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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 16, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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right now on cbsn bay area, developing news, a vaccine dose mix up potentially affecting more than a dozen children in the bay area. >> sutter health admits giving the kids the wrong dose of the covid vaccine over the weekend.
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we are live at sutter health in antioch. what is the clinic saying about this mistake? i'm sure a lot of parents are frustrated and confused. >> sutter health being tight li with this. at least at this point. not telling us many details but we did get a statement from them and here is what we know at least at this point. the health care company is telling us that over the weekend 14 kids at the antioch vaccine clinic got the wrong dose of the vaccine. they were supposed to get ten micrograms but they got double. sutter health said based on the cdc guidelines these kids may have soreness in their arms, fatigue, a headache or maybe a fever. here is a portion of that statement now. it reads, as soon as we learned of this we contacted the parents and advised them of cdc guidance in this situation. the safety of our patients is our top priority and we immediately reviewed our
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processes to help make sure this doesn't happen again. we talked to a doctor. >> you know i think what is great is for you and others in the media to talk about it becas happen itmporta to ma haactueveryby who fuand think a eliminate human error. if they got 20micr obra ms especially 20 instead of ten i doubt there will be any long term effects. >> she was so glad this was caught early on. she said it's a good reminder for everybody to be careful when it comes to protocols. we are live in antioch. new, pfizer is submitting
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an emergency use authorization request for its anti viral drug. the pill is designed to treat mild to moderate covid. the drug maker said it'll let other manufacturers around the world make generic versions. this would benefit more than 95 low income countries. they said threduced hospitalizations and deaths by 89%. jackie spears said she will not seek re-election. >> we are live from her office with more on the surprise announcement. >> the congresswoman used the word bitter sweet when talking about the announcement. she said it wasn't easy decision that she made and her announcement comes after nearly four decades of public service. congresswoman jackie spears started by recalling the events in 1978 where she survived the
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violence around the jonestown massacre. >> i vowed if i survived i would dedicate my life to public service. i lived and i served. >> spears said she is passing on the torch to a new generation of leaders. >> my husband said to me, something that really resonated. he said i'm tired of having a weekend wife. >> when talking about her accomplishments she said it was her work on issues around sexual assault in the military and on college campuses. before congress spears spent time ace san mateo county supervisor and in the state senate. the board of supervisor president said that whoever takes her seat will have big shoes to fill. >> she is such a fearless leader in what she has done around legislation and the lgbt community, women's rights, we look around these issues of equality. >> when we asked whether he would consider running he said.
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>> i think everything is on the table. >> it's a possibility. >> would go beyond that. i have to see if i live in the district. if i do -- because the district lines are changing. something i would consider but i have to consult two people, my 4-year-old son and my wife. >> a lot of respect from local leaders. when she was talking about just her public service and what's asked if she would do it all over again she said without a doubt. reporting from san mateo. police are searching for smash and grab suspects who robbed a jewelry store at the sun valley mall. nine suspects in masks armed with hammers robbed iceberg diamonds. they smashed every display case and emptied the place out. police got calls about a shooting but it was just the sound of the glass breaking. we are learning new details about the raid against the
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former mayor of windsor. the chronicle said that multiple items were taken, including two laptops, three i- pads, a camera, cell phone and reporting device. investigators also looked for photographs of two specific women. he stepped down in may after women accused him of sexual assault or misconduct. following the jury deliberations? a polarizing case that has the national guard on stand by in case of rioting. we are talking about the case of kyle rittenhouse. it's now in the hands of the jury. he shot three men at a protest over the police shooting of jacob black in wisconsin last year. two of those men died. rittenhouse went to the protest armed with a rifle. he said that he wanted to help protect local businesses and
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provide first aid as demonstrations turned violent. he said he was acting in self defense but the state called him an active shooter. the judge's jury instructions acknowledged the political over tone of the case. >> you will disregard the claims or opinions of any other person or news media or social networking site. you will pay no heed to the opinions of anyone, even the president of the united states, or the president before him. >> there was a group of 18 jurors in the courtroom for the entire trial and then they random drawing today narrowed that down to 12. now we have them deciding the fate. it's five men and seven women. the most serious charge first degree intentional homicide. if he is convicted he could face life. we will watch that one.
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back to you. happening today oakland city council could make a big decision on the fate of the oakland coliseum. some councilmembers calling on a vote for which developer will take on the massive project. two groups are leading the charge. the african american sports and entertainment group and the steward property group llc. right now the director of economic force development wants to wait until january to decide. also happening today you can get single game tickets for the a's spring training season in arizona. the team starts play on saturday february 26th. they will face the white sox. they will host 15 games in mesa, arizona including a faceoff against the giants in march. california's parks and rec department is set to hold a virtual event on reimagining big basin redwood state park. this after the czu lightning complex fire. the event is called redwood
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roots. big basin's past and present. it starts at six tonight. in the south bay the san jose city council will consider the fate of a spot of land in the heart of coyote valley. conservation groups and developers have been fighting over the property. the owner wants to build a warehouse but the others want to preserve it to provide benefits for the public and wildlife. later today walnut creek city council will meet to consider a buffer zone around planned parenthood. it's to cut down on confrontations between protesters and patients. police say they received 42 calls for service on oakland boulevard between january 2020 and november 5th of this year. tomorrow more than 6,000 university of california professors could walk off the
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job statewide. they are protesting bad faith bargaining on things like compensation for online schooling and layoffs at uc davis. the move would leave thousands of students with empty classrooms. a bay area charity that reached thousands of people a week said it's under growing pressure because of global supply chain problems. food bank said locally food insecurity remains a widespread issue during the pandemic. spikes in transportation and food costs and labor shortages are putting a strain on its operations. the food bank is putting out a new call for donations and volunteers. live look at san jose where airport parking is about to be more convenient. they are introducing a new system. upgrades include touchless entry, license plate recognition and discounts for online booking. the news at noon is just getting started. jp morgan is suing tesla. what agreement the bank said they violated. and do you use tiktok? you may have some money coming
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to you. why the app owner is paying out more than $90 million to users. you can see patches of blue as we look to the golden gate bridge. we are starting to see clearing out there this afternoon. we will talk about what you can expect as we head through the week.
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welcome back. let's get a live look at wall street. the dow is up 130 points. elon musk is in a stock selling frenzy. he has sold nearly eight billion dollars worth of stock. this after a poll he did with twitter followers asking if he should sell 10% of his company's stake his stock sales so far still make up less than 5% of his shares in tesla. tesla is being sued for more than $160 million. jp morgan is suing them claiming tesla breached its contract about stock warrants. the agreement let them adjust the price based on any big announcements related to mergers. they expired in june and july but jp morgan said tesla hasn't paid. tiktok users could be getting a check. a $92 million settlement has
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been proposed by the parent company. it claims tiktok illegally collected and used personal data. any piece of the settlement pie will likely be very small. stud video sharing platform. boats where cars should be, homes filled with water, just a look at the scenes up in the pacific northwest. the area has gotten more rain in the last two weeks than they see the entire month of november and more wet weather is on the way. >> it's bad. it's pretty deep. its fast. it's dirty. it's cold. >> there's nothing in our house in less than 30 minutes. it was up to her knees and ankles. >> the weather has forced hundreds from their homes already and still to come this week extreme rainfall, river flooding, and damaging winds. it's quite a different story here in the bay. we will check in with mary.
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and a foggy start to the day. major flooding issues there. that storm track aimed at the pacific gh pressure in control. that's why we are looking at try conditions. we have a chance of seeing some rain here we go. looking at san francisco and catching some clearing. little warmer compared to yesterday at this time. here is what you can expect. partly sunny skies this afternoon. daytime highs above average for this time of year. as we head through font with the sunsetting we are looking at chilly conditions. even colder compared to last night. we have afternoon clearing slightly warmern temperatures.
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let's show you what to expect. low 60's at the coast. mid-60s around the bay. high inlands upper 60's to low 70's. a little bit of sun through the afternoon. as we look to tonight, mainly clear skies. the sunset at 4:57 and the sunrise at 6:52 a.m. let's fast forward to the end of the week. there we go with the chance of showers as we look to friday. not expecting a lot. just a few hundredths to end out the workweek. similar for tomorrow. few more clouds on thursday and then showers return on friday with this quick weak little weather system here and then dryer weather ahead as we look to the weekend. inland east bay, the north bay and the coast. the temperatures taking a tumble through the workweek. cooler wednesday, thursday, friday, and again the chance to see showers. i think the best chance will be for the north bay and for the coast with this weather system
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to end out our workweek and then more sun, temperatures slowly on the rise as we look ahead to saturday and sunday. still staying dry for next monday. really we just have friday and this is not a big storm by any means but at this point we will take what we can get. we need that rainfall here in the bay area. back to you. >> all right. thank you. big changes could becoming to golden gate park. the city is hoping it can help unify vi ♪ ♪
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welcome back. san francisco is looking to merge three popular attractions to create the gardens of golden gate park. >> the japanese tea party and the conservatory of flowers would become one attraction. a vote is expected by the commission on thursday. the party is back on for the new year's eve ball drop in time square. thousands will be allowed to attend after going virtual last year. there will be restrictions. everybody will have to show
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proof of vaccination. those that can't be vaccinated must be masked and show a proof of a negative test. coming up we are taking one final look at weather with mary lee. and 3d printing coming to your dinner table. the latest creation coming out of israel. and today on the drew barrymore show.
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the treat of the day is with oranges. these oranges are mainly for juice. the orange juice. they are coming out of texas and florida and they are in the market and let me tell you, the juices, two or three, you get a glass of orange juice. they that good and loaded with nutritional value. look how beautiful they are on the inside. look at that and the aroma. that's sunshine. now, best way to select it. simple. you want to make sure like all citrus heavy for their size, nice and smooth around the outside. a little bit of greening is okay. not naval. stir them on the counter, not the fridge. store them in the fridge and the juice may turn into pulp.
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just squeeze it. i'm your fresh groceremem eat f and stay healthy. the aroma out of this world. a new report looking at the state of lung cancer across the country. at three where california stands in screenings, diagnosis, and life saving treatments. let's get a final check of weather with mary. >> and you can see on our sales force tower camera. catching a bit of clearing out there. highs a bit above average and a chilly night ahead. here we go with san francisco forecast. is he similar for tomorrow. few more clouds and then showers return on friday.
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check this out. these are 3d steaks. they are made out of plant protein. redefine meat. >> they are expanding worldwide in the coming months and that includes here in the united states. it looks pretty good. >> it does. >> before. >> i just want a cut of the cow. real meat. >> you want the real thing. >> i will let you know how it is. than
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♪♪♪ >> finn: i wasn't expecting to run into her, she just... showed up. >> steffy: well, sheila has a way of popping up out of nowhere. >> finn: well, she wasn't prepared for the questions i was asking. >> steffy: it's normal to be curious about your birth father. >> finn: it's been... on my mind a lot lately. >> steffy: did you get any answers? >> finn: no. sheila says she doesn't know who my biological dad is. >> jack: thank you, sheila, for not telling finn the truth. >> sheila: look, all i did was buy you more time. i doubt finn is going to give up on this. >> jack: all these years, deceiving him and his mother. pretending to be his adoptive parent. >> sheila: if finn wants to


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