towns held commemorations to honor the service of our military veterans . in paris, vice president kamala harris joined the french president to mark armistice day, signifying the end of the first world war, while just outside the nation's capital, servicemembers re-created the 1921 funeral procession on it centennial anniversary or the first unknown soldier who served in world war i president biden laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier, and spoke at arlington national cemetery. >> to be a veteran is to enter and survive challenges most americans never know. >> look at my own unit, there are only four of us left, and i am the undisputed are back we met 93-year-old ohio native harry f miller, who enlisted when he was 15, claiming he was
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18 at the time. he served in europe, when he saw the horrors of the concentration camp in germany. >> what you remember most? >> i dreamed about it for years after that. i would even, i could even smell it. >> reporter: his time in the army spanned two decades and he hopes to attend many more veterans day ceremonies, for all of the guys who can no longer make it. skyler henry thomas cbs news, washington. still ahead, the death toll rises from the music festival. we are learning about the young woman who lost her life point a bay area church targeted by vandals. the clues left behind could help authorities with that case point could in-n-out be leaving california over covid mandates? how the governor is trying to get the burger chain out of the golden state. beautiful weather across the bay area today is another
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beautiful sunset behind down
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taking another live look from chopper 5 over an anti- vaccine mandate protest happening near the golden gate bridge. you can see dozens of demonstrators holding signs, and waving the american flag. off to the side, it appears traffic is allowed, it is by the visitors center. they aren't quite on the bridge quite yet. we were told they were on the move, but cars are backed up and allowed to pass by them. this is part of a nationwide rally led by first responders. the protest so far has been peaceful point new developments this evening in the deadly astroworld music festival in texas. another has died, bringing the number of dead to nine point family members of bharti shahani are calling for justice. they say the 22-year-old suffered brain damage as a result of the melee, and was
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declared dead last night. she was a college senior studying electronic systems engineering point >> she was the head of the family point she was a very nice girl. always calm, always listened. she had a bright future. the only thing i would request you guys, to please, please make sure that she gets justice point i don't want somebody else's daughter to go like this. >> she is love. she is love, always thinking about everybody, friends, parents, family. my daughter --
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>> that is so sad. for roughly an hour, a chaotic scene ratio that festival friday night, and then the show continued for almost 40 minutes after a mass casualty event was declared. houston's police chief initially defended the decision not to stop the show immediately, but then yesterday told a different story. chief troy fenner says officers were in comedic with festival personnel, and cpr was being administered to multiple people, then later clarified on twitter that police also told those in charge of the event to shut down the performance. >> the ultimate authority to end the show is with production , and the entertainer, okay? and that should be through communications with public safety officials. >> on saturday, in the more immediate aftermath, the chief defended the decision to let the show continue point a bay area reporter has been arrested and charged with killing his mother. 73-year-old woman was stabbed to death monday morning on jones road in walnut creek. she was later identified as darlene roth. she is the mother of nicholas roth, a part-time sportswriter
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for the bay area news group point new video out of fremont, where a mission san jose church is tagged with red spray paint point the church museum building is vandalized with anticolonial messages last week. it is still getting cleaned up. the buildings were tagged with messages such as catholicism is a colonizer religion, and a genocide is not a spectacle, all in red spray paint. church officials believe the vandalism happen to around 3:00 a.m. last friday basin what was captured on security camera footage point >> i was appalled. i just thought it was terrible to the face amount of matter what the situation, to go back and deface something afterwards, is a part of our history. >> the statue in the mission's courtyard was also vandalized. we got this statement from bishop michael barber about an hour ago thomas saying, quote, made those who committed this
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terrible act be moved to a conversion of heart, and may justice restore peace for all. some north bay first responders are calling on those who have served our country. today, the santa rosa fire department held a special job fair for veterans. veterans in attendance were able to check out firefighting equipment, as well as job- related demonstrations, to learn more about career opportunities point >> we found in the veteran community, they are already used to to service. that is why they sign their name on that line. if they can continue to serve their community by becoming a firefighter for the city of santa rosa. >> if you missed today's event and are interested in applying, you can still reach out to the santa rosa fire department. california's extreme drought, here's the latest drought monitor map. one northern california coastal candy appears to be improving slightly. parts of mendocino county have been upgraded from extreme drought to severe. paul heggen is joining us now
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with the rest of the story point it is still not a great picture. it is better than it was. extreme, severe, exceptional, it tells you that it is a bad situation when we are excited about severe drought showing up on the map. this is what it looked like 4 weeks ago, before we got into that unsettled weather pattern. the entire bay area was an exceptional drought or extreme drought. we got the new update from the drought monitor this morning, and this is what the map looks like now. most of the bay area is still exceptional or extreme. the exceptional has shrunk a bit in the north bay, and there is a severe drought area for parts of mendocino county. fractional improvement. we hope things gradually improve through the rest of the rainy season. for the state as a whole, big pictures perspective, still far from great. 80% of the state is in extreme drought. those numbers are a few percentage points lower than they were a month ago, but we have a long way to go. we are in the midst of a calm
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weather pattern that will last for several more days. it's a dome of air in the atmosphere pushing the storm track further to the north. the pacific northwest still has atmospheric rivers aimed at them over the next several days, but our dry weather will last the duration of the 7 day forecast, and maybe beyond that. the latest outlook for the 6 to 10 day timeframe, through november 21, all the way to next weekend, and into the following week, a good chance of below average precipitation for most of the state. the age of 14 day outlook also shows a decent chance of below average precipitation, with only the very far northwestern corner of california with a chance of above average rainfall . we hope things will trend in a wetter direction past the things giving holiday. right now, a beautiful sunset. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. everybody between 64 to 68 degrees. no fog on the map yet, but i think we will see some by early
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tomorrow morning, and then spilling into the inland valleys. we had some fog this morning, and tomorrow morning it will dissipate. a lot of it will disappear by 10:00 in the morning. the rest should be gone by around noon. temperatures will drop down to the upper 40s and low 50s by early tomorrow morning. today's highs were slightly above average. by noon tomorrow, temperatures will be mostly in the 60s .70 degrees in livermore. the high temperatures tomorrow in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees near the bay. farther inland, farther into the 70s. average temperatures this time of year are in the 60s. anytime you see numbers that start with a 7, that is bonus terry territory in terms of the temperatures. the hottest is down to the south. l.a. set record high temperatures in the 90s today.
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at least we don't have to contend with that. we cool off as we head into next week, with temperatures returning to near average and below average next wednesday and thursday. some passing clouds with the cooling temperatures, but the odds of seeing anything more than a sprinkle are very low. we will keep our eyes peeled for any future chances of rain down the line. we had a great start to the rainy season, and that we hope the rest of the rainy season doesn't underperform. >> we need a lot more of those days. >> anything you have a good luck charm for rain. >> will have to do a rain dance soon point >> i guarantee you that won't happen point >> it might work, though. >> it's still not going to happen. >> we tried point coming up, the in-n-out vaccine mandate fight heats up. the governor is trying to convince the chain to move out of california point streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, we talked to a doctor about anxiety among men. were not talking about paul
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having to dance. how they are often hesitant to seek help. then a closer look at the lifting of the international travel ban. you can find cbsn bay area on, or the ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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is florida trying to lure in-n-out to move to the sunshine state? the burger chains owner had a long phone call with that states governor about possibly expanding there. the governor not only offered help in opening restaurants in florida, but also in moving the burger chains headquarters there . in-n-out said in a statement that they appreciate the offer, but they aren't going anywhere. the company's had two bay area locations close indoor dining over covid policies. experts say the governor's call is an example of politics and business intertwining. >> this is them saying hey, we are compatible on the issues, and we should link up and figure out what to do about
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that compatibility, or is it something that will have a long- term effect? we don't know yet. >> california is often a target of states such as florida and texas, who try to lure california businesses away, sometimes successfully, citing lower taxes and cheaper cost-of- living point the federal government's new infrastructure plan addresses several pressing issues, including drunk driving. the legislation will eventually acquire new cars have technology installed that could help prevent drunk driving. it remains unclear what the technology would specifically be the national highway traffic safety administration is reportedly looking into systems that could detect a driver's performance. the agency has 3 years to come up with regulations. once finalized, automakers will have 2 years to install the technology. still ahead at 5:30, after years of sleepless nights, relief may be insight. the new plan to deal with noisy trains. a car stolen with the baby inside, the tense search to
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find the criminals. let's take another live look at the anti-vaccine mandate protest. it seems to be growing. it is happening
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so you can focus on every little detail. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022. call today or ask your agent about scan health plan. you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area , we
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are continuing to follow breaking news. these are the pictures from an anti-vaccine mandate protest of the golden gate bridge. you can see dozens of demonstrators holding science, waving the american flag. it looks like they are all gathered at the visitor center. you can see how traffic is being impacted. it is definitely bumper-to- bumper. at one point it looks like, though it is not clear, whether the protesters are spilling into the roadway, and drivers are forced to go around to one lane. it is already kind of a bottleneck situation in that area, and with the protesters, it is already slowing down traffic. it looks like it isn't quite at a standstill. this is part of a nationwide rally that by first responders. the protest has been peaceful so far, but we will continue to monitor. a car stolen with an 8- month-old baby inside. the nightmare for her california family, and how police tracked down the suspects point our top story, how a group ofsi


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