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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 18, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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we are anst exact otsp wrehe the flooatdwers spd illeov erthere banks here inas et san . jose this isthe mpteory arflood llwa at e thwater dist ricts ha teerecd,on e of e thmost dramathaic cpts erin the city toa cl ose.'s sthiory is mi all of the pain, loss, and rrow from that fateful day in 20 17, when debris clogd ge up coyocrte ee k,forcing it up and over its bas.nk all that aochs concludened ar ly 5 years later in city cociunl chambers with isth low-key vote. the cicounl unanimously prapoved this lesettme ntfor $7,05000 in dagemas suffered by mo anth 250 viimcts. thtyci atto rneyidsa that n sa jo could have been on the hook for as much as $12 min llio damages, t buthe settlement ,0$75000 is asreonable given the cost and ris skof further galititi. on >>we were reliedve atth the city hadnafilly approved the selettment. we have been through e thcourt prs,oces and were satedisfi at this point after 4 s yearof lititigaon that that portion of the case
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has concluded. >> repoerrt: sandra suffeder soofme the worst damage of the flood. this isthe tewar line. >>reporter: the oofldwaters we xpsiack feet ghhi in her backyardnd a came hicrasng througr h heback ordo and ndwiow. sandra is relieved over e th lesettme ntwith the tyci of sano se mus ppets havalley tewar oulders most of the blame. 0 24ctviims have nowle fid a multimillionla dolr wslauit agt ainsthwae ter dist, rict said to goto l triaon may 2nd. >> it s haever been about the money. it 'snot that we didn't selo a t of money. 's always been t abouholding e thpublic officials and ornigazations accobluntae,an d foinrcg change. r backsince the floongdi, the tewar ridistct has installed thooe fld llwa, and worngki on a anpl to protect four miles of yocote creek shorelin e. ina statenemt, they said in , partit is unrtfounate some of had to deal with e thflooding, and a lo lngegal prs.oces va wlleyat erwould like this process ento d as quy ickland falyir as ibpossle. >> is this casegoing togo to
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iatrl? >> repr:orte the trl iadate is set for y ma2nd, thwi the tewar district. th atis 6 once frowom n. a lot of etmeings happen betwtheen e lawyers, a lot of times for them to hash thin gs out d ansettle this rebefo it esgo toal tri. >> tnkha you so much. a foerrm bay ar eaprofessor habeen charwiged th starting veseral fires while crews were battlinge thdixie fire . a federal grand ryju has w no diincted gary stheepn maynard , a -y47ear-old accused of tting four fires in the area of the dixie fire , back in lyju , in the shasta trinity national forest and lassen natural forest. he prevusioly taughtus jtice
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and s haties to santa clara university. > >>thoundsas of erkais empleeoys walked off the job. rkwoers tookto the picket linec ro tsshe bay areatoday fr om sajo seto dwreood city in oakland. ,04000 unionizerkd woerwes re expected tlko wa off of the b jo state ewidth emapart a 2 day sympathy kestri to support strikingng eineers. one ofe thbiggest otpres tsis infront of the iskaer mel dica centiner san . jose union mbmeers waved signs and blasd temusic. thwoerrks with local 39 have enbe on ristke for 2 months w,no demanding high erpay. a >>th em showing us our support means the wod rl utos. wee arready to go ckba to wo we. are hardor wkers. we don't want this, t buwe wanth atis fair, that isall. wweant the tera our duinstry getsd pai. atth's all we are askiorng f. >> kaiser isedsu this statemen to kpix, yisang in rtpa the uniosin inst edreceived much
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more in somecases, ne arly2 timeres mo, anth other union reements congveri iskaer anpermen teemployees. rewe a oimptistic that we can lvresoe e thremaining suises wi calol 39. a n safrancisco superior court judge has put on hold and hwilligh school's ssadmiion policy. e judge yssa the san fr ansccio board of education has viol atedan act for gornvement transpay.renc in a rulithng, e judge says the board violatede thbrown riteqreuis local vegornntme boditoes have open and public meetings. the board faedil to po sta meeting agen daon brfeua ry9 rly this year. thmee etg invoted to end the ll high scho ol'scoetmpitive acemadic admission. the judge made the schools missnsio resutolion llnu and vo. id e alnium ascisoatioren leas ed a statemt enth atsays, quote, san francisco students and families deserve public meetings that are transparent, inclusive, and equitable. parents and students are fighting to epke o twhad ywar scs hoolop, enafter the school o arvod ted to shut emth down. late lniast gh t,the olscho arbod voted toclose elementary
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schoatols e sc yththe st of heotr campuses l stilin mblio. e thhayward scho oldistrictis facing a 4 $1million dgbuet shalortfl r fothe xtne school ar. onp toof all ofthat, millions of dol larsin manaintence costs for older school >> he thinks the sc hoolis the best thiinng the worl d. heli kes the fa ctthat it is cle, and he can walk or ride hi s bike. >> i'm a father gufire, a g bi hebrotr,n auncle, weare keli mifaly. >>li i ke it with my friesnd. i keli to play wi ththem. >> the district is dealing with declining enrollment, and may have to close still more schools and facilities. two men convicted for the murder of malcolm x have been exonerated by a new york judge. they were convicted of killing the civil rights activist several decades ago, but a 22 month investigation has revealed
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inrmfoatioorn iginlyal wihethld bypo lice. the men ha vealways matainined thr eiinnocence. th eywere parole d inthe s 1980 afr tespending mo rethan 20 years in prison. oklamaho's governors ha comm utedthe sentence of death row inmate julius jones just hours befo rehis scheduled ecut ion. the republic angoveorrn resevid hints seence to life in prison witht outhe poilssibitofy pa ro. le the deoncisi came after e th stpaate rd onand parole arbod d askethgoe vernor tomake atth mo. jos s waconvicted in e th1999 kiinllg of a suburban laokho ma ci btyusinessman, t bujones has nsistently maiaintnehid s innoe cencfoovr er two decades. otprests in support of jones haveor fmed all we can oklahoma ci osiutde of the vegornor's of fi ceand state capital. they are dubbed the "boy ndba bas"ndit t buaren't eastling music. this young grp ouof thies ve is stealing expensive loot.
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feeling up emfor erncgeies. a new gas stioatn that ulcod be lia fesaver duri ngan acua. tion the upllhi battle to vaatccine e thunyogest siredents in the stmo vu lnaberle bay area coitmmunie s. it is 1 week out thera e are lot of things in lifane we wt, but can't .have health insurance shouldn't bef one oth cod verecalifornia is makinghe ialthnsurance moorre affda ble for millions. of us ievenf you've lookered befo,yo u should look
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roll by 31s
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everyone needs alheth insurance. coreved californias imaking sure more people can get it. nefew deral funding of $3 bin aisvailable to helpe mor licafornians get cov. check com toee s your new low perrice. en brolly deercemb 31st. >> they look like a boy band, but the -csoalled bandits aren't insttereed in music. >> the spsuectske li to steal llce phones. we are shown the video of these yothung ies vein acti. on >> reporter:de vio omfr inside a face from start shothws e suspects ld eaneov era cell phone dilaspy as if geg ttina closer lo okat the mercndhaise. alactulywh at you are ngseei is a burglary. it isdone iequtl y, unnoticed by employees working close by. poceli say these unyog thieves veha had atlet asfour spec trum
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locas,tion iluncding this e stor in fulln,erto d anone in ontario. tectesiv have justli nked heanotr ishet at the best buy in riversitode e thsame p grou of g younmen who d coulbe te enerags, and drs eslike they e arin a boy ndba. theyha ve been dubb edthe boy bandan bditsd , anseem tohave experienced kisneangof f with eithr exnspeive loot. >> it ses emlike eyth knew atwh ey were doin g,sadibling it. i have eceltronic telochnogy, anatd th is extlacy what th ey ardogin, and they are coming up each heotr. >> porert: ertwo llce phones at a noboteok totaling$4 000 were missing fromsp ecumtr prayer, t it wa'tsn until emoyplees edlook atthe security video that they realized it was the four men huddled together in the store who had stolen the ectricons. >>th ey oklos li keth eyrewe obrvseing e thphon, esd an nobo dysaw them with these
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little tools that they have. >> police are still looking for the sutsspec. >>co> uld a gas stioatn help save lives? that is e thgoal of the w negas iostatn athard rock sa crenamto. take a look, the rsfit of s it kind on the west ascot. itllwi provide 24 hour access to fuel and power, it also ai ms to be a fodauntion in it comes etomergencies inthe area. >> we veha 24 urho unrrinteupd tepower resources he. re anything wereto cuocr in oppele edneed s gaor other resource , weare available all thtie me to suorppt it. >> loca lsconsiderit a key piofece infrasuctrtureth at ulcod ha veenbe usulef teafr the 2017 dam crisis th at prompted nearly 200,000 people to evacuate, because most had trbloue finding fuel. iscvs planning to cle os hurendds of stores. eyth say it will close 300 locations each year for the next 3 aryes, as a cvs rurestctesur to focus on more pry imarhethalcare. certain
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stores are becoming health hubs that focus on clinical services and health products. cvs says employees impacted by the closures will be offed re positions whelseerine the coanmpy. e thchgeans are atsled to arstt in 2220. s cvdidn't revewhal ich st ores will close, but eyth will ovpride specific calotions when avlaaible. > >>the covid pat tienwho derelived baa by, then survived a double lungtransplant. w hoshe d anher wbneorn are doing now. coming up tot nighon the "cbseneving news" -- wehave a lot of news tonight. we take a look at america's trk ucdriver shortage, ne arly1 million drnew ivs erare needed over the xtne decade. weit vis a olscho to find out wh atis being done to hire more drivers. >> > e thsurprise we unfod, and
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[laughing anind talkg] at kaiser rmanpeente, your entire car ie teams nneccoted, should we leschedu i a len ader ithe prevention, rly eadeteion ctand treatmentc ofanr.
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♪ incread trseansponortati bene fits e moonre tng hiyou n recaly o e manofy cost-saving remedica vantadage benefits from
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an hlth eaplanor 2 f022. ll tcaoday, or ask yenour agt about scan hplealth an. >>a pregnant sornuthe californwaia s 36 weeks alone wh en she got covid. th en she mebeca the first covid-19 related lung tranlaspnt. >> the surgery ga veher the gi ftof life and mother. hood we have remo on e thwoman's irinspinreg cove.ry >> reporter: you ulcod say that ye35-arld-o amy yamaguchani, d he11-month-old ugdaht ere ar grinowg together. w>>e race chea otr heto th thbaroom because she's on r he walkerd , ani am on my cane.
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>>ep rorter: amy islearning to lkwa again afteenr spdi ngfive back mo nthsin a coma r afte corantcting covid-19. wh s hewoke up, she had no memory ofher husband. >> i asked o whis isth guy attho est n'leave. sh e'lis ke amy, atth is uryo husb and. i'm like i married, d anshe is keli how old are you, and i was ke 22. >> reportersh: e also didn 't member she evwas er pregnant. she was 9 once g alonwhen she wa s tuinbated in deercemb of 20. 20 her babywas vedelired 2 days later byc-ctseio an,nd amy s wa flow n tocedar nasii for more vaadnced care. amany d mary didn 'tmeet until mawaren s five ba ckmonths old. it>> 's almost inscderibable. itwas so mu chjoy afr tehaving asuch awful road. >> reerport: it was a long road to get tothat mo. ment ams waon a heart and lung bypa mssachine for 5 back months. her husband of2 aryes was ftle
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ptoarent their firsortbn wioutht her. >> a bunch of people lpheed out and got me rothugh it, because definite lywould not have been able to do it al one. it wa sn'tgoing to be a si ngle li i idsa, it s waa ary thought,t bui waalys knamew y would be home. ep>> rorr:te as time we nton, amy's onoply ti onfor ivsurval was a double lungtransplant e shwas e thfirst covid-19 related lungtrspanlant. at>> the timewe did it, it was uncleawhr etr heit was the ght thing to do. sh e was rug nnininto adtidional r minocolimpcations, an d we we rerunning out of time. >> rteeporr:he r surgerway s a ccess, but duri ngit she ersuffedmi ni strokes. there has be ena lot of pain, t then there is her ugdahter. >> bad thin gshappen to good people, and there is t noany rhymore reonas. haenpped. i ha veto move on, get ready, let it go, so i can be the mom i want to be. >> she has an amazing attutide.
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shhae s done sen vemore covid re ladte lung transplants. this bay area faerth of two suffered a devastinatg spinal rdco injury. thcte doortos ld him he would prlyobab nerev walk agai n,let alone toan ytnghi else, so how did he go fromhi ts, to ttgeing ba up on s hifeet and able to do this? >> i've had amg azinresults. >>we weresurprised. >> it s wamiraculous tosee hise coryve. >> the first step to treating paralyzed patstien, w hoit all n begawi thbig tada, young scnttsis, and a ve ry determined man,tonight at7:00 rit ghhere onkpix 5. the san cifransco mayor ki ck oedff the city's 2021 rktuey away today. remo than 0055 turkeys llwi be stdiributed to more than85 sites ssacro e thcity. evy eryear, e thmayor's fiofce rkwos with the tyci housing authy,orit hanum services agency , giand vi ngaway thksangiving tueyto those in need.
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the hog usinauorthity also has t ouhundreds of odfo baskets widrth y odgos for hodamey als. >> there is big need all over the city. fo iodnsecurity ise onof the biggesalt chleesng we , haveand rkwoing with e th food, anwoing mission, and distritibung food, wee arseeing nelis longer anth weav he ever ense them before. w>>e are asking you to lphe our neighbinors edne this liday season. find out how to dotena your time or moy neto a good cae us t you can goto ive. > >>well many of us llwi be tieang ty urketh is thksangiving, these e arthe lucky bis rdthat will spend the holiday safe d ansound thanks to prentside debin. me anpeut butter and jelly, and jelly, d anjelly. th eycame l althe way fr om indiana to be pardoned by the pridesent. so far, they have been receiving the espridential treatment, dinitchg their uausl di for 2 new be. ds luxuri ous. which bedroom is isth?
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he will cioffial lypart inthem torrmoow rebefo eyth had back home. maybe theyt geto keep the beds . >>th ey are quite elegant oking. i el most tueyrks don't look ln plumanped d happy. >> ben franklin edwant the turkey to bethe onnatial bird instofead the gleae. uld've beena whole diffenert ing on our cuenrrcy. let's go ahead and oklo at thanksnggivi awe ek from today, and the weather is looking etprty good. plsaeant temperatu sres,litlghy abovere avag e,dixie degree along the coast. low 60s arndou the ba y,with mid to upr pe60s rtfuher lainnd. itn' wot be quite atth warm in the morn ing,buitt still looksl eantsa. if reyou' going to be inheadg t toone of the rktuey trots happening ar oundthe area, the area weather is looking just fine. les t'look at what is pphaeng in in theor sht-rmte. toni ght,molyst cloudy s,skie a w felight owshers trying to hit
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the ndgrou. ttbeer chances intothe friday inmorng urhos. a few peeks ofsunshine inthe afternoon. rywe d t ouover the weekend and rm up a bit by a couple of deees. whouen y e seon the radar here is epovarating befo reit acrehes ground level. it doesn't meanthere wot n'be a passing spnkrile or o,tw but that will anchge later on nitoght. e bulk of the ismotu reis l stilofhofsre. leswt's it chover to futurestca and check that as it slowly makes its y watowards us, arting to move into far hwnortesrnte sonoma uncoty. most of this eneving does look dry despite the clouds overhead . the best chance of rain will beetenwe midnhtig and 5:00 a.m. for the north bay. the shower start to move to n sa anfrcisco as we adhe to ouabt nrsuise on friday rnmoing. iits polessib the roads will be wet, but the ershows will be scatted reand ligh t. it wot n'be a rrtoenalti down pourat all. plan ahead, and allow extra me for the rnmoincog mmute.
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the showers t starto disperse further as we head into the mid- to-late mor hningou. rs the rawain ntad d upto very . much let's talkabt outhe total amsount. isth is e thstlate run , it itis yisang more th an0.1 inesor f santa rosa. i think atth is e thupper limit of what we are tag lkinabout. not even 0.25 esinch for the hi ght esamounts. mayba e few hurenddths of rain here and th ere,enghou to wet thgre ound and ttseled dust. another ch anceof rain is in the fostreca by early next we, ektuesday and into estuday night. right now,temperaturesly on brea chedup to e thlow to mid 60s for santa rosa. upper 50s in pacifica, and just t shorof 60re deges for the high ertempate urin san franci sco. temperaturesw noare in the mid to upper 50s acssro the the nuermbs will dr opa whe ol t. lotow mid 50s with upr pe40s sprid nklein, and not wainrmg up too fast for the fit rshalf of the day. if we get enough su
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nsnehi, temperaturoue shld hit 60along the coas t. mid s 60for the santa clara lley, and osthe will be the rm spots on the low 60s ar oundthe bay itself. mix of upper 50s and low 60s for the h nortbay, coolfor isth time of year. wewill unboce back as we adhe toin the weekend, temperatures ckup in tothe d mito peupr 60r fosatu rdayand sunday beree wcool off aiagn. the is the xtne rain chance on tuesday, which we will lkta abt oucomi ngup at 6:. 00 i will also have e thdog walkinreg knew it 6:00, is alameda coun tykeepg inup the moumment when it comes tovaccininatg children? we check out ccvaine site s,d an ur over thnue mbers. >> > are we in for a throird-und ye? ar how one utsoh bay tewar districtth is rongwi down the hammer. >>ll> wi the supply aichn sque eze makeit more difficult and peexnsivtoe get your hands
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on thanksgg ivinfarivotes? wweent shopping to find ou t. >>ilstl ahead at 5:00 i setre ees gofre ♪ ♪ red s roseto ♪ ♪ i see them b floomor me and you ♪ ♪ red(music)to ♪ ♪ so ink thi tmyo self ♪ ohha wt a wonderful world ♪
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raatn. there 3 milln plericlog et lnut creek, erwhe businesses
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e aron the brink of nghiri on the spot. r>>eporter: atth's right, on thotsp. here we are at shs oeon sonola, one place hiring. th eyha ve the cenoti on the ouidtse, positionais avlae,bl se ndes rume. t leus walk down inma street rehe in lnwaut creek. have a akcupce and kebash, op hiringke bars, kitchen , prep manantgeme, uncoter associates, yona meit. if an implement is on the , rise iwhats going on? tharere e help-want edsigns evywrehe. pe opleare hiring. the r owneof isth rerastauntin lnwaut creek is ghrit now. >> cooks, efchs, and rtbaenders. r>>eporter: emerploys e ar stliruggngto keep up with the unexctpeed surge inde mand, d an arrascmblitong fill job openings. bu rg erking and mo rganhi ll edpost this note, due to sht ort
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af f,they are oscled inside. chairs at isth walnut k cree hair losan sit ptemy, not enoutygh >> now the sanslo are pesur sybu, and this isour sibuest tif me oye. ar we are looking for help. ckba binusesses hiring or feofring competi tivewas,ge and evenpes rklike pet suinrance. th azamon cocimmeralsa ys it all. workers are cly earlin the iver seat wh enit s cometo bargngaini perow. theynt wa remo money, more ibflexilyit. >> we need truck drerivs. we need larsbore. d anpeople applthy, ey never show up n.agai >> evneeryo got lazy because th eygot idpa to stay home. r back we edtalk to onecoms ic ofpressor philip orbc who said cobit has aypled a g birole. >> an incrngeasi mbnuer of people have quit their job. >> reporter: quitngti jobs inly in in person seesrvic. >>y thedon't fe elsafe in thr kids ckba to school, so, they stay ho mewith thr eikids, orth ey have to take care of a sick relative. we offer grt eawages, ju st
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dynobo ntwas to rkwo. porerter: think osthe woerwhs o did show up to put up hayolid eetrs and ligh ts is season. >>we worked 26 hours in one y. i dot n'know if that's possible, but we didn't get to go to eeslp until 26 urhos late r. reporter: employees working ovtierme, double tsshif. i am told if you love s,shoe there wisork for you rehe, and e thmanager yssa you get a free pair of shs.oe cupcakesi , don't know if you get free cupcakes, i dot n' owkn. juetlite odgorichkp, ix 5 . >>ri> ght now onkpix 5,and stamreing on sncb bay area , busllet littered on an aledama county freewanay, d a woman shot in onfrt of o twboys. hemmr couny itmembers are tireacngto get anheotr freey wa shooting. >> i don't think these people atth are llkiing people reale iz e heartache d anpain and suerffing that they are causing. if u yothghout the october storms washed away our drought restrictionsin, thk aiagn.
6:00 pm
nga lo-rgean outlook that is loing dry. the child vicod vaccine campaign hitss itcosend week. we'lndl fi t ouhow alameda county is asmeuring up. >>we> will start with faoullt r omye t anheotr deadly fry eewa shooting, thtiis meon intersta80te 8 arne the y ba idge. >>t iis e onof zedons of ooshtings this arye alone, d an mmcouny itmembers say enou ghis ouengh. kpix 5'drs aniabo rba is live in olaaknd for us. >> reerport: at 28-yolear-d mother of two is adde tonight. e shand r hefami lywere on stbound i-80 here nearthe to pzala when gue nfirended hefer li. it is a e scenthat has become all too lifamiar on y baarea eefrways, evidenmace rks eron the ground, a coroners fan king


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