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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 18, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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it is the times that we live in. that there are a lot of th ings that are happening outse idofur o cont rol. now at :0110. after yet another fry eewa shooting bay eaar drivers are telling us theyn'dot fe elsafe. now what? a new rod unof ra in shows,er what to expect tomorrow rnmoing and for your wndeeke mywas lutocky be able to get inlast mitenu on a walk insi tuioatn. >>ni togh t,the shru is on to get osboted foe r thholidays. at you edne to know toget an apinpotment. a alsml coitmmuny thwiout relileab wate r. at is goin? g on >> we owkn e thdrill. >> tonight, e thurmeases that some redesints taken to prott ec
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themse. lves good evening i'm elizh abet cook. 'm>> i anal marn.ti many e arscared to drive on the fry eewaafr teso many shootings. the latest to okthe life of a woma n on interstate 80. e thsendco ooshti ingn o tw s.weeb kpix is live near e thtoll pl az ka,enny? we are still itwaing for e th authieorits todetee rmin if th shngooti was rgeted or random. ereith y,wa every day commuters and drivuners detarsnd and theyare awar e ofhow teofn thshese oongtis e arhappening on e >>freey waooshtings inthe east bay are not owsling down. th erise aner avag e. >> i never seen the coionditn in this y ba area li keit . is esalpecilyoa kland in the apshe it is in toy.da withs thin guviolence. e thwestbound approach to the batoy ll plaza nearwest angrd enavue on
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i-. killing a woman in the enpassgeser at of is icbuk suv. the right fronndt wiow. >> reckl ess. >> r foevery y dacoutmmers for the east bay. eefrway shootings are too coon. >> some places yoveu ha to stay at cer tain metis d anwatch out for the safety. two epsts ahd.ea itis founrtunate thatthe tythpes atwe li iven, a t loof things are haenpping idoutse of coour two boysringdi in the back of cathe r did not ffsuer injuries. the homi cidenumbers in oakland keep climbing, now at more th 1an20. it is sad. family members, e thesare people's loved ones itis disturbing. >> it is like they are enyijong llkiing pe. ople it has tobe demonic. > are they suggest anything other moveti
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doretails on ? this >> alan. the inveigstation is underway ats thi point. p chis kiasng r fothe public's help during e morning coe,mmut during the htheig othf e morning coe.mmut they are hoping the witnseess will come foarrwd or llca the chp tip line. al? >> kenny, oich, thanks. >> leiv ghrit remo rain ison the way. made the roadics slk. >> let's bring in our meteorologist when remo rain is gotoing aivrre. >> right now. scattered shs owerheinadg thugtoh night tintohe first half of e thday on friday. the bulk of the acvitity is sefocud over sonoma tycoun and napa co. unty not a lot. bu t,rainan chce s,we see, e ar t ingog amount to muchmore thana tre acof rainfall. a few hundredth of aninch. santa rosa is seei nga ndba of
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showers right now. for san frscancio it is a lower anchce of measaburle rain, 1-3 ckpiing up one 1/100th of an in ch likely as the sun comes up. on1/0t10h of an inch is enougho t make the roads icslk for the moinrng commute. sajon se pick edup. u yoare leading the ckpa, so far, not likelyt thayou pick orup me anth that. weare going to get rid ofe th rain in timefor the ekweend. heanotr ch ancebetween now and thanksgiving wewill check it out in the fo restca. >> see you th, enpaulth, anks. stidatewe cases, coronaviruw s no topped fivell miio n. a w neshpu toget kids boosters anuld adts thr eishots. mappny aoimentnts are bo. oked ople are hongpi to t gea shot before the holidays dranea? >>pe dendg inwhere you veli it can take a ekwe or two to get an appointmatent yr oul loca phar. macy many are micong to community inclics like
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the one ldhe here ghtonit. >> we gothe reat 3:00. thine clicst arted at 4:00 and e op wleere helrre aea. dy >> repr:orte th e linet ou thdoe or ntcoinued thhorougut the t nighat this peridiatc ccvaine clinic. noe t onsingle adt ulwas turn ed away. >> we don't want to say no to ybody. we want everybody to t ge vaccin. ated >> reportersm: all cls inic like thie s onare vaccin ated pe200 op lein a sp anof three hours, t hosewe talked twithonhtig are reli evedto get theiosr bote. rs >> i know lepeop are vihang icdifful. ty i waslu cky to beable to get in last numite ki ndof ona walk- >> the rascmb leto get the teboosr y mabe fueled by the desire for mifalies to get together this hayolid asseon and a bump in c. ases >> seems like a sue rgright w. wanted pthatroctteion. so>> no macounty and heotr areas ar eiseng a slight eaincrse in covid-19 cacoses mpedar otoctober. the here, th, oughhope, this is onestep to keep emth safe from an an
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tipacited winter s. urge >> mywhe olfamily is protected. u yoknow. my sbhuan d,myki ds, we are good. >> if the smaller inclics are the key here, e wherdo you get the info for that? >>re porter: most are list oedn the my turn. anifd you log on to myturn, california did w alloboteosr shots for anyone above e thage of 18. >> getting mine onmo nd. ay all right, dranea, thanyok u. tomoowrr, r fothe second day in a row l alnorthern licafornia iskaer medical ces nterwill vedirt amncbulaes cangrryi patients with time nsitive condnsitio tor othe ports. thsas ndof workers walked off of the b jo today in a two-day syatmphy strikeo tsupport the gineers, wor kersha vebeen our t fotwmoo nths nddemainhig gher pay. >> all weare asking r fois
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it ishard to imagine not ving reablile drinking r watehere in the y baarea. we dierscoved that is exy actl wh is happg eninto a small uncommity the santa uzcr untains. an d neighbclors aiwhm at esdo co o utof their taps is somes timeunsafe. sidents ha ven takedeerspate measures to otect sethemlv esand prepare for wothe rst. >>or repte r: for e thparks and theiger rman sheprdhe water is more than a commy.odit it isa ryluxu. >> it esdo make you sort of elfe le ikyou art e noin the unit edstates when you have to fill yo urbathtub withwa ter.
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>> it is the 21st cey.ntur we veli ine thsili conevalley, n you ma hanot vi ngsa fe toto >> rteeporr:this what ouabt 50re0 sidents in the small town of boulder crk,ee deep in the ntsaa cruz mountas,in are exricienng month afr temonth. sudden water taouges and ilbo visories usbecae aofn agg inwater emsyst. residents say they experienced o my an water outages in the la styear ltheyoscot unt. >> we had so many outages we tknowhe drill. at is sort of the sad emstatenrit ght th ere. >> jennerif and michl aeparks tfillhe ir tub with tewar so theycan flush their toetil stju in seca oanf other taouge. anthd ey bought a watercoor.le but,re whfpb it is turned back tonhey stwaay ay from the p.ta >> this is the whfiole lt. er >> so does their neigorhb. they all invested in expee nsiv tewar rafiltti sonystems because they
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don't trust the water. >> this is a uvltfier for cteria. >>rertpoer: for e thpast year t heresidents rehe in ulder creek say they dealt wideth la ysfiedthey mt ilthwater. thsageing tifica fon than24 urs omfr thr eiwater company after the p tais back on. for some who can't afford a filtra tion systhaem tt y maalready betoo la. te >>d,an it seems like a t loof the neighbdoors n't even realize ey are supp osedto ilbo it and there is po or mmunication whenthe wboilat ernoti ceis lifted. it is very frustrating and concerning hai d blue tape on my faucet not to turn it on. it would be ha rdto raise a babyun arod here with this water. >> it is owned by jim moor e. if you think the proximity wo
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ulmed an ge ttg inanswers about the issuest thaagplued the system for aryes, think again. >> it is deeply consncer enwh we cant no reach a water emsyst in the mids t ofa iscris. noeven the state can get ahofold mr. ormoe at time inincludg dungri water taouges, when ty heare to no tify cuomsters of a no-boil adso. ry >> eqwe ruire all systems to havea plan on fwiile th us whh icnot only ves us inatformion on how to coacntt them at all hours but gis ve them infoiormatn on how to contact mu ltleip of stour aff at any ho ourf the day. ldshou be no reason why wecan genot t ahol ed ofacoth her. >> the division of drinking water lyon recently became aware of e th issu oesf the war te coany afcuter steroms d hahad enough. it only got this d baafter last
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year's mplex fire burned down a portion of big basin mpcoany's infrastutrucre. piling onmore problems to the declining sy st. em many deresintfes el mr. ormoe can't keep itup wh the syemst's regular maintenancd e anw no massive res.pair >>in fairnei ss think the fami tlyhat is tryio ng trun the water stsyem iisn over its head. >> d anwe kn ewfrom many, many aryes o ag wh wene first mod vein it was a sml alfamily owned watestr syem. that does not have e th soreurces and, so, ter the fire when we hed ar they lost all of their above groundeq uienpmt we knew would be a long timeor befe they revecored from th. at >> rteeporr: t,bu the water coancuy stomers are extehausd. never kng owinwh enthey will wa ukep to runninteg war or more importantl sy,afe drinking tewar. >> i think all of us would be mu ch more atsymphec tiif they would just h atit wh us and plexain and we can know where is the nemoy we have enbe paying you nego all of
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e >> it is unbeliev. able what is next? isthere a solution r fothes siredents? >>well, liz meso say a hero is one th horizon. motorrow at 11:00, the agen cy epstpi ngin rtoese cue thresidents. us, i got my s handon e th state's in sptiecon reports and discedover renodt problems in e onof the builngdis and atth otis n the cosend rtpa of th isstory is tomorrow at 11:00. >>thk anyou. >>for the rsfit time in near lovew fi s yearthe san jose war tewill poimse drought restrict. ions it llwi fine cuerstoms for using o tomuch war.te custeromsville to t cutheir water usage by 15% compared to 2019 or pay a fee of about $7 a unit wofater. >>new at 11:0 0. atleast 8 states including caliiaforn are investigatinceg fabo okfor protoming instagram to
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drchilen. the movelo folws le aked dontcumes toa rmer empleeoy that faced their own internal researchay sing the atplform ganetiveow l efctfeed thmee ntal heal thof entes. attorneys gelsnera keasd bofaceokto ditch planfos r a kid's focused app. no e onwill be too kfthanul for this. your thgianksvi ngdinner wi ll cost more cabeuse of supply aichn crisis.h e american fa rmaubure federation says pr aicesreup 14% on avagere coarmped to last year. onamg e thincrs,ease esthe stap les,turkey up 24%. pumpkin pie mix, up 7% and sweet tapotoes up 4%. >>al> l rightit, sll a lot to be thanulkf for this thanksgiving clinuding the four opdrs of rain we are ge ttg inin some esplac. >> i wish atth wod ulgo up in peenrctage. >>no ddkiing. >>about what we are getting tot.nigh unimprveessi inramaker. bringiling ght showers to the baeay ar. mo stof iist enconctredat over
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thnoh rt anbay d we are still at the inpot in the inray asseon where we are thankful for every drop that we get. we wi llpeho they amount into moretoin november adend cember. let's zoom in for a closer look at the owshers in the north bay. htsligly heavr ierain vimong inanto sta ro. that willbe inslidg off to e th east. sosome meabasurle rainfor at leas rtpas of the north bay. even erthe, a 50/50 anchce of meurleab rain in y anuncommity north of the goldgaen te. erevybody else ,ingit isab out a 1-3 chance. lor anth that adheing in land in the stea bay. t'les switch over to future cast e thfocus remains rtnoh of the golden gate heading into the presseunri hour s ofsunday morning. mang the way rdtowas n sa francisco. th erise a poilssibity of wet roads, no gu arteane, allowing a little t biof extra meti inheadg t outhe ordo because it tas kea couple of puddles foe r thheotr drivers t iiss waalys the ot hedrr ivers cag usinprmsoble
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to slow things . down th atrain it will fallapt ar adheing tos wardmiaydd. that is whatwe are talkg in abt.ou mo isretu starved unimesprsive system over all. thcldsou are eabrking up. muhow ch ra inarwee tag lkin abt ou ovalerl? dogen't t uryo hopes up a few rehundd ytrhhms of an inch. onfremt, san jose, you picked up 1/100. otrwheise, a trace. at is ouabt . it other inra chance in e th sevedan-y fo restca, arriving datuesy d an tuesday night. okloing at the l modedata. nscoistent showing a anchceor fi ght inra. we e arintalkg a 20-30% chance in similar amounts or mononaun tshato wt we are seei ngtonight in the rsfit half of torrmoow. e mayba signal towas rda more imprveessi pattern rongundi venomber in to cedember. thatis way out e therin focaresting rmtes. a t loof cloud r coveout there.o t dropping much inth e way so
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r. thoue clds blocking e thview of the lunar liecpse. tethe mpaterures will end up in the r uppe 40s and 50s. slhtigly lobew eravage high temperatures motorrow. near60 degrees alg onthe coast, lower 60s g alonthe peninsula. e thvalley, the warm spots, his tinhe midd 6le0s. that is one or twodegrees lobew normal. erybody eebetwn 61 and 63 de grs eethere. ou ndthe ba y. justabove 60 in san frciansco. lower 60s for e theast hi ertempatesur in the north bay, mix of upper 50s and 60s. the temperatures are going to rmwa up adheing into the week end. getting rid ofe thcloud cover deand nse fog on tusarday. e threst of the weekend inlookg etprty nice. te mpaterures back to a co uple degree abavove ere agatby sury daand sunday. en cooling off on ndmoay and tuda y. the next chance of shs owerin the caforest tuesday, n,agai it isgoing to be an unimesprsive marainkefor r us. clearing out in ti mer foodgo avtrel wer atheon wednesday ifyou are brenave ou ghto hit
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e roads or ta keto the skie e thday before thanksgiving ifyou are wag itinfor turk ey day itself thate weheisr nice. >>so much to get , toso much time. mvps named in baseball. one of the all-ti gmereat r supe bowls. >>also, the best team in the nba. in an arena they usare ed to playing in. the tbesteam in the a.nb warrio, rsthe only tm eato score 100. was it enou? gh that is a astee.
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>>ye> sterday around this time twehohtug sth rrcuy might have the nit ghoff with a le fthip contn.usio he edlogg so manynitsgh he may be out motorrow. te llyo u what, not invain what sor. eve me of his best menomts come in evcleland. laced him up against the cavs. fat ll alithe ne. a beautiful stroke. misses . it ok at who mecos in. soring infrom the rafters to tip it in. cleveland, up 13 going intothet h. then, rrcuy urflry.
11:25 pm
incuttg itto 4. now tied at . 81 3 fedends,er he walss his way in for the go ahead lay-. up they useda 17-0 run to take the adle. the reminutes to go. now, anderson, he edplay big minudotes wn the stre tch. 94-88. next possession, curry, y maof gotten away with a little walk. lispsh sp. lash he sd core20 of his 40 points inthe final arter. get this. golden state outscored claneveld. they win 104-89. they are -213 th isseason. sth isfeelinetg prtypr, etty . good >> i am not thinking about anything. it is just, a good energy. u yoare feeling good making the otshs but you find your selfwaalys in the rit ghposi. tion >> thnoinsug rprises me anoryme. and, yet, i am amazed ift tha kemas sense. >> l et'sgo
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sharksni fishg inup a 5- game adro trip in st. uilos, 2-1 uebls, 2nd peodri, nethxt, e se gcondoaofl the game as he siitnks . now, he has four goals inwo t s game against san joses thiseason. st. uilos orvictio, us4-1. arshks nifish up 2-3. >>e > thpatriots e ara coenr deand the ingrowg pains nego for mac jones, 2nd arqute r,jo ne fs,inds rmfoer raider. he could of crab walked into thene d roswep. 10-0 at that point. the os10 were plenty. new enangld dominates, trpaio ts are 7-4. > to basellba. unouanims winner at the american league mvp. the fit rspajanese born player ton wi siicnce hi. ro he t hi 46runs, thenpi, tche r, he pitch, es two.
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9- 2. th a the-re1-8 rneaed run average. th e award goes to ycbre o whwon his second. mvp rphaernd a sotor fotas.ti >> looking good. >> all right. >> good ne wsarall ou. nd >> ksthan. weare asngki you to help our nehbigors in need this hodaliy onseas. find out how to dona te your time and nemoy to a odgo uscae go to kpomix.c/gt if on]
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> crab seas onin the bay ar ea. >> in australia it is migrioatn seasfoon r red s.crab >> check out isth video. th oundsas of red crabs moving frheom t forest to the ocean. it is uscaing road closures on christmas isndla in australia. an apprope riatname e thannual migration starts ndarou toocber or november the abcrs use special bridges but to he keep themsafe while oscrsing the roads. somebodywa s ngtaki video thwi their cellphone. th atwould be a grsheat ot to se e. >> amaz ing. up and erov eyth g o. nice to know th eytake care of the crabs overre the. >> got to get to
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the lateow sh with stephen ercolbt is xtne. >> ts hankfor watching. have a good night.
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seu e yotorrmoow captngioni snspoored by cbs >> this mog,rnin tnghis are ingog from bad trso woe rfo annp urecedented t orovef inrnteal documentsvi, reew bedy nbnec ws, reveals smoretuinnng find fingsrothm e company's own ternal research. it'so alsrealveing just how unhappy so ememploesye were with three spadf omisinformation and cas llto vleionce tonhe platform. >>mewhanile,fa at ceokbo headtequarrs-- o>> wale l know, thers e habe aen lot of turr novehe aret faboceok. bum t i'hay ppto welcome my new team. leso, t's hear se omideas. h>>ow a aboutn app that makes enteage rlgis fe helorriebl abt outhemselves? >>av he it. >> why if we undmierne
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