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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 14, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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getting down was a little trickier for this bear who spent the whole day urged 85 feet above petaluma. we have how it all ended just 90 minutes ago. >> and you may want more time for your monday morning commute. the fog is starting to build now and we have several hours to go. >> mourners pack a south bay church to remember a standout student athlete who died on his way home from a frat party. >> a very tragic accident. >> good evening to you. >> we begin in petaluma tonight pound bear finally came down
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from a redwood tree after running wild amongst the homes below. >> betty is live in the raymond heights neighborhood with how wildlife workers finally lowered him down. >> juliet, it was food, they used food including fish at the base of the tree in the bear finally came down on his own around 9:30 tonight. take a look at this cell phone video shot by animal services officials, who said it may be hard to make out but that is the bear walking down the sidewalk and we are told the bear did safely make it back to open space. tonight wildlife and animal services, officials watched and waited hoping the stillness of the night would encourage the good-sized bear to send this redwood tree. >> we see a lot of deer walking up and down the street but not bears. >> we are really hoping he's l i trust all the people who are
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trying to help him. >> the lorenzo's live within walking distance of where the bear ended up in raymond heights. >> we had our binoculars and we could see just the backside of it. it was really cool. >> with the pandemic and the fires, i think that a lot of the wildlife is going places they haven't been before and i feel for them. >> for much of the day the bear was the star of the show mesmerizing neighbors as it took refuge. >> he did it in about six seconds, he's a big boy. it was amazing to watch. >> one neighbor snapped this photo of the bear crashing through backyards and breaking fences. the last time this quiet community had a sighting like this was last year when a mountain lion made an appearance. >> they've had a lot of wildlife but you just have to lure them with food, i guess
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that's the answer. if your morning commute takes you across the bay area bridges you might want to give yourself some extra time tomorrow morning. >> darren is tracking a very foggy forecast. >> 2 mornings so far, you can see from the video in petaluma how foggy it was there. and looking up towards the east bay valleys all the fog coming over the hills. let's look now live at the latest visibility readings. look at the numbers appear that go down to 0.5 or 0.3. that's telling you how far you can see down the road in miles meaning you can only see 3/10 of a mile in santa rosa. that's enough to slow you down already but we are just getting started. overnight the fog will envelop the east bay communities, the delta and maybe the peninsula. give yourself more time on the road tomorrow. i'll be back with the rest of the forecast. a live look at interstate
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880 where the chp is investigating a grizzly traffic fatality. we are told a pickup truck hit and killed a man who was walking in the southbound lanes around 6:30. the driver did immediately stop and call for help. the man was pronounced dead at the scene and it's unclear why he was on the freeway. mourners packed a candlelight mass at santa clara university to remember a student athlete who died in a mysterious fall after leaving a frat party. >> there are still a lot of questions over how young men died after leaving a frat party. his family believes it was an accident. tonight family and friends celebrated his life. a few hundred people packed the mason church at santa clara university to pray for justin abner's family. his family has a long history with the university. both his father and brother are alumni. while the parents have asked for privacy, friends want
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people to know, justin was a gentle giant that had a kind soul. >> he had this contagious energy around him. just happiness and joy. he made everyone around him feel happy and excited. >> brent allen flew to town to pay respects to his childhood friend. they grew up playing sports and justin was an accomplished volleyball player. in high school he and his team won the boys junior national championship. justin was also a practice player for santa clara's women's volleyball team. >> the chapel was overflowing with people which speaks to how many lives he's touched. >> police found justin wednesday near cahill street. his father posted on social media he was walking back to campus alone from the fraternity party. he says the 20-year-old somehow fell 15-20 feet and passed away due to head trauma. >> a very tragic accident.
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it's unbelievably not fair. he had a bright future ahead of him. >> he was a member of sigma pi, fellow fraternity brothers say they will miss him. >> he could hang out with anyone. he was a joyful spirit and came naturally to him. >> police do not suspect foul play, the coroner's office is handling the case. in santa clara, >> new tonight a nine-year-old boy is the 10th person to die from the crowd crush at the astro world festival in houston. he had been in a coma since november 5 when his father put him on his shoulders to see travis scott. the crowd knocked them to the ground. hundreds more people were hurt when the crowd rushed the stage and dozens have now filed lawsuits against the city, concert organizers and performers including scott. >> a live look at san francisco
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where police are looking for a vandal who targeted the oldest mosque in the city. somebody threw a beer bottle at a window friday night spilling alcohol inside and shattering glass. the suspect can be seen on surveillance video running away. >> we are not sure what the intent of this person was. >> it's a community center, a prayer center and a home for muslims. when an attack like this happens we feel like our home was attacked. >> they are now fundraising to replace the window and to upgrade their security system. >> a market in oakland chinatown is asking police for help finding a vandal who left a hateful message on the side of the business. across newton's market, advising the owners to, go back to china followed by an explicit slur. the owners have filed a police report. more than 2000 people came together to rally against hate,
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it was a city sponsored walk for peace. the fbi is morning people and businesses to beware of fake emails coming from a legitimate fbi email address. investigators say at least 100,000 of those emails were sent out, one claims to come from the department of homeland security. warning the recipient was the target of a sophisticated attack. but the cyber security agency said they made no such warning. the fbi says the emails are the result of a software misconfiguration. president biden is set to put his pen to that trillion dollar infrastructure plan tomorrow. in the meantime christina ruffini reports he has a big bridge to build in congress. >> reporter: -- >> we are seeing broad-based price increase. >> reporter: janet yellin said covid caused a seismic shift
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in the way americ their money leading to shortages. >> there's an economic cost and americans feel it. >> reporter: the consumer price index which tracks the cost of everyday items, jumped 6.2% in the past year. speaking of eggs, they are up, about 12%. so our cars and trucks. a new one will run nearly 10% more and a used one, 26%. the head of the economic council said the mocrats to trillion dollar build back better plan will help to stabilize the economy. >> this bill is going to address the core cost that american families are facing. >> reporter: but republicans disagree. >> every republican opposes this boondoggle. >> reporter: a new poll shows most americans support the measure as well as the $1.2 trillion transportation bill, but 70% say the economy is in bad shape and only 39% approve of the way president biden is
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handling it. tamara president biden is expected to hold a signing ceremony for that $1.2 trillion transportation bill and finally get it moving. coming up, got a prescription that needs filling? still ahead, why your weight at one particular pharmacy could last a week. and could it be a solution to the supply train crisis, the new finds about to kick in to plunge california's cargo clogged. and coming up, senator robert kennedy's convicted killer may soon be released on parole, but, there is a continuing dispute. >> the second gunman is the one who killed robert cadman. -- robert kennedy. >> we discovered there was really more to the story. >> tomorrow, the rfk
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on most silverado 1500 crew cab pickups. kaiser patients across california are on notice tonight that they may not be able to fill their prescriptions tomorrow. the healthcare giants pharmacists are set to start a
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weeklong strike which would close out patient pharmacies until november 22. that could temporarily stop the supply of everything from allergy pills to chemo drugs. >> i was really concerned if i missed a treatment now, that would allow the cancer to start growing again. >> stephen ranke is battling stage iv colon cancer and receives chemo every two weeks at a client or -- kaiser clinic. he was supposed to get his next round tomorrow, instead his team did it friday to make sure he doesn't miss it. kaiser told us, it's disappointing that union leaders would ask nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare workers to walk away from the patients who depend on them every day and deliberately disrupt their care. kaiser struck a deal this weekend with most of its unions but as of tonight, pharmacists are still set to walk off the job tomorrow. a live look at the port of oakland and the folks who operated say they are ready and
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waiting to receive any cargo ships that come their way. tonight nearly 90 of those cargo ships were anchored at the port, with about $85 billion worth of goods sitting idle. the new harbor terrace taking effect will charge companies will hundred dollars per container that sits around longer than nine days. >> it's $100 a day but it grows in $100 increments. >> we have to do everything we can to send a message to shipping companies that the port of los angeles will not be used as a storage facility. >> shipping companies might already be getting that message. the port of long beach has already seen a 33% drop in idle containers. >> here's what november looks like in southern california, sunny and hot, a far cry from
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the bay areas sweater weather. hundreds of people flocking to san diego beaches to joy -- to enjoy today's 87 degree heat. >> getting to the beach in november this is part of the reason i came out here. >> a nice long weekend. >> even pets went for a swim to cool down. >> darren will explain fundamentally why we are getting that weather. >> that's just san diego's lot in life. so over the next couple of weeks we have a chance and hope for some rain. down in southern california it's just going to stay sunny and warm. let's talk about what's going on here tomorrow. i mentioned the issue with fog. here's one great overview to give you the big picture idea on why we've got a serious issue with fog. the last two mornings we've had a dense fog advisory and that was fine for the most part because it was a weekend.
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tomorrow is monday and while the national weather service has not issued a fog advisory for tomorrow yet they could. the signs are all there that the fog is likely going to build back in. that's satellite from this afternoon, that is the stuff moving in the high levels of the atmosphere. it's the fog that stays stationary that is the important part. that stayed there all day. as the sun went down and started building back in. petaluma is down to a half-mile visibility already and we've seen numbers go lower over the last hour. so the east bay valleys and northbay valleys start to see things go down first. but what we experienced over the last few days, it even gets right into the heart of the bay. on saturday morning there was a time when you really had to slow down going across this one. this morning was fine here on the bridge and you could be okay tomorrow, just give yourself a little extra time because, it's virtually
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impossible to say where the worst of the fog will be but it's definitely more likely in east bay valleys, the northbay valleys and the delta. temperatures now are in the low 50s, morning lows will go back down pretty much to the low 50s. we are not going to change a whole lot. daytime highs coming back to the low 70s. whenever fog develops is gone by 11:00 tomorrow then it's just a few high clouds. tomorrow will be a nice day, the warmest day of this week because there is a cooldown coming. we start to get closer to the storm track which has been doing a number on washington state, significant rain and flooding, another impressive atmospheric river only this one went further north. this falls apart and the next system comes together right here, as we take that into the long-range forecast models this becomes our next chance for rain. on thursday, if you take a look
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at what's going on, most of it is going up north. we at the southern end of it. there's not a lot to it but if we take the future cast from thursday, thursday and friday we will see the rain gauge perhaps a budget just a little bit down here at home. so that's what you see in the seven day forecast, the chance for light rain on thursday and friday. doesn't look like a big deal but, it's rain so we will talk about it as soon as we see the possibility for it, it looks promising that we get something out of it but we will certainly cooldown. from 70 today and tomorrow, down to the mid 60s for the inland valleys. back over to you. still to come the alameda county city going big on affordable housing i thinking small. and why former president trump might soon see his name stripped from one of his hotels.
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first lady jill biden joined the surgeon general at a pediatric clinic in houston today to encourage parents to get their kids in line for the covid-19 vaccine. so far more than 1 million have since the shots have been made available to the 5-11 age group. about 10% of those low doses have been given right here in california. hundred 95 million americans are now fully vaccinated, just under 60% of the population. and about 15% of them have already had a booster shot. >> the florida governor called state lawmakers into special session tomorrow to block vaccine mandates. he wants stiffer penalties for businesses and local governments that require employee vaccination.
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and he wants to put more teeth into his executive order giving parents the right to decide whether their kids where masks in school. >> the trump hotel in washington dc could soon get a new name. the trump organization reached a deal with an investment group to sell its lease for $375 million. it's expected to be rebranded as waldorf astoria, and become a part of that chain of luxury hotels. since the feds on the property the deal has to be approved by the general services administration. if you are waiting for gas prices to tank, don't hold your breath. tonight they are higher than they've ever been.
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i'm spending easily over 800 or $900 a month on gas. i have to fill up twice a week, $70 each time. >> california gas prices have hit a record high tonight. aaa says a gallon of regular is averaging $4.67 statewide. according to gas buddy it's averaging $4.84 in the area. the national average just $3.41 per gallon. >> makes you think about what
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kind trips you are going to go on, where you are spending and everything like that. >> gas prices are high but with all the other prices in the world creeping up it's not too surprising. >> nationwide gas prices are up 50% year to year. >> the city of hayward is breaking ground on a new affordable housing project involving thinking small pill --. building micro apartments. these units range in size from 281 to 296 square feet, it will include support services for formerly homeless and low- income residents. the city is kicking in a quarter of the cost through its affordable housing fund. the rest coming from county housing bond funds. >> still to come why you might want to look up ahead of the niners matchup tomorrow, the spectacle being planned in the
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the niners will be looking for their the niners will be looking for their first home win of the season when they butt heads with the rams in monday night's matchup. >> because they are still looking for their first home win, they are doing everything they can to change that. the defense needs to help. in the pregame show, if you're close enough to the stadium, the niners are bringing in f-16 jets and skydivers. anything to help them out at 4:55. let's hope they get a nice good home game win. we need that. look up at the sky to see that. at 5:00, our news starts. >> he swears it is going around thursday. >> don't swear.
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thanks for watching, game day is coming up next. see you next weekend. >> have a great week ahead.
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this is game day on kpix 5. game day, the november 14 edition. 20 of nfl business. up top, the greatest show in
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the nba. the warriors took their act on the road. steph curry, the headliner in his hometown of charlotte, north carolina, and nothing could be finer as they worked it around to the third. textbook inside for draymond green. andrew wiggins scored 28. final seconds of the third, curry and the bank was open on sunday. into the final quarter. not much went right for the warriors beyond the arc. 9 for 39 from deep. to have left in the game, terry rozier, the floater. he was found. the free throw made it a four point game. golden state down two. he rocked the rim. a tie game with 45 seconds left. exposition, miles bridges, not quite a skyhook, but he will take it. the warriors back in


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