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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 16, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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tran20 the wrong dose of covid vaccine given to more than a dozen bay area kids, what happens now and what about
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parents on the fence in shock? >> a brazen smash and grab in an east bay diamond store, the search for the robbers. why a peninsula congresswoman says it is time to come home after years of service. thank you for joining us. i am kenny choi , our top story, a mixup in doses for some kids getting the covid vaccine in the east bay . justin andrews is in antioch with more from sutter health. >> reporter: sutter health is being tightlipped with this and not telling us many details. we did get a statement from them and here is what we know, the healthcare company telling us that, over the weekend, 14 kids at the antioch pediatric vaccine clinic got the wrong dose of the vaccine. they were supposed to get 10 micrograms but kids got double that amount. sutter health says, based on the cdc guidelines, these kids may have soreness in their arm,
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fatigue, headache, or maybe even a fever. there is a portion of the statement, "as soon as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and advise them of cdc guidance in this situation. the safety of our patients is our top priority and we immediately reviewed our processes to help make sure this does not happen again." we spoke to a doctor, an infectious disease expert. >> i think what is great, for you and others in the media to talk about it because human error does occur and it is important to make these stories and explain to people so that everyone who is handling the vaccines is doing so carefully and eliminates human error. in terms of these particular kids, if they got 20 micrograms instead of 10, i doubt that there is any solong-term effects of that. >> reporter: the doctor says she is glad this was caught early on, but she says this is a good reminder for all people
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in healthcare to be very careful when it comes to protocols. stanford university has more than two dozen new student covid cases, six of them in a row house and the stanford daily reports some row houses and student groups have canceled or postponed their social events. a university spokesperson told the daily that students who tested positive have been isolated and those at high risk for exposure have been quarantined. after more than a decade in congress, peninsula representative jackie speier issue will not be seeking reelection . jocelyn moran spoke with her about the decision . >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speier used the word bittersweet when talking about the announcement this morning and said it was not an easy decision and this announcement comes after nearly 4 decades of public service. congresswoman jackie speier started off her announcement by recalling the events in guyana in 1978 where she
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survived the violence surrounding the jonestown massacre. >> i vowed that, if i survive, i would dedicate my life to public service. i lived and i served. reporter she is passing on the torch to a new generation of leaders. >> my husband said to me something that really resonated. he says, i am tired of having a weakened wife. >> reporter: when talking about her proudest accomplishments, she said in congress it was issues around reproductive rights and sexual assault in the military and on college campuses. before congress, she spent time as a san mateo county supervisor and in the california state assembly and state that it. san mateo county board of supervisors president says, whoever takes receipt, will have big shoes to fill. >> she is such a fearless leader and what she's done around legislation around the lgbt community, woman's rights, these issues of equity. >> reporter: when we asked them
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about running, he said -- >> everything is on the table. first of all, i have to see if i live in the district. if i do live in the district, because the district lines are changing, something i would definitely consider but i would have to consult two people, my four-year-old son and my wife. >> reporter: respect from local leaders. when congresswoman jackie speier was asked whether she would do all over again, she said yes. other bay area and state leaders are commenting on her retirement, thanking her for her leadership and calling her a hero. leave your comments on social media. new video of a smash and grab at a concord jewelry store. around 7:00 last night at the sun valley mall, nine suspects in masks armed with hammers rob iceberg diamonds, the into the
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place . the police got calls about a shooting but that was apparently the sound of glass breaking. they are still looking for the robbers and will have the latest on the investigation coming up tonight at 6:00. oakland city council members are poised to make a big decision today in revamping the oakland coliseum. some councilmembers are calling on a boat for which developer where will take on the massive development. two groups are leading the charge, the african-american sports and entertainment group and the stewart property group. right now, the director of economic and work with development wants to follow the original plan and wait until january to decide. in the south bay, the san jose city council will consider the fate of a swath of land in the heart of coyote valley. conservationist and developers have been fighting over the property. the owner wants to sell it to commercial developers who want to build a large warehouse but the open space authority general manager says that preserving the land would provide benefits for the public and wildlife, as well as the
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climate. a check of wall street right now, green across the board on this tuesday, the dow up 54 points and the nasdaq gaining 120, and the s&p up 18 after the latest retail sales report shows consumer loosening their wallets in october, sales rising 1.7% with people spending more money on cars, food, and fuel. some americans may be skipping thanksgiving with family because of money, natalie brand reports it is costing more to go home for the holidays. >> reporter: rising gas prices are forcing some families to rethink travel plans ahead of thanksgiving next week. >> figuring out and planning much further in advance what i can do and where i can travel and who i can see, that is difficult. >> reporter: california set a record with prices at nearly $4.70, but drivers in every state are paying more at the pump, with the current national
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average over $3.41. >> filling up my gas tank, i saw first hand how much we are paying at the pump and how much it is costing us. >> reporter: the issue is getting attention on capitol hill were senators held a hearing about why energy prices are rising across the board. >> the biggest swing in price is simply the demand came back quicker than production. that has driven up the price. >> reporter: the acting administrator of the u.s. energy information administration says people can also expect to pay more to stay warm this winter. people heating their homes with natural gas could see costs rising about 30%. the increases will be even greater for homes with propane and heating oil. >> many american families will have to decide whether they can pay the utility bills or put food on the table. one or the other. >> reporter: there is one bright spot, homes heated with
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electricity are only expected to pay 6% more this year. energy economists say global spending on clean energy is expected to pick up but remains far short of what is needed to meet rising demand. a bay area charity that feeds thousands of people per week says it is under growing pressure because of global supply-chain issues. the san francisco marin food bank says that, locally, food insecurity is a widespread issue during the pandemic. spikes in transportation and food costs and labor shortages are putting a strain on its operations. the food bank and others are putting out a renewed call for donations and volunteers. we are live at second harvest in san jose with one way you can help in our food for bay area families drive. >> reporter: second harvest has been hit hard by cardboard costs. if they can find it, it is more
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expensive. we will get to that in a little bit but right now we are live here inside the sorting room. this is where they pack up the food into boxes and he goes out to hundreds of thousands of families across the south bay. second harvest is feeling the 12 punch of not just supply- chain problems but inflation, underneath all that, the ongoing fallout from covid . food prices have gone up, in general, food cost at second harvest, they are paying 10% more than what they used to. meat, poultry, fish, eggs went up 10.5% in october alone. there is the cost of cardboard which second harvest uses to box up the food for delivery. and shipping, both of them have skyrocketed. second harvest is demand for food assistance has gone up 80% above pre-pandemic levels, that increased demand shows no sign of slowing down. >> some people were able to save money and do well during
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the pandemic, maybe they had money in the stock market, most of our clients lost hours and they went through their savings. we will see a long time for them to recover. if you gave last year, trust me, we need your support this year. >> reporter: moving 12 million pounds of food per month, feeding nearly half 1 million people per month takes volunteers, second harvest and has also seen a drop-off in volunteers and there are still slots available for the holiday season and beyond did they know it has been tough with covid, people don't want to be exposed but, if you are vaccinated and have your booster and are comfortable with being in this environment, come on down. for details on how you can donate or volunteer, go to our website, . still ahead, the widow of kobe bryant being told to turn over some personal records, what l.a. county is asking for. a new snapshot out on the
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state of lung cancer in california, where we stand in screenings, diagnosis, and life- saving treatments. coming up in the forecast, we may finally be seeing a change in the foggy morning set up. tomorrow may
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a judge has ruled that kobe bryant a process widow must
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turn over her therapy records to possible county related to vanessa bryant's lawsuit claiming she suffered emotional distress after first responder showed photos from the side of the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant and their daughter. vanessa bryant is suing for invasion of privacy. the case is scheduled for trial in february. a wisconsin jury has started deliberating in the murder trial against kyle rittenhouse, the now 18-year- old is charged in the shooting deaths of two men and wounding a third person during a night of violent protests last year. legal experts say could come down to one clause in the wisconsin law saying, if you are the person who provokes the ultimate act of violence, you have a duty to retreat. prosecutors suggest he was looking for trouble but he claims he was acting in self- defense. this is a live look outside the courthouse right now as the jury continues to deliberate. the group of protesters are in support of kyle rittenhouse and those against has been growing
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as the day has been going on. you may recognize a couple of people who showed up to support him, yesterday, mark and patricia of st. louis are known for waving guns at a group of black lives matter protesters outside their home last year. they were later pardoned by the missouri governor. mark is running for u.s. senate. on the storm watch, people in the pacific northwest are waiting through floodwaters after this latest storm. the coast guard rescued 10 people from rising waters near forks, washington yesterday, three children and a baby were among those lifted to safety. california ranks among the best dates in the latest report from the american lung association, but there are start disparities among racial groups when it comes to lung cancer screenings, diagnosis, and treatment. joining us live is the director of the advocacy for the american lung association. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me.
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>> how is california doing overall when it comes to the state of lung cancer? >> there are areas where california does average compared to the rest of the nation, that is around our five- year survival rate. there are areas where we do better. we have better smoking rates than the rest of the country and we have a lower number of new cases compared to the rest of the country. where we have an opportunity for improvement is around our screenings, because, currently in california, only 1% of high risk individuals get screened. what about disparities among groups? what needs to improve and how? >> there are disparities among racial lines. in california in particular, black americans are the least likely to receive surgical treatment and surgery is the best method for dealing with lung cancer. that is also tied in with getting screened early on, making sure that people, especially at high risk,
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getting screened. if people are high risk, there are three factors that contribute, one, if you are between 50 and 80, two, if you have a 20 pack year history, that is you if you have smoked two packs per day for 10 years, or one pack per day for 20 years. if you have that kind of history and between the age of 50 and 80, and you currently smoke or have quit within the past 15 years, you are high risk and we recommend speaking with your provider to get a low dose ct scan. >> thank you for informing us. eric acosta with the american lung association, thank you for joining us. taking you to the sierra as northstar is delaying its opening date as the ski resort wanted to welcome guests this weekend but mother nature had other plans with warmer temperatures and it is not quite ready. the resort says it will have an update on the season next week. i have a feeling darren peck will give us an update right
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now . >> emilee speck here at home the concern is the fog in the morning, especially for the inland valleys of the east bay. the central valley has been inundated with fog, the east bay communities and the delta, i can show you why, that dramatically changed this afternoon. a real pretty view of the high resolution satellite in northern california day. do you see the tule fog filling the central valley? you can't see it dissolving. it had not done that over the last four days, stayed in the valley, filling it with fog everyday. then overnight, spilling into the bay area. this morning, a cold front came through and you can actually see the fog getting pushed out of here. another way to visualize what happened is watching the water vapor select where you can see the ded line. a cofrugh the overnight and help to clear
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out some of the fog. we may still make our own fog at home in the mornings, it will be cold enough and we have enough moisture. we still have some patchy fog possible tomorrow but we will not see the huge sea of tule fog in the east bay valleys or the delta, that will not happen tomorrow. morning lows in the low-50s but currently we are in the low to mid-60s. we have cooled down for daytime highs for the last few days, part of the same pattern to clear the fog is ushering in somewhat cooler air with morning lows going back down in the low and mid-40s tomorrow. watch for patchy fog but better than the last four mornings. daytime heist might not out of the 60s everywhere. now we can turn our focus to the next chance of rain, not the most impressive thing but it is still persistent in terms of its possibility. by the time we have gotten into friday morning, we're looking at rain coming across northern
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california. that's what's that closer and slow it down. thursday morning we start out with the rain off the coast and watch what happened throughout the day on thursday. this gets us into thursday night. this is going into friday morning. for the friday morning commute, likely a few scattered showers. there are a few chances for rain, thursday and friday both have them, like a raindrop on them into the forecast. it is really friday morning where we would notice that the most. if we see any rain thursday, it will be late-night and probably mainly in the north bay. the rain will be light, only a couple hundredths of an inch of rain and gone by the time we get to the weekend and early next week. that will be our last chance for a little while to talk about rain. we will get a prolonged break. still ahead, you know him from the football field, soon former 49er frank gore is stepping into the boxing ring. here how he is getting ready
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for his very first professional match. streaming this afternoon on cbsn bay area , we will speak with an expert about facial recognition technology and how to protect your privacy. find us on or the kpix app . we are also on the
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a former star running back for the 49ers is getting ready
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to step into the boxing ring. frank gore will take on nba all- star deron williams next month in a professional heavyweight match in florida. it will be a first for both of them. >> we going from the top guys in our sport, and the bottom in the gym with the pros, it has been tough but i have been sticking in there and training hard. i have been going back and forth, sparring with guys who have 300 amateur fights, 10-0, i am hanging in there with them and have been enjoying it. >> you know how strong he is and he says he has been boxing since 2005, often doing it after the season for cardio and to keep his legs in shape. when asked whether boxing will be a long term thing, he says he is focusing only on the first fight for now. coming up, the global chip shortage changing features in
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new cars, the conveniences you may have to go without if you are in the market soon. businesses are struggling to find workers as the holidays quickly approaching, we will show you what some companies are doing to entice workers tonight on the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell.
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breaking sports news, gabe kapler named national league manager of the year after guiding the san francisco giants to 107 victories, a record. he led them to the playoffs. congratulations to him and giants fans. happy to see him get that. a little habut wewill nohad foe few mornings. there is good news on that score but you may have some patchy fog in the morning tomorrow but not as widespread, especially for the inland valleys in the east bay. a small chance of rain thursday night into friday morning. coming up at 5:00, and incentive to get business more drought resilient, the county offering to help pay for part of your changes. finally, no heat in the driver seat, the ongoing global chip shortage is prompted general motors to remove the heated seat option from many of its 2022 options for vehicles as they will use a supply of semi conductor chips for more
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critical car components instead. also off the table is ventilated seats and heated steering wheel features. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, covid cases on the rise in nearly half of america. the concern ahead of the holidays and a busy travel season. the pre-thanksgiving surge with an increase of new infections in 23 states, just as we've learned the f.d.a. is prepared to authorize the pfizer booster shot for all adults in just days. plus, the major news about a new covid pill that could allow americans to treat themselves at home. awaiting a verdict-- kenosha, wisconsin on edge, and what we're learning about the unusual way a jury the picked in the kyle rittenhouse trial. china's military build-up. our exclusiveinterview with the nation's second highest ranking military officer. why he says the chinese could cah


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