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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 18, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a person shot and killed on i-80 approaching the bay bridge, the latest on the investigation, closing lanes
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for a couple of hours . showers on the rater but almost all of this, other than a few sprinkles, is evaporating before it hits the ground. we will talk about the rain in the forecast coming up. i am kenny choi . we begin with breaking those, a deadly bay bridge shooting. andria borba is live near the toll plaza with the latest developments. >> reporter: traffic was stopped for hours with the shooting hpe morng be e toll az our cameras captured a burgundy buick suv with windows blown out on the driver side and passenger side. we captured the body of a woman being removed from the passenger side and transferred to the office of the coroner. the latest shooting has alameda county taking extra planning steps. >> watch were times, when you
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fill your gas, what time you get home. you have to watch out for your safety. you have to be two steps ahead. >> reporter: the latest fatal freeway shooting alameda county is earlier this month nearly 2- year-old jasper wu was killed near seventh street in oakland on i-80 . the chp said there have been nearly 80 freeway shootings in alameda county in the past 12 months. coitleaders about this latest outburst vience, including the police chief of oakland, as well as a gospel leader. back to you. we brought you live pictures of the scene today on cbsn bay area . you can download our app to watch anytime. oakland police investigating a deadly double shooting after midnight as police responded to 17 street and found a man and woman dead
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from gunshot wounds. we are told both lived in oakland. no word on any suspects. in fairfield, a viewer posted this video on twitter of an apparent robbery at a jewelry store. you can see is suspect slamming a glass display case with a hammer at daniels jewelers inside the solano town center mall. we have reached out to police for response and more will be coming up at 5:00. to the weather and a live look towards the north bay before the rain comes in. chief meteorologist paul heggen is here . this next one for everybody. >> the best odds of measurable rain north of the golden gate but not a substantial rainmaker. there is plenty on the radar but this is evaporating before it hits the ground. more substantial rain over the pacific which will come in through this evening and overnight tonight. it is only about a 50-50 chance of rain, even in santa rosa
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where you have the best chance of more substantial amounts. san francisco, outside chances early tomorrow morning. the farther south, you have a chance of a space a few sprinkles in san jose but nothing measurable. we will track it coming up in a few minutes. even with quite a bit of rain in the last few weeks, some people in the south bay to see the toughest water rules in years. jocelyn moran on the new drought restrictions and fines on top . >> this is something we all have to participate in. >> reporter: santa clara county in the u.s. drought monitor is under extreme drought and in the south bay san jose water company customers will have to cut back on their water use or face higher bills. leeann with these san jose water company says she did not have a date when this will go into effect but said shortly. some residents understand the need for this. >> i think it is good knowing that people do waste water.
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>> reporter: customers will be required to cut water use by 50% or pay $7.13 more for each unit of water above the amount, your allotment is 15% less than what you used in the same month in 2019. with this extreme drought, some bay area residents have been trying to do their part. >> i have been pretty conservative most of the time. i have timers, now i only water once a week, on wednesdays. >> reporter: by conserving water, the hope is people can still do that. >> it will get to the point you cannot water your lawn at all. we don't want to get to that point but, if we don't conserve now restrictions could get worse. >> reporter: the san jose water company says a brochure outlining the details will be mailed to customers within the next week. hundreds of san jose homeowners who suffered from this disaster four years ago
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just settled a lawsuit against the city. in 2017, coyote creek flooded during a powerful storm and forced thousands from their homes. the city council just approved the $750,000 settlement filed by about 240 renters and homeowners. another lawsuit filed against the santa clara valley water district is headed to court next year. kaiser health their work is hit the picket lines today, 40,000 unionized workers were expected to walk off the job statewide. it is part of a two day sympathy strike to support engineers. one of the biggest protests is in front of the kaiser medical center in san jose, union members waved signs and blasted music. workers with local 39 have been on strike for two months and demanding higher pay. in a statement, kaiser said, this union insists it received much more in some cases, nearly 2 times more than other union
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agreements, covering kaiser permanente employees, we are optimistic we can resolve the remaining issues with local 39 on the covid front, markham elementary school in oakland is hosting a vaccination clinic for students five and up and their families, expecting to start soon. california process my turn website is allowing anyone 18 and older to sign up for a booster shot, you may still take a few weeks to get an appointment. the site lists walk-in clinics for anyone who wants to go that route instead. fda authorization for a pfizer booster shot for all adults could come at any time. the drugmaker filed for drug authorization last week and the cdc would still need to sign off on the plan. >> if you were vaccinated six months or more ago and eligible for a boost, get a boost. >> while the main focus is on vaccinations, president biden announced his administration has purchased 10 million
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courses of the pfizer antiviral covid pill, paxlovid, which is meant to reduce the risk of severe illness for people infected with covid . the drug needs a green light from the fda. jobless claims have jumped in california, there were more than the 1000 first-time claims last week, up 6400 from the week before. this is after three straight weeks of decline. looking at wall street, a mixed day for the dow, losing 60 points, the nasdaq up 72. the s&p up 15. the life of a death row inmate in oklahoma spared just hours before his scheduled execution. the governor commuted the sentence of julius jones. we have a report about the case which is getting high-profile attention. >> reporter: oklahoma governor kevin stitt stepped in at the 11th hour , canceling the thursday scheduled execution of
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julius jones. >> you are worthy, god. >> reporter: the decision after the state pardon and parole board asked the republican governor to commute the sentence of jones to life in prison with the possibility of parole. >> i am not the person responsible for taking his life.! in 1999, paul howell was murdered outside his parents edmond, oklahoma home in front of his family. his suv was stolen and a witness reported seeing a black man with a red bandanna with one to two inches of her should the father of two. three days later, julius jones was arrested, his family says eyewitness descriptions did not match jones who, at the time qaeda, had a shaved head and was home at the time of the murder. wednesday, his mother, surrounded by supporters, pleaded for his release. >> the truth will set you free. we are talking about justice. justice for all of us.
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>> reporter: the family of paul howell spoke to us ahead of the decision on thursday and believes that jones was responsible for the fatal shooting. >> he was an innocent man taking his kids to get ice cream and he was murdered in front of me and my sister and my aunt, for a car. >> reporter: this is the first death row clemency case governor kevin stitt has faced . a number of celebrities and sports stars rallied in support of jones, many posting online, including warriors head coach, steve kerr. still ahead on 5, a big change in how people get the medicine, why a major pharmacy chain is closing hundreds of stores. and how much will your thanksgiving cost this year,
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cvs is planning to close hundreds of stores, 300 locations each year for the next three years. this comes as they restructure to focus more on primary healthcare. certain stores are becoming health hubs that will focus on clinical services and health products. cvs says employees will be
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offered positions elsewhere in the company. the changes are slated to start in 2022. cvs did not say which stores will close but will give specific locations when available. soon apple users will be able to fix their own equipment as they will launch an online store to sell more than 200 parts and tools only newer versions of the iphone and macintosh computers will be available for the self repairs. we know prices for everything has gone up, including food, jesse mitchell looks at the cost of your thanksgiving meal just one week away. >> reporter: the bow remission in new york is preparing for thanksgiving week , this year the charity will cook 200 turkeys and giveaway 1000 meals. >> we are continuing to see a great challenge in our city and around the world. there are people in need of a warm meal. report back from charities like this one to the average dinner table, the new will be more
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expensive, the american farm bureau federation says a classic thanksgiving feast for 10 people , including turkey, stuffing, cranberries, veggies, pumpkin pie, will cost $53.31 to make, up 14% from last year. almost everything on the menu is more this year, from the dinner rolls to dessert, but the largest increase is for the turkey. farmers like chris have been forced to raise prices because his cost her way up. >> everything is costing more, feed, fuel, labor, all of those things have increased in price from 2020 to 2021.! supply chain issues are leading to increasing prices at the grocery store. >> a pie crust has multiple ingredients, if there is an increase in the cost of eggs, packaging, for any ingredients, it increases the cost of gas to transport any of those ingredients to the piecrust manufacturer. it adds up.
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>> reporter: even with the higher cost, the mission will be able to make all of the meals this year. >> thanks to our donors we have an able to get the turkeys and all the fixings. >> reporter: she says it makes people being fed more important. at 6:00 tonight, a grocery reality check in the bay area, we look at what you can still get with one week left until thanksgiving and for how much. with the holidays around the corner, one organization encouraging people to dine out to help others. our morning acre spoke to a member of the california restaurant foundation about a program. >> it is our way of, during this season of gratitude, encouraging everyone to dine out in support of their neighborhood restaurants. and also supporting the crew at the heart of restaurants that make all of our dining experiences wonderful. we say, dining out is your
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superpower and do it all month. >> reporter: i love dining out. how can people get involved and what can they do other than going out to random restaurants? >> thinking about thanksgiving, next week , if you have a favorite site is from a restaurant, maybe get that and add that to your thanksgiving dinner . holiday gift cards are another great way to support restaurants. if you want to chip in and support our foundations restaurants carefully fund for food and beverage workers, you can make a donation on our website. those are much-needed contributions that help when life's unpredictable moments happen, like an accident or an illness. it makes a difference in the life of someone. streaming on cbsn bay area today , vern glenn catches up with the newly inducted san jose sports hall of fame and, former 49er and super bowl
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champion george siefert. download the cbs news up on your favorite streaming device. paul is back, rather one way you can help neighbors in need, our food for bay areas families drive, go to to find ways to volunteer or donate to our local food banks. now it is time for the weather. >> you could just not wait to get until the little rain we will get. not a substantial rainmaker but we will take it. we will take every drop we can get, this one will be meager overall. a weak cold front is squeezing the atmosphere and trying his best to produce some showers but it is evaporating before it hits the ground. the farther south we have seen measurable rainfall is cloverdale and it will go farther and farther south to the rest of evening but at the moment it looks like the shower
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activity in santa rosa but the lowest levels of the atmosphere are pretty dry and it is eating up the rain on the way down. it evaporates. eventually, more substantial moisture off the pacific. let's track that to the rest of this afternoon and this evening. more substantial rain holding off until after the sun goes down for most of the north bay which will fall overnight and the early hours of tomorrow morning. futurecast is overdoing the intensity of the rain, even in the north bay a little bit which will be reflected in the amounts i show you in a second. we hope that it is right. for the rest of us, scattered activity, splash and dash hours for the first half of the day and futurecast tries to hold onto a chance of patchy drizzle, maybe a little bit of mist into the afternoon but some breaks in the cloud cover tomorrow afternoon. saturday and sunday are both going to be pretty nice. locally dense fog to start on saturday but it should dissipate. total rainfall out of the
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system, for most of us not a big event. 3/10 of an inch of rain in santa rosa would be fantastic. if you got half that, the limit of what the storm will produce overall. there is the cloud cover, nothing falling out of the clouds just get. 57 in downtown san francisco and in concord. 63 in san jose is the warm location. dropping down into the upper- 40s and low-50s overnight. with clouds lingering tomorrow, a degree or two below average, into the low to mid-60s pretty much across the board. around 60 degrees along the coast, the cool spots. mid-60s in the santa clara valley, the warm spots, morgan hill am a 65 degrees. low-60s for inland parts of east bay. only around 60 degrees for most of the north bay.
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further north towards mendocino county, 50s on the map for high temperatures by friday afternoon. we clear out and warm up into the weekend, not going to be balmy but pretty nice, especially with more sunshine and we cool off a little bit. your eyes do not deceive you, another shower chance by tuesday of next week, like this one it will be very light but any additional rain is welcome and should be out of the way in time for thanksgiving travel by wednesday and thursday . coming up tonight at 7:00, this bay area father of two suffered a devastating spinal cord injury and doctors told him he would probably never walk again, let alone do anything else. how did he go from this to getting back up on his feet and being able to do this? >> i have had amazing results. >> we were surprised. >> miraculous to see his recovery. >> how this all began with the data, young scientist, and a very determined man, that is tonight at 7:00 right here on kpix 5 .
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a couple of hikers have a young boy scout to thank for rescuing them on a trail in hawaii. the 12-year-old david king and his mother will hiking along a trail when they found the couple lost with no water, completed cell phones, and an injured 100 pound dog.
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david used his merit badge skills to make a stretcher for the animal, using t-shirts and tree branches. the group was able to get the dog and themselves back to safety. to arizona for a high flying feet, 40 female skydivers gathered to make three separate formations in a single 16,000 foot jump. they broke two separate skydiving records. they came from all around the u.s. and paraguay and spain. pretty cool. when you think about christmas songs, "dangerous" does not come to mind but see one group's list of holiday songs to avoid while driving. and norah o'donnell looks at what is ahead on the cbs evening news. a lot of news tonight, we look at america's truck driver shortage, nearly 1 million new drivers needed over the next decade and we visit the school to find out what is being done
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to hire more drivers. and representing the best of america, we introduce you to an extraordinary
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at 5:00, california unemployment is on the rise, but a lot of companies are having trouble hiring, so we asked the experts where is the disconnect. that story and more at 5:00. finally, someone came up
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with a list of the most dangerous christmas songs to listen to while you are driving. there is number one. >> ♪ frosty the snowman was a jolly, happy soul with a corncob pipe and a button nose and his eyes made out of coal ♪ >> that is gene autry's version of "frosty the snowman." a car company says it is the most dangerous because of the more beats per minute, 172. the rest of the list are, "all i want for christmas." "santa claus is coming to town." by the jackson five. and "happy christmas" by john lennon and yoko ono. research shows that songs with 120 beats per minute or more are linked with increased dangerous driving. i don't know, "frosty the snowman?" i love that song and all i will
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be thinking about is how dangerous it is. >> by far the most dangerous song is the 12 days of christmas becaus captioning spos >> o'donnell: tonight, there are several developing stories as we come on the air. the f.d.a. is set to green light boosters for all adults, and a big concession from the man who shot and killed ahmaud arbery. one of the three men accused of murdering the 25-year-old jogger admits arbery didn't threaten him. >> didn't pull out any guns? >> no, ma'am. >> didn't pull out any knives. >> no, ma'am. >> o'donnell: covid cases and hospitalizations spike. we're in the midwest where infections are soaring, this as the f.d.a. could authorize both pfizer and moderna booster shots for all american adults. saved from death row: tonight, why the republican governor from oklahoma stomed the execution of


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