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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 14, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area . is there anywhere safety park in san francisco? how one woman says these targeted her car and laid her home. a south bay jail system experiencing a major covid outbreak. the cases increased tenfold. how san francisco is going beyond the fda when it comes to booster shots for adults. good morning, it is sunday, november 14. let's start with a quick check of our weather. a bit soggy. dense fog advisory. it goes until noon. although it is not as widespread as yesterday.
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it looks a little better from our camera on top of the salesforce tower looking off to the east. we can see where the trouble sports are. northbay valleys. east bay valleys. the close you are to the delta or the more into those northbay valleys, visibility goes way down. livermore has visibility down to about 3/10 of a mile. dense advisory until noon. sunny skies. mid 70s for warmer insulin spots. i will be back with the rest of this work yes in a bit. car break-ins have been a problem in san francisco fourth years. the thieves are brazen and chyme crimes are costly. you may think you are better off parking the parking garage. think again. kpix 5 reporter betty yu is a dire warning explain how the thieves are taking things to a new level. >> why me? >> reporter: this is a second time in three weeks the san francisco food bloggers van was
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hit in the city. this time it was the fifth and mission street garage early this morning. >> so that my car was smashed. the driver's side. it wasn't just my car. they were a few other cars broken into. >> reporter: she didn't leave any valuables inside her car. nothing was taken. >> there were three securities and he was right there when it came to my car and he said, yeah, actually we came down because we heard, like, alarms. they were trying to get another car close by to mine. the security scare them away. he said that just before that they were attacking a car on the fourth floor. when they came up, they managed to attack another car. >> reporter: city data shows ever discuss or 2000 break-ins in the last 30 days. the driver of this mercedes-benz who wants to remain anonymous for privacy reasons shared these photos with kpix 5. she
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says not only did thieves smash her car window, they cleaned out her glove compartment and stole her garage opener and found her address. she said that same day burglars drove to her east bay home and attempted to break in. she said her car was parked in the hilton financial district hotel garage on kearny street last weekend. >> it is making me question whether it is safe in the city. it is making everyone question, like, should we drive our car? >> on top of the trauma of being evicting victim getting your windows replaced isn't easy. there is a class shortage. an investigation underway after a contract worker fell to his death at a northbay refinery. it happened friday night at the venetian refinery in solano county. investigators are trying to figure out how that worker fell 6 stories and trying to pin down because of his death to determine whether the incident was work-related.
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valero is cooperating with the victim's employer. a fremont police officer recovering after a crash. he was responded to a call when his patrol car collided with another car on niles canyon road at about 6:45 last night. the officer was taken to the trauma center but is expected to be okay. a passenger in the other car also went to the hospital. no word on their condition. a funeral held saturday for one of the youngest victims of the astral world festival tragedy. family and friends gathered in houston to remember 16-year-old breonna rodriguez. to honor her, mourners wore her favoritve colors, pink and white. on friday, attorney bancroft announced his firm is representing more than 20 victims who attended a festival. dozens of lawsuit seven filed against the concert promoter and others involved.
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on the heels of the deadly music festival, a top ucla executive is apologizing after a scare at a men's basketball game. as jeff nguyen explains, a sudden surge of frightened fans left some student a bit shaken. >> reporter: the line outside pauley pavillion started to form hours before the men's basketball game between ucla and villanova both ranked in the top five nationally. >> we were all very scared because it was, like, people were pushing us from behind. it was nerve-racking. >> reporter: it happened before tipoff. other students had said they were concerned about a repeat of the deadly crowd surge in texas during a music festival in which travis scott performed. some ucla student said the line went up through the dorms and hills above campus. this is video of that line friday evening recorded by journalist sam condon.
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>> is a little bit of pushing and shoving and people funneling in instead of staying in two orderly lines. >> reporter: in line for about eight hours, they say the problems came when groups of people started to cut the line and the ticketing app, which includes vaccine verification, suffered hiccups. >> for me the app malfunctioned. i had to log out and log back in. >> reporter: all of e spoke sa are excited to see the renaissance of the legendary basketball program and the school spirit on display during a big win for the bruins. ucla's athletic director sandy treat the written parts, we were not adequately staffed to handle the turnout. i apologize and it will be corrected moving forward. >> they were trying their best but there were many more students than they were expecting. it was difficult for them to corral everyone.
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>> that was jeff know when reporting. ucla says unfortunately no one was her. santa clara county jails singing major spike in covid cases. it is the highest level since the search began earlier this month. the sheriff's office data shows as a friday there were 140 active cases at the elmwood jail in the main jail in san jose. the majority of cases were at elmwood which houses minimum and medium security inmates in dorm -like settings. the new figure is more than eight times higher compared to 10 days ago. spike again with 15 cases in a single day. taking a live look at san francisco. if you are an adult and you want to get a booster shot in the city should be to get one with no problem. >> i found out they were giving them out. i came immediately to get one. >> the department of public health expanded booster eligibility to all adults 18 and older regardless of job or health status. according to the city, the change includes vaccine clinics and will also include
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pharmacies. by the fda's standards only seniors, those with underlying conditions, and those at high risk settings are currently eligible for the booster. the department of public health as they don't want to turn any adults away provided that they qualify for a booster based on the timing of their last dose. their rationale? cases are, again, increasing in a busy holiday season that is just around the corner. state health officials are encouraging boosters for all adults ahead of the holidays. a doctor for standard healthcare tells us it safe, effective and hears her advice if you're curious about side effects. >> give yourself about a day, day and a half. the majority of people are getting, you know, kind of mild flulike systems as the immune system bumps up. they were having some site injection pain, fatigue. some people getting fever and muscle aches. the majority of this goes away within two days. >> since patricia became available in september, more
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than 100,000 booster shots have been administered in seven cisco. according to the department of public health there are nearly 100 vaccine sites across san francisco where people can get a booster. in san francisco, a covid vaccine clinic for kids opened in chinatown. the ymca on sac metro street hosted the clinic. some parents say kids are looking forward to getting there shot. >> he was very excited to come in today to get the shot. he has been waiting for this. he saw his mom and dad get the shot. he has been waiting to do the same. i am just waiting for the second shot to happen and having that piece of mind that you will have the full immunity. >> we have information about child axes on our website still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area plus, looking for work?
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the state of california is hiring. taking a live look outside. we will be right back.
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a tentative labor deal has averted a massive kaiser hospital strike. the union struck a preliminary agreement yesterday. it avoids what would've been one of the largest healthcare industry strikes in the country set for monday. before your contract covers about 50,000 healthcare employees. it still needs to be ratified but includes wage increases and improved benefits. the u.s. has a record number of job openings and caltrans is hoping to go on a hiring spree hoping to higher hundreds of workers. we checked at a job fair in san jose. >> reporter: hiring new employees has been a struggle for many companies and industries. california had one of the highest on the planet rates last month and isn't getting that many jobs. >> it's challenging. you know, understanding because of the pandemic. >> reporter: interest in working for the state remained strong. >> at the job fair we had in
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oakland, we had a tremendous response. also here we have people in line at 7:00 am. >> reporter: caltrans needs 2050 new workers in the bay area as part of the clean california program. as people change careers, the agency hopes applicants will continue to consider the openings. >> in some ways it's challenging, but in other ways because of the pandemic, people are looking for work and new industries. the state job with caltrans is a great opportunity. >> reporter: those who came to this location took the time to apply in person waiting to hear back about a possible interview. clean california is the $1.1 billion program announced by the governor over the summer. he wants 11,000 workers to clean up this estate. >> everywhere, everywhere else has seen it. this is a way of caltrans to lean in. >> reporter: as companies struggle with vaccine policies, caltrans isso for the haven't had too much pushback from people interested in working for them. >> we are looking for people to be vaccinated, but that is not a requirement. we do do testing if people
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aren't vaccinated. >> reporter: while staff are impressed with the turnout and they say their workforce isn't too low to affect their ability to operate, they aren't just hiring for new positions. there are vacancies in the agency also. >> we have the people we need, but there is always turnover in retirement. we are always looking for retirement new talents. we have these positions based on clean california. >> reporter: caltrans is recruiting across the nine bay area counties. if you aren't able to make it to one of those, you can always apply online. >> we have a link to the site to apply for caltrans jobs that let's start out by taking a look outside this morning. we will check out the view we've got from our camera that sits above the san mateo bridge . the good news on this is this not a lot of fog showing up. you can see the view looking down the roadway here just
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fine. let me show you another couple of cameras we can take advantage of. the next camera we are going to take a look at is the one that looks out over the golden gate bridge. there's just a little bit of fog showing up here underneath the bridge, but nothing too intense. b.c. we have at the top of the salesforce tower looking to the east shows us a relatively clear sky. we get inland, you run into some issues with fog. we've got visibility down to less than a 10th of a mile for santa rosa, petaluma. barely a mile for concord. siri 04 livermore. if we look at the fog advisory, that includes all the northbay valleys and the east bay valleys all the way through the delta including the tri-valley and it has been extended to the city, the peninsula, and the east bay. there's an important distinction in terms of awareness level on where the fog is going to be a concern. anywhere up and down 880, 580, 101, 280 expect to have patchy
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fog this morning as well. again, just a review on the cameras we were looking at there. it looks okay here. those inland valleys will experience more difficult driving conditions. it's a sunny day with temperatures that will climb back up into the low and mid 70s. you can see the showers moving up into the pacific northwest. by tomorrow, late monday night into tuesday, perhaps a light shower tries to cross over the northbay in the early morning hours. this is, like, 1:00 am, 2:00 am. you can see the back edge of the clouds. by sunrise thomas sunny on tuesday. i know i am looking a bit ahead. the next opportunity is out there. will take that one. play that one forward. the time you've got to do friday we have a pretty well organized system directed at the bay area. however, this one also doesn't look like it necessarily holds together for that long. we might get a shower thursday
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but it doesn't look like a lot. big picture view shows you how the rainfall accumulates well up into washington and oregon for the next few days. starting this on thursday we will see some of the ring get down perhaps as far south as san francisco. may be a small chance for a light shower thursday. it just does not look significant. i don't have rain in the seven day forecast. daytime highs mid 70s. as we take a look across the seven-day forecast, increases in clouds. thursday, mid 70s for san jose today. mid 60s by the time thursday rolls around or go for the microclimates, same story. temperatures near 70 for the next few days cooling down to the mid 60s and claudia by the weekend or what he leads part of this coming week for the inland valleys of the east bay. we will be in the mid-70s with the northbay valleys today. cooling down to the low and mid 60s thursday and friday.
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does a new album from adele happening in a special pronto concert right here on cbs. the 15 time grammy winner will sit down with oprah to talk about the new album and the story behind those songs. gas prices continuing to climb. the big question is why now? coming up we breakdown the reasons why the rise in prices. some early-morning sports. we like it, we love it. including steph curry's alma mater at chase center. don't call it a setback. quality come back. san jose state survives the
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deep water they were
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these last six games were not ideal for the san jose sharks. seven players unavailable at the same time due to covid. those players were placed with ahl guys from the san jose barracuda. despite that not ideal scenario, they skated by at 3-2-
6:22 am
1. the coach behind the event in denver for the game against colorado. first-period titan 1. avalanche make it look easy. he gets a past eight and he will . not the greatest night at the office for he will. second-period. shocks down 2-1. another one hill could've saved and he didn't. it is alex new hope scoring his first ever nhl goal. he allows five golden sharks lose 6-2. there will trip continues as they faced them in a wild minnesota wild tuesday. from the eyes to the ice cold bears. taking on unlv. andre kelly sinks it back. less chance for the bears. down one. sheppard takes the past. lane is clear but taking flight from
6:23 am
the ops of it opposite runway. davidson was at chase last night. he figured steph would have been there if he wasn't on the road. first have, gabe stephanie need step back and at the buzzer. they were up and with over 1:00 to go. usf up four. that is deep for he had 14 usf wins. san jose state you just one more win to become bowl eligible. the schedule is back heavy and the spartans will need an upset victory to get their sixth win. utah state first up. finalist for best pickup line ever. i invented the wave. literally. crazy george. the lone individual that owns that title. first-quarter logan bonners picked out by canyon reed
6:24 am
taking it the distance. the spartans kept a close in the first half. all utah state in the second. third quarter, san jose state down. spartan lose 48 minus 17. there lashed into bowl eligibility. that is at home on thanksgiving. they have a really tough fresno state team. first career stunt yesterday. there were some growing down se- 0. there it is. i will take that. picked off. the stanford offense hasn't been smooth without mckee. third-quarter stanford down 14- 0. breaks a couple of tackles. one more to go. 67 yards to the house.
6:25 am
stanford loses 35-14. the bowl aspirations are over fooling 3-7. south dakota trailing rivals of the state 2017. carson chance unloads. it's tipped. it's tipped. it is caught. as time expires, 57 yards. the coyotes win a stunner, 23-20. that is a look at your sports this morning. the golden state warriors back in action on the road after an eight-game homestand. they have the charlotte hornets. still ahead. just when they couldn't get any higher, gas prices climb. we breakdown just why fuel is getting so expensive.
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thank you so much for joining us. let's start this half hour with a quick check of our weather with meteorologist darren peck. foggy so much so that we have another dense fog advisory for a good part of the bay area. it doesn't look that bad here from our camera on top of the salesforce tower. visibility readings down to 0.3 for the northbay. you can only see 3/10 of a mile.
6:29 am
it's okay once you get into the city and along the east bay shoreline. one quick look at where the dense fog advisory is until noon. it includes northbay valleys, east bay valleys, the delta, and the city, down the peninsula and east bay. i will be back with more coming up. california gas prices reached record highs this past week. it looks like they are climbing. in the bay area, we are seeing some of the highest prices across the state. what exactly is causing the spike and the prices? kandiss crone breaks it down for us. >> reporter: it seems to be getting worse. we are at arco . the price is $4.69. drivers can easily find themselves paying close to $5. prices have gone up six of the
6:30 am
last seven days. the average price rose $0.02 to $4.66, $1.50 higher than this time last year. california has some of the highest prices. rices climbed $0.06 per gallon. to give you perspective if your car has a 14 gallon tank, it will cost you an extra $20 to fill it up today than it did last november. experts say some socal refineries have had to do unplanned the tenants in recent days, which usually reduces the level of protection. a spokesperson for aaa explained other factors. >> the main reason why we have been seeing these pump price increases week after week is because of higher crude oil prices. also the demand for fuel has continued during the four months per agreement crude oil costs account for little pric than half of the pump 'sg tothe format nion. aaa says you can get agmakingsu
6:31 am
up with your regular car maintenance, getting oil changes and keeping your tires properly inflated. they do expect for prices remain high throughout the holiday season. the bay area seeing some of the highest prices. san francisco $4.85. san jose, $4.78. follow the example of public health officials in the south bay, all adults in san francisco now have a green light to get covid vaccine boosters. that means the pool of people who are eligible goes well beyond seniors and those in high risk groups. kpix 5 smacks darrow has the booster shot effort. >> reporter: shannon scott showed up to this vexing clinic on saturday on a mission to get a covid-19 booster shot. >> i found out they were giving
6:32 am
them out here. i came immediately. >> reporter: the fda has authorized a booster shot for seniors, adults with underlying medical conditions and adults who work in high risk settings. the san francisco department of public health expanded booster eligibility to all adults 18 and older provided the qualified based on the timing of their previous dose. the rationale? case rate increasing height of what will be a busy holiday season of gatherings. >> winter is coming. the winter surges coming. unless we all take collective action. >> reporter: a dot with stanford healthcare. >> it's incredibly safe, very effective. pfizer is the first out of the gate with the new vexing data showing the booster reduces the chance of getting covid by 95%. >> reporter: people were in and out of this walgreens in the marina district to get there boosters saturday. >> icon to get the booster shot. >> reporter: she is glad to see the city opened up booster eligibility and hopes people take advantage. >> i think it is a wonderful
6:33 am
thing to do. everyone needs to do it then we can go around with a normal life. it works. >> more than 100,000 booster shots have been administered in san francisco since the city authorized them. more than 65,000 have been people under the age of 65. 1 million american children have gone the first pfizer dose . the biden administration faces a setback. michael george looks at the battle to avoid a winter surge. >> reporter: as winter approaches, health experts are warning americans shouldn't let covid fatigue lower their guard. >> we are seeing cases rise dramatically in the country. 127,000 cases in the u.s. yesterday. >> reporter: the more contagious delta variant has fueled rising hospitalization numbers and parts of the west and increased cases in the north. this fall when a sword has been battling a fourth covid waive. >> my advice is that anybody
6:34 am
unvaccinated should get vaccinated. >> reporter: the biden administration effort to bolster vaccination rates has suffered another setback. on friday, a federal appeals court declined to lift it stay on the labor department's vaccine mandate for workers at companies with 100 or more employees. in the ruling, one of the judges wrote, from economic uncertainty to workplace strife the mere specter of the mandate has contributed to untold economic upheaval in recent months. and this week, a federal judge upheld united airlines xe mandate. thousands of united workers were given exceptions but with unpaid leave. that includes dave morgan, united pilot for 23 years. >> the last thing i expected was unpaid leave. that is why we are fighting the mccort. >> reporter: he says he won't get the vaccine for religious reasons. michael george, cbs news. as more and more goods disappear from store shelves, something else to be in short supply and that's workers.
6:35 am
the white house is focusing on how to get more people back to work. christina ruffini, with why so many people are turning in resignations. >> we will create millions of new jobs. >> reporter: in a meeting with masked up cabinet members, president biden said the bipartisan infrastructure bill still yet to be signed will help curb rising consumer prices. >> we will see ease and i say, yes, ease, lower inflationary pressures. >> reporter: even before his pen hit the $1.2 trillion piece a legislative paper, there's a new economic problem. people keep quitting their jobs. >> my mental health was more important. >> reporter: a former preschool teacher is one of a record 4.4 million americans who left their jobs in september. up from 4.3 million in august. at the end of september, there were 10.4 million job openings in the u.s. >> there's so many more ways to make money then a 9:00 to 5:00
6:36 am
job. that is what my job is now perk >> reporter: tired of low pay and trying to juggle childcare with increasingly compensated covid protocols she found an alternative that pays more and lets her work from home. >> part of the reflects concerns about covid and exposure to covid. >> reporter: the treasury secretary spoke with "face the nation" moderator margaret brennan about why there are so many vacant positions. >> the fact that childcare workers, educators are in short supply creates childcare problems that also tends to suppress labor supply perk >> reporter: financial experts say many workers are opting to retire early. >> that was christina ruffini reporting. a september study by the zip recruiter found 62% of jobseekers reported they are looking to change the type of job they had and trying to find one they can do from home.
6:37 am
what if you could stay healthy for the rest of your life? the bay area researchers challenging the limits of the human lifespan to try and stop the aging process. plus, we meet our latest student rising above scholar. the man who rose up with his high school sweetheart by his side. coming up on face the nation, we look at the economic challenges facing president biden with an exclusive conversation with treasury secretary janet yellen. inflation, the cost of living at a 30 year high. at the same time, we see a very mixed jobs market record number of workers quitting and a record number of job openings. what is going on? we will talk to the president of the minneapolis federal reserve bank and also the president of a world bank.
6:38 am
band and why covid infections are spiking in the state of colorado with her governor jared polis and prospective
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ranks of the elderly, the scientific community is turning attention to the causes of age- related illness. done ramose shows us in an original report the buck institute in nevada has become a major player in the effort to find out why the body ages and how to stop it. >> reporter: is it the fountain of youth? >> not quite. the research being done at the book is challenging the limits of the human lifespan. there's an air of excitement and dr. judy campisi's laboratory. she and her young research team are studying the effects of aging on tiny worms in a process called senescence. normally, cells will continue dividing to rejuvenate tissue or they die. however, senescent cells seen
6:42 am
in blue stop dividing but they don't die. instead, they begin secreting toxic enzymes that cause inflammation. >> the tissues begin to show signs of low-level, chronic inflammation. if that goes on for a long period of time, eventually it will destroy the tissue. >> reporter: at about age 65, human bodies begin to develop degenerative illnesses and dr. campisi has been granted $27 million to study of senescence may be causing it. >> senescent cells can contribute to virtually all of the diseases that we see go up with age, which is 99% of the diseases you see in the clinic. things like cancer, alzheimer's, diabetes, osteoporosis. even diminishing eyesight. they all may be affected by this process. >> the hope is that by understanding what's underneath the aging process, the molecular mechanism you can identify the major risk factor for all of these diseases instead of treating them individually as they occur. you're getting to the roots
6:43 am
core of the problem. >> reporter: the ceo says the institute's ultimate goal is to extend the human lifespan to 100 years while limiting chronic illnesses to about the last five years of life. >> our goal is to transfer him transfer everybody into a centenarian so if you want to live to 99, 95. >> reporter: they're getting help using mice as subjects. they are joining the xterra institute and a 70 million to effort called the rejuvenating project. it's to understand and possibly halt the aging process. there are even hints it may be possible to reverse the effects of aging allowing humans to actually wind back the clock on their bodies. >> there's a lot of hope and excitement we are on the verge of really changing the way we will age and the perception of how we will age. >> reporter: just because we
6:44 am
can do something, doesn't mean we should. how would it affect the world if everyone lived to be 100? it's a question humanity will have to wrestle with. for now, scientist try to find out if it may be possible. >> if you'd like to hear more about the project, the buck institute, we posted the full interview on police investigating a fire sparked just before 4:00 am yesterday aboard a 50 foot yacht. the fire broke out near the petaluma turning basin. two were able to get off the vessel before emergency crews arrived. because is under investigation. fire crews say there's a lingering odor in the area because of harry fog heavy fog. santa cruz county leaders want to hear from local residents affected by last year's lightning complex wildfires.
6:45 am
county supervisors are holding a tuesday hearing to address more than $4 million in damage to public and private roads caused by contractors. those contractors were hired by the state to clear debris by county leaders say they used heavy equipment that was not appropriate for that area. we reached out to the contractor for response but have not heard back. i will start the forecast with what looks like a gray monitor behind me. technically, it is just a gray monitor. that is because this is the camera in dublin. that's the view of the fog right now. this is a good example of a dense fog advisory. when i showed you the other camera that is next, which is the one on the san mateo bridge, that one, for the most part looks good. it looks better than it did yesterday. if you look towards the distance you can see a little bit of fog over on the peninsula. the peninsula is included in the dense fog advisory this morning as well. let me show you with a dense
6:46 am
fog is the thickest. northbay valleys, santa rosa, 0.3. livermore same story. you can pick out the gray splotches anticonsumer the fog is. the numbers really help spotlight where the significant troubles are. tri-valley, east bay. concord is doing better than yesterday. as far as the dense fog advisory is concerned, it's the northbay valleys. it's also the east bay valleys throughout the delta and just within this last 40 minutes, the national weather service extended this fog advisory to include the east bay shoreline and the peninsula. looks okay there now but the way we are seeing fog move, if you are about to hit the road, you should plan on the potential of hitting fog and maybe some unexpected places. current temperatures range in the upper 40s to the mid-50s. big picture view shows us we should not expect any significant rain over the next
6:47 am
few days anyway. you can see with the storm track is. it is going into the pacific northwest. this for system right therefore monday night into tuesday, tries to drag some light rain across the bay area in the overnight hours. that doesn't even warrant much of a mention when we get to the seven day forecast. i don't have rain there but tuesday in the predawn hours we might get a shower. that gets us into friday. late thursday night as the clock ticks over into friday, there's a weak little storm trailing a good stream of moisture across the pacific them i try to hold together and bring a few light showers. it doesn't look significant enough either to have a mention a bull chance of rain in the seven day forecast. it's really just a cool down. we will see the temperatures cool down from today's daytime highs. by the way, not to overlook
6:48 am
today's daytime highs before escape into the microclimate seven day forecast. i will go backwards to show you where we end up for today's daytime highs we are part of the bay area. san jose 76. 75 redwood city. santa rosa, 76. keeping with that theme of santa rosa showing off the northbay valleys. 76 today. we will turn into the low 60s by thursday. top line of the inner valleys of east bay whether it's tri- valley or the they are bow valley around 70 today. mid 60s thursday and friday. it will be noticeably cloudier by then. back over to you. the most student rising above scholars credit the nonprofit for their success and this week's scholar feels the same. as elizabeth cook reports he is also having one person his corner who has biggest been his biggest source of support. >> reporter: nathan leads into his work for brilliant, a smart home technology company based in san mateo. >> getting into the workforce, getting into something that i was intrigued about, which is specifically technologies was what got me here. >> reporter: here is career success. nathan's highly sought after position at a growing company. here is nathan's personal success.
6:49 am
his son oliver and wife desiree . >> so fun and inspiring to watch him. he is definitely a go getter. >> reporter: desiree and nathan met 12 years ago during their senior year in high school. for nathan, it was love at first sight. >> she caught my eye. at that time i thought it was super fly, so i went and kind of introduced myself. >> nathan's personality when we first met, he is very curious and does best making connections with people. >> reporter: for desiree, meeting nathan meant an instant connection to a young man who has been through a lot. back then the 18-year-old was living with friends working to support himself. his parents were in and out of his life. >> there's definitely a hard time to figure it out. rick >> reporter: with desiree by his side, nathan was on his own
6:50 am
but not alone. >> there was a lot of people who supported me. >> reporter: her commitment for support. desiree's mom and dad welcomed nathan into their family. >> my mom has been there. both my parents, but my mom, i would remember her calling, texting him. their relationship is awesome. that the couple stayed close to high school and college at several universities. they got married in 2017. >> it has been a blessing to have her in my life. >> reporter: 12 years later, nathan is still smitten. >> pushing me and always being there when things went rough. >> reporter: desiree is still oppressed by the man she knows today. >> i definitely think i don't say it enough how impressed i am about what kind of a person he is. >> reporter: their family tree is a dream come true. a fresh start for nathan and a strong base for oliver. >> oliver will have his own challenges as he grows up. the important part for me is that i'm always supporting him. >> reporter: for student rising above, i'm elizabeth cook.
6:51 am
>> they are expecting their second baby this coming february. both say they are so excited that oliver will have a sibling. to learn more about student rising above and scholars, to our website . a tribute decades in the making and the south bay celebrating a troop of soldiers who are often forgotten.
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live pictures of san jose where the vietnamese community unveiled a war memorial meant to remember south vietnamese soldiers who fought in the vietnam war. a plus mac the bronze image honor soldiers who battled communist forces a half-century ago. >> they erected the flag, and that is the image of the soldiers with the flag at the citadel signifying victory that was hard fought during that battle. it means that, at the time in the u.s. were abandoning its allies in the vietnam war, we fought back with what we had and we won and against the
6:55 am
overwhelming enemy forces. that is the significance of that battle. >> the victory monument stands at history park in san jose. now that the bay area is reopening, we are asking you sharing photos to getting back together or show us what you missed doing using the if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
6:56 am
if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
6:57 am
as of friday there were 140 cases at the jail and the main jail in san jose. the new figures more than eight times higher than it was 10 days ago.ámake a quick look outside shows you fog over the heels over the east bay. that's where we are looking. here's your take away. dense fog and it's in the north bay valleys in the east bay valleys. includes the peninsula. the east bay shoreline as well. give yourself extra time on the roadway today. thank you, for joining us.
6:58 am
enjoy the rest of your, sunday.
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