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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 16, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> good evening i'm alan martin. and i am elizabeth cook brick chopper five was where the flames broke out in 90 minutes ago but the business is called object must muffler break in auto repair for could have gotten the planes pretty well under control now . west bound monument boulevard is still shut down. that is a major thoroughfare across concord but no word yet on when it will be back open . iscariot one contra costa mall where shoppers thought they were hearing gunshots but turned out to be this bold group of teenagers taking aim at a jewelry counter. live in sun valley with details. andrea . >> to alan elizabeth is the surveillance video that makes you stop and think it's that real peak the video you are about to see va llhappen just about 24 hours ago and it's incredibly real peak is left
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inventory. store without any but it looks like a scene straight of a movie. nine men and hoodies stormed the jewelry store attacking the jewelry cases with hammers but it happened at 7:30 last night. >> this is surveillance video from inside expert but the sound of the glass smashing inside the mall was so loud that people thought they were gunshots. it was over just as soon as the cases were cleaned out of jewels . >> they went back out where they entered peak with the suspect running up before concord police officers could arrive. >> they look to be 18 or 20 years old, they were seen running towards there and then towards the --. all day long the gates have been down at iceberg with the police cleaning up the scattered glass but missed work at the sun valley mall and says he has never witnessed anything like this. i feel sorry for the
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shopkeepers. >> reporter: the employees at iceberg diamond say that they were trying to stop that robbery but because of the hammers they could not stop it. concord police tonight are still on the lookout for those nine men involved in this robbery went pretty far deep into that mode to get there jewelry. can they took great pains to do it. all right, andrea, thanks for two residents in and apartment building say their car windows are being smashed on almost a nightly basis. there is not enough parking at channel household residents pay $150 a month for the space in the garage across the railroad tracks. on by the very same company. >> within a month my car is been broken into three times. three broken windows in less than four weeks brick >> was emotionally draining. us es ha to
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happen to anybody. >> reporter: residents say police won't come when they report the break-ins. we reached out to the company that owns the garage but have not heard back from them. meanwhile tonight frustrations are mounting a one san francisco neighborhood where thieves are treating people's home garage is like grab bags. our betty yu will tell you what they are after tonight 11:00. >> longtime congresswoman jackie speier says it is time to step away from washington announcing she will not seek reelection in 2022. kpix talks to him what this means . >> still has a little left at 39 years as an elected official she says it is time to pass the torch brick >> i'm announcing that i will not be a candidate for reelection to congress in 2022. >> reporter: bay area congresswoman jackie speier has spent nearly 4 decades as a an elected official.
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she first got into politics after she was shot five times during the jonestown violence in guyana . >> that they change my life but i felt that if i survive i would never take another day for granted and that i would dedicate my life to public service pack >> reporter: she takes pride in the work she has done especially surrounding reproductive rights and sexual violence in the military and in college campus is picked just held her seat since 2013 but says it is time to move on. >> i am passing the torch to a new generation of leaders that i'm confident will hold us in good stead. >> reporter: bay area congressional seats are a real prize. mark was a family former washington bureau chief pickett would not surprise me if there was ambitious politicians in san francisco want to move down to that little piece of san francisco that this district include simply so they can run for the seat . >> donna crane is an adjunct professor.
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>> the band >> is time for me to come home. time for me to me more than a weekend wife, mother and friend. >> jackie speier's announcement she did not say stepping away from politics for good but crane speculates this might not be the last we see of jackie speier . >> maybe there are some local kinds of gigs that would scratch her edge to be of service but not require that kind of weekly commute across the country . >> jackie speier got her start here in san mateo county when she was first elected to the county board of supervisors in the 1980s. now took over vaccine mixup in the east bay. more than a dozen kids in antioch received the wrong dose but pediatric health gave 14 patients more than the specified dose for kids ages 5 to 11 pickett resulted in a stronger dose but not even a full adult dose . >> the pfizer vaccine was
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already sitting 20 micrograms at-large at one point it really is a very safe dose. they settled on 10 i'm sure there's no harm to the children but it's just a reminder for us and helped her to be careful peak >> reporter: center health released a statement saying quote the safety of our patients is our top priority and we immediately reviewed our processes to help make sure this does not happen again . >> another big investor took the stand today. elizabeth in san jose. brian grossman says he met holmes at her then boyfriend in 2013. they talked about grossman investing in the blood testing technology. he says they told him the devices were being used by the defense department and patient trials by several big pharmaceutical firms but grossman invested $96 million. >> this witness had decades of being a biotech analyst. even he got duped by the claims that elizabeth and -- made on
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two occasions back to our legal analyst says today testimony help prosecutors establish that holmes and -- were a deceptive team which goes to the prosecution's charge of fraud and conspiracy. tenants rights are on that docket in antioch this evening but the city council is meeting to discuss things like rent control and stronger protections against harassment and eviction. will keep you posted big at the top of the agenda in oakland two separate developers are competing for the massive redevelopment project . city council is trying to decide who should get it. however, the a's on the other side so they will also have a big say in what happens to it picks , the national league manager of the epic that would be giant skipper kepler picked he left the franchise to 107 wins this season to become the
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second giants manager in franchise history to win that award back the other big the dust buster, dusty baker who are under three times for fear of san francisco . regrowing fire ravaged force from the sky picked the new drone seeding program putting down roots tonight . getting paid to tap your lawn . a bay area water district offering cash to homeowners looking to conserve picks don't touch that dial . while you may want to put a few extra layers on before your turn up the heat this winter. we can see a positive change in terms of this dense fog scenario we've been living with every morning pickett is likely not going to be as bad tomorrow. will explain why. then we are going to look ahead. small chance of rain coming up on friday picks tonight kpix proud to kick off our annual food for bay area families dry. >> the pandemic has put more people in need than ever before
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the nine month old burger holly home safe tonight after taking the spill down a cliff last speech. rescuers were able to rappel down and bring them back up on her. drones are now being deployed across some tough terrain to rapidly received areas ravaged
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by wildfire. drone been sent out swarms of drones program to drop vessels inside the size of a hockey puck locations marked ideal for their survival picks about how much can one drone plant versus one person. the difficult terrain we are seeing storms can navigate and fly across that during about 55 times faster. >> while hand planted trees do have a highly likelihood of taking all the for service looking for ways to supplement those efforts with the drone drops across more difficult terrain perks me back think gases are forcing some californians to rethink their thanksgiving travel plans. sort of figuring out and planning much further in advance what i can do work and travel and who i can see is definitely difficult. >> drivers are paying more in every state but california tops the muffler prices averaging a record $4.69 per gallon. >> the swing and prices simply demand came back.
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quicker than production and so it has driven up the price substantially . at a hearing on capitol hill today and energy officials said people can also expect to pay more to stay warm this winter. natural gas costs would rise by 30% people using propane or heating oil will pay even more than that. wisconsin's national guard is on standby in case they are needed after the kyle rittenhouse verdict comes down . up crowd gathered outside the courthouse in kenosha where jurors deliberated all day without coming to a decision. they will back at it again tomorrow. rittenhouse was 17 when he was when he fatally shot two people i would it up there during a chaotic night of racial justice protest last year. he has claim self-defense. now a teenager he could face life in prison. >> i was born and raised in washington my whole life and
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i've never seen it like this but the pacific northwest has seen more rain these past two weeks that it normally sees in the whole month of november. it pushed rivers packs their flood stages. it prompted a partial shutdown along interstate 5 and more rain is expected later on in the week. stomach the crew on the international space station will be on alert for the next few days for a storm of satellite debris . russia created it by testifying a missile one of its own satellites peak right now the debris is crossing paths with the iss about every 90 minutes. more than 17,000 miles per hour . >> this new year's eve time square, everybody come on down. we are celebrating. stomach new york city getting ready to bring in 2022 with its traditional new year's eve ball drop in times square will be back open to the crowds after
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last year's virtual countdown peak and proof of vaccination or and negative covid tests will be required for that . >> it will be elbow to elbow. tonight the santa clara county water district of paying people to tap their lots to try to get a 15% conservation market the district rebate program pays homeowners up to $2000 to replace those lawn sprinklers with drought resistant landscaping and drip systems. the folks here are also going to be catalyst for those that are been thinking about maybe doing something to a landscape, perhaps the water bill has started to increase to the point where they say wow this is getting a little bit out of hand . >> it is estimated that every square foot of lawn says about 3500 gallons of water your . every drop comes. meanwhile meteorologist darren peck tracking our weather . >> we've got a few more drops to count. there's not a lot of rain coming
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will take a look at it in the future casper what a pretty sunset from the cameron treasure island looking back toward the city." little bit higher now . i want to show you some good news in terms of reducing the amount of fog you're going to have to deal with on the road tomorrow morning . the high resolution satellite for northern california, you see the clouds passing real quick. look at the northern edge of the fund. you see it melting back? will watch that one more time. that was a weak cold front that came through today, scoured up the low level and started to erode away the fog bank which has been consistent for the last four days break the last four months we have woken up to a dense fog advisory peak because that pattern finally broke today and we are watching the fog erode away we will likely not have to do that again tomorrow. visibility is great now . you can see for 10 miles down the road virtually all of the sensors . last night the last
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several nights we were only seeing those numbers drop. had to say will not have some fog but we can make our own fog here in the bay area in the morning but at least we're not going to be pulling in that city of fog from the central valley tomorrow. big improvement peak temperatures in the upper 50s. we will go back to the mid-40s for tomorrow morning. santa rosa at 41. livermore at 45 peak temperatures will climb back up to the upper 60s tomorrow peak high clouds tomorrow . let's see where the next chance of rain is coming from peak off the coast you can see a well- developed batch of clouds . futurecast already seeing some rain peak that is going back up to the pacific northwest peak they really have gotten innudated with a large amount of rain over the last few days . that storm is going to them . the southern edge of it is going to get dragged through the bay area so we will watch that . thursday night into friday morning. looks a lot more impressive on here than it is likely going to be. these are light showers in the
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predawn hours of friday peak they will probably stick around for the tail end of the morning commute on friday . the best way to really look at this is to say how much rain are we going to get out of it then you can actually measure peak that is that . that takes us to the first half of friday . maybe 100th of an inch of rain. this is not a big deal but it will still be rain technically pickett gets an icon in the seven-day forecast on friday peak now we know that is not that big of a deal but after that we are done. no more rain. we are likely going to go into kind of a prolonged relatively dry. now . it does not look like the storm track which is been so good so far is going to keep going that way. it looks like things are going to quiet down for a little while . back to you. still to come how nine words could cost elon musk $162 million plus interest .
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financial planning is finding your home away from home. limited a ♪♪lability in select areas. and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. jp morgan is suing tesla
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for $162 million over a single tweet from ceo elon musk a 2014 stock options contract about the bank to purchase tesla shares at a set price and then adjust based on any big announcements pickett did just that in 2018 when mosque publicly mused about taking the company private. the bank readjusted a few weeks later than mosque took it all back and said tesla never paid but it ended up owing when the contract expired this summer. tesla has not responded to the lawsuit but the company previously accused j.p. morgan of trying to take advantage of its volatile stock price at the time . >> picking up being in the hot seat that is one feature you might have trouble finding the next time you're shopping for a shge s ptedgeneral motors to remove the heated seat option along with the
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ventilation and heated steering wheel feature. gm says that will use it supply for more critical car components . >> still to come. how do you like your steak? medium rare, meanwhile? how about 3-d printed?
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and the technological triumph no one asked for, the 3- d printed stick . >> i can't watch this peak this machine is combining soy and keep protein chickpea, beetroot and coconut milk to product that bears a striking resemblance to a marbled cut of
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meat peak this redefined me hopes the stakes will broaden the appeal of alternative meat products which currently are limited to mostly ground products like burgers . >> redefined meet is aiming to reach thousands of restaurants by the end of next year and has plans to build a u.s. factory as well. just the piping, seeing how it is made. i don't want to see the tuba fat . >> how this take is made but what does it smell like on the grill peak that is the thing. >> i know we are quick to judge the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier
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hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: thank y'all very much. i appreciate y'all. thank you, everybody. i appreciate you now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and we got a good one today. returning for their 2nd day, from windsor, connecticut, it's the champs, it's the farrelly family. [cheering and applause] and they're back, from buffalo, new york, it's the brown family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself some cash, and somebody might have a shot driving out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] since these are the champs,
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