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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 13, 2021 2:06am-2:33am PST

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by your move with andy stanley. breaking news, a 3-year-old boy taken by a double shooting suspect. >> they may be headed to san jose right now. now at 11:00, after this bay area toddler was abducted the police did not want to wait for the amber alert. how useful is an amber alert when the suspect could have been hours away. >> there is a new strategy when a child goes missing. could have been any in the neighborhood. i think that is the scariest part. this father of two in silicone valley executive was murdered outside of his own home. what his parents, best friend and neighbors reveal to us tonight. >> if you have been enjoying
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the sunny and warm weather, our meteorologist has a weekend forecast that you are going to love. eye popping new study about what the pandemic is doing to our oceans and bay area beaches may not look this clean for much longer. look who is back in the bay area for the first time since the pandemic, we were there for santa's first day on the job. >> right now the police are looking for a 3-year-old boy abducted by a double shooting suspect, the police believe they may possibly be headed to san jose. within the last 90 minutes an amber alert was issued. the boy was abducted from the sacramento area late this afternoon. 3-year-old leo norvel is believed to be with 30-year-old josua yogo. investigators say just before 5:00 tonight jogo shot two people and fled the area in one of the
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victim's cars, leo was in that car. the police believe the suspect and the victims do know each other. the police are now looking for a gray bmw, 328i with a california license plate number of 6ntu367. here is a photo of the vehicle. anyone who spots the car or yago or leo should call 911 immediately. we will stay on top of this and bring you any updates as they come in. >> this comes 24 hours after a woman stole a car with a 1-year-old girl in the backseat the girl is home with her family. the police acted quickly and did not wait for an amber alert to be issued to get help. what worked and what didn't, andrea? >> reporter: alan, it was a case where the amber alert was issued two hours after the child was taken. we saw that alert as we were watching the family reunite with the little girl. the police officers with the police department here knew about the
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delay with the alert so they used another tool to get the word out. >> an officer that was on the scene did the facebook post. within 30 minutes of the call coming up. >> reporter: social media has become a valuable resource to crack cases especially in this incident on thursday night where the investigators say a child was left in a running car while the father stepped out to talk with another man. then, a woman got behind the wheel and took off with the toddler. we have 19,000 followers on the facebook page of last night's posting it reached 122,000 people. that type of information to be able to put it out within three minutes of the crime occurring we found was the fastest way to get out information. >> instead of going up the chain of command, officers with the police department have been given the authority to release information through social media channels instantly. within minutes the police had
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much of the community on the lookout for this chevy tahoe and the little girl. before the amber alert was issued. >> how useful is an amber alert in a case like that where the suspect could have been hours away by the time the amber alert was issued? >> well amber alert is a useful tool. >> there may be a delay in the issue but when it goes out it goes out to everybody vs a social media post that only reaches followers. >> both avenues to use. we want to use as many avenues as possible. public safety is our number one priority and getting the child back was the number one priority. every avenue possible. >> reporter: another aspect about last night was there was a car theft task force in concord at the time. so, when officers got the word about this incident about 40 officers came into this area to aid with the search. alan? >> wow, still social media paying off there, andrea, thank you.
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new at 11:00, family and friends of a campbell man are speaking out about the son, husband and father of two young girls. 10 days after he was gunned down in front of his own home in what some believe was a random act of violence. kpix5 is at the street side memorial for the silicone valley executive. >> reporter: candles continue to burn for greg and a heart marks where he collapsed. the motivation for his murder a mystery to those who knew him. >> he was that kid that just, you could not like him, he was full of life. he was full of energy. >> reporter: from his parents to his best friend. >> everywhere he went he just made very good friendship. >> reporter: even his next door neighbor. >> he made you feel like he cared about what you had to say. >> reporter: all describe him as a likeable guy with hundreds of friends. >> that is why it is shocking
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and kind of unthinkable. >> reporter: the 42-year-old was shot twice in the chest in front of his home on west sunny oaks avenue just before 11:00 a.m. according to the mercury news a witness saw a blue saturn stopped in the middle of the road. sara walked up to the driver's side and began punching the driver before the man behind the wheel took out a gun and shot several rounds at sara. the witness gave dispatchers the license plate, the paper reports, within minutes they arrested an 18-year-old at a home a mile away. charging him in the city's first homicide since 2017. >> it could have been any of us in the neighborhood. and i think that is the scariest part about this whole thing. it was so random. yes. >> i just kind of like to know what happened. i mean it is very uncharacteristic that he would get into any form of altercation.
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>> reporter: james spent every day with greg. he says he best friend lived for his daughters. >> he loves them to death. he is a real girl dad. and, they miss him so much. >> reporter: gary and kim just went to hawaii with their son and granddaughters, memories, they say, they never knew would be their last. >> he was just a good, good human being. >> what will you miss the most about him? >> just talking to him every day. >> just talking to him every day. >> i look at the phone every day. no text. >> his smile. >> no chance to say good-bye. [crying] >> in campbell. kpix5. >> his funeral is planned for next week. we reached out to campbell police but are still waiting to hear back. tonight, south bay congressman is reacting to the criminal contempt charges filed against former president trump's chief strategist. >> it sends a message that no american is above the rule of law. i don't know why steve bannon
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thinks he should not have to answer questions from the united states congress. >> reporter: trump directed his allies not to cooperate in the deadly assault on the capitol. steve bannon is among the aides refusing to speak. he is expected to surrender on monday. take a live look from san francisco this evening. the health officials are urging any adult who wants a booster shot to sign up now. that follows the state's announcement that anyone 18 and over will be eligible as long as enough time has passed since the last dose. sonoma county made a similar announcement within the last few hours. new at 11:00, kpix5 betty wu shows us a very important person vaccinated and back in action just in time for the holidays. >> for the first time since covid-19, santa claus is back here the way most of us remember him. tonight on his first day on the job he was pretty well received. >> go home and be good. and remember, i will see you
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christmas night. >> reporter: this year there is no mask and no social distancing needed when seeing santa at stanford shopping center. old st. nick is vaccinated and getting up close and personal this year. >> we go as early as possible to see santa. come once a couple times, early tradition to get christmas started early. >> reporter: kids sat on his lap and played games with santa. >> what is it like as a parent to be able to do that this year as an option? >> that would be cool. she has not seen santa since she was really little, like six months. so, i don't know how she will react to sitting on santa's lap. [ laughter ] >> you will get to find out. >> i know. we will see. [ laughter ] >> reporter: at nearby town & country village we found folks ready to get in the holiday spirit. >> are you going to make any new plans to see santa? >> yeah, i think we will. we will see. nice to be able to get out again and for him to be able to mix with some of his friends. >> reporter: what is the
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best part about seeing santa this year? >> because i get toys. >> i am more optimistic. i feel like much happier. i am happy to be out with family and friends. i am out with dinner right now. >> there is no shortage of holiday cheer to go around. >> my long lost brother. >> reporter: my photographer went beard to beard with santa and was offered a job on the spot. >> that is as good as i get. >> reporter: betty wu, kpix5. >> he is the real santa. nobody knows this. >> bob is the one with the glasses. santa does not need classes. >> true. >> it is part of bob's disguise. >> exactly. you don't notice him this time of the year. still ahead tonight, the pandemic could be washing up on bay area beaches soon as we look live at the pacificca pier. the eye-opening new study about what is in those waves. after a monumental day per britney spears what could the future
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hold for the newly liberated pop star. and how a new ranking system could help produce the growing number of heat-related deaths across california.
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brittany spears is say free woman tonight. the judge ended it after 14 years. >> fans and supporters cheered outside of the los angeles courthouse. officially ends. her father, jamie spears from controlling her money and life. the singer's lawyer shared a few words after the hearing was over. >> what is next for britney spears? this is the first time this could be said for about a decade. it is up to one person. brittany. >> in september her father was suspended as conservator. the lawyer says he vows to investigate her father's handling. year's long battle over cold storage in richmond appears to be coming to an end. tonight, the city announcing an agreement
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to phase out cole and storage by 2026. for years critics have complained that the terminal sends toxic dust into near pie communities. >> a live look. there is growing concern over waste a lot more trash including ppe is ending up in oceans. it takes cleanup efforts and more to address the problem made worse by the pandemic. >> using it as a place nearby hands them out people can do what they can so trash does not end up in the ocean. a small step in addressing what is an even bigger problem unfortunately, because of covid-19. >> it is being entangle inside our coastal environment. >> it is the price paid in our waters and on our shores. millions of tons of plastic trash generated during the fight against covid-19. this father leads his girls picking out tiny pieces of plastic to show them everyone has to pitch in.
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>> there is a bunch of pickers around here, too. they just go out there and they see it as well. soon after opening up the ocean beach cafe, josh james teamed up and refused refuge, san francisco collecting boxers of pickers and organizing beach cleaning dates. >> it comes back, it comes back quick. proceedings of national academy of sciences reveals worldwide battle against covid-19 generating 8.4 million tons of trash. from that 57 million pounds ended up in our oceans. >> eventually it will become small and unfortunately it could be consumed by marine life as well. >> reporter: two billion single use masks are used each day. >> another part of the keep ocean beach clean campaign we are doing is trying to change the psyche of people that just may through their trash. >> reporter: it is one small piece at a time but big steps in cleaning up our covid-19 world.
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at ocean beach, kenny choy, kpix5. researchers at the national academy of science predicts most of the waste from the pandemic will end up in beaches by e th >>tot,california is considering rolling out a first of its kind warning system to alert people ahead of dangerous heat waves. an investigation by the l.a. times revealed 4,000 californians have died in heat waves over the last decade. the danger will only increase with the effects of climate change. the proposed warning system will rank them by number similar to how hurricanes are measured, would require cities and towns to take specific safety measures at each stage. >> we never think about the issue of heat when we think about an emergency. we just look at it as just another sunny day in california or southern california you know, get your sandals and go out to the beach. no, we have serious implications. all right, it is not quite
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going to be that severe. >> we love ranking stuff. >> we do. >> it is going to be warmer at least for this time of the year. pleasant. >> pleasantly warm heading into the weekend. it will be interesting to see how they roll it out. obviously a place like san francisco is a little more sensitive to the heat with so many people without air-conditioning as opposed to inland spots. either way, nice weather heading into the weekend. plenty of time to worry about next year's heat. high pressure, the warm weather continues and the storm track pushed up to the north towards pacific northwest. the area of high pressure slides up to the east. we will see stronger onshore winds kicking in. it means a return to near normal temperatures next week. but, the storm track still gets pushed farther to the north. seven-day forecast is entirely dry. seeing changes in our temperatures. right now, no fog visible as we look out. there is fog reported for concord, oakland and in santa rosa. that fog is going to continue spreading out through the rest of tonight. the current temperatures are
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mostly in the 50s, 60 degrees already in san francisco. that is the warm spot on the map. the fog is going to be widespread by tomorrow morning, future cast out lying the valleys and the thick fog. some of the fog will spill into the delta and make it into the try valley. but it is gradually going to dissipate. still, some fog out there by 10:00 a.m. it should be largely gone by noon and plenty of sunshine over head. passing clouds heading through saturday. the afternoon. temperatures will respond to the sunshine. temperatures tonight, upper 40s and 50s. a lot of spots not too much cooler than we are. high temperatures tomorrow, though, even with the fog slowing down the warm up. we will be five to eight degrees above average. zooming in for a closer look. that is not bad for mid- november. lower 70s. the south end of the bay. mostly middle 70s in the santa clara valley. warmer spots, getting into the upper 70s. lowtory middle 70s for the east bay.
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not a lot of variation, cooler around the area staying short of 70 degrees. high temperatures around the bay. around 70, just short of san francisco near 70 for oakland, and with lower 70s for most of the north bay. a little warmer as you go farther inland. middle 70s. even with upper 70s farther on the north. that is the warm spot on the map. clover dale, topping out at 78 degrees by saturday afternoon. the temperatures will stay virtually eye den cal on sunday. then, cool -- identical on sunday. then, cooler air coming in. we will see clouds, the odds of the clouds bringing us more than a stray sprinkle are low. just enjoy the pleasant weather heading into the weekend and getting closer to the latter half of november. maybe warmer chances down the line. >> i will go first, because we heard a lot about, you like food, paul, so, hang on. a lot about the supply chain
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crisis, now this, how about it? one chipotle out of chips. our colleague joked "it is the end of the world as we know it." >> we like food. we like sports, too. not a lot to complain about. paul had the good weather and you had to ruin it with that depressing news about the chips. united states team, the national team, soccer, they had themselves a night and golden state warriors are rolling. good times all around. another beat down in the bay whr-fplt is it going to stop. hey, who is complaining? another scoring outburst for steph. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word...
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but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. what do you say sports fans, can we get competition please? the warriors are beating everyone they match up. the last six teams they played were below .500. how did they fair tonight. finale of the eight game home
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stand, loss to memphis in the opener. only blemish. the pickpocket, the reverse jam, 35-34. he goes up for the slam and throws it down. warriors led by 6 at the break. opening minute of the third. curry, the old fashioned three. and then he goes humpty dumpty over the cameraman. that is a higher percentage shot. the bench loves it. four minutes left. steph from deep. he did not need to watch it go in. bottoms, curry scored 40, the third time this year. the rookie jonathan will get in on the fun. baseline, and the slam cam is out in full force. the 19-year-old scored a career high eight. warriors win it 119, 93. they finish the home stand 7-1
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and they improve to an nba best 11 and one this season. college basketball we go. santa clara, flexing on stanford today. first half, the broncos pj pipes. drives it in and lays it off of the glass. lefty for two. 21-0 santa clara there. leading with 24. the second half now. 54-30, justice goes baseline. the point, how about the broncos, they cruise 88 life 72 for their first win over the cardinal since 2006. >> jon gruden is not going away quietly. he filed a lawsuit against the nfl and the commissioner for a quote, soviet-style character sashination. he claims his private e-mails were leaked to destroy his career and force
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his resignation. to baseball, capler will win manager of the year this week and the giants gave them an early gift to celebrate. extended it through 2024. giants fans love to hear that. to the home of the cheese cone. we had soccer in cincinnati. team usa facing mexico in the world cup qualifier. scoreless, 74th minute, that is the u.s. star entering the game as a sub. knocks it in with his nogen. over time, no 49ers this weekend, they are hosting the
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you know this is going to be so good. adele will debut new music for the first time in six years in a special
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prime time concert this weekend right here on cbs. >> she will sit down with oprah to talk about her new album and the stories behind the songs. >> then she said, you know, i want to be able to share my truth and talk about what i have been through and express that in the most natural way. so, that is exactly what happened during this interview. adele, one night only, airs sunday night at 8:00 right here on kpix5.
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