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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 18, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area looking live outside, you see the blinking trans america pyramid. good morning. it is thursday november 18. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with what it's looking like outside on our roads and our weather. good morning to you. good morning. we are looking at dry weather for now. tomorrow morning we could see showers with wet roadways. be prepared for that tomorrow. in the meantime today, check it out, our almost full moon and for tonight we have the partial lunar eclipse. i will say this, with clouds rolling in as we look to the rest of today and tomorrow, likely may not be able to see the partial lunar eclipse late tonight. what you can expect as we look to current visibility, three miles fairfield. otherwise we are looking pretty good. through the afternoon it's going to be a cool one,
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temperatures cooler compared to yesterday with low 60s around the bay, mid 60s san jose and concord inland. today you can see the clouds streaming in. here we are stopping at 2:00 p.m. as we look to tonight, starting to see a few showers for the north bay. as we go through late tonight into tomorrow, we'll talk about chances for more showers with a weak cold front pushing through. let's check with gianna. how are things shaping up on the roadways? looks okay on the golden gate. >> it is okay as far as traffic goes. we are not seeing a lot of brake lights but there is road work. if you are headed to the golden gate bridge, counter commute, into marin, they have a lane blocked off. we are not seeing brake lights or issues. there is not a lot of volume on the freeways but we will let you know if things clear and if it runs later than usual, we will see delays. for now, all good. an easy ride out of the east bay into san francisco. san mateo bridge is clear with
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no delays, 13 minutes between 880 and 101. tail lights heading west towards peninsula. getting on 101 heading north, an early flight at sfo, things are at the limit and no delays in the altamont. we'll let you know when that changes. breaking news, chp issued amber alert for a teen girl reportedly abducted from her family in santa rosa. she's 15-year-old georgiaan, bombloy. the report came in yesterday afternoon and officers learned she may have been taken against her will. chp named the 20-year-old suspect last seen in a green 2007 chrysler town and country mini van with a texas paper license plate 12478u three. the word, if you have information, give them a call.
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i am anne makovec. we have a close eye on boosters. pfizer booster, fda can be making the final decision today. it is expected to approve pfizer's vaccine booster for all adults by end of the week. some states have authorized it so it is already going on. this move would expand number of americans eligible for additional shots by tens of millions. once it goes through fda, it needs to go through the cdc. that is also expected to pass. they have a meeting scheduled for friday. any adult who received second dose of the vaccine at least six months earlier would be eligible to get a booster as soon as this weekend. moderna has also put in an application with the feds to approve its booster. we'll be following both of these. amid protests from parents,
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teachers, students, hayward unified school board has voted w close these four schools and five other facilities because of a big budget short call and declining enrollment. the board decided to close stro bridge and bowman elementaries and for now they are going to wait on fate of the other schools. >> reporter: dozens of teachers, parents, students rallied outside hayward school district offices ahead of the board's vote. >> it's terrible what they're doing, trying to close her school as well as a number of others. >> reporter: the district says it is facing $14 million budget shortfall for next school year plus 900 million in maintenance costs for old buildings all while dealing with declining enrollment. >> we are funded by how many students we have. with less funding, it makes less sense to be maintaining facilities that we don't need.
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>> reporter: in the board meeting the superintendent laid out how dire it is, showing the district is designed for 24,000 but enrollment can drop to under 17,000 over more than 30%. some say now is not the time to make changes as teachers and students are struggling after being out of the classrooms for so long. >> this isn't the right time because we just came back from being sheltered in place. students haven't been in school for a year and a half. >> we are still in a pandemic and everything is still super hard. now you want to kind of just dump us somewhere else? it's like really difficult and outrageous. >> the superintendent says they won't be firing teachers from schools closing. all will be reassigned. there have been more than 20 small earthquakes in san ramone valley. >> it started with the 3.9 quake around noon yesterday. as of last night there have been 21 after shocks, four
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stronger than a 2.5. the epicenter was underneath a danville neighborhood where our photo journalist was last night. people reported feeling first quake from the point rays nationality seashore to south of morgan hill. >> i am in dublin and it felt like someone picked up my house and dropped it. very scary. >> it was strong. i was nearby. i was at school in social studies and we felt the whole thing. >> we are here to help you get quake ready. we have a detailed list of resources at calls for change in san francisco to be sure what happened to a beloved educator outside his own elementary school never happens to anyone else. kenny choi has the story. >> i loved him because i wanted to be in this class. >> reporter: children lined up to remember and honor their beloved para teacher. >> i think he is a good spirit
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for everyone. >> reporter: wiping away tears, friends and family held a candle light vigil. he attended sherman elementary as a child. >> how lucky andrew was to come to work every day to a place he loved and he was loved. >> reporter: flowers and posters cover the wall at the intersection of franklin and union streets where the 30-year- old was walking last wednesday before fatally struck by a car. school leaders have been calling on the city for changes to make this area safer saying this is a tragedy that was preventable. >> the street is designed to encourage fast driving and they're coming down a hill, flying at the intersection. it's treacherous. >> i don't want anybody else to get hurt that work in the school. >> reporter: 13 years' worth of correspondence with the city around making the streets around here safer. >> reporter: inside the school, students filled hallways with pictures and loving notes.
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>> he was a good soul. i am heart broken. >> reporter: his father says his son's ashes arrived today and hearing stories of his son tonight are helping the family heal. kenny choi, kpix5. a suspect trying to evade police in east bay is under arrest after he triggered a crash it began in san leandro and ended along 80 in oakland. sheriffs spotted a stolen pick up and when they tried to pull over the driver he took off the wrong way on 580. i later abandoned the truck on the side of the freeway. he then ran toward foot hill boulevard and jumped in a black hatch back. deputies confronted him but the suspect drove off dragging a deputy about 15 yards. the suspect rammed into a patrol car and headed to oakland. that's where he crashed into several other cars before being arrested. the deputies who were injured are expected to be okay.
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in oakland the police chief is speaking out addressing brutal violence and growing number of lives lost in the city he serves and protects. he sat down with andrea nakano with a plea to the community to take a stand against crime. >> reporter: oakland so far this year has seen 120 homicides and we have been hearing more of the stories of late of innocent victims getting caught in the deadly gunfire. >> people in oakland deserve to be safe just like any other city. the behavior is unacceptable. i don't know how anybody can rest at night and tolerate this violence. >> reporter: over the weekend a mother and her 11-year-old were shot in their east oakland home. also 23-month-old jasper wu was caught in a gun battle as his family was driving home on 880. >> that's one of the cases where peek are like goodness, how did this happen? how did that young boy get caught in all this?
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it makes people go well, nobody is safe. what would your message be to the people who live here and the people who are reluctant to cothci? >> wantpele tokn are rkg ound the lock to identify the people responsible. >> reporter: the chief goes onto add with fewer officers the oakland police department is only solving roughly 35% of cases. the department has lost more than 60 officers in the last six months bringing total to 681, well shy of the 737 authorized positions. as the department looks to fill vacancies the chief says it cantar its way out of the crime wave. >> i believe that in this moment it is a call for all of us to come together even if we were giving resources. they won't be here tomorrow. it is not an overnight process. what the can happen right now in this moment is if people see something, they can share the information with us. if people want to see people
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held responsible for this, they should share information with us. >> reporter: andrea nakano, kpix5. >> we have the entire interview with chief armstrong on coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> shocking video showing a parent blind siding a youth referee. what sparked the sudden attack. why your thanksgiving turkey can be a lot more expensive this year. a live look outside from dublin before we head to break. we can see some cars starting their day. we'll be right back.
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a shocking scene at a youth soccer game, of all places. a parent suddenly attacks a referee shoving him to the ground. the attack has the placer d.a. considering charges. >> reporter: video shows the violent act by a soccer dad running across the field blind siding a referee knocking him to the ground. the soccer dad then stands over the ref shouting at him. >> i felt like i got hit by a train. >> reporter: the referee who got decked by the dad more than
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twice his size. >> this was easily the hardest hit i have ever taken. it was pretty crazy. it happened so fast. >> reporter: he is okay now, attack stemmed from a call off camera against the father's son. he says the son disputed by following him off the field and got into his face. he says he pushed the teen to back him away. >> that's when the parent from across the field came and assaulted me. >> i think what we see in the video is incredibly shocking. this action by a parent from the sidelines is clearly not something that is appropriate. >> reporter: police were called to the field on report of a battery. they forwarded findings to the placer d.a. he wants the parent charged. >> i want criminal charges. i want this guy to pay for what he's done. >> reporter: the organization suspended coach of the team the parents' child plays on for
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failing to control spectators. disciplinary committee is recommending the team expelled from all competitions until june of next year. >> it's the first time it's happened. >> reporter: the ref says this will not stop him from taking the field. >> this is not going to stop me. i want the younger referees to say if it happens to you, you can't let these kind of things affect you. >> the d.a. says it could take time to determine whether charges are warranted. time for the money watch report. apple out with a program aimed at saving you tech visits for repairs. why the thanksgiving turkey may cost you a bit more this year. diane king hall reports from the new york stock exchange. stocks fell on wednesday. dow dropped 211 points. nasdaq lost 52 and s&p 500 was down 12. the strike at john deere is
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over. workers approved a new contract last night ending the month long walk out after rejecting two previous offers, members approved the deal 61-39 it's. it comes with immediate 10% raises, changes to healthcare, improvements to the pension plan. get ready for thanksgiving to gobble your wallet. this year the cost of a turkey is $1.50 a pound up from last year. however the farm bureau says the number may drop because that's based on prices from two weeks allege before grocery stores started heavily featuring turkey and offering thanksgiving sales on the bird. the average cost of a typical feast for ten people is a little more than $5 a person. apple users will be able to fix their own equipment. next year the company will launch online store to sell more than 200 parts and tools. only newer versions of iphone
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and mac computers will be available for self repairs. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to i am diane king hall. >> i can barely figure out the basics sometimes with my phone. fix it too? i don't know. 4:48 is the time. let's check weather and traffic. >> we'll start with mary lee with what it's looking like. good morning. it's a chilly start again in the 40s and 50s. bundle up if you are planning to head out the door this morning. concord mid 40s, 51 oakland, 53 san francisco, upper 40s in san jose and 44 in santa rosa. we are watching clouds streaming in. through our day increasing clouds, mostly cloudy skies this afternoon ahead of our next weather system. that will bring return of light scattered showers late tonight into tomorrow morning. daytime highs today are cooler compared to yesterday with
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upper 50s along the coast, low 60s around the bay, 63 oakland, 63 for the peninsula in mountain view and mid 60s for south bay in san s e, land st lley and low 60s for the napa valley. a weak cold front bringing showers late tonight into early tomorrow morning. let's time it out as we take you hour by hour on futurecast. you see clouds as we head through our afternoon. late tonight, starting to see showers across parts of the north bay. that's 11:00 p.m. here is 5:00 am. we are not expecting a lot of rain. not all of us will see it. this is 5:00 am tomorrow, light scattered hit or miss showers as we head through tomorrow morning and clearing through the day with drier weather friday afternoon. let's check rainfall amounts, not a lot, a few hundredths to about a tenth of an inch. seven-day forecast san
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francisco, oakland, san jose, you can see we are tracking a few showers late tonight into really early tomorrow morning and then looking at a little bit more sunshine, temperatures slowly on the rise for the weekend into next week. inland east bay, north bay, coast, north bay and coast, you will see showers earlier, late tonight for you and spotty hit or miss showers as we look to friday morning and then drier weather ahead and looking great for our weekend. let's check with gianna. you were talking about the altamont. it is starting to get busy. >> it is. we are starting to see super commuters hit the roadways and brake lights building for the ride out of tracy onto 580. there are no crashes but it's the usual stuff. you have slow speeds dipping down to 32 miles per hour in some spots. if you are ready to head out, you've already got delays. 31 minute travel time west bound 580, 205 towards 680. west bound east shore freeway looks good as well as highway 4
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and 101, no troubles out of the south bay. if you are commuting out of san jose, hellyer avenue to sfo, 35 minutes. chp is dealing with a crnorth d hand side of the road way. apparently a vehicle went down the embankment off to the side into a ditch. so injuries are reported. there is activity to the right hand side but no lanes are blocked, traffic moving at the limit through the fremont area. we'll let you know if that changes. headed north of there into hayward, no troubles there. travel times from the maze to san leandro, 12 minutes. west bound 580 commute from castro valley to the maze, 15 minute ride and no delays on 24 walnut creek to oakland. bay area bridges are a little bit better, road construction north bound 101, traffic is at the limit. they ran a traffic break to clear the lanes so construction is just wrapping up, no delays in both directions. that's a look at your morning
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good morning. baseball up top. i guess his heart is in san francisco. a simple nod and bell reups with san francisco. he is not ready to give up his status which makes me think of
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the line from the old tom hanks movie "i'm the captain now." >> i felt i had been captain all year. i told everybody let me get off the plane first because i was team captain. they did. >> the captain, a free agent for a couple sips of coffee, agreed to another year with giants posting this photo with caption "daddy's back." it was a qualifying contract for $18.4 million. the 33-year-old hit a career high 29 homers in 97 games, missed playoffs because of a broken thumb after getting hit by a pitch. warm reaction of brewers' pitcher burnes upon learning he was named the cy young winner yesterday. he edged out wheeler, had the lowest e.r.a. in the majors. giants guzman finished 6th. cal v stanford, kick off
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almost upon us, aka the big game. saturday at 4:00, emotions run deep in 124th meeting especially for alumni. cardinal this season lost five straight and cal, bears should be close to full strength after a covid outbreak forced them to play shorthanded at arizona. usc game had to be postponed. wilcox wishes he could bottle the energy his team is emitting already. >> going to the team meeting yesterday, just the energy, felt like the first day of fall camp, you know. there has been some adverse at the. there have been things out of their country. they're very eager to practice and play and focused on moving forward. basketball, these fellows in scarlet out of louisville kentucky last night face st.
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mary's. they led by one with six minutes left. by the two minute mark, gayles up tee and mary went in cruise control and won 73-64, kept gayles perfect at 4 due care 0. last night stanford men beat valparaiso 74-60. to recap, giants get to keep a key bat in brandon belt but you know and i know that you know they've got some pitching decisions to make too. we'll see you later. >> oh we know. >> do you know? >> we know. >> okay. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> fda meeting happening today and what it can mean for all adults looking to
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>> reporter: teachers devastated that two elementary schools in east bay are shutting their doors. i am justin andrews. i will tell you why the district is shutting down the schools. vaccine clinic coming to an elementary school in oakland for students and their families.. osha's changing constants on mandates after a judge's recent criticism. >> reporter: fda could authorize booster shots for all adults in the u.s. we'll have the details. good morning. it is thursday november 18. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. so glad to have you with us. let's get a check of weather and traffic on this friday eve to see how things are shaping up. closer to the weekend. >> almost there. chilly conditions again, 40s and 50s. a live look with our


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