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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 12, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> let's take a look at 880 in oakland where the shooting happened. now community leaders are calling for freeway cameras across the county. >> da lin is live in oakland, and says the demands don't stop there . >> reporter: that's right. for now, the chp are saying they have no suspect information or arrests in the jasper wu killing. the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is hoping to change that. today they announced $10,000 in reward money for information leading to an arrest and conviction. aside from trying to solve that crime, the chamber is also demanding the city of oakland hire more police officers. since jasper wu was killed in crossfire on interstate 880 last saturday, oakland police have responded to multiple shootings at injured more innocent people point >> last night we responded to a shooting were over 198 rounds were fired. >> reporter: not only are they asking for community
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involvement, their pleading with voters in the city council . they need more money to hire more cops. by now they have 681 officers, down from a high of 830 officers point >> we need to do a better job of preventing crime from happening. it means we need the resources to be able to do that point >> reporter: so far this year, oakland has recorded 119 homicides. the same time last year, 97. chinatown hissing the violence firsthand. because of the short police staffing, volunteers are patrolling the business district. >> if it's not doing well, let's put more resources to make changes. if the teachers are not qualified enough, let's get qualified teachers. give them training. >> reporter: the chamber also wants freeway cameras in oakland, 580, 980, and a.d.d. which don't have cameras that record. >> harris on the freeways, entrances to freeways, would be a welcome addition to oakland.
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>> am supportive of us having cameras with in oakland in the commercial corridors. are back the councilman says he still looking for solutions to increase morale in the police department. >> is a fact we need more officers on the ground. we have dipped below a number that we should not have allowed ourselves to get below. >> reporter: the councilwoman carol fyfe is not ready to support cameras are more funding for officers, saying those discussions will have to be based on data point >> i want solutions that work. i don't want emotionally based solutions that people feel will make them safe, but don't actually make them safe. >> basic common sense. just basic common sense that we know how to solve problems. >> parts of highway 4 and i-80 in contra costa county but they have cameras and license plate readers. what is the process to get cameras out on the freeways? >> reporter: the oakland privacy commission would have to pick up on that topic. if he gets out of the privacy commission, then the city council would have the final vote. by the way, the chief
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mentioned about the shooting last night, were about 200 rounds were fired. remarkably no one died or was killed in that shooting. >> thank you. years after the death of a san jose state student, a joint investigation now confirms again how he died. in november of 2008, the body of gregory johnson was found in the basement of the sigma chi fraternity house. the medical examiner determined he died by suicide. his family disputed the finding, said he was not suicidal, and did not leave a suicide note. outcry from his family prompted protests on campus, and in front of the fraternity house. and following the death of george floyd, there was more pressure to reopen the case, and prompted the district attorney investigation which reached the same conclusion. you can read the complete medical examiner report on our website, . a baby is home safe after
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this desperate scene played out in pittsburg. the father chasing after his car, stolen with his baby girl inside. police say this 24-year-old woman was responsible. she was arrested early this morning. a similar case also happened in concord. last night, a 4-month-old baby was inside of a car when it was so stolen from a strip mall. let's get right to juliette goodrich, live in concord this evening for us. >> reporter: i am at that stripmall. these are crimes of opportunity, it can happen so fast. in this day and age of getting takeout food, you may leave your car with the engine running, go inside a few feet away to get your dinner, come back out to your car, and it may be gone. the thief may not even know there is a child in the backseat. to date, parents are reacting to the news of two cases of stolen vehicles with children inside. >> it's disturbing. >> i never leave it running
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when there are kids in the car point >> take advantage of the curbside pickup point >> reporter: here's a mug shot of the woman arrested earlier this morning on suspicion of stealing a vehicle with a 1- year-old baby riding inside. this surveillance video, taken from an auto body shop across the street shows the stolen chevy tahoe thing driven away with baby mona inside. you can see someone chasing after it. george provided the surveillance video, and says the entire ordeal has left him feeling uneasy. >> i fear for my kids. i said if we go anywhere, we are bringing the kids. just take her out of the vehicle. it's hard, very hard, and scary. for mac 2 hours later, police got a tip that the suv and baby were spotted at this complex. mona was found safe inside. around midnight, a concerned resident contacted police after spotting a woman walking along harbor street who matched the suspect description, a distinctive tattoo on the face.
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>> i would never run into a place where i couldn't see them. >> reporter: in concord, here is the moment a 4-month-old baby was reunited with her mother. just after 10:00 p.m. a white honda odyssey van with a baby inside was stolen outside of the wing stop. within 20 minutes, officers found the car abandoned about 1 mile away. the baby was inside of the car unharmed. police are still looking for the suspect. again, both children are at home safe with their families tonight. concord police and pittsburg police are working together to see if these cases may be linked , but at this point they have one woman behind bars, and they are still looking for another suspect. >> that is every parent's worst nightmare. thank you. at 6:00, the loss of a popular denny's restaurant in the city of campbell has neighbors asking coded signal big changes in their
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neighborhood. kpix 5's len ramirez explains. >> reporter: until just a couple of days ago, hollow ween, in fact, this denny's was a fixture in this campbell neighborhood. now with its abrupt closing, other business owners and neighbors are left to wonder what is coming next. for 45 years, the denny stood on the street corner along busy bascom avenue in campbell. then suddenly it was gone. >> just today i was walking by, going to a different place along the street and i said wait, what happened point >> reporter: there was no announcement, no note on the door am i just a vacant building and empty parking lot. >> it was nice to have it along here. >> reporter: we tried to contact the florida realty company which owns the property , but did not get a response. the campbell chamber of commerce is taking calls from concerned neighbors that the city is losing too many affordable coffee shop diners. the hickory pit across the street closed last year point >> the issue with denny's, i
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don't know the real story behind it, other than it could have been a e gotiation. are back the denny's sits on corner of prime real estate, on the opposite corner from the pulling guard shopping center, and downtown campbell. it is also part of an area the city is rezoning to allow for more housing, including affordable housing for teachers, first responders, and service workers. >> if the goal is 3000 units, that means like every other city, it will make an impact in the community in some way point >> reporter: no one knows of the denny's will become housing or a mixed-use development, but neighbors worry it could be big, which could affect the city's small town feel. >> there is the potential that this place will be at manhattan in the next 10 years, especially with the growth in the valley. i want to make sure the growth is the kind of growth we want to experience. still ahead on kpix 5, and cbsn bay area -- >> always remember the bridge that brought us over.
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>> our first look at attribute decades in the making. 01 south bay city is honoring a group of soldiers often overlooked. how the death of a san francisco educator is raising safety concerns at an elementary school point it isn't a rash of crime closing one walgreens and the valley. what city health officials just revealed to kpix 5. the storm track will still remain to the north. more rain for the pacific northwest, and more dry weather around here point take a look at how long the warm weather sticks around coming
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now at 6:00, we get our first look at a new vietnam war memorial in san jose. it honors the thousands of south vietnamese soldiers who died fighting alongside american troops nearly 50 years ago. as kpix 5's kiet do reports, as the city with the largest vietnamese and population outside of vietnam, it is a long time coming. >> reporter: the push, motivation, desire to build this monument is quite simple. if vietnamese americans don't tell their own story, who will?
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it is five slabs of stone, imbued with culture, history, and pride. in the spring of 1972, north vietnamese forces had tension the ancient citadel in the south, and the hopes of forcing the south to collapse, but the south vietnamese army regrouped, and by summertime, the slog to take back the city had become. after 3 months fighting alongside the gis, or photographer captured the moment the south vietnamese flag was hoisted above the city again. the designer made that image the centerpiece, and the stone symbolized the tenants of the enemies culture. >> the top portion would be the heaven, and the main panels would be the human being. >> reporter: they survived that battle half a century ago. they say the memorial remembering the 7000 south vietnamese soldiers who lost their lives is bittersweet. >> when i look at this
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monument, it has been erected already. the younger generation but when they look at this monument, they must remember, and always commemorate, those who died for freedom, democracy , and human rights for vietnam. >> reporter: the team of organizers spoke about the struggles of teaching history before it is lost. >> said, sad because all of the people, and we lose our country . >> when you tell them, of course they know about it. when you show them monument, that will be a spiritual thing. >> as mary lou assimilates rader once said, there are two things we must never forget, never forget where we came from, and secondly, always remember the bridge that brought us over. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5 . >> the official unveiling takes place tomorrow at noon. police have arrested a driver who is accused of hitting and killing an educator
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near a san francisco school. memorial grows on the corner of union and franklin in remembrance of andrew zieman. he was an educator who taught at sherman elementary school. he was hit by a car and killed at the intersection on wednesday. the driver of the car allegedly ran a red light, causing her to hit the teacher. his death is raising safety concerns near campus. >> people walk with their families and children every day back and forth to school. this needs to be a safe spot, a safe stone for our community to get to school. not only are families, but also our teachers and staff. >> parents say they have been petitioning the city for a decade to slow down traffic on franklin. they hope the tragedy finally spurs action. a walgreens in san francisco is closed because of rats. the department of public health confirms to kpix 5 an infestation at the store on castro near 24th was inspected on monday, and then ordered the clothes.
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the closure is temporary while they rectify the situation. now to the latest on the drought. we've had a lot of rain the past few weeks. as water levels rise but we are still far from seeing real drought relief. in the east bay, water experts say it will take several more storms before we get back to an average bottle your. you >> gets its source from a river watershed, which comes from the snowpack. more storms are needed in order for the snowpack to retain water to melt into reservoirs. >> if we have an above average rainier, we may be able to get through the drought in a year, but it may take several winters to fully recover. >> in the meantime, the contra costa water district says the message is the same, conserve water. we keep saying that over and over again, even as the storms come. we made need average or
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above average rainfall for the year. we are already about 40 to 45% of what we should get for the entire water year so far, so we are off to a good start. no rain in the forecast. we do have more fog. this is the satellite loop from earlier today. you can see how much of that fog in the central valley spilled through the delta and took a while to burn off. that kept your temperatures well below where we anticipated them being this afternoon. the fog will dissipate at a faster rate tomorrow. you should be able to warm up to a greater extent. there will be reduced visibility's early tomorrow morning. he will see the fog starting to dissipate, and it should be gone as we get towards lunchtime on saturday. plenty of sunshine the rest of the day. clear skies of her head. temperature has dropped to 58 degrees already in concord, after you only made it to the mid 60s. everyone else is still in the low to mid 60s.
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dog walking weather is looking good for tomorrow. this is such a sweet picture it makes your teeth hurt. this is russell. by the time we get to friday evening, a lot of us are in the same frame of mind is russell. he's resting up for the good dog walking weather tomorrow. then temperatures warm up in the low to mid 70s, then upper 60s after the sun goes down before 5:00 in the evening. other temperatures, upper 40s inland, low 50s around the bay and along the coast. temperatures will be slow to warm up, but by noon, temperatures should be into the 60s across the board, 70 degrees for livermore and san jose, high temperatures reaching the low to mid 70s inland, with upper 60s to around 70 degrees high temperatures around the bay, and mid-60s along the coast. amateurs are going to back down next week. the weekend brings identical temperatures saturday and sunday for the entire bay area, but cooler weather will come at us in waves monday through friday of next week.
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friday looks like a baby warm-up . some additional cloud cover as the waves of cool air within, but not substantial enough, and not enough moisture to work with to squeeze out anything more than a stray sprinkle wednesday and wednesday night. even that has a very slight chance. may be a better chance of rain in the last third of november. we will submit a closer look coming up at 7:00. the "cbs evening news" is coming up. >> years norah o'donnell with a preview point coming up after kpix 5 at 6:00, some important recalls. popular baby clothes that could be a choking hazard , and nearly 100,000 pounds of chicken patties recalled. we will tell you what you need to know as the "cbs evening news" is minutes away point the warriors are in prime time tonight against the bulls. yeah. chicago has a really good team this year you have the preview coming up.
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49ers fans will have to wait until monday to see their team in action, and do they have to wait a long time to see george kittle fundable. his reaction
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the warriors faced one team within above 500 record during this eight-game homestand point they lost. that was to memphis. tonight their toughest challengers yet, the chicago wolves, who on the eastern conference's best record. it's been a while since we could say that. upgrade, draymond green is expected to be back on the floor tonight. he left wednesday's game in the third quarter with a deep sigh bruce. it will be good to have him back. andrew wiggins, he had a night wednesday, far and away his best performance this season. he scored 35 points against minnesota, two poster dunks on his former teammate. so, how did they get that kind of play out of wiggins every single night? >> awaited text him that picture of him dunking every game right before the game to see if that helps get the juices flowing. he got 72 text messages for me coming his way. >> the bulls have some high
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flyers of their own. look at that pass. the two-time slamdunk champ with the 360 jam. they are both averaging 26 points per game. beckum junior touchdown in l.a. this morning and could make his rams debut monday night. and that to the laundrie list 49ers have to worry about. >> i had many more problems before him him a and now there are extra problems. >> it took george kittle until last week, all the way until last week about to lose a fumble for the first time in his nfl career. protecting the football is clearly now on his mind. i can already envision him having the ball duct taped to his hands like billingsly. he says he has been caring a football everywhere he goes around the facility. >> i just added extra emphasis on it. i don't have the greatest ball security. i don't want it to
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happen again. i want extra emphasis on it. >> jon gruden isn't going away quietly after resigning last month. the former raiders coach filed a lawsuit against the nfl and commissioner roger goodell for, quote, soviet style character assassination. jon gruden claims his private emails were linked to destroy his career, and force his resignation. gabe kapler will likely win manager of the year next week, and the giants gave him an early gift to celebrate with. they extended his contract through 2024. the late ray fossett will be inducted into the a's hall of fame next season. he passed away last month after a lengthy battle with cancer. he won two world series with oakland in the 70s, and spent over 30 years in the broadcast booth. whenever you hear anyone mention a word about them, it's never about the game of baseball. it's always about how remarkable of a human being he was. that is the number one thing that is important.
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baseball stats, people forget those. people never forget how you made them feel. >> it should say that on his trading card. great guy. >> nice to hear about that. up next, while the first responder is being hailed as ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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an alameda county
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firefighter being hailed a hero. >> a helped save her life over the ocean. joe was on a flight to maui earlier this year when a passenger had a medical emergency. they were 2 hours from landing, so the firefighter jumped into action. >> he performed chest compression to help save the passengers life. the patient mated to the hospital. family members say they are so very grateful. if you are headed to the sierra this weekend, listen up. north star and heavenly resorts are planning to reopen next friday. kirkwood slopes are scheduled to reopen on december 3. so far this season, heavenly has received 34 inches of snow, 4 inches over the past week. >> they need more, more, more, and maybe more. thank you for watching tonight at 6:00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find it on the kpix 5
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news app, and the "cbs evening news" is up next. we will be back here for the kpix 5 news at 7:00. have a good night . ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs s >> o'donnell: breaking news from here in washington, tonight, trump adviser steve bannon indicted for refusing to talk to congress about the january 6 insurrection. steve bannon facing jail time: why lawmakers think he may have known about the riot before it happened. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. >> o'donnell: the historic indictment, the first time someone is facing prosecution for contempt of congress in decades. covid's autumn surge: cases spike in more than 20 states. we're in hard-hit colorado where i.c.u.s are nearly full. free britney: the breaking news about whether britney spears' toxic conservatorship is over. the great resignation: a record


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