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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 19, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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her own densfee has enbe one of e biggest questions inhangg toverhe trial ncsie the ryve begiinnng. the answer came this afooternn n t hevery day the dee fens took overe thcase. fo11we eks, eletizabh holmes sa t in sie lenclistening to the gomevernnt c'sase that e sh copinsred with her business partner to frdeaud investors. toy,da she okto the eswitns anstd in her n owdefense to llte her side of e thstory. >> it 'sa taicctal decision to t puyour client on e thstand. th this kind of defeanndt, yocau n put on the stan d, cause you know she is persuasive. >> reporter: she stteified how h e rspuued her drmsea of crea tingdecevis to primove alheth. shhow e dropped out of stanford a sophorome to start a company. she says shwoe rk edall the time, first orexplina g pill that would antrsmit health tada anadnimister doses of meci, neand later w hothat morphed into erthanos, while explainithng e first thoseran de vi. ce she lo okedstigraht at the jury to exp lainthe technology. >> she isgiving her pitch to
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e thjury. isshe explainingd anteaching them wt haher cedevi can do, shand e is alsogiving emth ti to get toknow her. ba ckby teyistifngin her own dens se,he will al sogive rsel f upto oscrs-ex amatinion, which willsetht e st agfoe r a showdown wi th govern mentlawyers r.late >>hiiss who izelabeth holmes is. sh e is a ilskled saspleerson, and she has gone so many people to believe in her, from veinstors to phcearmautalic companies. why would a jury be any different? back len ramirez, kpix 5. >> holmes will be back on the witness stand monday and tuesday, before the trial ketas break r fothangiksving. > weha ve wild video of adjace ntplayed out on the stres etof orange cotyun in septr.embe it sedtart enwh an fiofcer saw a lv ersuv crash toin a hoscol bus. at one point, the driver arstted shooting at the s, icwhh had a siarx-ye-o ld boy on arbod. buthe s driver ietrd to esca, pe ansud v did not let up, reatlyed ramming into the bus. the ivdrer led cepoli on a che to the s buyard, and
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nearly crashed into a po lice cruiser. itnd eed when poceli shot the suspect, a ea60-yr-d olman. they believe hewas targeting thbudrs iver. >> the inigvestatn iorevealed it wasn't a random act, that e thbus ivdrer was the suspt'ecs wianfe, d heintended to murder her. >>the bus dreriv and boy were not seriouy slhurt. big rig crheusd vehicles overtu. rned chp says itpp haen edjust befo 1re:30. to shutwn do traffic r fohours. wordon the condition of the driver. a sense of deja vu" santa crcouz un. ty arstting mondayrn moin g,the uncoty is inbrgi ngback s it indomaor sk mandate. it isall in antipacition of liday gather ingsto get ahd ea of a possible winter surge. the mandate aps plieto eonverye regard lessof vaccination status. inddioitn to icpubl spaces,
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the mandate soal calls for pe op leto wear skmas inside thhoeir mewhs en members of anr othehousd orhe otr big adheli nethis v eng,in the u.s. s takea l fina tstepo open d-covi19 booster shots to l aladults. the ctdireorof the c cd eneddors e thshot stju hours ago. ining us linove w is dr. gegeor rutherford, idemiologistuc at sf. thank you for joining us. e cdc having the final green light, do you bee lievit will drive morecaliforniatons go get that ? shot>> aolbsutely. we are elimatining a lot of cousn ioabout who is elleigib and not eligible. cabasilly anyone 18d anover who has had an mrna vae ccin6 months ago. >> doyou ciantipa teus inneedg a teboosr shot erevy year, erevy mo6 nths, until they develop a different invacce? ha>> tt'a s tough esqution. th is a wait-and-see kindof qu esonti. i suecspt what will happen is at se ompoint we llwi ne ed boosting for esadolcee,nc t12o 17-year-olds, and maybe even fo
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r unyoger kids, but after th eyget e thredoses in, itmay last much longer than we inthk. ritemains to be seen, fortunately, soi can't an tswerhequ estion stra ight up. >> i wa ntclarifioicatn on ngmixi d anmatcnghi vaccines. today were we trying to help a woman get a teboosr shot, and a lot ofe thdifferent arphmaesci didnha't ve all of the dienffert anbrds, and they ked if she would be wanting to geta dierffent brd another than the e onshe t go originally atwh do you think about that? oudo y advise lepeop to do that? ist ia good eaid? or ifyou n caget e thsame anbrd, thget at? >> if you n caget e thsame br an gd,o ahead and t geit. yo u owkn what the side efs fect are fromit. ifyo u have had erpfiz, you can get rnmodea rate ifyou veha demorna, you cat n gepfizer thwiout any alre particular skri. ifyo u have gott enjohnn so& jon,hnso iwo uld recommenthd at you get either morndea or pfizer ra therth ana sendco johnson & josohnn shot. th at's juhast wt the data says right
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now. the reencommdaonti is that you can alsoget otanher sojohnn & johnshson ot. ximingnd a matching n'ist a g bi debeal twn eethe 2m nra shots. but be to namr, either pferiz or modernaar, e petlrfecy uaadeqte. >> caliiaforn is ngseei an up itickn tecoved secas. now we are heinarg about a polessib wteinr surge. the areaccvaination rates so fae r arprtyet good. what do you peexct to see as peopleth gaerfo r the holidays r travel. will it beas bad as lastyear? >>i n'dot think it will be as bad as last arye. we areacaltuly prettyfl at as a atste right now,and thbae y area iprs etty fl atin terms of w necases. thi ink i am quite encoagured by tt,ha if you oklo bkac to last november by ttihis me, the erhad been more than a 100% increase in secas between nove 1mber d annove mber18.
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this year there was a htslig increase bec ausethe erwas a hi pghereaink november. we are leve alingt hia gher . rate hopefullaty th llwi be the patteratn th lasts rothugh the nter. atth is a dictre consequenc e ofthhie gh levels ofac vcination thweat veha. >> y antips r fofolks gathering through hothe liysda in terms ofta sying safe, ifyou're not quite resu who isvaccinated or whiso n't? sbeome of e thlittle ysgu 'taren egilible yet. any tips? >> i think, to arstt with, smaller is better. outdoors is better than ins.door th angiksving day is ppossued to be 66 in oakland and clear mu sclethat wie ll bgo, odsolve pthatroembl there. i thk init is a question of ying to encougera vaccination. i owkn some peleop at haarrvd ha ggsuested you t ge erybody test edthe day of thanksgiving as a way of ttgeing around . this i thinatk th is probably erkill. you ow, knmaybe,
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maybe not. it depends onhow many unvaccinat edpeople are going beto there. ifou y're ingettg a lot of people in fromplac eswhere vaccinn atioras teare low, th en e.mayb i think it is perfectly reasonabo le task people to not cof me ith eyhaven't been vaatccinedye t, with the exceptioofn little kids. always a supleare. u so much. greafot inrmioatn. >>ka> is erworkers walk edoff thb e joand d linethe street outside of the san jose medical center t. oday kaiser nurses and ntmeal health ofessionals amare ong tens of thndousas roacss northern cafolirnia strikin g in solidarity with engineers. the engis neerunn iolocal 39 is pushfoing r ghhierag wes, and has been lodeadck edin a stkeri for the last 2 months.
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kaiser is sueda statt emento kpix. thunn ioinsisted reedceiv mu remo, in meso cases arnely 2 tis memore, anth other unn io emagreen tscovering kaiser peanrmente employ ees. a new hiv tmtreaent in the uk is being edcall a grt ea step forward e thbritish nati onalalheth service hasts ju prapoved an injectabrele tatntme that reappant rlyeplaces thnee ed for daily s.pill according thto e ugdrmaker, clic altrials showe th jeinctable treat tmenis just as feefctive as ordeal diticaons at matainining a low viral load. >> recelynt diagnosethd, ere was noth ing,absolutely innothg, a h deatseenntce. >>akg inthis to the next level, aednd rucg inthe tr eaentmt days from5 36two 6 is a real breakthrough. >> the drugmaker is rngampi up supply mato ke it eefr make freely available to hiv patientsro acss the uk. that isif you plan to go tohesi erras this thksangiving. whthe ski asseon is being deyelad. >>al> l new at 6:00, a mother's pain. sh e lktas about her east bay dahtuger shot and kill ednear e thbrbay idge, and how one co
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mmituny has tried toprevent eefrway shootings. a mafele employee is suing tefosla r xuseal harantssme. hewyr laer said she
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after meso wonderful y-earl seasnoon sw, tahoe ski resorts were hoping tobe op enr fo thgianksvi. ng >> weofeks warmer weheatr have daedth ose plans. heavenly isamong the resos rt deyilang. thviis deteo lls the whole st ory. not a lot of snowright now, butht ere isil stl cha ance theycod ulopen by wsdedneay if theyn caget the snowmaking machine backup and running. i>>t is usuallouy arnd the stt arof the season, giveor take. fos e argetting getother with r theimifalies. it 's agrt eafirst peexrience on the owsn. b.a.r.t.
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is crineasi ngelecictr vehicle charging ports at parking lo. ts theytevod unanimy ouslon thsd ayto approve more charging p ortsatal l stat. ions b.a.r.t. ready has ports at sel vera statiobuns, t is rag mpinup efrtfos to decreaseee grnhseou gas siemisonfos r folks, e whil also lecompmeinntg a etmark ifsht r foelectric clvehies. a rglae fire psri through an apartmebunt ilngdis. mothe me ntcruise rest to scue a man. >> coming uptonight on the "c bsevening news" -- arwe e following rasevel breakistng ors ietonight. e thwhite isreacting to the not guiltyrd veict of 18-yr-ea old kyrile tthoenuse, accused killing two men during everyone needs alheth insurance. coreved californias imaking sure more people can get it. nefew deral funding of $3 bin aisvailable to helpe mor licafornians get cov. check com toee s your new low perrice. en brolly deercemb 31st.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ check com toee s you♪ red roses tooce ♪ ♪i e sethem bloom f or amend you ♪ check com toee s you♪ re(music) tooce ♪ so i thinkmy to se lf ♪ ♪ oh what woa nderl fuworld ♪ the second you have a kid, it's like your heart is living outside of your body. 's that why it's sota imporntfo r us
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to have ihealthnsceuran. and now,n we caaf ifordt. we've got ta planhavet cors the kidsku' checps and my reg sularcrees.ning enroll by dece1smber 3t at coveromedca.c in ulboder, colorado, incredibidle veosh owing a refighter reuiscng vicilians afrom rnbuing building has this is a different kindof screue to show you. cweaughist th oncamera in san diego county. sohothw at coyote got stuck in the t fronbumper of a r cain san marcos. the dreriv didn't alreized that he hadhit the coteyo tiunl he lled into a parking lot. afr tea cadelite rescue eropation, the coyote was checked out theier that. nobrenok bones, afr tea ocpredurtoe fix her paw, she
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s reasleed into the wild. >>th> ere is an old sangyi u yo n vener go home ainga, but for thiswe'sek students risi ng abscove hor,la that's not actly true r fosthaepnie. ho icls ose, but also chgi ngin an unexpe ctedway. cahow n u yotriple check -- >>or repte r:stephanie leads a te etmeing of oakland unified school disttric social rkwoers n d hoscol colounsersse, rving immigranfat milianes d unaccompanmiied no rsenrolling n e thdistrict r fothe first . time e newcomer newellss intiitiavero pvides educational assistance d anrefealrrs for tamel care for galel aid, and otr sibac needs, like odfo and warm coats to multiple stenudts and families. some experingenci gnsiificant trauma. >> ngga violence, violence against women, rtpovey,al l of
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the stweuff know ishappening. >> repo: rterstephanie's drive to help those affected by trauma is onpersal . the baary ea native gr ewup in stea palo alto in the rleay 90s,eiseng violence in her n ow neighborhood, as are hard-wo rkg inimmigrant pas rent struggletod acevhie the ameranic dream my onecom ic abstility, a sahofe me, and edioucatn for stephanie d anher siblings >>that area was rough. my dad wod ulwork asa lidevery mafor pizza hut, and wheould waalys worry abt oucoming home late at ni ght,becae ushe was rried about g beinasulsated. >> reporterhe: r old hbneigorhood brgsin ckba odgo memo ariess . well >> it grew. r>>eporter: stniephae'tis me prleopeld r heinto coll aege,nd then in togradua tescolho. >>th isis erwhe i arlened how tosw im. >> repo: rtermifaliar lands mark like the community rec ntceer are beg inreilbut, leaving sthaepnie thwi nfcolict ed feinelgs autbo gerintficaonti her hometown. >>f ithey are co mingin to
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ma keit ceni, but t notake ayaw whatwa s alreadhey re, sspaing on historyss, paing on cult ure, that whenever something gets knocked down, waalys ques, tion is it ingog tobe the same. >>ep rorte r:quesontis atth gi svetephiean a iqunue insit g falimies a ndothe wrshose lives haeeve bn rntued upside down. >> they e archsioong to selett hereo tbe ab leto gr, ow rivean, d feel ppsuorte d. >> rorepter: there now seinrvg arou 3nd000 wcneomers isth arye rougith s various prmsogra, including the wcneom er initia.tive nu mbs erthat sthaepnie is ouprd . to natomine mesoone for sttsuden rising ovabe, you can o to cb f.sscom/sra. just asloud as enusthiastic as evther, e cal mangrchi ndba ready for the big gametorrmoow against stfoanrd. partof the analnu tradn itioas
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thgre oup stops bykpix. isth year it was outside due to the empandicbu, t not opstpi ng thfrem om spreading cal prid e. they e arready to goto e thcal- stanfordot foba llgame at stanrdfo tomorrow. >> > good atweher for e thbig ? game ow>> h d dithey do those mos ve ain li ttlegarage. bay >> the guy with e thflag was ve erynthusiastic. ak>> me resu you ha ve yteverhi ngplotted out exy.actl let'oks lo at the atweher fothe 124th eritation of e thbi g game between cal and stanford erthe in palo alto this year. fantastic weat her. 64 degrees atkickoff. a few inpassg clouds heoverad and a librght ee.ze the sun goes down at ouabt 4:so58, bring a ja cketor sweater to throw on teafr the sugon es wndo. pitcrshe wil l goba ckdown in to the 50s pret tyquy.ickl isth evening, still lingering moistu. re it balyre shupows on the radar because the drople tsare very all. threey an't moving. uspl th ey are very oscle to the ground. th aisrea ofhigh pressure,
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calmeaer wth, erwarmer weat her. that will build in throh ugthe weekend. th e darar loop over e thla st fehow urs shows a fetuw acal showers nearlivermore, inpickg up e tracamounts of moisture. the mistand drizzle llwi quiet down as we had rothugh the rest ofthis evening. tot,nigh laloc events g fo develops. the rain chs anceover the xtne 7 days are etprty meager. the isa chance ndmoay night to tsdueay, a 20 to 30% chance of sho.wers the long-range data is still typret nfcolicted. noert ovlyop timiicst about it, buert the isa chance as we get clero tearly next ekwe. should beut o-of-the-way for ksthangingvi travel wedny esda and thursday. san jose was the warm otsp, stju short of 70re degesod tay. los w 60fofrr emont and co ncd.or uppes r 60fosar nta rosa, and frano,cisc a ndpacifica. ri ghnot w, temperat uresare not ferrying aol whe lot at all.
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55 degrees and half onmo bay, an59de grees in n sajose. everybody 'selse 57 or8. 5 lia tt lemore variioatn night. mito upper 40fos r most and thenpas rtof e thbay ar, ea50 degrees ar oundthe bay, coerol in the north bay valleys. safrciansco will warmba ck up tintohelo w to mid 60s for ghhi temrapeturetos morr. ow 63or f the hightemperature by 2:00 tomw orroafrnteoon. lithght rohougut e thday, pl entyof sunshine whenearly moinrng fog dissip. ates a santro sawill see a rapid climb from 40 to the mid to upr pe60s by rrtomoow aftern oon. concorsod al upinto the mid- 60 sasen jo llwi be e onof e th warmer spots on the map thwi his ghin the peupr half of the 60aswe ll. clear skies toowmorr ghnit, ando reun sshine and store on sunds ay awe. ll temperesatur f orthe orestf the area motorr, ownot chmu riation. 60 s ouarnd the bay.
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the 7 forest does the nechxt an ceof day. s an tsouide chance, t buwe wi lle boptimistic and put it inhe t forecast for monday night and tuesday, and thenwe dry out for a big travel y daon wedny,esda a ndthings leaving tonhursday. if y ouhave plans to do a turk teyrot or walk around the blocbek fore dinnerit, looks li ftaanstic weather. e 60s around the y,ba with mi60fus rther inlandd , an right ar ound60 degrees on the coast, with nice weather for black friday as well. i willav he this eneving stop lkinfog reca stcomi ngup at 6:.00 >>in all faneirss to stfoanrd ans,we used to show the stanfobard nd as llwe, but they stopped coming tovisit us a yefew ars back. boin ulr,de codolora, a refiteghr rescuing a man from a burning building.
5:53 pm
mygo odness, an aminazg catch. e thfifireghter catchihing m omfr the secondor sty of the building. the heroic re scuecuocrred eay in ocr,tobe t buthe footage was just made pu bblicy boulder cepoli. >>ew> kn it , 6:00tesla is being lesaddd with a sexual rahassment laws uit. what one erform plemoys eesaid r hecoworkers satoid her. we e arlearning mo reabout a mother shot dead on the freeway frin onoft r hetwo kids, onher way to a job inrvteiew. i amda lin. coming up, we hear from the victims lyfami on how and why itap hpened. how east bay law enfoenrcemt hopes added chnology willpl he curb crime alg eefrways. >>st> ill ahead hereat 5:00 -- >> thety ci of anoakld is looktoing primove access to itwas terfront. m i'andria borba in oakland thwi the tadeils of a plan that womauld ke it eaersi for peop le to t gedown h ere. a reminder, we are
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oakland has big plans to relivitazend a improve ac cess to the watert.fron >> i got an infusion of cash to tu osthe plans toin real ity. andria borba is live in jack london resqua with the details. >> reerport: oakland has had a pl fanor some timeto primove ac cessto areas keli jack london squ are,and the stva watentrfro eyth have rehe on e san francisco bay.
5:57 pm
they just havet nohad the cash toe makit haenpp. y,toda a multi-miiolln-dollar fe del ragrant came ugthroh to begin thatce pross, withthe vecaat that it will soal help onote her big precojt in this ar ea. kland's watentrfro is biedsect fm rothe rest of the tyci by intaterste 880 am i leaving thtee warfntro and jack londonua sqresl eepy and quiet. a new 14.5million-lldoar federal t granis looking to imovpre access toe thwater, and makethe streets fesar for peridestan s. >> thitys ci isfupainlly awareh atgo od infrucastrtu resaves lis. >> rteeporr:it 's all rtpa of the town for all vision. to wn stands for transforming kloaand waterfront ighborhoods. >>it proposes a y wathat the pe oplewho live the ernow and in the future, and the pe ople whwio ll work he rein the future, can move around with gndiity. ep>> rorr:te here is what this means and what that money llwi build. red carp etbus lines all the
5:58 pm
y down broaaydw tojack ndloon square, mesa for martin i ng luther nijuor square. high vilisibitype destrian cr osalswks, bike la nes, crossw, alksand this. >> ferib optic lines n ruunrde stthe res etto bring wi-fi to st oakland. ep>> rorr:te if you were wondering, these projects support thathe otr g biprt ojec proposed at our term. inal >> today's noanuncement absoluteuply spos rta new waterf rontbapallrk for our bevelod oad klana's. aspart of our earlrey agemtsen with the anoakld s,a' the city of kland accepted e th responsibility to raise the fus topay for off-site infrastruc, tureand toy'das annomeuncent is a significant mistleone towards that commitment. >> reerport: they say the ci ty ldshou d adthis to e th waroterfntac cessitibily project. >> i think you need to make bigger s.sign i nocetid coming in that a lot f snsig were small. so e maybimprove the visibility of them. >> repr:orte they have designs l
5:59 pm
rey,ad but theyhave tostart diggintog in , itand ngseei what the ground s looklike deunrneath befothre ey can y la wn those recad rp etlanes, and then bid out the ojprect befoitre can come to fruition, t bui think in e thnext w fe yearmas, ssive chs angewill meco in the y wapeople t geto oakland's rfwateront. >> now it 6:00, a family merembera s moth ershot and edkill arne the bay br.idge wh atthey are saying about the search for a gunm. an in another fry eewa shootingw , hofamily d an friends are honongri a young life ketan too onso, as aneast y batopper is put torest. > >>how a former tesla plemoy ee saheys s was xuseally hara ssed by her wocorkers. awere digging toin a lawsuit ju fstiled. anem otnaiol momeri al servicr e foa tor ddlekiedll in those crsfe irof a freeway shoo. ting jasper wu s walaid to rest this ineveng. 5kpix'sju liette odgori ch is
6:00 pm
live in emfront with remo on that, and the la teston isth in veatstigion. >> rtrepoer: it s wa hearaktbreintog see e thfalymi asy thesa idgoodbye to erjasp wu. at the same time, w la enforcement wasos al at the icserve,an d they ma dea vow atth they are t nogiving upon this c ase. >> some emmyfamilies inthis commy unitfe elunsafe righ w,no and today, unfortetunaly, 23a -m-oonthld child is inbeg buried. yesterdawoy, t heotr people murdered. >> an otemional serv ice,filled with family. mbmeers of law rcenfoement, andmm couny it lead mers,oug rninthloe ss of lithe tt leboy gone too soon. spjaer wu would ha veturned 2 xt month. stead of celebrating s hi upco mingbirthday, they were yisangoo gdbye ridung the cemoreny, family membertos ok part in a ritual thinat voedlv the burning of pers ionaltems, and r pape hous esand toys. >>


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