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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 21, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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and keep the public safe. live from the cbs bay area studio this is kpix news. >> one night after a robbery in san francisco, walnut creek has been hit by a robbery as well. we will hear from a witness. much of union square is boarded up. there is a plan that the police have to put a stop to retail theft. there is a holiday rush as families wait to get vaccinated before thanksgiving. good morning it is sunday, november 21. thank you for joining us.
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let's start with a quick check on the weather. >> we have an offshore wind maker. we have a lot less fog out there today then we have had for like the last week. it looks great from the top of the tower. it has been fine for much of the last week. if we would say issues it would be in the north bay. visibility has dipped below mild in santa rosa. we are doing okay there. there are no major issues i am happy to say on the fog. as far as temperatures go, it is cool. it is a 37 degree reading in santa rosa. for the afternoon, it will be warm. we will go to the low 70s for the inland spots. there is plenty of sunshine. i will see you in a bit. back to you. look at this video. it is downtown walnut creek. you can see a major police presence there. officers are responding to a robbery inside of a nordstrom
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store. witnesses say dozens of cars pulled up to the area. a large crowd stormed the store and grabbed everything that they could. one witness described the chaos. >> as soon as i saw people running down the street, i saw 50 or 80 people in ski masks, crowbars, bunch of weapons. they were looting the nordstrom's. usually it is really busy and there are cars. i thought they would start beating cars. i had to start locking the front and back door. you never know. if they are right there, they could come right in here. it was crazy for a second. all of the guests were getting concerned. it was a scary scene. >> the police searched one car outside of the store. three people have been arrested in connection with the theft. the robbery comes just one day after dozens of these targeted the louis vuitton store and many others in seven cisco's union square. most of the stores in the area are boarded up out of caution. kpix has the promise that the police are making in response to the robbery.
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>> reporter: tonight block after block, the sound of drilling filled the air in union square. shoppers token the classic holiday sites. while there were not be much windowshopping this evening at many stores, it was not hard to see police officers at virtually every corner. >> it kind of gave me a sense of comfort. they are being visible. they want everyone to know that you know, we are going to be here if something does happen. >> reporter: high end stores in union square that were not hit in the chaos on friday night are not taking any chances. for example, we found workers boarding up the christian dior store. does this incident deter you from thinking about coming back here as shoppers? >> yes, probably. that is kind of scary. getting caught up in that skiing is scary. >> reporter: a dozen stores on friday night including yves saint laurent and burberry were burglarized or vandalized. this
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was called horrible. >> we will be making changes to union square and how cars will access. there will be limited access in terms of when you come to this area. our garages will be open. our buses, our cable cars, and other public transportation will be open. >> reporter: expect traffic delays because of the changes. the police chief said that the mass burglaries and vandalism last night was a concerted effort to overwhelm officers. >> we have to make it difficult for people to do what they did. they pulled up next to a business, they shattered windows, they wiped out everything that they could carry. they got in their cars that were parked at the curb and they left. the police had a busy saturday night in oakland. there was a homicide, a shooting and an officer involved shooting of a robbery suspect. let's start with the police shooting that happened in the rockridge neighborhood. that is where kpix have the latest. >> reporter: the police say a robbery suspect opened fire in
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this neighborhood. that led to a police chase which ended right there, broadway and oceanview drive. an officer shot the suspect. a big police presence at the site where one officer shot a robbery suspect.'s chapel streets were shut down for hours as gators collected evidence and interviewed the officers involved. they launched an attempt to map the crime scene. >> this is unusual for this neighborhood. i'm very surprised to see this here. >> walking around the streets i have felt safe. i have never been worried about gun shots. >> reporter: the first call came before 3:00 pm. and armed robbed carjacking and robbery in east oakland. officers later spotted the car and suspect in a business district in this neighborhood. >> as officers attempted to contact the suspect, the suspect fired several shots at the officers. the suspect retreated to the carjack vehicle and fled.
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officers pursued from a distance as a police helicopter followed overhead. the suspect drove to oceanview drive. the suspect began using the carjack vehicle to ram marked patrol vehicles and uniform officers. officers discharged their duty firearms and the suspect was transported to a local hospital. they are being treated for their injuries. >> shots fired. >> reporter: no spice tract identification at this time. officers recovered a loaded gun. >> reporter: the carjacking victim is okay. the police chief will hold a press conference on monday to talk more about this police shooting. in oakland, kpix , 5 news.
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on saturday oakland police responded to the city's 130 homicide. it happened in the fruitville neighborhood. they are investigating and they plan to release more information. they will do this tomorrow. to to a tragic story, a family is dead and it baby is hurt following a drunk driving crash along interstate 80. this happened early yesterday near yuma pass and crystal lake. they closed a stretch of the rotary for seven hours. the chp says a driver was driving the wrong way when it hits two other cars. two adults and two children were killed. a baby was rescued by people who witnessed the crash. >> there was a good samaritan who was holding the infant. when they officer went to the car, all four were yes, they were dead also. >> oh, my god, that is so bad. >> the driver who caused the crash was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.
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no charges have been filed yet but the ch p believes that he was driving under the influence. now to a developing story, a oil sheen has been reported toward the ruptured pipeline that caused a spill of the orange county coast. state and federal authorities are investigating that the sheen covers an area of about 70 by 30 feet. the oil spill on october 2 released at least 24,000 gallons of crude into the ocean near huntington beach. authorities believe the leak was caused by an anchor hitting and rupturing a pipeline. the times say that federal authorities bordered a vessel at the port of long beach. they identified it as the second ship under investigation and the spill. a sewage spill in marin county is being cleaned up. leaders say that 75,000 gallons of sewage spilled thursday off
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of highland avenue. it is in happy valley in the montecito areas. they believe that the cause was a pipe blockage. health experts are checking to see if any of the sewage afloat into the creek. maybe it is also in the san francisco bay. the rush is on to get a booster shot now that the fda and the cdc recommended for all americans over the age of 18. a long line of cars crawled towards a vaccine clinic at the san mateo county event center. people were excited because they did not need an appointment to get their booster. >> it is amazing. i have been waiting for this day. i believe in the vaccine. >> i am glad people are getting it. i want to protect myself and my family members. >> i have my 92-year-old mother here. >> by noon, demand outweighed supplied. organizers say that more boosters could be available on tuesday. if appointments become necessary, make a one at the website. a supervisor is launching a bid for a congressional seat. he made the announcement
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yesterday in daly city. >> i am running for congress because san mateo county is an example for folks. it is an example for folks. we can make sure we are dealing with issues around healthcare, more accessibility, affordable housing, college affordability, embracing our diversity. we need to recognize the eminent threat of climate change. congresswoman who represents district 14 announced that she is not running for reelection. the district extends from south san francisco down to east palo alto. we look at oakland where the national audubon society is suing the county. it is over the approval of a wind turbine facility near
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tracy. the society calls the project poorly planned. the organization says that the project is a threat to birds and bats. they did not get a sufficient environmental review. people in palo alto are celebrating the grand opening of a pedestrian bridge. it is called the highway 101 pedestrian bicycle bridge. the $23 million project replacn undeaswhich was only available half the year due to seasonal flooding. the new structure provides an access route to the nature preserve as well as other businesses and amenities on the east bayshore drive. students planning to go to college will be glad to hear the university of california system no longer requires any kind of admission test for undergraduates. the sat and the act have long been criticized for being racially biased. it is criticized for giving a leg up to wealthy students whose family can afford test
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preparation. still ahead on
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♪ welcome back.
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the time is 6:13 a.m. if you are traveling for thanksgiving, it will cause you more due to gas prices. that is not the only thing that will be more expensive. our reporter says inflation includes the main item for the feast. >> reporter: get ready to fork out a little bit more money for your thanksgiving feast. the american farm bureau federation says that it will be 14% more based on their informal survey. >> it is really hard to point to any one thing. certainly, the underlying factor for most of those elements is the global pandemic. >> reporter: the biggest reason for the 2021 increase is the turkey. the afb which bases its findings on nationwide pricing data says that bird costs are up about 24% higher this year. the one important caveat, the survey was carried out before grocery stores started advertising promotional prices which came out later this year.
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>> we have seen price fluctuations anyway wherefrom $.88 per pound all the way up to a dollar 50 per pound. certainly, there is a lot of variation that we are seeing in the retail space. i think that is driving a lot of the concerns about shortages. >> reporter: one way to save money this thanksgiving is to be a picky shopper. >> to make sure that as you are spending your dollars, you are looking at not just may be going to the same grocery store for all items at the thanksgiving dinner. shop around a little bit. there are certainly deals to be had. you might not find the same deal on every product in the same store.
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a similar survey from the department of agriculture estimates that americans will spend more this thanksgiving but only 5% more. some signs of progress for the california job market, employers added 96,000 new jobs in october. the gains lowered californian's unemployment rate to 73%. that is tied with nevada for the highest in the nation. and iphone glitch left tesla drivers locked out of their cars. tesla drivers can use smart phones to get into their cars. yesterday, a number of tesla owners complained that they got a server error when they tried to use the tesla app. it is unclear how many people were locked out of their cars. after responding to a frustrated driver, must be treated that we should be coming back online, apologies. we will take measures to ensure that this does not happen again. let's pick up the forecast by taking in the views from the top of the tower this morning. it is a beautifully clear day. it is not only here, it has been clear for the last few mornings. it is pretty much bay area wide. this is in the north bay valley where the fog has been persistent. we are looking out over the
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city. we look over the east bay hills. if we look at the camera, that shows us the valley right now. this is a good-looking sign. you can see all up and down over the likes of 580. the sunrise will happen before 7:00 this morning. the current numbers range in the low to mid 40s for the most places. i have 237 degrees numbers on here in the north bay. it is santa rosa and petaluma. bundle up. it is mid 50s in the city. the visibility is below a mile right now in santa rosa. that is good. that is really good considering how low it has been for much of the last week. you will encounter some very isolated patchy fog. i do not want to give you the idea if you are getting off on the road that you are free and clear. you know the trouble spots if you live in the north bay. expect fog. everybody else will be great. it is windy right now. this is in the mountains. this is an offshore wind event. there are 36 mile an hour costs.
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the offshore winds are coming and basically, they are drying things out. the downslope on the mountains, this moves from the central valley out to the bay. that drives out the air. that is why we have been able to clear out the fog. it will have a nice effect on the daytime highs. the numbers will climb back into the upper 60s. there could be low 70s. you will have blue skies today. we are starting out pretty much fog free. we do not have clouds. this will be a beautiful second half of your weekend. make plans if you want to be outside. if we look at the big picture here, any rain up the coast is going to be held away from us. the future cast shows us the showers are not going to be hold together on tuesday. we will be looking at a few
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clouds as we get into tuesday. that would have been our best chance for rain. now that chance has gone down to zero. no rain there. as we go beyond that, into the holiday, no rain here either. that is thanksgiving day. we will see daytime highs climb into the upper 60s. we will have plenty of sunshine and a few low clouds at the coast. that will not be much of a factor. it gets cooler as we look across the seven-day forecast. by the time we get to the middle of the week, instead of being in the low 70s for san jose, it is mid-60s. we warm up by the time we get to friday and saturday. as we switch this over, we put the inland of valley on the top line. the north bay valley is going into the middle. that is a 71 degree start there as well. we will warm back up into the mid and upper 60s. this is by the time we get toward next weekend. that is a good-looking seven- day forecast. the only thing missing is that we would like to get a little bit of rain. when you take into account the fact that we have got a pretty big holiday coming up, thursday and friday, not to mention how important wednesday will be for travel, we are going to take a week off from the rain, this would be good.
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>> we had a little bit of fog yesterday. by mid afternoon, it was beautiful. i do not even really see that much fog today. >> the offshore wind, normally we would be talking about fire weather concerns. it is that strong in the mountains. we are not worried about fire weather. we get the benefit of an offshore wind event. it is warmer and dryer. >> thank you. state biologists say that 2 million salmon from california drought, they started releasing fish after water conditions improved. this sammons were raised at a hatchery. they kept their longer than normal because of summer heat and low water levels. biologists say that if they were released in the spring, it is likely that 90% would have died. from fish to bears, the animals are starting to get sleepy in the sierra. the nonprofit bear leak says they have already gotten 23 calls about bears hiding. they are asking homeowners to
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the big game with smaller applications than usual, excluding 2020, you have to go back to 2004 a stanford cal matchup with losing records for both teams. cal still alive for a game, stanford playing to spoil seasons at this point, cardinal with a chance for the first points. they decide to go for it on fourth down. look at this passed. it is and complete. four plays later, chase, trey vaughn on the's land, at first the initial tackler and that is too easy. 84 yards to the end zone. this is the longest pass play in big game history, 7-0 cal. he rolls out. he rifles and he hits christopher brooks for a one
6:25 am
yard score. it is 14-0 california. late third quarter now 23, marcel is dancing. around the corner and he had reservations for six. the kicker was called in for the seventh spot. they gave it to him. this was the first of two scores in the game. how about the bears racking up 600 yards of offense, over 600? they crushed the cardinal, 41- 11. they have won two of the last three big games. this was both on the rival's home-field. >> how good is it to be able to say that stanford is bear territory? >> it is awesome being able to say that back in 2019. a couple years later, this is a great feeling. >> it is not good enough by any stretch of the imagination. we had a couple of opportunities and we did not take advantage. this is one of the issues for the entire year. >> it is a lot of fun to watch. you can just tell that you
6:26 am
know, they kind of had the denied attitude. >> i am not surprised in any way that we performed the way that we did. honestly, i thought it was going to be tight from the jump. >> third-ranked oregon will keep playoff hopes alive at utah. the final play of the first half, the ducks came in. look at the return man. the half is over. okay, just push them out of bounds. no, they missed the tackle. 78 yards as the halftime horn blows. it gave utah a 28-0 lead. they win 38-7. you presume it and the shot at the playoff. cincinnati all of a sudden is in the catbird seat. let's go to the battle for los angeles. it is ucla and usc. second quarter, the quarterback dorian thompson robinson is the four yard touchdown. he signs autographs early for a lucky fan.
6:27 am
thompson robinson accounted for six touchdowns. ucla blew out their rival, 62- 33. the most points they have ever scored on the trojans with this. to the tank for the first time in a while, san jose had not been home in two weeks. they won 2-3 in the five-game road trip. in a tough test last night, the capitals were in town. look at alexander. he was in town. the first period washington on a power play, he was set up perfectly. he thinks it. he is the nhl's fourth all-time leading scorer. 2-0 washington. look at connor. he gets to celebrate that one of the guys. this was his second goal. the capitals when 4-0. san jose has lost six of the last eight. college hoops we go. stanford is visiting defending national champion baylor. the cardinals trailed by six that have. it was all bears in the second stanza. look at james. how about that?
6:28 am
easy layup. it was easy work for baylor. 52-20. they outscore the cardinals on the second half. they crews 86-48. the warriors take on the raptors today. the 49ers are in action across the country in jacksonville and the raiders host the cincinnati bengals. when kpix 5 news returns, boosters are available. there is a rush to get one before the holidays. the
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news news. >> let's start with a quick check on the weather. >> we will start with a check on where the fog is and is not. i am happy to say that it is not everywhere.
6:32 am
we are not seeing issues there. as we look up into the north valley, we are doing fine. visibility is down to 0.84 santa rosa. that is the lowest number. that is far better than it has been. in terms of the way it feels, it is cool out there. it is 35 degrees right now in santa rosa. as we look at the daytime highs, we all warm back up today in the low 70s for those inland valleys. we will be in the upper 60s in the bay. plenty of sunshine. back to you. the rush is on to get a booster shot. the boosters have been approved for all americans over the age of 18. a long line of cars and vaccine clinics. this is the san mateo event center. people did not need an appointment to get a booster. >> i have been waiting for this day. i believe in the vaccine and i'm excited. >> i am glad people are getting it. i want to protect myself and my family members. >> i have my 92-year-old mother here. we want to get this done with. >> by noon, demand outweighed supply. many got turned away. organizers say more boosters could be available on tuesday. if appointments become necessary, make one at the website. more than 50 years ago, a
6:33 am
person was convicted of shooting robert kennedy. this past august, a two member panel recommended that the now senior citizen be paroled from a california prison. the final decision is pending. there is an enduring controversy about the killing that has divided experts as well as the kennedy family. kpix's ellen martin have the original report. >> you look beautiful bobby. >> reporter: in late may, 1968 senator robert kennedy was running for president. he comes to the bay area.
6:34 am
>> people feel that they have no control over what happens to them. they have no control over their destiny or their future. >> reporter: days later, he won the all-important california primary. early morning from the ambassador hotel in los angeles >> my thanks to you, now it is on to chicago. >> reporter: the senator entered a kitchen pantry on the way to a news conference. suddenly, gunshots. >> senator kennedy has been shot. >> reporter: he was hit three times. he was transported to two hospitals, underwent emergency surgery, and 26 hours later, he died from a severe brain injury. >> we discovered that there was really more to the story. >> reporter: this man was immediately caught. this cadet, he had a 22 caliber revolver ripped out of his hand. there was a handwritten manifesto that spelled out his intent that kennedy must die. there was little doubt in anyone's mind that the 24-year- old palestinian killed the senator. or did he? >> he is not guilty of the murder. he is guilty of shooting me and four other people. >> reporter: this man was
6:35 am
wounded along with four others. as for kennedy -- >> the second gunmen killed robert kennedy, not the original. >> reporter: a security guard on hand is these the prime suspect. in 1998, that stunned this reporter. >> there is stuff that i never heard before. >> reporter: the corner and an fbi agent was interviewed. there was also an investigative journalist that was interviewed. dan had spent months looking into the shooting. his efforts were based in part on an fbi report indicating that more bullets had been fired than the gun could hold. the fatal shot was also delivered at point-blank range behind kennedy's right here. >> he would have had to have had the gun here. >> reporter: witnesses never saw the shooter get that close. now with him on the cusp of
6:36 am
parole, this happened. >> he should never be released. >> reporter: some believe he acted alone and the extra bulletholes were misidentified by the police. he also says that the now deceased security guard passed a polygraph. >> he was an innocent man. >> reporter: this gun should be compared with the bullets that the ones that were admitted in court. when this gun was re-fired in the 70s, those bullets did not match the only intact one taken out of kennedy. the kennedy family is also divided. while his widow at the and six of nine surviving children opposed the parole, this happened. >> they are wrong. the father would be very upset with him because he was a man of justice. >> reporter: two other children including bobby kennedy junior believe that the imprisoned should be released. >> i said bobby, this is the guy who killed your dad. he insisted that the man was
6:37 am
innocent. >> reporter: sirhan accepts responsibility. he claims that he does not remember the shooting. at the parole hearing, he said that he probably caused the whole incident through his gun or another gun. the lapd opposes his release. >> i think a ballistics test would put a lot of it to rest. governor newsom will have the final say on the release. as for the reasoning behind the parole, the panel's recommendation, we have posted the transcript at we have video for of an unusual chase in southern california. a driver led the police on a high-speed chase across los angeles and into orange county. at one point the driver got off the freeway and drove into a cul-de-sac and stitched the truck and took off on foot. the suspect top defense to try to get away. officers closed in and arrested him. the chp says the utility truck was believed to be stolen. now to a mad dash for cash on a southern california freeway. chaos ensued after an armored truck spilled money onto interstate 5 in carlsbad. this reporter has the message
6:38 am
from authorities who are now looking for all of that missing cash. >> reporter: bags of cash fell all over five n. freeway and parts of five s. near cannon boulevard exit. >> it was across all of the lanes. there was a lot of money. >> reporter: this sergeant with the california highway patrol says that at 9:15 a.m. on friday morning, the driver of this truck was heading to the federal reserve when the doors flew open, spilling cash. >> all traffic came to a stop and people got out of their vehicles and started picking up the cash. >> reporter: a man and woman collecting cash were arrested after they accidentally locked themselves out of their car. >> there has been stuff on social media. you can see video evidence of people stealing the cash on the freeway. we are working with the fbi. >> reporter: after video circulated on social media, many people came out searching for money. >> my little other was like
6:39 am
there is money on the floor. i said let's go by my newborn some clothes. >> reporter: if you find any will you keep it or turn it in? >> yes, i am definitely going to get back to you. >> reporter: chp is urging people to return the money to the chp office in this to immediately. >> we want people to be honest and turn in money that is op ha the money that they have collected on the freeway. still to come, one women's deeply personal fight to help others overcome trauma. ♪ on]
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♪ the nation's's busiest airport is recovering after a gun accidentally went off sending the airport into chaos. the police are looking for the
6:43 am
man who started it all. officers say the agent thought a gun. kenny jumped on a bag setting a gun off. he is a convicted felon and should not have had the firearm. he ran out of the airport after the gun went off. the gun fire caused panic. dozens knocked over beers as they ran toward the exit. >> three people were hurt. the gun fired inside of the luggage area. nobody was hurt. passengers bringing guns to the airport is a huge problem according to the tsa. in the first 10 months of 2021, the agency caught 4600 firearms and security checkpoints. most of them were loaded. the numbers the past the number in 2019.
6:44 am
we look out at the bay bridge. highway 880 in oakland and the san mateo bridge, and new technology that could make police pursuits safer. the chp says 41 people died last year as a result of high- speed police pursuits. this made it the deadliest year for chases in 50 years. now a high-tech disabling system could reduce pursuits. this is by stopping a car dead in its tracks. it is called the police pursuits eliminator. >> it works off of a different satellite gps technology. the system actually has to be installed in the vehicle. this is through the phone application. we can send a signal to the system. within seconds, it receives a signal. within less than a minute it will safely disable the vehicle. law enforcement officers currently use strips and pit maneuver's to end pursuits.
6:45 am
we are keeping an eye on the day this morning. we have less fog than what we have had to deal with and what we have gotten used to. it is perfectly clear the golden gate bridge. if we check in on a couple of other locations, there is the san mateo bridge. i would like to use this camera to show you how free and clear things are here. we are heading across from the east bay over towards the peninsula. it looks fantastic and the other bridge that crosses the bay, there are no issues here. this would have been one of the places that would have been experiencing the fog last weekend. thankfully, the pattern has shifted. this is when the valley is in the clear. it is cold and it is in the mid 30s for the northbay valley this morning. it is low to mid 40s for about every other location. this is now a very typical pattern as you start to get into this time of year. you can see the temperatures dipped down in the valley. that is why we have a little bit of isolated fog up there. visibility in santa rosa has gone down to a little below mild. other locations are pretty much fine. so plan on some patchy areas of fog. there is nothing to widespread. you can see how we cleared the fog out. there is an offshore wind happening at this point to the mountains. that helps to dry things out
6:46 am
across the bay area. this would be fire weather concern if we had to think about october. since we got all the rain, we are not worried about that. you can see the streamlines taking all of the wind out of the bay. that dries things out. this is why we were able to start out today without fog. we will be looking at sunny skies. when we top out for daytime highs, 71 for the northbay valley. we will go to the mid and upper 60s inland. san jose is going to 71. redwood city will hit 70 as well. it is going to be a beautiful sunday. blue sky and warm. the storm systems are getting pulled well to the north. we will miss out on all of them. we will play this again for tuesday because there is a system that falls apart as we get into tuesday. we will notice the clouds increase. it will be a few high clouds and snow-rain. from there on, wednesday, we have a big travel day, no issues. thursday it is better. daytime highs bring us up into
6:47 am
the mid to upper 60s. there are a few clouds. it will stay that way friday. through the seven-day forecast, that is a trend. you can see a little bit of an increase of clouds on tuesday. there is a cooling trend. in general, we go from the low 70s to the mid-60s. this is including our microclimate for the inland valley and the east bay. the northbay valley and the beaches are showing you the same story of a slightly cooler midweek. the weak system passes by to the north. and then, we will warm back up again from there going into the weekend. >> the basic story is comfortable but sunny and cool. >> it worked out wonderful for the holiday. and let's hope that once we get past that into early december, we will start to get back to a little bit more of the storm track.
6:48 am
we are looking at the models. it does not look too promising. fingers crossed. >> thank you. there is an old saying that you can never go home again. for this week students rising above scholar, that is not true. for stephanie noriega, home is close. it is also changing in unexpected ways. >> how can you triple checked? >> reporter: she leads a team leading of oakland unified school district social workers and school counselors. they are serving immigrant families and unaccompanied minors. this is enrolling into the district for the first time. they newcomer wellness initiative provides educational assistance and referrals for medical care, legal aid, and other basic needs like food and warm coats. this is to multiple students and families. some are experiencing significant trauma. >> bang violence, violence against women, poverty, this is
6:49 am
all of the stuff that we all know is happening. >> reporter: or drive to help those affected by trauma is personal. >> there were so many people dyin >> reporter: this native ew up in east palo alto in the early 90s. she is seeing violence in her own neighborhood. this is as her hard-working immigrant parents struggled to achieve the american dream. economic stability, a safe home, and education were goals. this was for stephanie and her siblings. >> i remember my dad, he would work as a deliveryman for pizza hut. he would always you know, worry about coming home late at night because he was worried about being assaulted. >> reporter: her old neighborhood brings back good memories. >> it definitely grew. we are excited. >> reporter: her time spent at the school propelled her into college and graduate school. >> this is where i learned how to swim. >> reporter: familiar landmarks like the community rec center are being rebuilt. this is leaving stephanie with conflicted feelings about gentrification in her hometown. >> if they are coming into make it nice but not take away what was already here, passing on history, passing on culture, whenever something gets knocked down, i always question will it
6:50 am
look the same. >> reporter: this gives stephanie a unique insight and hard. for immigrant families and others whose lives have been turned upside down, this is important. >> i go back to the essence of why people are choosing to settle here. they want to feel supported. >> reporter: for students rising above, i am elizabeth cook. >> oakland unified is serving 3000 newcomers. this is including the newcomer initiative. stephanie is really proud of those numbers. to nominate someone for the students rising above, you can head to the website. coming up, how we are highlighting the crucial role played in the space race. ♪
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6:53 am
we look at alcatraz island where multiple tribes celebrated the 52nd anniversary of the native occupation of the island. in 1969, 100 native americans landed by boat on alcatraz to claim the former island prison as indian territory. the secretary of the interior, a native american herself spoke at yesterday's event. >> 52 years ago, the situation was dire. the federal government had walked away from their promises to help indigenous people who were forced to relocate to urban areas. federal agencies refused to abide by basic consultation standards in many native communities. they lost large swaths of their
6:54 am
land. >> the uss hornet is celebrating its role in the famous apollo mission. the ship docked in alameda. it has converted into a floating historical museum. the apollo 12 mission happened 52 years ago. this is the second time american astronauts walked on the moon. >> landing a man on the moon was amazing. you kind of have to put the whole thing into context of the 60s, the vietnam war, the cold war, the soviet union, the space ways was a really big deal. >> the hornet played important roles by helping to recover the astronauts after they splashed down in the ocean. the u.s. plans to return to the surface of the moon by 2024. zookeepers use unique ways to engage animals and keep them entertained. this video was posted to social media from the oakland zoo. it shows one of the hooded vultures taking on a treat
6:55 am
puzzle. it is something that is typically used on cats and dogs but the bird was able to figure it out in no time. in return, it got a snack on special treats. now that the bay area is reopening, share photos of getting back toge
6:56 am
6:57 am
we look at the top stories of the morning. just one night after a robbery in walnut creek, there was a mass robbery in nordstrom's. this comes hours after a crackdown on math robberies. employers added 96,000 new jobs in october. this lowered california's unemployment rate to 7.3%. that is tied with nevada for the highest in the nation. we have pretty views this morning. this is the golden gate bridge. things are free and clear out there today. there are no major issues with fog. we will have a beautiful afternoon with the time highs climng io w 70s for
6:58 am
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