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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 18, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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plonaza stwebod uninrstetate 880. is s wathe e scenfrom opchper on the approach to the babe rie troll investigatord s ana roconers fan surrinoundg bua rgundy buk the shootingpp haen edaround 9: a.m. you n casee shattered wiownds. thshe ooting killed a woman, the paenssger in e thsuv. s it ithe latest ina string of adly violenc e onfrwaeeys and alameduna coty. earlier thismoh,nt a 2-arye- old was kiedll in the crose sfir of a llroing freeway oosht out on 880 nearseventh etstre. >> lepeop are soreckless, theyo n'cat re who it is in the car with you, or what's gog inon. it's sad. reporter: somedrerivs are anging habits in the wa keof enviolce. >> you h watcwh attime you fill your gas, enwh to be home. so pcelas you have to be at certain
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>>ep rorter: the chp has not reas edinformation t abouthe cre,im or whether nslicee platesre we detected or photos taken as the shteoor ntwe throh ugthe toll plaza. an dreananoka said wndo with the anoakld police f chieabout the spike invienolce, and the moren tha0 12murders atth kland has seen this year. e >> wha vethe indecints happen in ondakla r fatofro equently, ere hundredsof bullets are ing shotin residential ignehborhoods, omrand llbuets at could hit anodyby, d coul go intoanyone's homeand e caus e thtype of rthu and inpa to any fa.mily has chp said anything, if the shooting s warandom or targ? eted >> repr:orte no. we veha not ceived any word tonight from e thchp, whether this was a ndraom shooting,en wh tobe afraid of, or a more targ eted shooting. itisst ill tragic, whether or no t e thperson in the shr'ootes car that passr engewas, and s wa miaingt athe hivecle on rppuose. alwe so n'dot know if they
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cked up any eceltricon moningtori them all of the linscee plate reads erand cameras at e thbay idbrge toll plaza, whr etheor not they aladrey know who the ecsuspt might be. >> we look rwfoard to remo des.tail thank uyo. the telast shoo tingmecos one thheels of another addely shoo tingin oakland stju afr te that is whenpolice onrespded to7t 1h street, e wherofficers fod una man and woman dead omfr gunswohot un. ds wnoord yet on any susptsec. hoafurs ter that, oaankld city leaders callto an end of god enviolce. >> despite ussspaing reluontis, declaring gun violence, declaring a public he calthrisis, we in oakland are ilstl reg elinfrom ssexceive guoln vience and lo ss lofife. we are any grand frtrusated. as a father oftwo,
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i think of my own drchilen. >> cncouilmember la urentaoryl unve ileda plan to mbcoat crim ie,ncluding rengduci e th number of swunaner ed911 >> i tell you wh, atpeople are indyg. lilett kids are dying. buetlls are ngflyi every day in thnee igorhbhood. we mdoust sothmeing. cainllg 91is1 li kecalling, teand llg inyou, santa claus. we oubrght you the piesctur of theoakland shngooti today on cbsn bay area. dolownad our kpixapt towatch animyte point to the atweher now, a live ok outside acro ssthe bay artrea, acngki scattered owers inrollg in. thiswot n'be an overly esimprsi rveainmaker, bu t we wille takevy erdrop we can po sslyib get. mo stof e thosdrops are evorapating on thy e wadown so far.e thradar is picking up on mois ituren e thclouds, very li ttlereaching groleund-vel. thwiose llmo ve into far nornrthe cstonruct onto cotyun.
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th iats setting the stage, pa vi tnghe way for remo moreistu toroll in later on this evening. th enoh rtbay has the be st cechan ofmeasaburle rain, but it is a 50-50 chance of more anth a e tracof . rain ouif y get morethan a trace, a fendw hurehsdt of an inch. the lowechst an ceoverall will befu rtsthe south, san jose. yifou get a w fesprilenks out of , thisthat llwi be about it. we llwi track isth on refutuca astnd just a for the first time in the abelizethoh lmes theranfros aud trial, juthe ry got to hear lmhoes's voice, but he didn't testify as a wiestns. let's get to len ramirez coriveng the l triain san sejo. >>reporter: we are lktaing out audio reincordgsta ken franom interview th at abelizethoh lmes did with a fortune maga zinejonaurlists onnow e thwiestns stand. inse tho corerdings, elizh abet holmes can be heard in her n ow
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earlieeshave s befa ror geparlato is a former lawyer andurjonalist with founmae gazine. in01he4 publd isheatwh was at the meti one ofthe stmo widely read clartiesab out elizh abetholmes and theranos, with a vecor story headline hi"ts ceo is t oufor oobld." >> one of the wisetness testd ifieth atthe reonas she weannt d got her blood tested at walgs reens wabecause e shre adth e article in foe,rtun and sel veraof the investors re adth e are ticlin fortune. she use,as gealled by the gornvement, she usthed e media topromote your company. arbae ck onthe eswitns stand for the ecprosutn,io he described his ocpress for putttoing geerth the article. recordedma ny of his inteiervws with holmwhes, o re played inth e urcot for the . jury they could arhe holmes in her n words kema clai msthat
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otwiher tns essesa idwere fa ls e,like how the des vice could do 1000 blood sttes, and th tathey didn't relyon d-thir party analyz ers. t>>his witnessehos ecing the te stonimy that e thjury has be enhearing for the stla 11 weeks. iits a weporful witness. heis insummg up d anreminding e thjury of all of the claims th atelizabeth esholm made to these eswitnse s. it isnever a good day when uryo own icvoe and culminates you. >> reporter: on cross- exinamation, the nsdefee attorney testard obpring into the r otheursoces for report wing,hich hecited journalistic pregivile tonot realve conntfideiasol urces r undethfie rst ament.dmen the dgjue had a erconfen cewith erlawys onthat ouidtse the essence of the jury. karloff brought his own lawyer court to make his case before tribral oktoe the day. e n ramirez, kpix 5 . > >>the a fdcould authorize pf iz erbooster shots against covid-19y any danow. the drugmaker d filefor d , ane c would l stilneed to si o ffon that pl. an somestesat are not itwaing forh
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e afd, inclg udinlicafornia. maacsehutts mebeca e thmost recentat ste to prapove boostefors r anyone over 18. >> the c cdwill quickly re view the safety and effectiveness data, and kema recommenondatis as soon as we hear from fda. > >>yeerstday,th e whe ithouse annound cea 10% of chdrilen es 5 to 11 have cereived the firsdot se of the ccvaine. e thcalirnfoia padertme ntof puicbl hethal stju updated s it myur tn weitbse to open vicod-19 osboter sign-ups toall peop18le and deolr. in stmo places, it will keta you a few weeks toget atth apinentmt. they al sohave lkwa-in cli nics listed if you want totry r he ck there. a live lookat e thwhite hoe uswhere for thrse fit time five ckba years, rtnoh amer icanleerads are ttsiing toergeth r foa three-way suit. presidendet bin helps to ngstreth renelationshipsth wi mexico annad cada. ylsker henry has more on the major is sues facing the leaders.
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>> repor ter:pridesent biden weomlced canadianim pre mini sterjuinst trudeau and mecaxin president esandr numael peloz raobdor to the white house. e thpresenidt rsfit met wieath ch leader one-neon-o. >> since arjanuy,we have taken significstant epans d strides todeepen oular retishonip. >> rteeporr:th en all rethe sit downet toghethr ursday teoornn for the first rtnoh icameranea lders summit since 2016. omeconic cooperation is athe t top ofthe enagda, with the p grousotimemes referred to as e ththree amig. os >>we should be dibuilng back in a moresignificant ennmviroenlltay friendly way. >> we ha vebeen rostngly allied on envirot,nmen onfigh ting covindd, a ttgeing through this paemndic. >> porerter: canada has ra ised concerovns er the opprosed tax cred fitor eramic-manade eceltric vehicles. provision in the build back
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ttbeer llbi. >> we will lkta abt ouatth. >> electr icveclhie tax criteds aisn oprtpounittoy help co nserums in this country. >>re porter: the three leaders uld not cent ertheir talks ndarou rdboer policy, but eainstd inusg the suitmm as an rtoppouny itto lock ar msand mitigate the otro causes of skylheer nr y,cbs news, the wh ithoe use. thite whe house has chosen to pas s onholding a joint news erconfen acet the end of e th . >>th> ere is a shakeup in e thvi cepr esident's of. fice ashley ieetnne,a uncommicioatns director for mala harris , isstpiepng wndo. thisme cos idam reports of teioben tween a harris amte anwhd ite house staffers. no immed iatewo rdon a replenacemt point >> > hoe usspeaker nancy pelo si could llca a vote mesotime toghont the presidents social sinpendg anpl. th e tevo fos llowa report fr om thnoarnptisan congrenassiol budget of ficeon how chmu it would cost rehe can a list the e ar ly$2 tronilli bill would increase theic defit by $367 biiolln ov er10 ramodetede mocrats wanted to see these nus mberbefore dedicing on etwhher to ppsuort e thbill. > >>still ahead on kpix 5 , and stinreamg on cbsnbay , area
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a ente goesmissing inthe north y,ba triergging an amber t.aler itns tur t ouit was all a prank. what police found out. it enhapped again. these ta rgetotanher baary ea jewelry e,stor the ar restmade o mes ntago point the mystery sounding
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i sayou w toss the kites on high... improvedn visiocorageve. so you can focusn o every litt detleail. one of mstany co-singav medicare advantageit benefs s fromcan helaalth pn r 20fo22. call tr oday oask your agent about scan heaanlth pl.
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this story drew a lot of atntteion, but anamber alter issu tedhis morning for a agteenerur tned out to be a prank. this image from a gas station surveillance camera raised the alarm. richard a 15-year-old girl being pushed into a van and santa rosa. people fear the worst. police mobilized to track down the van r fothe girl, the man thought to be a suspect. authorities later found that girl, who is safe tonight. they say the whole thing was a poorly planned prank.
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new video of anheotr brazen smash and grab at a jewelry storhie, ts meti at a mall in fa irelfid. maa risspemarln e spokwith the security exrtpe on atwh stores n do to otprect themselves. >>at least fo urmen armed witham hmersd ansmashing the s glasinside ofda niels jewelet rs athe sola no townntceer. ransackinghe t display cas,se d anmaking aw aywith exivpense rchae.ndis thmae nageinr thks this latest imcre at his orste is connected to this, a crew of nine maedsk roertas kinger ov a concord jewestlry orone monday, committinge thsame crime. as klquicy as his ewcr arri ves, they are nego, leaving staff to clean up the mess, and inventore y thlo. ss >> the mo is, you , know basicay llthe same at all of these placesso, one would ththink at they are related.>>t
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the wejelry cuserityal lian. ce sa ysthere have been a spike in spe cialand grab bbroers ie rgtaetg inhis industry >>it's ryve concerningth wi tepontial for viceolen. >> reportheer: says jewersle to40 % of their businessdu ri ng the hodaliy season, wh enmuch of their mo stexpensive merchae ndisison disp lay. gangs of bbroers now rgtaeting lls off of busy free waysso th eyca n get in and out mu scle what can store emoyplees do? >> tell e thowners d anthe public notto intervene. backev enmall security shldoun't get invoedlv, but eyth can buy robbery sirestant cases that you can't break with a hammer, which will prevent robbers from being able to make off with goods in a flash. >> they want to be able to do it rapidly and get away quickly point >> fairfield police have ar reedst rethe susp ectson roerchy arges. vestigators haverecovered $5000,0 rtwoh of stolen jey welr
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point > one of the deanfendts accused of inkillg udahma arberys waback onthe d stan today. avis mcmichsaael id he th out ghahmaud arbewary s acting icsuspiolyus as he followede th25-year-ol d inhis ckup truck. thdee fendant said his erfath, also on trial, ldto him to quote, grab his n guand mpju in their tr uck. hesaid he outhght arbury ghmite a threat, but the testimony led to this exgechan with the precosutor. yo>> u e artelling thisjury th ata man who enspt 5 teminus running away fryoom u, you e ar now inthki ngis mesohow going want to ntcoinue to gaenge thwi you, soonmee thwi a otshgun,an d your faerth, a man o whhas just sa, idstop or i llwi blow yo urblee pingadhe of bf,y trying toget intheir uctrk? >>s yema'am. c>>losing argum entscod ul begin onmonday point itis the 3rd day of ryju liberations in thkye le rihottenushoe micide trial. e jury did not veha a rdveict inke noa,sh wisconsiton da y. rihottenusise on trfoial r killing two men, and inngjuri an otr hewith a e riflduring a presott in kenoshcka ba in 2020 poriint tthoenuse faces fi ve countsin, cluding first-degree tentional hodemici, and cefas
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up to life in prison. ry members are t seto thgaer torr owfor a urfoth full day. good ne wsfor a famous falcone , thpegrreine falcon who ednest on ucberkeley'sto wer, has been reasleed from the ithospal. lylike heis head edback to his st. hewa s brought to a waln ut creek wifeldli center last month d founsitting on a gaagrbe can, d andoctors discoveredin juri esfroma ibposslefi ght with another animals. hehad minor suerrgy on his , wingand rece ived rehabilitation before being leased. as carell, our last story id there might be a turf battleau becsean other male has moved into that area point >> iwat s a love ngtriale. ow>> n he has his ouglamr shots to take with him. l>>ike honey, m i'looking odgo. i'bam ck. i'm in apshe, log okingood. >> symp? athy >>itmi ght be a bit twe later on tot,nigh but light showers moving acrose s thbay area. owshers tonight d anearly
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idfray, cool mpteerurates to go along with the addialtion oucld cover. highprsuesre takes col,ntro which means clear skies after dee nsfog saayturd morning, anda rm teremperatures intothe week end. not gea hu warm-up, but pleasant . -f dedoppler is ckpiing up on shs owertrying to hit the ground. thpre oblem is the air erov the y area is still pr ettydry. hthisasbe en rglaely evataporin g,maybe passing sprinkles trngyi to kema their y watowards cod.ncor fahertr offshore we trk acmore ndbas ofrain vedeloping. the showers apevorating are paving the way for the owshers athatrest ill offs hore to reach e thground. let us switch over to futucarest and track the rain. itee kps us ivdre thugroh 9:00 thveis ening, heotr than ybmae a passinrig spnk lefor the h nortbay. rtnoh of the ldgoen gate u yo havehe t best chan ceof shows er mo vingin around midnhtig and pre-sunrise s hourof friday
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morn ing. this't isn g gointo be a real rainmaker for u.yo le ssth an 0.1 inches in most sps.ot i k thinsome ofthe s roadwill be wet motorr owmorning. i would plan on wet adros just be on the safe side. you e leavenghou time to adstju for the effects on traf fic,t buth eywi ll be w feand far between d , anthey be comefewer and farthetwr beeen as we head to mid to late morning. wiwe ll even see if you peeks of sunshine. how much ra inare we talkg in about? less than 0.1 chines. ev en the hiesght numbs erare 0.07, and welor numbers furthero ut h. barely atr ace showing up, ev en le tsshan that. ma ybene ough to wet downthe grndou, but not a erdiffen ce maker interms ofdrought ndcoitions thate arstill in acple roacss the y baarea. there is anotr hechance of rain down theli ne in the forecast. will peho maybe a tr endsand
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a erwett direction as we get closer tonext week. ght now, lookg into the west, an teinrestg inperspective with the fokk gerround-level. in e th cldsar fther up in the atmosp, hereteermpatures are co, olmid to upper 50s across the board. the cl oudsovheerad tonight will keep ertempatesur from dropping tfaoo r. eyth wl ilalso opdr our view of e lunar liecpse that llwi be happening. ifyo u had hoped to cah tca glimpse on th, atovercast skies ll keep that omfr sl owto rmwa up thwi the ouclds icstking aroundr fothe first half ofthe day. on wsee e a little bit of suhinsne, we ldshou get upto around 60 inthe h nortbay, low 60s arndou the y baitself. e thwarmest otsps in the santa ara valley reacnghi up to the mid-60s. wear wm up a little bit as we gon ithe weenekd, and th en temperaturooes cl ofagf ain, mondayes, tuda y,wednesday. e thnext cechan of ershows, it
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oklos like it shouldn't ouamnt mtouch more than a few hudtndrehsof an inch of rain, but it is at least so merain, and it shldou be ouoft--the-wayn meti for thgsin giving travn el odnweesday on wednesday orhu trsday. thanksgiviisng looking pret ty good witmph teerurates slightly above aveerag must you get a chance to got oueierth before or after the feast and workff o some of osthe calories, some cabeuse it is impossible to do all of them. >> or go oue tsidand ta kea nap. >> idla down inthe front yard. i>> was inthki nga uctoh follotba game. >> itwa a upcole of s hourafter you finish dinner before the toh footbaamll ge. >> thanks, . paul co mi ngup, a chinese tennis supershatar s t nobeen se enin s,week aerft accusing a rmfoer government oiafficl of sexu al ast saulpot inthe new concerns for her fesaty. restaming today on cbsn bay
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, areawe talked to george seaford, -fiveti cmehampion, a newly indu ctedn sajose orspts ha of famer dierks onseas four of "starter scovery" isw noavailable to watch on paramount . plus weil wl hear omfr the stars and whatfa nscan ifec expts.
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there are new concerns for the fesaty of a missg inchinese nnissu perstar. sh e s haacsecud a top vegornment offi cialof sexual sault point >> anew eml aithat s wa suoslyed sent by e thwoman is raisinw g nequestions. wereport from hoonng kg. >> reerport: china's te nnis stenar pg shuai has not be en hed omfr since venomber 2, ter e thform ernumb ere on -ranked dos ublechp amaccused fo rm er vice premier zhang gaoli,e onof china's top 25 aders, and ally of president xi jin, pingof sexual cocieron. penghad deedtail allegations b
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ouhot w theyha d sex in a gudeard rowiom thhi s wi'sfe approval deleted from china's we w anemail has appeared reportedly from peng, saying thalgaletion of se xual assaisult t notrue. i'm not missing, nor am i unsafe. i have justbeen resting at ho, meand yteverhi ngis . fine that nwaote s se ntto steve n,simo adhe of the women's tennisoc assiaonti. he edrais s hiown doubts, saying iha ve a hard meti to believing thpeat ngsh uai alactulywr ote the eml aiwe have received. ha veatrepeed lytried to reh acher with no aiavl . china mahun ghrits advocate says it is par for the cour sefor china's coismmunt rtpay point >> nyma times china will detain someone in a very seitnsive case, and thenth eywill vegi that messa ges,whr etheit is a foed confonessi or letter, through state dimea thiss fitth isurdistbi ng paern.
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>> rtrepoer: it isthe ospurpe softa temedia to praise e th commt unispay,rt quash ganeti ve news, and help mainta in stitabily. this year, the parties celebrattses i 0t10h ar1 ye omfr now, pridesent xi jinping is exctpeed to aiclm an unprecedteend third term fasor peng uashi, the split ghis on from her pe ers. american tennis champs are tweeting, hoping peng shuai is found , safe and suspense dealing within cha until peng isndfauel. na omosi aka is lysimp writing, wh erise pe ngshuai. isth case is giving even more munition toch ins a'cricits, sa byingeingji is not equipped to host the winter olympics. wainshgton is leaning to a policatil boycott of the ga mes, with presi dentbin de potenty iallnogot ing, while allowing uol.s. ymanpis to mpcoete. > >>it s habeen arnely 5 aryes ncsie yocote creek spild leover s banks and flooded hunddsre ofho mes in san jose. llfinay meso of those viimcts are seeielng rief. >> it s haalwaysbe enbo aut
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holding the publ iccioffials anornigazations accobluntae. new tadeils in e thcase of a rmfoer bay areathprese arhe facing. th eyare
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i setre ees gofre ♪ ♪ red s roseto ♪ i setre ees gofre ♪ ♪ i so tnkhi to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a woerndful dworl ♪ ♪ i so tnkhi to myself ♪
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wsne at 5:30. >>rit ghnow on kpix 5, and streamoning sncb y baarea wsne inclg udinthfoe rmer bay eaar co lle egprofessor fa cingnew legal bltroue r fostarting a judge s hadone a critalic duelin g ona plan that chgeans in patients at one of the bay eaar's most udprejicsce hools. >>vi> cts imof one ofsan jo'sse worst disas sterfillnay seeing relief. arly 5 years afr te destinatg floods. odgo evening. >> > e thcity of san sejo s ha agreed to a ca shlesettme nt withe thvictims of the 2017 fl oongdi along tecoyo creek. kpix5's kiet do is a with how chmu they are ingog to get . macbet50h $7,0, 00not a whole lot l althin gscoidnsered. iits unclr eaw hothey will diy vvup thonat mey.
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we e arstan exact otsp where the floodwaters sp ild leover there banks here in east san jo. se th isthe mpteorary flood wall at e thwater distri cthas erteecd, one of the stmo atdramicha cpters in the ci ty toa clos e.'s sthiory is mi alofl the pain, loss, and sorrow fromthat fal tefuday in 17, when de brisclogged up cotecr eek, forcing it up and over its banks. all thataochs codenclud nearly years later in city council chambers withisth low-key vote. the cociunl unanimy ousl approved this selettment for $750,000 in damages ersuffed by remo than 250 victims. e thcity toatrn eysaid atth san sejo could veha been on the hook foras much as $12 milln io in damages, but e thsemettlent of $7,05000 is reasonableve gin the coanst d risks of rtfuher ligatition. >>we wereie relved atth the ci h adfinally apedprov e th settlement. we have been thugroh the court procs,es and weatre sisedfi at isth point af4 ter yes arof lititigaon ththat at portion of th


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