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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 13, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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straight live from the cbs bay studios, this is kpix5 news. right now on kpix5 after
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this bay area's father was kidnapped, lisa not wait for an amber alert to reach out to the public. they have a new strategy to help find missing kids. a man was murdered outside of his own home. santa is back after a pandemic break last year. we were there for his first day on the job. thank you so much for joining us. let's start with a quick check of our weather. the fog is back in. the camera on top of the salesforce tower shows us the best picture of that. that is the port of oakland and you can barely see the cranes. there are places where it is very foggy. oakland, concord, santa rosa. petaluma and santa rosa your visibility numbers are way down.
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the northbay valleys will really encounter the fog. anywhere near the delta, fairfield, martinez, all of those places near te on thick fog. mid-70s later for the inland spots. i will be back with the rest of the forecast in a bit. an amber alert in effect for alameda and contra costa counties. a little boy was kidnapped. the three-year-old is believed to be with the 30-year-old. the suspect shot two people yesterday afternoon and drove off and one of the victims cars. the little boy, leo, was inside of that car. police are looking for a great bmw with license plate 6nt you 367 here is a photo of that car. anyone that sees the car, they
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should call 911 immediately. a similar case a day earlier in the east bay. a woman stole a car with the six-year-old in the backseat. there is a process to issuing an amber alert. when minutes matter, police have found a faster way to reach out to the public before that amber alert is issued. >> and officer on scene did a facebook post and within 30 minutes of the call coming out. >> reporter: social media is a valuable resource to crack cases especially when investigators say a child was left in a running car while a father stepped out to talk with another man. a woman got behind the wheel and took off with the toddler. >> we have 19,000 followers on our facebook page. it reached 122,000 people. that type of information that
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we put out, that is the fastest way to disseminate information. >> officers with the pittsburgh police department have been the authority to release information through social media channels instantly. with 10 minutes much of the community was on the lookout for the chevy tahoe and the little girl before the amber alert was issued. >> reporter: how useful is an amber alert when the suspect could've been hours away by the time that amber alert was issued? >> an amber alert is a very useful tool. >> reporter: there may be a delay but when it does go well, it goes out to everybody versus social media that only reaches followers? >> we want to use as many avenues as possible. public safety and getting the child back our our number one
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priorities. >> a concept task force from concord with 40 officers helped out with that search. a $10,000 reward to track down a person that killed a toddler. he was riding in a car with his family when he was struck by a straight bullet in a freeway shoot out. that reward is coming from crimes against asians. it is organized by police in the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. >> what we need are more resources to hold these people accountable. clearly what we have right now is not working. instead, it is creating greater crimes. >> the coalition has raised within $10,000 toward that reward. some of that money will go for of billboard advertising the reward friends and family are
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speaking out about a campbell man 10 days after he was gunned down in front of his own home and what some believe was around them act of violence. we were at the streetside memorial for the silicon valley executive. candles continue to burn and a heart marks where he collapse. a motivation for his murder is a mystery to those who knew him. >> was that kid that you could not not like him. he was full of life and energy. >> everywhere he went he made very good friendships. >> he made you actually feel like he cared about what you had to say. >> he was a likable guy with hundreds of friends. >> it is so shocking it is incomprehensible. >> reporter: on november 2nd, he was shot twice in the chest in front of his campbell home
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just before 11:00 a.m.. a witness saw a blue saturn stopped in the middle of the road. he walked up to the driver side and began punching the driver. before the man behind the wheel took out a gun and shot several rounds at him. the witness gave dispatchers to license plate and within minutes police arrested 18-year- old at a home a mile away charging him in the cities first homicide since 2017. >> it could've been any of us in the neighborhood. that is the scariest thing of all. it was so random. >> i would like to know what happened. is very uncharacteristic that he would get in an altercation. >> reporter: he says that his best friend lived for his
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daughters. >> they miss him so much. >> gary and kim jones went to hawaii with her son and granddaughters, memories they say they never knew would be there last. >> he was just a good human being. >> reporter: what will you miss the most about him? >> just talking to them every day. we didn't even get a chance to say goodbye >> his funeral is planned for next week. were waiting to hear back from campbell poe police. a congressman is reacting to charges against donald trump's chief strategist. >> no american is above the rule of law. i don't know why steve bannon
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things he doesn't need to answer questions to the u.s. congress. >> steve bannon is among the aides refusing to speak with lawmakers. he is expected to surrender himself on monday. city health officials are urging any adult who wants a booster shot to sign up now. anyone 18 and over will be eligible as long as enough time has passed since her last shot. los angeles is making adjustments to its vaccine mandates. the city council removed indoor malls and shopping centers from the list of places that require proof of vaccination. it will be required for restaurants, bars, and gymnasiums. >> we are in this together. in a moment of great crisis, we need to depend on each other. >> the enforcement of the mandate will be delayed to give businesses more time to comply.
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growing concern over waste in the water. a lot more trash and ppe is ending up in the ocean. from ocean beach it takes cleanup efforts and more to tackle a problem that has worsened during the pandemic. >> reporter: there is a place nearby that hands out pickers like this. is a small step in addressing an even bigger problem because of covid. >> it is entangled in our coastal environment. >> reporter: it is the price being paid in our waters and on our shores. tons of plastic trash during covid. this father picks out tiny pieces of plastic to show his daughters that everyone has to pitch in. >> there are independent pickers that see it as well. >> reporter: soon after opening up ocean beach cafe, john james teamed up with others
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collecting boxes of pickers and organizing beach cleanup dates. >> it comes back quick. >> reporter: a new study reveals the worldwide battle against covid generating 8.4 million tons of plastic trash. 57 million pounds ended up in our oceans. >> eventually it will become small and could be consumed by marine life as well. >> reporter: 2 billion single use masks are being used every day. >> we are trying to change the psyche of people that may throw their trash. >> big steps in cleaning up our covid world. at ocean beach, kpix5 . researchers at the national academy of sciences predict that more than 70% of the plastic waste will and up on
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beaches by the end of the century. thanksgiving is not here yet the christmas is right around the corner. we learn a very important person that has been vaccinated and back an action just in time for the holidays. >> reporter: for the first time since covid, santa claus is back in palo alto the way that most of us remember him. tonight he was pretty well received. >> reporter: this year there is no mask and no social distancing needed when seeing santa at stanford shopping center. he is vaccinated and getting up close and personal this year. >> we go as early as possible to see santa. it is the early tradition. >> reporter: kids sat on his lap and played games with sandra. >> reporter: what is it like to be able to do that this year?
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>> she hasn't seen santa since she was really little like six months. i don't know how she will react is sitting on his lap. >> you will get to find out. >> reporter: at nearby town & country village, folks were ready to get in the holiday spirit. >> reporter: will you make plans to see santa? >> yes, i think we will. it will be nice to get out again and mixed with some of his friends. >> reporter: what is the best part about seeing santa this year? >> because i get toys. >> i am more optimistic and i feel much happier. i am happy to be out with family and friends. >> reporter: there was no shortage of holiday cheer to go around. my photographer went beard to beard was santa claus and was offered a job on the spot. >> in palo alto, kpix5 .
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the time now is 6:13. still ahead after a big day for britney spears she is back in control of her finances and her life. a new ranking system could reduce a growing number of heat related deaths across california. and here is alive look outside before we had to
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welcome back. whitney spears is a free woman this morning. hhs hinted the conservatorship that has controlled her life and money for nearly 14 years. >> justice was served today. >> fans and supporters cheered. the decision removes her father from the conservator role he no longer has control of the singer's money and life. britney's attorney shared a few words after the hearing was over. >> what is next for britney and this is the first time this could be said for a decade, it is up to britney. >> her father was suspended as conservator and they vowed to investigate her father's handling of the conservatorship. a battle seems to be coming to an end. the city announced an agreement
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with the company that runs the terminal to phase out coal storage by 2026. for years critics have complained the terminals sends toxic dust in the nearby communities. california is thinking about sending out warnings during dangerous heat waves. 4000 californians have died in heat waves over the last decade. a proposed warning system would rank heat waves by number like hurricanes or categorize. it would require cities and towns to take safety measures at each stage? >> we never think about the issue of heat when we think about an emergency. we look at it as hey caliia. get your nde beach. there arimplications. anything but a heat wave
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when you look at the view we've got right now that sits up on top of sutro. there is fog out there. that is something we haven't had a whole lot of. the view looking down on the city. a pretty view. i will give you a couple of other camera angles to take this in. that is looking off toward the east where it is foggy. i will show you the fog in terms of how low the visibility is being read right now. that is looking east at oakland. oakland is one of the places reporting fog as is concord, san jose and santa rosa. you can see them all lined up on here. livermore and san francisco technically without any fog on the road. where you're likely to encounter this is the north bay and anywhere near the delta. that is where the fog is significant. those northbay valleys where
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you are sheltered in by the hills, the temperatures drop and you hold in the humidity and you develop fog. petaluma and santa rosa, plan on fog and spreading out from there. once you go over places like highway 37, concord to fairfield and up into napa, those are the areas. san jose is reported with fog at the airport. you can see the areas that have the fog now. 101, the delta, san jose has a little. watch how long this things on. the next two hours, don't expect a lot of improvement. it will start melting away for the south bay and then by 11:30 it has cleared out for most locations. high noon it is like it never
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even happened. daytime highs today will look like that when we get there. we will be back up into the mid- 70s.
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a small chance for rain as we get toward the seven day. it does not look likely at this point. >> as i was driving in, the fog seemed to be hugging the bay bridge. it was a spectacular view. >> let's not forget the delta and the northbay valleys. there will be significant issues with fog on the road this morning. a san francisco educator killed in a tragic crash. the united states national team had themselves a night. the golden state warriors are
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the warriors are just annihilating everyone they matchup against. the last six teams they played were below 500. chicago had the best record in the east. how would golden state fair? finale of the homestand that loss to memphis in the opener. the second quarter the young glove looking like his father. the pickpocket and the reverse jam. 35-34, warriors. the lane was wide open and he
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cram said. the opening minute of the third. three the old-fashioned way and then goes humpty dumpty over the camera guys. fourth quarter and they blow it open. he pumps and slams and the bench loves it. four minutes left. he didn't even need to see get to go down. he scored 40, the third time east and that this year. jonathan gets in on the fun. baseline and he jam sit down. the 19-year-old scores.. they finished the homestand 7 and 1 and approved to a nba best . college basketball. santa clara flexing on stanford yesterday. it is a bronco pj pipes navigating and he scores. that capped off at 20 1-0 santa
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clara run. in the second half, 54-35. a baseline take. and how about those broncos. 88-72 for the first win over the cardinals since 2006. and jon gruden is not going away quietly. the former raiders coach filed a lawsuit against the nfl and roger goodell for the soviet style character assassination. he claims his private emails were leaked to destroy his career and force his resignation. gave kepler will likely win manager of the year next week. the giants gave him an early gift to celebrate. they extended his contract through 2024. >> and now for some soccer. we had soccer in cincinnati last night. team usa facing mexico and the
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world cup qualifier. the u.s. star entered the game as a sob and knocks one in with his noggin. the united states wins 2-0 and takes over first place in the world cup qualifying group. >> ucla beat villanova in overtime last night. the 49ers are hosting the rams on monday night for all. growing memorial for a san francisco educator killed in a tragic crash. more fallout for travis scott and the
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live from the cbs bay studios, this is kpix5 news. welcome back. thank you so much for joining us. let's start this half-hour with a quick check of our weather. >> we will focus on fog this morning. where it is and where it isn't. when you get out onto the east bay you will encounter fog and definitely in the northbay. i will spotlight the northbay and the delta communities with the desiccant fog on the roads. that is oakland. it is foggy there. current temperatures are not too bad.
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cold enough to develop fog and if you look at the visibility map, the trouble is in the northbay. the fog will burn off by the time we get to noon. there will be more sunshine than anything else. i will be back with the rest of the forecast in just a bit. a driver is under arrest accused of striking and killing an educator. we learn how the deadly crash is raising safety concerns near that campus. >> reporter: at the corner of union and franklin there is a memorial for andrew hit by a car and killed at the intersection on wednesday. >> it was mr. andrew. he was in a car crash. and even though i didn't know him very well, i felt really bad for him.
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>> the driver of the car allegedly ran a red light causing the crash that killed andrew. she has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. the crossing guard was on duty today and parents and students stop by the memorial to pay their respects. parents have been petitioning the city for a decade to slow traffic down on the franklin fairing justice resort. >> yellow flashing lights or anything like that. >> speed bumps would make a lot more sense. there is a kids school here. >> we should have more prominent signs that this is a school zone. >> reporter: this is an artery use to escape the mass on van ness. drivers often pick up speed on the route. there is only one school zone sign at the beginning of the block. >> people walk with their families and children every day. this needs to be a safe spot
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and a safe zone for our community to get to school. not just our families but our teachers and staff. >> reporter: he was a para educator focus on helping children with special needs. >> he had such a kind heart and a kind soul. he was a give to sherman and he had a gift and taking care of kids. he will be missed. we are devastated. >> family say they hope this tragedy will prompt the city to do something to slow down traffic on franklin street. travis scott was first seen after the festival. he was spotted outside of the season mansion. as the investigation continues, a spokesperson told cbs news the singer was not responsible for the tragedy.
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hundreds of concert goers have filed lawsuits. >> nobody should ever die from going to a concert. >> attorneys gather to announce lawsuits on more than 200 victims of the astral world concert. >> people are trying to use me to pull themselves up. if i fall, it is over for me. >> nine people died when the crowd got out of control and hundreds more were injured. >> there is a lot of people trampled and passed out. >> radio chatter from police appears to capture the moment officers saw the event turn. >> this could turn into a rescue situation. >> police were near the stage seemingly unaware of what was
6:36 am
happening. >> just like those police officers standing in front of the stage, travis had no idea what was going on until later, hours and hours later. >> a spokesperson for scott says he was not responsible for the tragedy. >> this notion that he had the ability to stop the concert is ludicrous. only the executive producer and the concert producer that had stopped the concert. >> they say that the concert should've never been approved. >> among the injured a nine- year-old boy remains in a coma. president biden met with his cabinet to tout the infrastructure bill yesterday. he will sign it into law on monday. there will give a boost to repair the nation's roadways and expand access to broadband and clean drinking water.
6:37 am
it includes $70 billion to help alleviate supply-chain bottlenecks? >> it will create millions of new jobs and grow the economy and we will win the world economic competition. >> reporter: the president is pushing congress to pass the build back better plan to ease economic pressures. it contains provisions aimed at lowering childcare, housing, and prescription drug costs. this was created as part of the coronavirus relief package. families can receive up to $3000 for each child. it could be the last payment since it's only in effect for this year. recent storms have dumped much-needed rain in the bay area. wasn't enough to bring direct relief in the east bay? a superstar in his own community. he serves those in need.
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♪ ♪ ♪ we have a recall ader joe's.
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100,000 pounds of rock ground chicken patties because the product they are the chili lime chicken burgers in the feta chicken sliders so between august 16th and september 29th. if you bought them, throw them away or return them to trader joe's. a supply chain crisis is also getting businesses like your local drycleaners. drycleaners are asking customers to recycle their hangers. >> most of the supply comes from a foreign company and the shipping costs are high. >> johnson & johnson will split into two companies. one will focus on band-aids of baby powder and the other will focus on pharmaceuticals. that the vision will retain the johnson & johnson name. the spinoff is expected within the next two years.
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we've had a lot of rain and water levels are rising and the grass is getting greener. will they get's out of the drought? we went to contra costa county to find out. >> if we have an above-average rain year, we might be able to get through this drought and one year. >> for contra costa water the excitement over the october and early november rain is more restrained as the water comes from the central valley project, the delta, and even farther north. >> shasta lake is well below average. it is a great start, but it will take several more storm systems to get us back to what we consider an average water gear. >> there have been years when we have wet octobers and everything dries up. >> they get there water from a
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different system but the same idea as far as water source. that is the states largest reservoir. >> we need multiple events and we need them to last through the winter in order for the snowpack to retain that water and melt into bar reservoirs. >> the message contents, continues to be water conservation. >> i try my best to be conscious whether that is taking the advice advertise about using a dishwasher instead of watching every dish by canned? >> it will be months before we know what this means for east bay water sources. >> we will continue to watch and see where our water supply is around the early spring late winter timeframe. sunrises happening out there. the headline and the forecast
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is the fog. we are tracking where that they could of it is on the roadway will be the main focus. let's look at the top of the salesforce tower. you can see plenty of low clouds. there was g in ples. that is a good view. the deck of the roadway in the marine headlines, no fog. this is different. this is valley fog, the interior valleys and the northbay and the delta. the east bay does have some you can see at the top of sutro, a nice blanket of fog that looks really dramatic and when you go to the top of the salesforce tower and look back toward oakland. oakland is one of the places reporting fog. technically, san francisco is too. san jose and santa rosa.
6:45 am
if we look at the map that shows us the visibility readings, look at petaluma and santa rosa. both of you are down to pretty much zero. petaluma you cannot see at all. you are going to want extra time and the same story but napa. through the delta, it 80an taking that drive on any of the roads the branch off of to the delta, plan on fog. visibility down to 3/10 of a mitral. the dense fog advisory stays in effect until 10:00 this morning. as we check in on the south bay, it does technically include the city. we are doing okay in most locations. how well the fog behave over the next few hours? you can see how was got the entire corridor covered.
6:46 am
when you get down into the south bay it is foggy as well. there is 8:00 a.m. and the fog is still around. by 11:00 it has disappeared and cleared out for most places. it will be a sunny day with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-70s for many of us. redwood city, 73. 72, mountain view. if you're wondering what happened to the rain, there it is. it's going well up to the north right now. as we look across the seven day forecast, no rain. maybe a few clouds and maybe as we get toward thursday and friday, clouds will increase but no real rain. san jose will cool down to the mid-60s by next week. you really see that with those
6:47 am
microclimates. it will be near 80 today for those northbay valleys we will cool back down as we get into the mid-60s. >> i am transfixed by that skyline shrouded in fog. i know partly we have zoomed weigh in. we have some wind going on as well ? >> it is not terribly windy out there. it would clear out the fog and dry the air. it is really the fog in the visibility that will be the concern. the northbay valleys and the delta is where you have to be careful today. you may remember dennis brown from his time at the san francisco 49ers. he is now focused on community service to tackle food insecurity. we are introduced to this week's bay area jefferson award
6:48 am
winner. >> he stocks a pop-up pantry the feeds 950 people. most have no clue he is a former 49er. >> i am dennis the food bank worker. >> reporter: at first, retirement was an easy. >> that was my identity and that is all that i knew. i got outside of myself and dealt with some demons. >> he credits alcoholics, alcoholics anonymous? >> my foundation was my grandmother and serving. you dedicate your life to serving? >> he volunteered six days a week for the san francisco marine food bank plus meals on wheels and other nonprofits. the food bank hired him to coordinate pop-up pantries. bank service. with dennis was a child his family was on the receiving
6:49 am
end. >> and la, getting food from the food bank was essential. >> he was raised by his grandmother who brought him to skid row every week to serve the homeless.'s b mack dennis lives out legacy of service. >> he really reduces the stigma around food insecurity. he is out reach an action. >> he make sure the carlos doesn't leave empty-handed. >> dennis has supported countless nonprofits over the years including the invision shelter network, ymca. >> i have the utmost respect foo is de as pe. rentteam executive says he is inspired by dennis his life story and his contagious joy of giving.
6:50 am
>> there have been many times when i've said we've got to do it and you see him and that energy he brings. i got to keep up with dennis. >> i really believe that this is what i'm supposed to be doing. a life of service. >> reporter: this week's jefferson award goes to dennis brown. kpix5 . >> dennis brown has won the community service award for eight years in a row. if you know someone doing exemplary community service, go to https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.c and click on the nominations tab for the online form. a behind-the-scenes look at adele one night only airing right here on kpix5 . take a look. >> adele. music. adele. i invite you to join me for one
6:51 am
what an incredible evening. >> i chose to do a come back this way to show how special it's been. i will hear a lot of older songs. >> four new songs. >> being in la where i sort of had to recover from everything that happened in my life over the last few years. alsou can come out.
6:52 am
>> why was this an interview i was interested in? i am interested in people that will speak their truth. she is the truth. >> it will be a very
6:53 am
you have heard about the supply chain crisis. one restaurant is out of chips. it is the end of the world as we know what.
6:54 am
the space center is open after nearly 2 years. they opened a new exhibit fe search items atve ver been o display before. coming and that's to get more young people into s.t.e.m. and chase their dreams of going into space. >> an opportunity to reach the community, especially the kids. we want to inspire the kids when they decide what they will study in the future. >> it will include exhibits and hands-on activities. visitors will meet scientists and researchers to learn more. the harvest festival signals the start of the holiday shopping season. there are more than 100 vendors a visit offering a wide variety of things for sale. they are handmade including jewelry, art, clothing, and
6:55 am
even food. >> the people who are coming to shop a very enthusiastic. they have been housebound and haven't seen the artist that they normally interact with year after year because none of us have been out. they have been very enthusiastic and are happy to see us again. >> the show continues through tomorrow at the san mateo county event center. now that the bay area is reopening, were asking you to share photos with getting back together with family and friends. we will be right back.
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it is time for a look at this morning's top stories. the chp tweeted that the three- year-old, leo, has been found. there is no word about the whereabouts of joshua who is accused of shooting two people and driving away in the victims car with the child inside. say california is considering a warning system to warn people of dangerous heat waves. it would rank heat waves by number similar to how hurricanes are measured. it would require cities and towns to take specific safety measures at each stage.
6:58 am
here is a life picture of the san mateo bridge. this is what it looks like as you get into the south day. there is fog at san jose. give l at is what it los frthe sales tower. the fog, you can see how low the visibility ratings are. give yourself extra time on the road. there is a dense fog advisory until 11:00 this morning. >> thank you for watc if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
6:59 am
if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911,
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. narrator: today on "luckyter dog"...e can both respond out eric: aw. narrator: ...the little dog that could is looking for his new forever home. he might be just what a recently relocated couple from south korea is looking for. d.c.: we decided not to have children, so we decided to have a little dog. narrator: but before eric can go full steam ahead on the adoption, choo-choo will have to learn to stay on track. eric: choo-choo doesn't know much. narrator: and eric will need to brush up on his dance moves. eric: all right, dance off.


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