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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 16, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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broken anyway. some residents leave them rolled down to prevent the damage, but there has been damage to the psyche as well. >> i feelreal olatwas it ruined like, why does this have to happen to anybody, not just me? >> reporter: the garage also serves amtrak customers, so it is open to the public with no locks on gates or elevators, and residents say the police won't even come when something is reported point >> i don't blame them for that, because of the understaffing and budget constraints come up but i do think it does give a carte blanche to any criminals that want to break into cars. >> reporter: with the amount they are being charged, the residents say cim group should be providing 24 hour security. the company told them extra security was being added, but no one has seen it yet. meanwhile, one driver is just leaving his window broken ,
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with a letter on the dashboard, saying he fears for more than just his car. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the residents say the vandalism happens between midnight and 6:00 a.m. , after the security guard goes on for the night. we tried contacting cim group for comment, but have not heard back from them yet. stanford university has more than two dozen new student covered cases, six of them in a row house. now the stanford daily reports some rowhouses and student groups have canceled or postponed their social events. the university spokesperson told the daily that students who tested positive have been isolated, and those at high risk for exposure have been quarantined. it would be averse for any city in california. right now, the sacramento city council is discussing a proposal that would make housing a legal right. reporter melissa perlman shows us what would change. >> reporter: a sweeping plan at city hall to tackle homelessness. drawn 13 shows the growing sites along the freeway, and the safe ground camping sites were hundreds are staying. >> this is our family point
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>> reporter: under the plan, when the city offers a homeless person at least two forms of shelter or housing am a that person has to accept it, or be moved from their site. >> i, i -- >> reporter: wanda and clayborne say if the city offered him an option inside, where they could sit day along with their dog, they would be happy point >> as long as we could be together, i have no problem. >> reporter: what to these housing options at like? the two options could be rental homes or apartments, hotel rooms, shelters, trailers, tiny home villages, or safe ground camping sites. for example, if someone is camping under the depew x freeway and is offered a spot at the nearby safe ground camping site, or a nearby shelter, and they decline, the city can move them, even if they are on public property. homeless advocates question the legality of the proposal, and say the trauma of being uprooted may cause bigger problems point >> when people refuse those two options for whatever reason,
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what is going to happen to them? >> reporter: that's a question we took to mayor darrell steinberg, who said those who refuse would not face criminal or civil charges, but the city could enforce a no camping policy where they stay. >> is there a chance that they are going to move down the street or around the block? >> this is not perfect, yes, there is a chance, but if we put the law behind us, we will go farther, and faster, and more effectively, and help more people. >> the mayor lands to make move on the homeless crisis by 2023. a live look in oakland where the city is launching a new rental subsidy program. it will give fight financial assistance to 200 families at risk of losing their homes. >> we believe in an expensive housing market like the bay area, and this is the type of intervention that can rapidly stabilize families, keep them from losing their housing, and allow them to build their income to a moment of self- sufficiency. >> those in the program will
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receive a subsidy that will cover the gap to bring down their rent burden to less than 50% of their monthly income. happening tomorrow, thousands of uc students may end up at home instead of going to class. it's because more than 6000 lecturers plan to walk off the job. the 2 day strike will affect california's nine uc campuses. the lecturers union is accusing you see leadership of bad faith bargaining on issues including paid family leave, and compensation for online instruction. in a statement, uc leaders responded saying, quote, the union's claims about unfair labor practices are not supported by the facts. throughout the negotiations, the you see has listened with an open mind, and then responsive to the union's concerns point happening right now, the oakland city council is in session, it is talking about plans to redevelop the coliseum site. it has been home to the oakland a's for decades. two separate developer groups are competing to take on a massive project. the council could vote to move forward with one of the groups.
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they would get the chance to come up with a plan , but the oakland a's on the other half of the site, so they will also have a big say on what happens. news at 5:30, bay area sports legends are being honored this evening. >> san jose's sap center at san jose tonight to a hall of fame event. vern glenn is there now as five south bay sports figures are being honored this evening. >> reporter: technically, four of them are being enshrined tonight. here at the sap center is the san jose sports hall of fame, and these inductees have been waiting a long time to get into this one, because technically, because of covid? this is the 2020 class. let us take a look at some of the likenesses, the busts, where summer sanders, the olympic swimmer, james jones, nfl wide receiver, george seaver, the old 49er coach, all a part of the five super bowls with the 49ers, but he's not the only one to host that
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famous lombardi trophy. james jones, former san jose state star won a ring with the packers in 2010. when you get an owner like this, does your career flash before you a little bit? >> it's crazy you asked me that because i always tell my kids, i went into the ring of honor at san jose state, but now the city of san jose hall of fame. it's unbelievable. they think your daddy's good, that is all this is, but i'm humble. i'm a bay area kid. i was born and raised here, homeless kid in san jose, and now to be going up on walls and all of that, it's special. >> reporter: and in baseball, it comes as no surprise, but gabe kapler was officially named the national league manager of the year today. he received 28 of 30 first- place votes after leading san francisco to 107 wins, the
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first giants skipper to win the award since dusty baker, who won that award three times as manager for 10 seasons in san francisco. that will do it from sap center, a special shout out to mark, the first media member to be enshrined in this sports hall of fame. a proud moment for him, and for the rest of us carrying a microphone. >> a great class this year, or last year this year point >> great to have it in person as well. thank you. coming up, the story that shocked hollywood. now actor george clooney is speaking out about the deadly shooting at a film set. who the celebrity is calling out. the water district paid these homeowners to rip out their lawn, and replace it with everything that you see here.
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i am devin fehely, and coming up, i will tell you how many thousands of gallons of water they could save every year. only with 6:00, dramatic video of a en as aba bay area shopping mall. what brooks got away with point th
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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actor george clooney is speaking out about the deadly shooting on a movie set in new mexico. the oscar-winner cause the tragedy infuriating, and blames producers for not hiring more experienced weapons expert. four back actor george clooney is weighing in on the story that shocked hollywood, calling the fatal shooting on the set of alec baldwin's film "rust" insane and infuriating point >> y for the life of me the slope budget film with
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producers who haven't produced anything wouldn't have hired for the armorer someone with experience. they weren't even using that gun to do target practice, and that is insane. >> reporter: he appeared on actor mark behrens podcast on monday, and recalled his close friendship with brandon lee, who was accidentally shot and killed on a movie set in 1993 point >> after brandon died, it really became a very clear thing up open the gun, look down the barrel, look in the cylinder, make sure. it is a series of tragedies, but also a lot of stupid mistakes point >> reporter: clooney, who has worked with weapons multiple times through his career, talked about his own safety practices onset. >> i open it, i show it to the person i'm point get to, the crew, everybody knows. maybe alec baldwin did that, and hopefully he did do that, but dummies are tricky, because they look like real bullets. >> accidentally shot -- >> reporter: last month shooting claimed the life of cinematographer halyna hutchins and we did director joel souza.
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the gun that the actor used in the shooting was said to be cold, meaning it wasn't supposed to be loaded with live ammunition. clooney had his own critiques of what happened onset, down to the phrasing point >> i've never heard the term cold gun. i've never heard that term. literally they are talking about stuff i've never heard of , and it's infuriating. >> reporter: expert armorers beg to differ, saying cold gun in his industry standard term, and a normal heart of on-site safety checks. >> that is something that is always used, hot gun, cold gun. that is the way we do it. that is the way it has been done for years. if he hasn't heard it, then he has been living under a rock for the last 30 years point >> reporter: the shooting has received strict backlash, and disparate investigations and lawsuits. some have called the and the use of weapons onset completely, but armorers insist there is a safe way to use them point >> george clooney went on to say he doesn't know alec
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baldwin well, and explained he doesn't think anyone onset had bad intentions, but says filmmakers need to take more precautions moving forward, including hiring experienced armorers with lots of traini. a judge has ruled that kobe bryant's widow must turn over her therapy records to angeles county. this is related to vanessa bryant's lawsuit claiming that she suffered emotional distress after first responders shared photos from the site of a helicopter crash that killed her husband kobe bryant, and their daughter. vanessa bryant is suing for invasion of privacy, the case is scheduled for trial in february. up next, more fallout on the space debris that has astronauts on high alert. kathy u.s. is responding to the dangerous incident point tonight on the "cbs evening news" -- good to see you, and here is what we are working on tonight, those promising retail sales numbers. american consumers keep up the spending in the month of october, but what it means for you ahead of the holiday season. are there enough workers to
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keep up with demand? after our
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breaking news in concord, where fire crews are battling a structure fire. it is a commercial building on detroit avenue and walters way. first reports are saying this building could be an auto repair shop. we have chopper 5 headed to the
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scene. astronauts are on high alert after a russian missile test created space debris that is threatening the international space station. >> sorry for the early call. we were recently informed of a satellite breakup. >> the u.s. government says 1500 pieces of space junk was created after russia destroyed one of its satellites with a missile. the debris travels at speeds above 17,000 miles per hour. a state department spokesperson slammed the russian test, calling it reckless and dangerous. >> what these 1500 pieces of trackable or edible debris poses a risk, not only to those astronauts and those cosmonauts, but to satellites of the interests of all nations >> russia denies the missile test endanger the astronauts, but the u.s. says the debris crosses paths with the international space station every hour and a half. mission control says the station will remain on alert for the next few days. our annual food for bay
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area families drive is in his 20th year, working with local food banks and donors to help neighbors in need with holidays. >> kiet do is live at a food distbution site in san josetion us. >> reporter: we are live here at our lady of refuge church in east san jose. tonight, this is a big night for families, 840 come here every week to get a box from second harvest. this is also the season of giving, when second harvest receives most financial donations. we have a very generous donation. you guys normally give $20,000 per year, but you double that this year but why? >> the need is there. we have been a long-standing supporter of second harvest. we are very proud to support them in their efforts to combat food insecurity, so we do that not only through monetary giving, but also the volunteering kind. this year, our team has
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contributed over 200 hours and volunteer support. we expect that to continue as we move forward. >> reporter: the demand has gone up 80% above the pandemic levels, historic for you guys point >> as you can see tonight, so many of our neighbors are still experiencing the financial crisis brought on by this pandemic. at second harvest, we are providing twice the amount of food, which requires twice the amount of support. we are grateful for generous donations like this one point >> reporter: second harvest needs your time and monetary donations. to find out how, you can go to /give. >> great job. thank you to everyone out there. darren peck is in for paul heggen this evening, and more good news. maybe rain by the end of the week? >> just enough it could be a minor issue on the friday morning drive. take a look at the tri-valley this morning. we will watch the last 12 hours of a gorgeous time-lapse. i want you to see what is not going to happen again tomorrow, pretty is that is.
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you are watching the time-lapse of the fog from the central valley flood the tri-valley this morning. it has done that for the last four mornings. this was a dense fog advisory today for livermore. it was also bed up in concord. we don't do that again tomorrow. like how clear it is now. we don't have any issues at this point. if we look at the current visibility beatings, they are fine, also a good sign. the last few nights, these numbers had already started going downhill by now. they are all at hand, saying you can see down the roadway for 10 miles, no issues with fog. that's how it will be for the most part tomorrow. we can't rule out the fact we will create some local fog here . we don't have to import it all from the central valley as we know, but we aren't importing it from the central valley tomorrow. that is good news. temperatures tomorrow, or now, low 60s. tomorrow morning slows go back
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down into the mid-40s for most of us. a cool low 40s in the north bay valleys .48 four san jose, san mateo, fremont, and 45 for livermore. then we warm up to the mid to upper 60s for daytime highs. a bit warmer tomorrow, because we start out with less fog. still a few high clouds passing overhead, still a little hazy, but less hazy tomorrow, because the same pattern that won't allow the fog to build back and is helping to clear the air a bit. now we get to this next chance of rain. watch that spin in the clouds. futurecast picks up on this, it takes most of the storm way up to the north, but we get the southern tail edge right here. let's take a close up look. thursday dust clouds. then late thursday night, technically now friday morning, midnight going into friday, the showers arrive, and we keep
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some light rain going into the early morning hours. this is the light rain we were talking about. it will keep raining until the early afternoon, but very light , spotty, hit and miss showers. it's not that big a deal. not a lot to it, may be a few hundredths of an inch of rain showing up, and that's it. when we see it in the forecast, right there, and only the first half of the day point that is our last chance of rain for a while. no big warm-ups are coming our way, mid-60s, so now 70 like we were this past weekend, for this coming weekend. we will have to settle for the mid-60s. you can see the same story playing out for the microclimates in the north bay valleys. light rain friday morning, and it clears out, and no more rain after that point back over to you point new at six:00, jackie speier won't run for
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california street emergency now. a severe drought this summer prompted governor newsom to ask californians to voluntarily cut their water use 15%. data released today, start doing that. californians reduced water usage 3.9% in september, down from 5.1% in august. since newsom made the request in july, water usage in the state is down 3.6% overall. however, a water district in the south bay is paying homeowners to rip up and get rid of their landscaping. >> they are targeting your lawn and other plants that require a lot of water. >> devin fehely is live in morgan hill to show you can save thousands of gallons and get some money. >> reporter: this is bob and nancy's hometown in morgan hill. as you can see, there lawn is long gone, replaced by all of these plants, and it is proof that you can save water without
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filling your front yard with cacti and tumbleweeds. all of the plants and bob and nancy's front yard require little to no water. even the beautiful flowering ones, and far less in the lawn they replaced point >> it requires maintenance and water and does nothing for you point >> reporter: a few years ago, bob and nancy took advantage of the water district rebate program, which pays homeowners up to $3000 to remove their lawns and replace them with drought resistant landscaping. bob, a retired engineer i did much of the planning for the redesign himself point >> i had seen a neighbor do the same thing, and we thought it looked really nice. of course, conserving water was really something valuable. >> reporter: the new design saves water in three ways. the plants themselves require less, a drip irrigation system replaced traditional
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sprinklers, and bob installed a watering system that monitors weather conditions and adjusts accordingly, providing less water on rainy or cool days. >> the green front lawn is ingrained in us, but it is a tradition that we have taken from different parts of the country, or other countries, where there is a lot more water. >> reporter: ashley shannon is a conservation specialist with the water district. she estimates every square foot of lawn removed saves about 35 gallons per year. bob and nancy's lawn was roughly 800 square feet. that translates to 28,000 gallons saved each and every year. >> the folks here will also be a catalyst to those who have been thinking about maybe doing something to their landscape come up perhaps their water bill is starting to increase to the point where they are saying this is getting out of hand. >> reporter: you might also wonder if they are seeing some savings in their water bills, and the answer is yes, but a modest amount, maybe $10-$25 per month. they say the principal reason they changed the landscaping was to conserve water. they also say it is fairly low maintenance, so in their estimation, it is a win-win
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all around. in morgan hill, devin fehely, kpix 5. wrecking news right now on kpix 5 , streaming cbsn bay area , traffic shutdown in concord as cruise work to put a ste fire. dramatic new video shows crooks smashing their way through and east bay store. what they got away with. another big-time investor says why he bet big on elizabeth holmes. why his testimony goes to the heart of the prosecution's case point good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. and i'm allen martin. new video testing shows smoke from a commercial structure fire happening right now in concord. it is a wildfire alert camera giving us a look back at the city point we are told this is happening at detroit avenue and walters way. in the last few minutes, they are reporting that fire crews managed to knock down most flames, still some smoke.
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here's the overview on where this is playing out, very close to the heavily traveled monument boulevard. cruiser on the scene. they have been on the scene. drivers are being told to avoid that area. chopper 5 is on the way right now, a few minutes out. we will bring it all the pictures as soon as we get them. a brazen smash and grab caught on camera inside of an east bay shopping mall let's get right to kpix 5's andria borba live in concord this evening . >> reporter: well, it is the kind of surveillance video that makes you stop and say i'm away this is real, or staged? the video you are about to see is very real, and there are still nine men on the run tonight after cleaning out a jewelry store. it looks like a scene straight out of the movie. nine men in hoodies stormed iceberg diamonds in the sun valley mall in concord, attacking the jewelry cases
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with hammers. it happened around 7:30 last night. >>


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