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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 16, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area looking live from the sales force tower camera. looking eastover the bay bridge. good morning. it's tuesday, november 16th. >> we are going to start with a look outside at weather and traffic. how is it looking? >> we are looking at those foggy conditions again with a dense fog advisory in effect for the north bay and east bay inside valley. you can see the dense fog advisory highlighted in gray. that's because of the visibility, less than a quarter mile. we are looking at thick fog in those areas. be careful if you are going to hit the roadways. you can see down to a quarter mile for santa rosa. one mile in napa. go and a half in concord and five in livermore. four for fairfield. we will catch clearing with daytime highs, slightly warmer compared to yesterday. low 60's along the coast. mid to up60 peniula anghnd. upper 60's low
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afternoon. looking at 65 in san francisco. you can see as we head through the day, we are looking at some clearing, a few clouds through this evening. that's hour by hour. future cast we will talk more about the seven day forecast and what you can expect in just a few minutes. let's check in with gianna and some locations dealing with the fog. >> we have fog advisories for the bridge. be careful as you hit the roadways. are you doing okay for the most part. live look at the golden gate bridge. foggy north of here. be careful as you travel along 101 and surrounding areas. once are you past that. things moving smooth across the span into san francisco with no major delays or issues. bay bridge off to a good start, under ten minutes for the ride from the maze into san francisco. the san mateo bridge looking at 12 minutes between 880 and 101.
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if you are going along 880 both directions clear. no delays. traffic moving clear at the limit. travel times looking good. westbound 5840 so far still in the green which means moving up to speed for the most part. 30 minutes from 205 toward 680. the live news desk and we are following the search for suspects in a diamond heist in the east bay last night. here is video of this smash and grab robbery in action. it happened at the sun valley mall in concord at around 7:00. nine suspects in masks, armed with hammers robbing iceberg diamonds. they smashed every case and emptied the place out. it happened at seven. originally police got a call to a shooting but those just the sound of all the glass breaking right now. police have not released any description of the suspects. we will keep you posted on that crime. back to you. the san francisco 49ers
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just won their first home game but off the field another battle is brewing. maria with a closer look at the stadium supply issues. nonsthe rams. atis. sent a wave of cheers throughout the stadium. football fans may not know that many vendors are hoping for a hail mary when it comes to feeding them and getting items in their hands. a supply chain issue that's been building since the start of the pandemic is to blame. goods are system on giant container ships waiting for space to unload at california ports. demand has also been high for food as more people stayed home and cooked for the last two years. even getting something as basic as cups was a challenge. >> was your wife able to find another vendor? >> she was but she had to
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research it. >> when the restaurants -- has the chicken it goes really fast and then we see that the next shipment doesn't come for like two- or three-days and the business runs on -- half of my menu is chicken. >> who ns ha inand food is more expensive in general. >> for example, prepandemic a case of 25-pound case of tomatoes was around $12. right now it's sitting closer to $40. >> wow. >> for tomatoes. >> how do you make money? >> we raised our prices. >> it's a battle off the field, business owners hope they can win. >> vern glenn has a break down later in sports. a big decision could come on the future of the oakland coliseum complex. two people are working to
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redevelop it. today the city council could decide to negotiate with one of them. the winner would have up to 18 months to reach a deal to buy the city's half of the site. the a's own the other half. on the coronavirus front as the rush to vaccinate younger kids starting to slow as parents take a wait and see approach. andrea has more on that and the results of an eye opening new study about kids and long covid. >> there was a long line outside the store when the clinic first opened here. more appointments are becoming available as the supply increases. >> all right. >> you all good? >> yeah. >> this is one of five vaccine clinics in sonoma during a seven day span. >> our families got the vaccine. we believe in it and we are just hoping that this will stop us from having to wear a mask and get us over the pandemic.
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>> sonoma has 73% much its population five and older fully vaccinated. according to a new poll released by the kaiser family foundation a third of parents are waiting before vaccinating their kids. after this week roughly 900,000 children are expected to be vaccinated nationwide. >> there are robust safety monitoring systems in place that are monitoring the data. >> dr. lee is going to be essential to have as mankids as vaccinated as possible to slow down a potential winter surge. a uk study looked at covid and it's impact on children. it found one in seven suffer from long haul coronavirus. >> its been well recognized in adults but i think we are just starting to recognize it in children now. we know that it can happen even after infections without
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symptoms and it's hard to predict who will develop it. >> kpix5. jury deliberatations will start soon in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. he has pleaded not guilty to charges last year. yesterday the judge dismissed a gun possession charge and allowed the jury to consider two lesser charges. get ready for the largest infusion of cash into the bay area. transit agencies could see up to 3.6 billion on the top of the list for bart a new system to increase the number of trains in the transbay tube from 24 to 30 an hour. >> it would make it so trains were less crowded which basically affects morale so people aren't angry because they were squished up on the
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train. >> san jose mayor was present for the bill signing. he said there are big plans. he said caltrain hopes to go electric by 2024. another big project is expanding to more than one station in san jose. coming up, high drama in outer space. why a near disaster could indicate a much larger threat. and seasame street welcomes it's newest resident. the history making muppet joining the show. and let's look outside before we head to break. we will be right back.
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this morning a russian missile blowing up one it's own satellites is triggering a quick response from the united states. >> kenny folk to an expert who said the satellite systems including gps could be threatened by acts like this. >> think 6 just -- bullets actually traveling faster than bullets. that could just go through all sorts of electronics. >> astronauts on board the space station received a wake up call nobody expected. >> we were informed of a satellite break up. >> the anti satellite missile test generated thousands of pieces of debris in lower
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orbit. >> we watch closely the kinds of abilities that russia seems to want. >> the economy can't operate without its gps technology. a system of 31 satellites that makes the use of phones, credit card transactions and turn by turn navigation in cars possible. >> it is a fantastic system but it's got this big bullseyeon it. >> it doesn't have a back up yet. brian is co founder of the space systems which is developing the next generation of systems to be used foretell against transportation. >> i think gps at the moment is not in any immediate danger because gps. the satellites are much further away from earth. they are meeting earth orbit. >> the current field may not threaten the system but the advancement of anti satellite technology that could be a disaster. >> the country can hit a satellite in lower orbit. what's stopping this credit i or another country going further and hitting a
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satellite, a gps satellite and. >> this kind of anti satellite test is rare but its been done before. the last time something similar was back in 2007 when china launched a missile that created a large debris field. time for money watch. get ready to pay more for your meat at the grocery store and now you have a chance to own an nfl team. diane king hall report from the new york stock exchange. >> wall street moved slightly lower on monday. the dow fell 12 points. shares-- slumped 20%. the maker that's backed by oprah and jay z missed expectations and lowered its yearly sales outlook. like many man have turned in disappointing quarterly reports they put some of the blame on
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the supply chain crunch. tyson said its raising meat prices, blaming inflation. beef is up nearly 33% compared to last year with pork up 38%. earlier increase led to a jump in revenue. the company reported $12.8 billion in sales in its quarterly report. a double digit bump. here is a chance to own an nfl team. the packerns selling $90 million of stock to the public. it's not new. the team has done it's six times before and is the only football team with a public ownership structure. shares are going for $300 each but have. value, pay no dividend and don't allow any say in how the team is run. the packerns will use the money for improvements at the field. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money at the new york stock exchange. eye diane king hall.
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it's 4:44. let's get a look at weather and traffic. >> we will start with a look outside. we are seeing fog. >> dense fog once again this morning. ly get right to it here. this advisory that is in effect for the areas highlighted in gray. that includes the north bay inside valleys and the east bay inside valleys until 11:00 a.m. visibility less than a quarter mile in those spots. slow down. use the low beams and keep distance between you and the car in front of you. nevato. concord, livermore, antioch. pleasant on all under the dense fog advisories. let's check the current conditions and the current visibility out there down to two and a half in concord, four miles in fairfield. a mile in napa and a quarter mile in santa rosa you can see on the sales force tower camera. just covered in fog this morning and just the very top of the transamerica pair identified through that fog this admonishing. temperatures are running in the 50's and the low to mid50's as
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we start off the day. morning clouds and dense fog as we start off tuesday. as we head through the day we will see clearing. partly sunny skies. sunshine through the afternoon. then a chilly evening ahead. temperatures will be colder compared to last night. here we go. on the satellite and radar you can see the afternoon clearing because of that ridge of high pressure slowly, slightly blowing in with us. as we take you hour by hour, future cast and you can see little bit of sun through the afternoon. let's check the daytime highs and what you can expect. for the peninsula, 66 san mateo. for the south basement upper 60's. close to 70's. as we look to the inland east bay, 70 concord, pleasant hill. around the bay. 67 in oakland and highs for the north bay in the upper 60's this afternoon. topping out at 68 for ukia. as we look to thursday into friday and really looking at
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friday, our next chance for rain moves in and not expecting a lot just a few hundred diagnosis to maybe a tenth of an inch as we look to the end of the workweek. we are looking at partly supe skies for tomorrow. a little bit more cloud cover for thursday ahead of the next weather system. that will bring the return of wet weather through friday. for the inland east bay, north bay and the coast. temperatures will take that dip as we head through the workweek. again looking at showers as we look to friday to end our workweek. not a big storm but a little bit of wet weather by friday. in the meantime let's check in with gianna. the foggy conditions in spots. >> watching 101 as mary just said. we are dealing with fog as you work santa rosa. right now in crashes. that's good news. we are seeing okay speeds in and around that area. be careful, limited visibility leave a lot of space between you and the car in front of you and just take it easy as you work through there. the rest of 101 we are clocking
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in nice speeds down through the golden gate bridge. we are starting to track a few brake lights for that ride out of the pass. starting on 205 itself. getting onto 580. looks like the bulk of the delays out of tracy. westbound 205 before you get to the connector. you are free flowing through that dublin. no crashes. again things will get busier for the super commuters. travel time, 32 minutes. westbound -- most of the major freeways. good travel times. it's still early. the morning commute. westbound 80. only 14 minutes. highway 4 itself. all clear. 26 minutes from antioch to 80. if you are taking 101 out of the south bay. san jose, traffic now moving nicely -- all the way toward sfo. that's only 36 minutes right now. good time to be on the roadway. you won't deal with a lot of
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traffic. there's a fog advisory in effect. traffic still moving at the limit across the span. we are seeing okay speeds on the upper east shore freeway. live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic quiet. both directions. san francisco, easy ride. south 101 down through the city. and things fairly quiet. as you head over into san francisco. if you are commuting between 880 and 101 and foster city, give yourself 12 minutes to go between the san mateo bridge. no delays. things quiet in both directions and a quick look at the freeway. live look in oakland. no delays. the first asian american puppet will soon join the popular children's show seasame show. >> she is korean american. she will debut on a new show
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called see us coming together. >> there's so many people, different types of people and it feels like no matter who you are, you belong. >> welcome to the family. seasame street special airplanes on thanksgiving day. hello from levi stadium. what do we have straight ahead? morning look at how the 49ers control the rams last night. i got a question for you. are times finally changing for this football team? >> see what you did there. a like look outside before we go
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all right. back at levi lousy performance arizona last week. get right game is just what the doctor ordered. in fact he wrote a prescription for a 5th straight win against the rams. last night we got von miller on the left. beckham jr. on the right. turned out to be no match for kyle shanahan's play calling. touchdown on the 18 play drive. second touchdown in two weeks. the 49er defense forced mistakes. jimmy, a little pick six, a rams quarterback, matthew stafford, 14-0 before you could get comfortable. 49er ran the ball 44 times. here is samuel to the corner.
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look at it. kick back and watch the show. 21-7. they were given ramsey and the rams re halfttle ay, fa on 4th do. jones made th then this happened. a 40-yard pass and run after catch for samuel on 4th down. targeted five times, five catches, 97 yards, that bling looked good on him. 15-19. 182 touchdown performance by jimmy. a 5th straight game. 31-10 for the whole nation to see. first one at home in over a year. >> just going to this year was very frustrating. especially the crowds we have had. the ways fans have been. they were great today.
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just like they were great last week. >> talk about finding your identity. that looked like your identity. what did it feel like to get back at that? >> it felt similar to the super bowl year. felt like the backs were against the wall. from this point on every game kind of got to be personal. we got to bring a little extra every day and every sunday. that's the only day we will be successful. >> you can build on that energy and take it up another level. we will be a scary team. if you can run the ball and make the plays you got the ball in the hands of your play makers. the defense plays like that. >> before the game, alex smith got -- it was a little make up for his pregame show appearance with espn. the former 49er quarterback turned broadcaster spent eight of his 16 seasons in san francisco. said he has no regrets about walking away. >> i mean certainly not
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getting hit i will tell you that. it's the down time. it's the relationships. the bond that you get. i'm loving where i am at. trying to figure out what is next. come on. thank you. >> all right. the 49ers now 4-5 with jacksonville on a short week coming up on sunday. i'm channeling john madden because in 1993, he famously said winning is the best deodarant. you know what? smells pretty good this morning. i will see you later. >> i'm sure about that. >> sure. the time is now 4:56. coming up, it's back to court this morning in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. the cross examination of one angry investor and what it could mean in the long run. and the message by hundreds of parents, students and teacherns at the state capitol
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offer vaccines. and a live lo
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ho. ho. ho. it's santa. we got a problem. ♪ ho! ho! ho!
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oakland city council could make a decision on a developer. i'm justin an crew drews. what it could mean. and how the global supply chain crisis is affecting business owners and vend ears at levi stadium. >> and the push to get shots in to arms in kids in sonoma and the parents still waiting to make the decision. >> it's a battle between conservation and developers. san jose city council has an important vote when it comes to the future of coyote valley. good morning. it's tuesday, november 16th. >> good morning to you. glad to have you with us.
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we made it through monday. we start this new day. happy tuesday to you. we are looking at another morning of dense fog in spots. the dense fog advisory that's in effect. highlighted in gray. for the north bay and the east bay. under that dense fog advisory. we are talking about santa rosa, nevado, concord, livermore, pleasant on and antioch under the dense fog advisory. we are looking at dense fog. looking at four miles for concord, fairfield, a half mile in n apa and a quarter mile for -- and a half mile for santa rosa. two miles along the coast in half moon bay. the foggy conditions. temperatures in the low to mid50's as we start off the day. as we head through the afternoon catching a little bit of sun. we are looking at partly sunny skies. temperatures warmer compared to yesterday. mid-60s a round the bay. 67 oakland. the peninsula mid to upper 60's


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