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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 19, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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oakland doa's ub lewndo on mongvi to s lavegas poin > >>a young moerth gunn eddown in froch ise thlaofadbi vien ceon a bay areare feway. ixkp 5's da n lispoke with e thgrviieng family e shleft behind. >> reporter:s wathe shooting targetcred aoss in the crossfire? isone of e thmany esqutis on from e thvictim's falymi. thvie ct, imamani rrmois, was on herway to n safrancisco for job interview. i >> talkedto my daugerht 20 minutes before it happened. washe s onher way to an interv iew. she was excid teand esgo, okay momm iy, will callyou when it s over, and i willnever t ge thalat cl. >> repr:orte aliaic is still in shock. >> ike ep wanting to wake up from tnihis ghartme. r>>eporter: soonmee shot and edkill h erdaughter inthe
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kloaand area onin tetarste 80 ju borefe the bay idbrge toll plaza thsduray inmorng. sashe ys her htdauger, 29-year-l d anami morris, was in the sspaenr geseat of isth ma roon suv. thdre iver was r hefiance. 3-her ye-arold and ar5-ye-o ld sons rewe in e thbackseat. >>he t only saving grace was at my grandkweids re scunathe d. they wnoere t ysphically hu, rt but almently, theywill vener hebe t same. >> reportethr: e fiance indrivg lls me overe thphone it was ronot adra ge. sahe ys he s wadrivinang, d all of asuendd heard guhonsts. >>he t oldest boy saidwh at enhappedo tmo mmy,and my son sa when he turned s hihead and looked, he s hawer. >>reerport: amani was bleeding from thead he and eddi at e th sc ene. >>hewa s a gir,ve hap, py edsmil d anlaughed all the ti. she loved her chenildr. >> my angrdsonkns ew that their moloved them, but eyth wi ll vener unrsdetandth e grtneaess of who she was. thwoe rld s halost a lit ghe du to sneomeo's stupid, lecaress,
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violent act. >> rteeporr:he t chp declined do an intew,rvie and is deing into release any new foinrmation, saydoing insog ulwod compromise the instveigation. da lin, kpix 5. the chp says there has been atea lst 77 freeway shootings in alameda county in the stla 12 months. 2 weeks ago, a stray etbull from a gun battleal ong highway 0 88kiedll a young boy named spjaer wu. day is family saidgoodbye. fa mmilyemrsbe, community aders, membeofrs w la enrcfoement mournee d thloss of lithe tt leboy gone o tosoon. jasper wod'ulve turned 2 next month, t buinstead of lecebrating his upco ming birthdayey, th said eithr odby. es ring the ceremony, the family took part in a ritual that in voeslv bur ninghis rspeonal its. in our inchese cue,ltur we typically earnpaper madetoys, houses, or even money, and by dointhg at, they hope, e th survorivs hope that their velod
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eson can enjoy such materials in hveean. >> t heoakland poli cechief oke after the service datoy, and edcall on thcoe mmunity to lp stop gun violence. tuinrng to the weather, it s habeen a gloo myday ouarnd e thbay eaar. >>chief meteogorolispat ul heggen is here with what is on a p r fothe wed.eken > >>drier weatheslr, iglyht erwarm wtheaer, but itis blah u t erthe right we le ikmoisture, t buwe ne ed iitn rain, instead of e th drizzle and fog xemid toge. ther here is the farainllam ounts. not a lot. 0. i01nches of rainin todownwn san frano ciscand san sejo. juvest or atth for orconcd. oser to 0.1 chines in englewood, and santa rosa is e thbig wi.nner thize drzloue t e therright nowo esot n show upwell on radar. a few owshers are in the tri-
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vallarey eli erhave mostly iequted down. drthe ize zlwill convert to fog is we adhe through the late night and early rnmoing hos.ur one that diipssates by tela moin g,temperaturesll wi rmwa up into the low to 60mid s ar oundthbae y, d mito peupr 60rts fuher inland, a couple degrees above average for the enweekd. he will take a look at the whweole ekd enforecast in a few minutes. >> > itis deja vu in saa ntcruz cotys thievineng. the county isbringing back its indoor mmaask nde atfor public spac oesn monday ahead of daholiy thgaerings. thmae ndate applietos yoeverne regalerdss ofvaccioinatn statanus, d also calls for pe op leto mask up inside of theimer hos and members of another household visit. > californiage dunne cssrab manoy t make it to your bltae foanr thksviging, but it could behe tre for chmarists. e thcoermmcial seasons habeen cleared to cast off on dembceer 1 omfr the sonoma-mendo ocin county line north to oregon. the season is still on hold along the bay area coast until
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migrating humpback whales move along. fish awind ldfeli will ressasse early xtne ntmoh. the cityof oad klanhas big pltoans revitalized animprove acssce to its tewarfntro. ix 5's andrboia rba is at ja cklondon uasqre with detaonils the g bicash inonfusi tt hawill make it poib.le >> reerport: we are talking about 4.a $15 million deferal grt anto improve pedestrian satyfe, and ac cessto the warfteront here inla oaknd. n as aadd debonus, it llwi help anher big prt ojecin this aareas well. its inbeg called e thtown r fo all vision, townstdianng for trsfmiorng oakland rfwatero nt neighbodorhos. it is ouabt improving ssacce for neighbodorhos t cuoff omfr e waterfront byintaterste 880. >>it presopos away atthe pe wopleholi ve e therw,no and wi le ivthere in the future, can moarve ou ndwith itdigny. >> porert: erhere is what nemoy tfromhemu ltimillion dr olla fedel ragranwit ll ilbud.
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red carpet bus nelas all e th y wadown broadway, toin jack loonqu sare. fsameorma rtin luth erking . jr way. all ofat th, uspl new high vibisility peridestan crosswalks, bike nelas, epprared sidewalanks, d this. fiber tiopc lines n ruunder thste reet to bring wi-fi to west oakland. >> repor ter:if uyo were wonderinthg, espre ojects ppsuort that other big projt ec supposed at howa'srd terminal. >> is part of our rleay agreenemts with e tha' s,the tyci of oakland acceedpt e th responsibilio ty trae isthe funds to pay r fof-ofsi te infrucastrture, and todas y' announntceme isa significant mi leonste towards atth commit. ment w.h.i.p. they say the city oushld add this to the waterfront accessibilprity >> i think you need to make erbigg snsig. i noticed ngcomi in that a lot of sigwens re small,so ybmae improve e thsize of the sis,gn improve visibi. lity >> repor ter:thpre oject has prelimindeary sis gnat this point, but needs to beexpanded
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out and bid out for coucnstrti, onbut city ficials say there ulcod be visible prog ressin the xtne andria borbakp, ix 5 . >> tnkha you. ghtonit itlooks keli oakland s hano time to stwae whiten comes to enticing the oakland toa's stay. the fronoft fice just cominfirngto us e thteam has put in anoffer to buy a plot of land asin l gaves, wobut uld not disc loseextlacy where. the haa's vebe en onupfrt about makionng ctienngcy plsan if the plan for a waterorfnt ballpark at howard's term inalgo esbust. still to come, e thesquti ov erneyo has been ngaski since elizh abethoeslm weonnt trial for aufrd. will she or n'wot she keta the std?an tot,nigh t heformther erosan ceo is talking. >> this kind of nddefeanyot u capuont the stand, because you knowshe is persuavesi. the risobeng new statistics atth ulcod spell big outrble
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for thcaese lirnfoia giants. > >>tonight at :0110, an update son ama cllommunity dee p in the a santcruz mountains withouret liable wateanr, d concerns about coamntination. i don't think ybanody feels relyaf se. >> it's uaunusl. this isen be a paulrticar lybadi tuioatn. >>e thstate enagcy th at oversees theiv pratwae ter mpanhay s also had enghou. ou r rimaa cid me dinagot her hands on e thinspec tion rert as,nd that is not all shune fod. don't miss our
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it was a dricamat moment in the ntmohs long trl iapoint
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abelizethoh lmes cobeming the le wneitss for the defense. kpix 5'sn leramirez was thin e courm.troo >> reportther: e question of whetheorr not izelabh etholmes would take the witness std anin r heown defense has been one of the biggest quesontis hanging over thistrl iancsie the ve rybeginning. thane swerca me this very ternoon on vethe ry day the de fee nstook over thcae se. for 11 wes,ek elizabh etholmes sat in silee,nc listen to the vegornntme's case thate sh consrepid with her erthan os sibuness partner todeaufrd inorvests. today shoke to the witness stand in her own densfee to te h erside of the st ory. >> it'sa tactical desicion to put yourclient on the anstd, d with this ndki of fedendant, you n caput on the stancad beusyoe u know she is rspeuasive. reporter: esholm stteified shhow e pursued her dreams of ticreangde vices to primove he, althhow she dropd peout of fostanrds aa sophomore to start a company.
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e said she wd orkeall the time. firsext ploring a pill atth would transmheit al thdata, and adnierst doses of medicine, and lahoter w that moherpd into theranosil, whe plexaining the fithrst erosan device. she looked igstrahtat the ryju to explain the technology. >> she is giving her pitch to juthe ry. e is explai ningand teac hing th wt haher de vicecan do, shand e is also gingvi them ti meo tget to know her. >> rorepter: by iftestyi ngin her own defense, she llwi also gi hseerlf up to c-ross examination, which llwi set the stagr e foshdoowwn with vernment law yerslater. hi>> ts iswho izelabeth holmes is. she is a skleild saleerspson, anshd e has goentt so ma ny ople to beliineve her, omfr stinveors to pharmaceutical mpanies. wh y ulwod a ryju be any dierffent? r>>eporter: inn sasejo, len ramirepiz, kx 5. >> esholm will be ba ckon the stand aymond d antuesday fobere the iatrl breaks r fothings viging. top adhelines, kyle rittenhobeuse gan to shake and
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cry feand llto the floor as a wisconjusin ryac quitted him on all accounts. th-e 18arye-old was chd arge wiivth fe felonies for killing o twmen d anwodiunng a third. rittenhouse arrived thwiin ar stseyle mi automatic e riflto presotts last year, and ldto jursro he was there to help. >> i 'tdidn doanngythi onwrg. i deedfend melysf. >> absolutely, and i wod ul defend you in that right. >> you can fedend me all you wa. i would never t geout if i did thsa mething he did. >>urs orultimately had to decide whe therthcae se bo iled do to self-dseefen or vigilantism. toit okth em close to 3.5 days toke ma their cidesi. on e thu.s. has officially signed offon coviosd bote rs for all adtsul. they rewe already reencommdefod r windows hnson & johnson repicients. thpoe licy change loalws adults who got pfizer or moderna to get that third otsh from eierth manuctfaurer. isit a move cafolirnia has alrey admade. >> it seems weare g gointoin au rge right now, so wanting to veha the additialon protection fothr e olwhe family.
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>> t hecdc says the agavere pa offirst dos seis at its highleest vesil nce august, wi ks idages 5 to 11now igible. >>'s> it sthioric. it's transatformiv e. it's br >> next up the senater fo esident bidenen's ar ly$2 illion sociaenl spdi ng agenda. e bill back but her plan includes funding for universal pre-k, charildce,cl imate provioisns, housing, healthcared , anpa idleave. e bill now faces an hiupll climb. thwi no gop support, mocrats cannafot ford to selo a single votefrom nasete demoratecos ncerned aboue t th cost of all of th. is >>tonight, sur gabe aris andionng the u.s. capital lawn after a cross-coy untrtrip from california. at is e thdate name fothr is
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year's capitchol rimasts tree. the 84 foot fo urtook the truck from the six rivers national forest in a special ewviing uck. witill be detecorad with hamandde ornamentsom fr focalirn ciaommunities. risobengne ws toghnit on caliiaforn'sgi ant sequoia's. numbers owshed wildfires kill uedp to 14,000 thof em over the past 2 years. atth is arnely 20% of the > toni helyaven i sk resort is inpushg backits oping date usbecae it is too rmwa to make owsn ovnierght. reboal is still hopi ngto t ge e lifts up d anrunning ahead thanksgiving. >>at> wh are their chceans lo okg inright no w,paul? >>th> ere's a cechan on estuday of a bit of , snowbut not substantial. e thrain ndarou e thbay area doest n'look keli it llwi be substantial theier. there is stl ildamp nessd an drizzle thevis thatll wi cobeme fog thugroh tonight. ceon that dissip, atesthe sun emerges. we ainre for a dry enweekd, a
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bit warmer. just aw fedegrees above average saturday and ndsuay. the next rainch ance has r he y on tuesday. that system could brg instowe tohe t heighteas ar, t buour chance s ofmeurasable rainfall n't look esimprsi veat isth poinr t fothe bay area. it will tar peoff icqukly and be out of the way in meti for th in ggsiving trouble wednesday, andthgsin giving itself , ifwege t someinra. onfoe recast demol intedicas .it the amountdos n't look lyover impressive, lybare remo than a trace, thwi maybe 0.1 esinch hifor ght esamount ine thnortha y,im silar to the amounts we showyoed u in the first ensegmt th wate pickedup in e thlast 24 h. ours he won't say no to any inra chance, but wowe uld like to see more substal ntiara in chs anceheinadg r ouwa y. osomef e thloanng-rgeda ta for decembs er iremo optiicmist, but is ilstl a upcole of weeks away. loinokg outside rinoght w, erthe is ilstl meso izdrzle and fog obscuring visilibity but we
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ha t helights outlg inine th baemrcadero center turn edon. if you're going to detecora th isee wkend, wait tiunl tomo. rrowte mpaterures are ine thmid to up50per s across the board at th e memont. t much varin,atio t noa whole lorot thugthh e ghnit thcoe olest readinargs e hefurtr lainnd, down to around 40 degrefoes r santa . rosa once thesubrn eaks thh rougthe eay rlmorng infog motorrow, temperaturesll wi be a degree abe ovaverage for san frscancio anoaankld, but he did a three degrees e abovnoalrm lainnd. 60 desegre along the ascot. mi60d-s down the peninsula, withmi d to upper 60s for san sejo and the santa clara valley. d-60s and ntwe in e th east bay. yoeverneet bween 64 and 66 deee s. 60mid-s r fooakland in the east ba, thwi mid to upper s 60were the nobarth y. anff oshore breezepi hong to boost tempureratesev, en ingettg upto 70 degrees for northern sonoma county. temperaturesll wi be a grdeee two warmer on syunda for the
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second halfof the weekend, then we cool off mo ndayand estuday. th cathance of shows eron tuesday, we are being opmiicst and leavine g th shower iconin the forestca for now. weesy,da thursday, frand id ay we y drout. go avtrel heweatr on weesdnday. loit okres ally nice for thksangiving. temperesatur aunrod 60 along thcoe ast, low 60 s bythbae y with mid s 60further inland. we get more data between now an11d :00. >>st> ill to , comevice prenesidt makala harris s make history again as prest.iden >>stamreing tonight at 8:00 on sncb bay ar, eaprotngecti yolfurse fm rofraud when you oshopnle inthis hoy lida season gweet some peexrt ad. vice cayou n find cbsn
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the airport, ngloer life th ansu ual at sfo th isfriday. thaiorrpt says today is tuacally its buessit day of the e wholthksangiving travruel sh. >> i'madgl i can tr avelho, me t buis kind of y.scar i't m no sureif i'm being exposed toanything at school, so igot a covid stte before i ca mehome to kema sure i was
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safe. >> goodea id. the airport tiesmating about ,000 depart urestoy,da more an double the mbnuer on t he sarime fdalay st year, but ilstl well below the 88,000 ibackn 1920. to nit,gh a.b.r.t. ismongvi ahead wi tha lot of new stationsec, eltr icvehicle arging statithons at is. thsiskiyou uncoty board tevod to expand the pilot program the put chargipong rts at falayette d warm springs. thlo tsin lp to sendnorth n sajose are the only others atth currently r offeeceltric hivecle charging > >>inflation is comifong r yourcoffee cup. coffee fesutur have hit a 9 year high p, inarbet cause of poor growinndg coitnsio in brilaz. he nomay t notice the risi ng presic rigawht ay, because comps anieli kestarbucks rcpuhase their gsbein r fain vance, which cod ulkeep the cost of your ne xtcup of coffee in check for now. >> > ilstl to come, a irpa of pr
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vicepresident kamala harris madhie story again today when she bemeca the fit rswoman ev tseo rve as acti ng idpresen t. e held power for 1 hour and 25 minutes e while thprenesidt derwent a roe utin nocoloscy.op whenre he tuedrn to the itwhe hoe usfrom his brief visit to wa rlteree d,the idpresent caierrd out a thgianksvi ngtr adioitn in the rosegarden. >> there you go. >> he edissu the presidential pardons to anpeut butt erand
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lljey, sparing twthe o rktueys frbeom ingog bbled up xtne thayursd. ve>> eryam erican wants the sa tmehing, to be leab to look thtue rkey in the eye and tell them everyinthg is g gointo be okay. so folks, itis going to be ay. llin a seriousn ess,it 's poimrtant to couentin tradit lionsikthe is to re mind usow h from nedarkss there is t lighanhod pe and progress, and that is what thisyear's thanksgivin ng imy the presents. i want to know which one was the one we just saw, peanut erbutt ojer lly? he>> ty e arthe two luckiest turkeys in e thunited states. ha>> tt he just call us all a bunch of turkeys? >> i k thinhe did, not acincurate at ti mes. >>an> thk you for tcwahing.
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