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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 17, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> reporter: the. >> reporter: the community is telling the district this is all moving too fast and they need more time. tonight's board meeting may be on zoom, but that did not matter. teachers, staff, parents, students, marched and gathering by the hundreds at district headquarters to tell the hayward school board "slow down." >> just give us one or two years, or three years to think about the plan. >> reporter: in addition to the closing of those four campuses, there is also a slew of relocations and facility closures. these happening by fall of 2024. do you guys feel rushed? >> very rushed. we're asking them just to push the pause button parent teacher and union rep said the kids just got back on to campus this year and are still real reeling from campus locke downs and zoom classes. >> all we really want to focus on are these children. they've just gone through so
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much. these families have gone through so much. so we need to make it better for them. all of these programs and movement needs to be looked a tot make sure it is the right thing to do for our kids. >> we really did take seriously this community input phase. we have several weeks. >> reporter: the district spokesperson said they held multiple meetings with the community and cut the list of school closures from eight down to 4:00. part of the program calls for students in older schools to transfer to a brand-new school. the district has lost a quarter of its population, dropping from 24,000 to 18,000 in the past two decades, and now must make $14 million in cuts to balance next year's budget. >> we're really in a situation where it's really urgent that we act now that so we can have students in facilities where they can really thrive and be in safe modernized facilities. >> so what is expected to happen tonight? >> reporter: so the board members are in a zoom call right now, all of those folks
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that you saw there. they're on that zoom call, as well. this is going to be contentious and go right into the nate. katie is following this story. rumbling in the east bay started with a quake near border in danville. >> reporter: the epicenter was actually in someone's backyard, right in the dead center of the block. of course several miles down of that end center. but several people here say they felt and it felt it good. . >> reporter: forget a mid- morning coffee, folks in danville got a mid-morning series of shakes. michelle stafford was cooking wait neighbor when the first quake hit. >> felt it clearly. my neighbor and i were standing
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in her kitchen, because she is teaching me some great cooking, and the whole house took hard hit and rumbled and rolled longer than i've felt in a long time. >> reporter: that was 3.9. and three minutes later at 11:46, a second quake with a magnitude of 2.6 hit, and another 3.0 at 11:58. granden skaggs, a sitting in parking lot and suddenly had a flashback to 199. >> i thought at first it was wind or maybe like a truck driving behind mow and shakingny car, but then i realized it kept going, and i was shaking quite a bit. >> reporter: no damage or injuries were reported. just rattled nerves. >> no crooked pictures even. >> the series of shakes with another 2.8 just in the past two hours, could signal a shaky fall here in the san mateo valley. >> the san ramon value does experience what are in the
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morning as earthquake swarms, so there would be dozens of earthquakes over days of or weeks. >> reporter: he said this is a good reminder to be prepared for something bigger than 3.9. >> all of the faults in the bay area are capable of generating large felt damaging earthquakes. >> reporter: now i just checked the u sg sr. website a few moments ago. since 11:43 this morning, there have been 15 earthquakes in this neighborhood. keying off with that 3.9 at 11:43 this morning. >> oh, man. all right. andria borba, thanks so much. >> and you should consider today's quakes a wake-up call. >> yet, get the kits and your emergency contacts ready. paul is here with a reality check. >> the reality is we have to be prepared for it in this part of the country. today's happened near the calaveras fault, but we have all of these facilities across the bay area e
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for those sizable earthquakes. the probability of a large earthquake was ranked hitting any of the various foments around the bay area, and this is the numbers they came up with. more the calaveras fault, it's a 26% chance of a 6.7 magnitude or higher earthquake hitting within the next 22 years. they put the study back notion 2013, they were ranking 30 years at that point. the only number that's higher than the calaveras faults odds are the hayward fault. 33% chance that a large earthquake, 6.7 magnitude or higher will strike between now and 2043, a 22% chance for the san andreas fault. thought that doesn't mean it's going to happen that way, but something we have to be concerned about, especially with that swarm potent tithe st
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costill occur over the next several days. we'll have a look at the weather side of things coming up in a few minutes. we are here to help you get quake ready. we have a detail let's of resources on our, page, go to >> speck trying to make a high- speed get away in the east bay is now under arrest after he triggered a crash. several people were injured including two deputies. it began in san lee antro and ended along entire interstate 580 in oakland. sheriff's deputies were out on patrol near 170th avenue and spot add stolen pickup truck. when they tried to pull over the drive whish took off, driving the wrong way on 580. the suspect later abandoned his truck on the side of the freeway. he ran towards foothill boulevard and jumped in a black hatchback. deputies confronted hill, but the suspect drove off, dragging a deputy about 15 yards. the suspect then rammed into a deputy's patrol car and then
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headed to oakland where he crashed into several other cars. deputies took the injured suspect into custody. >> not exactly sure what was going on with him. is he running from other crimes? is he doing something more serious that he felt the need to go to this level of carnage? so we'll be look into that. >> the deputies injured are expected to be okay. one of them, though, has a broken arm. >> powerful testimony today in the elizabeth holmes trial. a woman testified she received a false positive result for hiv from a theranos blood test. len ramirez in san jose with the latest from the court room. >> reporter: a dramatic shift today away from the financial impact to investors to the very personal and health impact of one theranos patient. erin tom kins of phoenix, arizona, testify shed got interested in theranos after skimming a fortune magazine article. she got a blood test from a finger stick at a theranos location and liked that it was
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affordable. but her results came back positive for hiv antibodies. she got emotional and said she got no help from theranos customer service so got a second test from another lab that came back negative, and has had never tests ever since. it was a dramatic departure from the lengthy cross- examination of san francisco hedge fund manager and investor brian grossman who testified for the prosecution that elizabeth holmes lied to him, which led to his firm's losing $96 million. but defense attorney lance wade tried to turn the tables by showing grossman based his investment on his own overly optimistic and shaky calculation that theranos could be worth over $20 billion by between. >> they're trying to say that the investment decision was made on the hype of this witness the claims that this witness made, not elizabeth holmes. what the defense is trying to do is create reason cute. >> reporter: the judge
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appeared frustrated with defense lawyers, pointing out that the cross-examination of grossman took six and a half hours, while the prosecution took only an hour and a half on direct. >> the defense has every right to ask every possible question. >> sitting up, listening attentively, and hardly might have beening a muscle through the while thing, is elizabeth holmes, who is accused of criminal fraud ask conspiracy, charges that could put her in prison for up to 20 years. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. the prosecution is dun to its last few witnesses, and said last week they would rest their case by friday. still ahead on kpix 5, and cbsn bay area, a stunning spike in overdose deaths. how the problem is unfolding in different ways all over the country. bay area airports bracing for a huge holiday rush, and the numbers likely don't even tell the whole story. and a legendary rock band returns to its bay area roots. what is planned for metallica's big 40th anniversary
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of 2020 to april of 2021, a 28.5% increase from the year before. overdose deaths from opioids climbed past 75,000. wilson walker joins us live in san francisco with details on what is behind this recent spike. wilson? >> reporter: it was here the tenderloin, which is the epicenter of san francisco's overdose crisis, but you don't get to the number that america is looking at now, 100,000 overdose deaths in one year. you don't get to that number without a problem unfolding in many different places in many different ways. >> what has been extraordinarily frustrating for me, working in the tenderloin, is seeing the city just allowing the open drug supermarkets throughout the neighborhood and then bemoaning there are all of these overdoses in the tenderloin. >> reporter: neighbors like the tenderloin became the front lines of the disaster,
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prompting debates over law enforcement and safe injection sites, but in 2021, san francisco's overdose numbers are actually on pace to decline. this is a problem larger than one neighborhood or one city. >> as an emergency physician, i would say patients come in. you couldn't tell what was going on. they had an altered mental status of some kind, and you couldn't tell, this a stroke -- >> reporter: the jasper is in sonoma county, where patients often older, he said, suddenly started showing up with multiple drugs in their system. >> combined overdoses that participate sign that a lot of use had -- you know, though source of drugs had really change presumed lot of people during covid to underground sources. >> we took a long time getting into this, and very sadly, gitessing to take a long time to get out of it.
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>> reporter: keith humphreys is a research err at stan ford university. he said this is not a temporary crisis bought long-term health emergency for the country. ? so we have start thinking about addiction and overdose like we think about covid. you know, when covid happened, there was a national sense this was hugely important, that it needed a lot of resources in terms of health services, information, research, all of those things, and we've never really done that with addiction. >> reporter: one of the examples that is getting thrown around as something that is working is that a lot of emergency rooms now including san francisco have someone stationed in the emergency room, so when someone comes in that survives an overdose, they are immediately met with some offers for services and some help to get out of addiction. now back to san francisco's numbers, the number was over 700 overdose deaths in the city last year, liz, and it looks like the city is sort of on track for maybe a little over 600 this year. so it would be a significant drop. still a high number,'s, in the
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city, but trending down a little bit. >> trending down is positive, although it is still a horrible crisis out there. all right, wilson, thank you. california lawmakers will need to figure out what to do with a whole lot of extra cash. new estimate is its projecting the state will have a $31 billion budget surplus next year. that would exceed the spending limits set by the state constitution by more than $14 billion, could also result in tax cuts. a live look at oakland international airport, where the number of travelers this thanksgiving holiday is expected to double compared to last year. officials say 170,000 are projected to pass through oakland between next wednesday and the following sunday, and with airlines dealing with staffing shortages to possible weather cancellations, it won't be smooth sailing during the busiest travel season of the year. >> we're seeing a lot of scrambling by the airline. it's going to continue heading
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into the holiday season. >> driving won't be much better. aaa projects a total number of travelers will jump 13% compare with last year. about 90% are expected to drive. >> so we'll have company out there. >> looking ahead to the holidays. maybe not quite looking forward to everything on either side of the holidays. it's hard to believe thanksgiving is already a week from tomorrow. weather-wise, we're looking pretty good. mostly cloudy sky is later on tonight. some matchy dense fog will develop by early tomorrow morning. cooler temperatures compared to today, and at least the first half of the day on friday, we are going to see some light rain showers. let's switch to future cast and track the first chance of rain we've had the last couple of weeks. we stay dry during the day. there's a chance of a couple of showers running into the north bay late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. most of that will be to the north of santa rosa, so far northern sonoma county, and then the best chance of showers will remain north of the golden
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gate through the first half of tomorrow night, but we get closer to presunrise hours of friday morning, and party chance of rain that works its way further inland, but the showers look less and less impressive as they move farther east, and as they try to make their way into the santa clara valley. we're not talking about much in the way of measurable rain overall. this hit-or-miss pat learn yield a couple hundredths of an inch of rain overall. barely more than a trace for a lot of locations, maybe few hundredths of an inch for san francisco, maybe more than a tenth of an inch for santa rosa, but that looks like the upper end of what this system will be campaign of producing, but again, write will take every single drop. still 60 degrees in san francisco. everybody else is down into the 50s. even down to 53 already in livermore. a good-looking dog walking forecast for bug in san francisco.
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maybe named after his eyes. chy way was can't hope it, though. everybody should stay try during the day. we start off in the 40s inland with lows near 50 degrees around the bay, and with the cloud cover overhead, we'll have a harder time warning up than today with the sunshine break flipping noon, temperatures only in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. estimates in the north bay, upper 50s, maybe a few spots in the low 60s. mid-60s for san jose and the santa clara valley. low 60s around the bay, with upper 50s along the coast. temperatures will warm up once this next chance of showers moves through. a couple of degrees above average by the second half of the weekend. monday, tuesday, and wednesday, the next abbreviated pre- thanksgiving workweek, looking pretty good. a mix of clouds and sunshine with near average temperatures as we get closer and closer to gluttony day. [ laughter ] >> can't wait. here is norah o'donnell with a preview of the cbs evening news. >> busy news day. tonight after kpix 5 news at
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6:00, overdose deaths skyrocket. the number of americans killed reaches a record high during the pandemic. how fentanyl is fueling the crisis. we have that and more news as the cbs evening news now just minutes away. straight ahead 234 sports, 49ers are on a roll. one player today got recognized. and for the captain, permission to come aboard the giant ship? permission granted. and streaming today on cbsn bay area, a new episode of young sheldon airs on cbs tomorrow night. at 8:30, we'll hear from two of the stars. you can find cbsn bay area on or on the kpix app. we're also on the cbs news app. you can download it for free
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call 1.877.only.att. baseball up top, and the giants, looks like you can expense until number 9 at first base a little longer. brandon belt re-upped for a 12th season. yes, the captain accepted the team's qualifying contract off inventory stick around. it means he will make $18.4 million next season, and then become a free agent. belt hit a career high 29 homers in thay bause he got hit by a pitch and broke his thumb.
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nfl, 49er wideout deebo samuel was named nfc's offensive player of the week for the second time in three weeks. he was a one-man wrecking machine monday night. caught a touchdown, ran for a touchdown in a win over the rams. sam samuel and the 49ers are the favorites on sunday at jacksonville. did you see the steph kurtis show last night in brooklyn? he kept hitting big shots. nine three pointers in a blowout of kevin durant's nets. he keeps on getting cheered on the road. so opposing crowds and media just can't get enough of curry when he comes to town. >> hey, man, they are asking me all of these questions, i'm trying to be long winded. i know we have to go to dinner, so -- [ laughter ] >> it's amazing. sometimes you go to the -- we're on the road, on the away team, and they're cheering for
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us. [ laughter ] you know, guess that's a perk of having steph on your team. >> while the warriors are on the road, climate thompson stayed behind. clare thompson was practiced. look how smooth he looks. he is on track to return in december. well, it's big game week. emotions run deep for stanford and cal, especially alumni. story lines? the cardinal, they have lost five straight games, and the bears are returning from a covid outbreak that forced postponement of last week's game. bears coach justin wilcox. >> going to that team meeting yesterday, i mean, just the energy in there felt like the first day of fall camp. there's been some adversity and thinks out of there, out of our control, so they are very eager to practice and play and focused on moving forward. and the warm reaction to
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brewers pitcher corbin burns upon learning he was named the national league cry young winner. the former st. mary's gales star edged out zack wheeler. giants kevin gausman finished 6th. so that's pretty good news on brandon belt, huh? >> that's fantastic. >> that means the giants have brother brandons in the line-up for 2022. >> true. >> future is very bright. >> you bet. thanks, vern. next, rock legends metallica planning a bay area takeover. the big celebration announced today. >> and a remind wish we're asking you to help our neighbors in need this holiday season. to find out how to donate your time or money to a good cause, go to
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tonight bay area rock legends metallica announcing plans to take over san francisco. the band just announced a week of live events marking their 40th anniversary. >> starting december 16th, different artists will perform melvin tributes at venues around the city. some band members may even drop inspect put culminates with two metallica performances at chase center. tickets go on sale this friday. it's going to sell out like
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that. (snapping fingers). >> cbs evening news is coming mea woul >>fala captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, the courtroom drama and the surprising turn in the trial over ahmaud arbery's killing. the man accused of murdering the 25-year-old jogger takes the stand in his own defense. travis mcmichael, one of three men on trial, explains why he shot ahmaud arbery. >> i want to give my side of the story. >> o'donnell: jail time for the so-called qanon shaman. the january 6 rioter sentenced to more than three years in prison. tonight, his extraordinary speech likening himself to jesus and gandhi. the judge's reaction. historic censure-- congress votes to rebuke a republican lawmaker after he's depicted killing alexandra ocasio-cortez in an animated video posted on


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