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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 15, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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discovered that there was really more to the story. >> now at 7:00 and streams on cbsn bay area, with a stroke of his pen president biden unleashed a trillion dollar toren't of infrastructure funding. so how and when will it trickle down to all of us? >> we sent andria borba to find out what is in it for bay area commuters. andria? . >> reporter: well, elizabeth, it could mean more electric vehicle charges stations on the road for south bay drivers, as well as full extension of b.a.r.t. into san jose and a quicker, faster b.a.r.t. with more trains running through the tube. get ready for the largest infusion of cash into bay area transit ever. bay area transit agency stands to get $3.6 billion from the $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan president joe biden signed
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into law today. on the top of the list for b.a.r.t., a new system that would increase the number of trains in the trans bay tube from 24 to 30 per hour. >> our new communications based train control system and everything it will take to run trains closer to together, that's such a meaningful upgrade for our riders to neat we're running trains even closer together so there isn't as much of a wait. >> reporter: riders say more trains would make the experience on b.a.r.t. better. >> it would make it so that trains were less crowded, which basically affects morale, so that when people get off the train, they're not angry because they were squished up like this on the train all the way. >> san jose's mayor was the capitol for the bill signing. he said the biggest plan is
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moving beyond a single b.a.r.t. station in san jose. >> i'm most excited about getting transit built and projects like b.a.r.t. to downtown. we've gotten the first station opened in san jose. we have to get the remaining four opened, and that means getting a shove until the ground in 2022, but we have a lot of other important projects whether it's broadband, whether it's around water, drinking water in particular. >> reporter: their specific carve outs for things like be disability access projects give could mean the elevator system at b.a.r.t., which is over 50 years old, could be updated so there is easier access tore disabled folks to use this updated transit system with all of this new infrastructure funding coming. >> all right, andria, thank you. speaking of infrastructure improvements, the san mateo bridge needs a bit of repair work today after a box truck flipped over the center divider near the toll plaza. the evening commute also damaged lane closures, backed
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up westbound traffic, all the way across the span. a live look at santa clara county, where the vase on right now to vac it's a as many young children as possible ahead of the holidays, and tonight there is new incentive. fun. the foundation raise add quarter million dollars in donation to transform a drab vaccine site into a kid- friendly jab jungle. >> why a jungle theme? >> we wanted that distraction when they came in so they didn't see the needles, they just saw the fun interaction. nationwide over one million kids have gotten a low dose pfizer shot, about 10 percent of those here in california, but just 12 days into the rollout, demand is slowing, and with more than 30% over the u.s. population still fully unvaccinationsed, tonight one usfc ex-period of time spoke. >> i think we have to sort of
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accept reality that we're probably not going to get that much better than we are now. >> an anti-mandate protest like this one at the state capital today certainly aren't getting us any closer to a pandemic finish line. >> the state of california hit amazon with a $500,000 over the way the company notifies employees about covid outbreak. >> it led to workers not knowing if they had been potentially exposed to two, 20, or even 200 cases of covid-19. >> attorney general rob bonka made the announcement outside of an amazon fulfillment center in san francisco today. going forward, the company must tell warehouse guys about new covid cases within 24 hours. amazon had this response, quote, we have worked hard from the beginning of the pandemic to keep our employees safe and deliver for our customers. we have posted the attorney general's full press conference on our website,
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well, sparks flew at the elizabeth holmes trial in san jose where cross-examination of one angry investor may have scored some points for the defense. investor alan eisenman invested more than a million dollars in theranos and lost it all. in 2018, he wrote an e-mail to an fbi investigator telling the agent, quote, you know i'm on your team and i will do all i can to help your case. >> well, this is the smoking gun for the defense, that they have a witness who outright admits that he'll do basically whatever he can to help the prosecution. yes, it very much impeaches his credibility. >> holmes is charged with defrauding investors, doctors, and patients with, by making false and misleading statements about her theranos's failed blood testing technology. the prosecution could rest its case later this week. yet another violent weekend in oakland. tonight a mother and daughter are recovering after being shot inside their own home.
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police say bullets started flying through the front window of their home on sterling street around 10:30 last night. a 40-year-old mother and her 11- year-old daughter were struck. more than 20 shots were fired. >> i grew up down the street in the '60s, so this is -- i don't know, i feel attached to it. oakland's got grit, you've got remember that. >> police say there are no suspects or motive yet. still to come, an original report on the rfk controversy. >> a second gunman is the one who killed robert kendrick, not sirhan. >> well, it was a just sirhan all by himself. >> tonight why some still don't consider the case closed, including a couple of kennedys. >> plus what the president is considering tonight to ease the pain at the pump. and a great escape from a
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small plane that suddenly became a submarine. a lot of cloud cover after the morning fog dissipated, so temperatures were on the cool side, below average pretty much across the board. we'll talk about why the fog has been so stubborn recently and talk about the next chance for rain coming
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more than 50 years ago, a young sirhan sirhan was convicted officially shooting senator robert kennedy. in august, a two-member panel recommended the now senior citizen be paroled from his california prison. >> as we wait for the final decision, there is an enduring controversy about the killing that has divided some experts, as well as the kekennedy famimi
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>> late mamay, 1968, , senanat robert kenennedy, runnnning for prpresident, blitzed the bay areaea. bay viewew hunter's s popoint, elmhurstst poke if o oakland, e the pollll street cable car. >> peoplele feel ththey have n control over what happens to them. they have no control over his destiny or their future. >> days later, kennedy won the all impoportant cacalifornia primimary. early momorning fromom the ambabassador hototel in l.a.a. > my thanksks to alall of yo now itit's on to chicicago, an let's win this. >> the senator then entered a kitchen pantry on the way to a news conference. suddenly gunshots. >> senator kennedy right now is on the ground. he has been shot. >> kennedy was hit three times and transported to two hospitals, underwent emergency surgery, and 26 hours later died from a severe brain injury. even so. >> we discovered that there was really more to the story. >> sirhan sirhan was
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immediately caught. this cadet 8-shot 22-caliber revolver was ripped out of his hands. a handwritten manifest tow outlined his intent that kennedy must i do. there was little doubt in anyone's mind that the 24-year- old palestinian killed the senator, or did he? >> he is guilty of shooting and she four other people. >> reporter: former kennedy campaign aid paul shrade. sirhan wound him and four others. as for kennedy? >> a second gunman is the one who killed, either kennedy, not sirhan. >> reporter: shed a security guard on duty that night is the prime suspect. in 1988, that stunned a kpix reporter. >> you know what? there are things i've never heard before. >> reporter: he interviewed several people, and an investigator journal it's, dan
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muldaya, hat meant months looking there into the shooter. it was based on a report that more bloats had been fired than sirhan's gun could hold. >> sirhan would have literally had to have the gun here. >> reporter: witnesses testified they never saw sirhan get that close, but now with sirhan on the cusp of parole. >> my position is he should never be released. >> reporter: he came to believe that sirhan acted alone and that the bullet holes were misidentified by the police, and said to the now deceased security guard passed a polygraph. >> he was an innnnocent man n wrongly accused. >> reporter: others disagree, wanting to fire the security guard's gun and compare those bullets to the ones in court. when sirhan's gun was refired in the '70s, those did not match the only intact one taken out of kennedy. his widow eatingin' ethel ask
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six of nine liviving chilildren opposese releasingng sirhan. >> he was a man of just advertise. >> reporter: two other children, including bobby kennedy jr., believe that sirhan should be released. >> and i said bobby, this the guy who killed yoyour dad, bubu insisteded that sirhrhan was innocentnt. > reporter:r: as for sirha accecepts reresponsibilility fo having caused rfk's death, but continues to claim he does not remember the shooting. at the parole hearing, he said he quote probably caused the whole incident through his gun or othther guns. . the e l.a.p.d. opopposes sirhrhan's releasase. >> i think an honest to god ballistics test would put a lot of it to rest. >> governor newsom will have the final say on a release. as for the reasoning behind the parole panels recommendation, we have posted the transcript from their hearing on the u.k. has raised its terror threat referral to severe after this.
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surveillance cameras caught the moment a taxi blew up moments after arriving at a liverpool hospital. the home-made bomb killed the passenger carrying and it injured the taxi driver. investigators still do not know the motive. to wisconsin now, where the fate of kyle rittenhouse is in the hands of a jury in kenosha tonight. he faces life in prison for quilling two men and wounding another at violent protest last year. rittenhouse said he shot in self-defense. >> in the administrative state wants to take me on, bring it. because we're here to fight this, and we're gonna go on offense. >> that is a defiant steve bannon, as the former president's chief strategy turned himself into court today for refusing to respond though committee evacuating january's capital size. president bead condition is
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considering tapping into the nation's energy petroleum reserve to try to ease the pain at the pump. california's gas now stance at $4.68 a gallon for regular, with even higher prices here in the bay area. we the two people in this small plane able to escape unhurt after it turned into sort of a submarine there off of florida. in the pilot told rescuers he was headed to a regional airport with engine trouble, but came up about 5,000 feet short. visibility clearly not a problem in the area, even underwater, but, paul paul, a different story outside here with the fog. >> yeah, the fog has been stubborn lately. this is tooley fog that has been developing. it's called that because of the tooley grass that grows in the central valley, and that's
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where it is thickest. you need certain conditions for this. clear skies over head, calm winds at ground level, but also ground level moisture. we've been lacking that ground level moisture the last couple of years, but recent rains have added to that ground level moisture, have we've seen that thick fog developing. and the high pressure over head acts like a lid, making the fog more stubborn, and also anything else gets trapped in place, specifically referring to ground level pollutants. that's why the ground quality has been an issue for the past few days. moderate to even unhealthy for sensitive groups. the air quality should gradually improve. i don't think the fog will be as stubborn tomorrow, but there will be some of it out there. we see those winds picking up helping to improve the air quality, and with cloud overhead tonight, we're not going to see as much of that fog developing. there is the haze.
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again, just the lid on the atmosphere keeping that trapped in place. we're in the mid-to-upper 50s right now. there is going to somebody fog out there tomorrow morning, but really it's the cloud cover further up in the atmosphere. one of the ingredients for that fog to become dense is clear skies. we don't have that out there. some fog will develop. it will be more sparse and won't last quite as long. temperatures will warm back up to more normal for this time of year. any fog will be long gone by noon tomorrow. temperatures only dropping a few degrees because of that blanket of clouds overhead. most will be in the low-to-mid 50s by tomorrow morning. temperatures will be back up to about normal for this time of year. into the mid-60s in san francisco. some early morning fog and low cloud cover, but dissipates pretty quickly. more of a typical pattern for this time of year. santa rosa reaches close to 70 degrees. should hit 70 in concord around 3:00 in the afternoon, and then
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temperatures drop off quickly once the sun goes down tomorrow, just before 5:00 in the afternoon. early, early sunset times. san jose reaches up to the upper 60s, close to 70 degrees as well. generally running two to four degrees above normal, mid-to- upper 60s with the warmest spots touching or even exceeding 70 degrees. the cool spots along the coast, only in the low 60s. temperatures similar across the board ons we, and then we cool off thursday and friday, nease system brings more cloud cover in and the chance for some showers. after the sun goes down thursday evening, probably going to be after midnight, and then lingering into the first half of the day on friday. that system will be out of here as we head into the weekend. so saturday and sunday are both looking very nice. this next system thursday night and friday is going to bring us more needed rainfall, but won't be a huge rainmaker. a few hundredths of an inch of rain, maybe a few favorite spots ticking up a tenth of an
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inch. but i've said it every time its rained so far this season, i'll say it gain, we'll take whatever we can get. and then the weekend is look nice. >> beggars can't be choosers. >> nope. >> thanks, paul. the critical vote on whether to keep an open space that way in san jose. and wondering whether you can or should get a covid booster? hear from one local doctor at 8:10. you can eveveryone neeeeds healalth insuranance. coverered california is making sure m more peoplele can get . new federaral fundingg of $3 3 billion is availilable to hehelp more californrnians get c covered. jujulie and bob are payiying $70000 less everery month. dee now gegets compmprehensive e coverage wiwith no montnthly premiuim anand the navavarros are p pag under $10000 per monthth. check cocoveredca.cocom to s see your nenew lower prp. covered d californiaia, thisis way to hehealth insurur. enroll b by decemberer 31st. ememergency plplanning foror .
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happening tomorrow, the san jose city council will be voting on what to do with a prized piece of property in the heart of coyote valley. surrounded by hundreds of acres of open space. the owners of the property want to sell it and build a massive amy coney amazon style building on the site. >> it is about getting fair market value for the land. they're willing to sell it, but not for zero. >> well, a number of different tech companies have had an eye on coyote valley over the years, ibm, apple, and cisco, who have considered bidding
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their head quarters there. federal regulators are looking into tesla's autopilot feature, after a california driver said the car steered pipes a crash despite his override attempts. he said the car forced itself into the wrong lane earlier this month, into another car. no immediate comment from tesla. autopilot problems aside, electric car sales are soaring as gas prices climb. electric and bibid sales are up 200% from this time last year. aaa also chalks that up to factors such adam improved range and more variety among models. >> well, move over pumpkin and pecan pie, a new dessert wants a place at your thanksgiving table. this three-pound peanut butter cup.
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this is awesome. reese's is releasing its largest peanut butter cup ever, in the form of a full-size thanksgiving pie. >> the cup weighs in at 3.4 pounds, and clocks in at nearly 7700 calories. worth every one is you ask me. reese's is only making 3,000 of them, so get your order in if you want one.. need a big glass of milk with it. [ laughter ] >> thanks for watching. >> we will see you back here at 11:00. enjoy your night. >> the news continues streams
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