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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 19, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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ithiss ixkp vefi news. right now and restamg inon sncb b ayarea. a man killed in a confrontation th san fransccio police. go odaf ternoon. > >>in the past hour, san frcio scpolice descd ribewhat lead up to a deadly police shootingt justh ismorning. >> l'set t geghrit to kpixfive auinmi ran veli in the south. jon,cely wt hado you know here? >> wenell, lynn d anamanda, we actu allydot n'know much when it comes to the deiltas. the answerfrs om the san frciansco police department were thae t thdetails are being lo iokednt o. it is g beininstveigated. he is what we do owkn. apit hped neat thishotel here on 5: li t af8:00 inthe rnmoine gag rdinan adult male thwi a
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kn ife. officers arrived on scene and ma deon ctact with him and at le ast one officer fired their weapon. theyay s the officers rendered aide and then dimecs arrived on scene and antrsfteord the mayoro the hosp italwhe erhe died suck coming to his inrijues. here is what sfpd said. take ast lien. >> whefin ofcers arrived on ensce, they ma deaccontt with e male suspect siinde of a sidential bungildi. during thicos enunr,te officers had felt e thedne discinhargg their weapons. ery detail garerding this incident isbeg ininvestigated. 're not leab to e statthe wes aponand the amou ntof shots fired thaty mahave ocedcurr during this ciindent. > >>you can see not many de tails are edshar. we don't know if it is more
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anth oneff oicer that d firethe weapon. just that it was one officer. we do know that nobody else s wa injured. the sf po liced aninte rnal affairs divi, sionthe padertntme of lipoce accountabilianty, d sf medical inexamer are here vestigating. ofthe fir cesaid within n te da, ysthe police rtdepame nt bwille ndcoucting a wnto hall inmeetg d anwill ovpride informatasion it mebecos available. w,no here in isth area, it has be oenpened ba ckup after being oscled off for a upcole of hos. cars e arcoming through here n,agai n otmany des.tail any detaweils do get l we'lbe resu to up dateyou. fikpixve. and i'm at e thlive news deolsk flongwi breaking news. a verdict inthe iatrl of leky rittusenhoe. taking a live look outse idof thcothurouse in wisconsin wh era e grand ryju found rihottenusnoe t guilty on l al chs argein the shtioong atdehs
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of two n meduring prtsotes stla year. >> as for the 5:00 count of the informatioe,n, w the jury find the defendant kyle rettenhouse nogut ilty. ou>> y can see his reaction to his acqul.itta rittenhouse was 17 years old when he attended a otprest last ayearrm edwith an ak-47 style rie icwhh he ended up using tokill two men and injure a th ird. cathe se focused on whetr he enritthoe usacted in self- fense. >> e veryrspeon who was shot was attag ckinky. le onwie th a stateboard. e onwith his hands. on e thwi his feet. wione th a gu n. >> he had l alsorts of difft erenwa tyso exhaust his onoptis. he did not do it. >> new ryju said the men and five women were delibengrati since estuda y. ttrienhouse had d facefive
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arges inclinudg first degree tentional hodemici. if he d ha beenconvicted on thasat lt archge, he d coulhave cefad a lifesentence in prison. the national argud standing by right now in wionscsin in case of any inriotg in wathe keof is decision. 'lwel stay on p to ofthat. ba tcko you. >>th> ank you for th atreport. a g victy orr fohouse crdemoattos day. anpridesent bidebrn out gh .9 trillion social fesaty xtne expansion billwapas ssed.n ly two demos cratvoted against the bill. no reicpublans suppteord the urmease. it now heads tothe tesena whe erit faces some tough is. sues >> it is a cause for celebrn atiofor us now. it is historic. itis transforma. tive it is ggbier than anything we haveve er done. >> this morning's tevo was pposed to happen thayursd. the gop leader kevin mccarthy std allewi tha record-binreakg marathon floor speech ovnierght. iitncluded a discusonsi of
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baby croarts and one of mmjiy ercart'swe saters. kalaar hris. and presenidtial power. accordintog the whe ithouse, esidt enbiden tempilorary transformed power to harris whheile was unr deanesesthia. haisrr woke omfr her office in e stwe wi ngduring that pr ocurede. thlte waer reed medil cacent er toav he his fit rsroutine nual physicaacl ceptsen taking office. itis route infor a vice pridesent to suasme prestiidenalow pers while e th presidendet unrgs oea medical ocpredure that rreequis esanth. esia now, to e thcoronavirus. a santcl uzcounty stju reimplemenitted s doinor mask maesndat. starting my ondaat1: 00 rdregale ossf vaccination stusyo, u'll need to we ara facecoriveng whenin dos.or the cotyun's he althfiofcer isayst is to arprepe for the hoyslida and a tepontl iawinteru rg e. toy,he t fda edopen the door for tens of millions of uladts to get eithr covid osboter sh ots. the agency gave the green light
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to both pfizaner d moderna osters for yoeverne18 and . offialcis at the cdc will meet toissscu signing off on thea's recomatmendio n. the move fulf illsa pl edgeby bide n toofr feosboters to everery amic anadult. thsaounds of kaiser workers acssro northern focalirn iaand here in the bay area are inwalkg f ofthe job. th ey are standiinng solid arty thwi kaiser engineerwhs o have be enristki ngfor two months rit ghnow, ka iserrsnues and ment halealth profesalsions e ar lining the etstre in onfrt of the san jose camedil center. eyth say kaiser has rustck alde. this se trikis probably rtnohern califormenia dil ca ntceers to divembrt aulceans rr to other hoitspals. erkais ss ayits proposal tothe engineerni's uonwi ll keep them amthong e stbe cosampented in eithr professions withan avage of80,000 in wages and bene. fits we are less than one week away omfr anthksgi. ving
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the lines are getting long. >> the airport sa ystoday will tbeheirbu siest day. juinst andrews is live in th newsroomh wite ththanviksging travel shru. pe op alere on the go >>absolutely. thraat tverul sh has realady be gun. dweid t notinoce an whoverelngmi crowd at e th rpor t. itasa larger crowd than a normal one for a friday. he re is a live lo aokt sf o. 50,000pl peoe expectedo tgo intothe airport's checkps oint today. anadnimistra torswill have kpchecois ntfully manned now throthugh angiksving week. lo aokt the lo nglines. an d u yosee a lot of people here. no t itque at epprandemic levels. fod booked knights ben twee torrmoow and thanksgiving day. they are 78 lepeop higher. weand n catell you atth the aiorrpt did lo okdifferent than th20e 20's lihoday season. asyo u owkn, that was a time wh menany ofus foowll those health orders and stay at home fothr e holidays. >> iam glad we can travel
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home. is definitekily nd of scar y. i am not sure ifi am being expotosed ytanhing at sc. hool i got a d covitestbe fore i cameom he to make resu i s wa . safe >> on this day in 2019, over 88 now. soe ilstl have some ougrnd to gain but 'rwee making very good progress. weand e arlyreal coenuraged by wh at weare saying toy.da >> ifso you are hicatcng a fl ighttoy daor in the coming days, keepall ofthis in mind. make sure you have some extra . time masks are reedquir on the rpaiort. > >>and california is among lynear a dozen states veinstigating inrastagm's parent cnyompa for prinomotg instm agrafor children. thpae birtanis group want to kn iowf meta foll owcons umer otection lawd s anput yog un people askt ri. the mo vecomes teafr leaked medocunts from a former empl soyeehow facebo'sok n ow ternal reseashrch owth e
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plattfneorm gavetily ateffecd the mental health of team. imetas pushing backaiclming th e lealgations are e.fals >>ec> chk t outhis mass end of north bay. a big g rihag ulincrusd he veclhies overturned on 101 this moinrng. thp e chsays it happeden just rebefo 10 :3at lodengav enue. rasevel lanes were closed for urhos this morning. all lanes have since reopen. ed still ahead at no, onand on cbsn bay , areatessla faci ang e xu alharassment lawsui t. the dibesturnng inallegations afrom rewe r tokeworker at the frnteemo pl ant. plus lockdown de ja vufor one euanrope country. what ioms prptg ina sweengpi mand ate. and in e threfoca, stwe e ar not nedo withthis frayid moinrng mist yet. 'lwel take a lookat th ison high definitdoion ppr.le we'lowl sh u yow holong this ogoesn. there is rain now
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the w dois down e onever zeropotsin. jeicssa claims she was subjected toat c calling and gressive physical contact on gular basis. sh e ys sait was so d bashe was forced to take medil caavlee for stpotraumatic st. ress the 38-year-old works on e th tessla model three. have reached out to te asisla for comment but ha venot
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yet d hearba. ck fa cingre-hcordigh infections. stria just and nouncea ne onnatial dolockwn and plans to atmande ccvainations. thloe ckdown willar stt monday d will initlliay last for ten ys. starting farebruy 1s, the coy untrwi llalmaso ke vaccinations atmandor y. vaccinnsatio inaustria have atpleaueatd one of the lowest teras in stweern roeupe. wo rkg inlive outside. it ia s brand new day roacss the bay no w.we 'rgoe ing to ecchk in with meteorolt >> we still have a chance for mist iits just going tobe light mi stbetween w noto 005:. looks gray here r fothe traribe ea. that is atwh the bay area. e thforecast model is able to ck up ona poilssibity for a
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few remo showers atth linger. tbyhe time we get past suns, et maybe a shower or two. wecan't rule this t.ou any rain that weget would be realigly lht. 600 for an chin of rain d aneverybody el sehas ttgoen mae a hundredth of an inch of ra in. tomorrow'l, wel obprably have meso left erovfog ina scenario li ts.hi planon some fog if you e aran early saayturd rnmoing r.rise but as far as dae ytimhighs go, is low to mid 60s. sardtuay is ingog beto vy er sir milatoth at. the weekloend oks great heotr thanor mning fog on saayturd. yollu' see the teatmperur es don't ch ange yet. we'ripe skpi ngahead. ndmoay is also fi. ne tuesda'ry wee going to get rain. wel 'lbring that system rwfoard. atth gets us into tuesday in afthe teoornn. snn ow ithe sier. ra rain in e thbay area. ths at inot going to be a lot. ybe we pick up a quarter of an inc h ofrain. weota coleup hundhsredt of an inch frommi. st this willbe a quarter ofan in ch ofrain to get the co mpisaron. ths is inot a soerak but going e to bbeertt than what we got today. it wilowl sn as we. ll
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tuesday trav elhas some co ncnser, but wedadnesy is a big tr davelayan, d by wednes wday,e' dreone with this emsyst. so as we oklo ahead to anksgiving, the forecahest re isti sll fine on thursday. w, that is your refoca. st wh yenou are lylike already where neyou ed to . be temperesatur wl ilbe in the upr s 60if u yohave friends and fami lymicong. wednesday g beinthe g bitravel y.da no weatherav trelis sues on we dndaesy. anesd tuday sh ouldbe out of here bye th timewe get here. you see that in the n-seveday fostreca. a little rain. atth is san anfrcisco. oaanand d san jose. i han'vet mentioned mpteeratures bec tauseheary e not gichanng. the tempurerateswi ll be the st thing you tinoce about the fore. cast however today felt, atth is w ho it is ingog to feel for the xtne n sevedays and probably much longer than that. >>
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t here peatweather is on. e onbay area woman's
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>> > erthe is an old yisang you can never go meho ag ain. for stephanie, home is cle os buitis al sochannggi in an unexpected y.wa h>>ow can u yotriple chec k? >> stniephae leads ai team- inmeetg ofkloaand unified school dicistrt soci alwoerrks and school counlosers rvseing grimmianfat milies in unacancompiemid nors enrolling in t hedistrict for the first . time the wcneomerel wlness iniaittivero pvideeds ucatnaiol assianstce a ndrefes rralfrom medicarel ca, legal ai, deand r othebac sineeds like food and wa rmcoats to multiple students and falimies. so emexperncieing signift ican trauma. >>and gang vienolce, violence aiagnst women, veport y,all of e stuff that we all kn owis happg.enin sthaepnie's drive to lphe those affected by trauma is rsonal. >>he rewere so many peop le ing. >> the y baareana ti vegrew up
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einast pa loalto inthe rleay 90s seeing violence in her own neighbor ahoods r hehard- wog rkingrimmianpat rents struggled to achieve the american dream, economic staby,ilit a safe ho amend ateducio n. fosthaepnie d anher sibl. ings >> it was roug h. the arwaea s rough. i rembmeer my dad waalyswo uld work asa deli veryman r fo pizza hut, and he would always, you know, worry ouabt coming home late at night because he was worried abt oubeing saasulted. but her old neorighbhood bringsck ba good rimemoesto, o. >> so it has grown. it dinefitely grew. weer we all exci ted. >> reporter:ep sthae'nis time enspt at stea sidell coege prep prelopled her into college and then on to gruaadte school. >> ihat d a olpo. thisis where i learned how to im. me andmy insiblgs learned how towi sm here. >>ep rorter: fami liarlandmarks like the counmmity rec ceernt are being rebuilt leaving stephanie with conflicted feelings. >>th if eyar e coming in to mat ke ini cebut not take ayaw what was already here, passing on history, passing on urculte, thheat wnever something gets knkeocd down, i ysalwa question
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li is it going to be the sa me? >> rteeporr: questions that ve sphteanie unique insight an d arhet. imanmigrt mifalies and heotrs whose lives have rntu u. side down. >> ialyswa go back to itwhe peoparle e inchosg toet stle he treo be leab to grow, vethri, d anfeel supported. >> for stenudts rising above, m i'elizetabh okco co >> the usda is serving 3,000 omnewcers through rivaous programs idinclungth e newc omer initiative. nuermbs stephanie is especiallyr ouofd . to minona tesomeone for stud entsri seago above, you n cahead to /sra still ahead, a taste of california. christmaees chr trelavs thous sandof miles ayaw to d.c. and y todaon the drew baoorrymreho sw gu estscknii anbrd ie bella. watch y todaat 2:00 here on kpixfive > >>and restaming today on cbsn y baarea, chief meorteologist paul haganpl exai nshow extre em rainfall is mibecong more mmcoon across the country in
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the telast weather extr gmseent. that is coming up at 1:15. cayou n find us on kpixom.c or on thekp ixapp. awere also on
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d ayst healthy. >> > g biprops for an elicectr cacor mpan y. d wel 'ltake a clos er look coming up on kpix news at . 3:00 a timelook at weather on this mistidy fray. >> it isg goin tostay ssmiy. light owshers betwn eenow and 7:00 ghtonit. n't plan on them going ayaw mpcoletely unt ilwe get past out the evening coutmme tonighd t anthen inthgs will get better. k quiclook ahead at the seven- y forecast s showyou anotr he chceof rain coming our way tuesy danot only r fosan cifranscfoo r san jose. e good news is it n'wot icstk arndou through the hoy.lida by wedadnesy,bi g travel y.da weatr heshou ldnot bea major issue at isth point so good news gthisuy s. t>>hat is good . news new video of the u.s. picatol christmas tree. teafr a nglo nejoury from rtnohernal cifornia. th e -84fo totall white fir as own as e thpeople's eetr. itwas harvd.este made the 3,000-mile jrnouey to
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d.c. illt wi be decorated with ornamentdes ma byfocalirn ia communs.itie speaki ngof christma s, disneyd lanand disney rlwod are clinuding black santas and chris stmacebrleations isth year. more divey.rsit >> good to ha>> tt is it r fokpix vefi news at noon. st reinamg for you on our next necawsst is at 3:00. ha ve agreat afternoon and try tota sy dry out th ere. -rz
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♪♪ >> finoun: y--ou y guys know mywho bloiogical father is? >>i: l we do. >> steffy:? how did you ge ot itutf osheila? beuscae then she ltoied she told hheim s dn'idt know. >> li: oheh, s dinefitely knew. althe esyears. >>in wn:ow, okay. okay. so'min fally going tto ge a , namemae-yb- maybe pict?ures did -she- d she give yhaou tt? >> w li:e n cado better than a picretu.


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