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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 22, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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any of the others hit? >> reporter: well, allen, san jose police said yesterday around the same time as the santana row heist here, across the street at valley fare, authorities saw some stealing some things, but security guards were able to call san jose police in time, and that store in that mall was not cleaned out like this one here in santana row. >> all right, andria, thanks. oakland police have arrested three suspect in connection the shoot having to a retired oakland police captain percy joiner. the attempted robbery happened in broad day light whine joiner was at the oakland gas station october 21st. the suspects are seen opening his door and one appeared to take his back pam pac. that's when joiner pulled out a pistol and opened fire. investigators say one of the suspects was stin elk
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grove. another in houston, texas. in san leandro, a shooting i haven't at the bloom dispensary on fairway drive. police were seen collecting evidence about 3:00 this morning. our photographer could see shell casings and a bolt cutter nearby. >> good news in the fight against covid. california's positivity rate is falling, now at 1.9%. governor newsom said that that's the lowest in the nation. he made the visit during a visit to a san francisco covid clinic, which aims to reach the latino community. so far about 40,000 vaccines have been administered at that site. newsom says more than four million people have gotten their covid booster shots so far. >> it's imperative of equity. and that's why we specifically chose this site. not only for its efficacy and it's success, but also because we are promoting the importance, particularly in the latino community, to get boosters and to get vaccinated.
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about 17% of all the boosters have been administered within the latino community. that's not good enough. that's why we're here. >> we brought you the governor's news conference live on cbsn bay area. you can catch us 24/7 streaming on or on the kpix 5 news app. taking a live look at sfo, . omes pos nationwide iktraveler and long lines. the mandate went into effect today, and the white house says 95% of the government workforce is now in compliance. a look now at our bay area bridges. 48 million americans expected to hit the red for thanksgiving holiday. effect ports warn, though, driving will cost you more time and money according to aaa, the current average price in
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california for gasoline, $4.71. gas production fell when demand drop during the stay-at-home orders, and now it just hasn't caught up as people go out. but prices are starting to tick down, and could continue to drop if the coming weeks. >> i would expect a downward trend that is just starting to gain momentum will last into early and potentially mid-stem it. could run longer than that, just depending how supply and demand continue to fluctuate. >> we lit e s together, so it's much cheaper. >> we continue to pay the highest gas prices in california. the average in san francisco now stands at $4.87 a gallon. san jose not far behind at $4.80, and oakland is at $7.79. target says its store shut downs on thanksgiving will become standard policy in the years ahead. the big box retailer had already decided to close for
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the holiday in 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic. now the ceo tells employees you don't have to wonder whether this the last thanksgiving you'll spends with family and friends. >> in canada, uber has partnered with tokyo smoke, allowing customers in ontario to order cannabis through uber eats. they have been looking to break into the industry for some time now, after including liquor delivery earlier this year. uber plans on introducing cannabis delivery in the u.s. once it's legal on a federal level. new at 5:30, a piece of the past that is now bridging generations. >> reporter rachel wolf shows us a one of a kind renovation in nevada county. >> reporter: sue hook reminisces about days gone bait the bridgeport covered bridge. >> in '69 as a kid, this was huge mine grandma would come here and lead 150, 200 cows
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across the bridge. still when i stand here, i can hear it. i can hear my grand may, and off they would go acrosat bridge. >> r e of it kind in the united states. >> it is the only one, period. there is not another one. so that's what is so exciting about this. >> reporter: she is talk about the recent $6.9 million rehabilitation spurred by a citizens group. >> a group was formed called the s.o.b.s. they were the save our bridge, and i'll tell you, this group got together and made this community rally. >> reporter: the bridge harkens back to the 1800s when golden state was discovered. >> and this was the way to get back and forth to these little mining communities from here in north schwan. >> reporter: tolls came in time, and then time took its toll, prompt league pairs. >> what i'm excited but so other people are going to build memories here. >> reporter: a postcard from the past, sent to inspire
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future generations. coming up, new developments in the whereabouts of a missing chinese tennis player. where she was just spotted. plus. >> santa cruz county was one of the first to lift a mask mandate, and now they're having to reverse themselves. i'm devin fehely. coming up, we'll take a closer look at what prompted the change. coming up at 6:00, the story behind this wild video showing dozens of crooks ransacking an east bay pharmacy. kpix 5 news at 6:00
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a chinese tennis star has resurfaced if public following
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several weeks of silence. >> it comes after she accused one of the communist party's top leader of sexual still from video chat of a smiling peng and a statement that said show was at home in beijing wanted to have her privacy respected. that came after the release of this seemingly scripted and stage managed individually of peng and her tennis coach with forced references to the date of november 21st. this video of her waving to spectators at the china open sunday morning, and a cat, all calling into question whether she was acting under duress. on november 2nd, the 35-year- old wimbledon and french open duns champ had publicly accused a former vice premier, a close ally of president kings kings of
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xi. an e-mail allegedly from peng retracted everything. author wrote the allegation of sexual assault is not true. i'm not miss, nor am i unsafe. china risk analyst joseph stonefish is unconvinced. >> the olympic committee known for his close ties with beijing was the western conduit for an alleged video chat with peng. >> reporter: the winter olympics in beijing are set to start in just a few months on february 4th. the women's tennis association had threatened to pull all of its games out of china. at the very least, the world now has the answer to where is peng shuai. now it's a question of whether beijing will launch a probe in into her accusations, but with peng now smiling and calling for privacy, it at least feels that an investigation of any kind is further off than
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before. former las vegas raider henry ruggs remains under house arrest after missing a court- required alcohol monitoring test. rugs is accused of driving drunk ask causing a fiery crash that killed a 23-year-old woman. today his lawyers explained that police had taken rugs' cellphone after the crash, and he got a one. they said a remote breath alaser division did not register his latest test because it didn't have his updated phone number. she set to appear the court next month. up next, what is being done to make sure that california's most precious trees don't go extinct. coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. >> a lot of break news tonight. the new details from that car attack that touched a christmas parade into a nightmare, mowing down children and the elderly. tonight what police say is the motive behind the deadly attack. pollution we go for a run with girls on the run been how this program has helped build
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the confidence of
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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well, certainly california's trees are a precious resource, and their recovery after devastating wildfires is no small task. after putting out fires, crews are working to help restore the
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forest. elizabeth clink has the story. >> reporter: tree by tree, acre by acre, wildfires tear through california forest lands, destroying timber from tahoe to the coast. but as the smoke clears and mother nature tries to heal, cal fire crews are still hard at work. to give our future forest a head start. >> especially after a fire season like this fire season, we have now millions more acres that are going to need to be reforested, both on federal and private lands. >> reporter: that process begins with pine cones. 2100 bush els carefully collected, branch by branch from across the st all converging in davis at cal fire's lewis station center. >> cal fire is made up of two parts, the forest industry and fire protection side, but at the end of the day, we're all
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one team. >> reporter: they toss and tumble the pine cones to shake them free with this team, and then it's on to dewing the seeds, and sorting out debris by hand. the seeds are even x-rayed to ensure they're healthy. in the end, they are packaged up and boxed up, stored in a special freezer called the seed bank. this one seven pound bag could eventually produce 14,000 trees. then it's time to get on to growing. >> we try to mimic nature. everyone inside the greenhouse nursery, the manager tries to give these future giant sequoias a fighting chance. what is the likelihood of that little tiny vulnerable plant survive. >> i compare them to human beings, like if they get everything they want for their survival, they will survive. >> reporter: these seedlings will be planted by hand on state and privately owned land. similar efforts are underway by the u.s. forest service, as
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well, and there's no question once the seedlings are in the ground, their strength will be put to the test. >> it's not as if the -- nature hasn't experienced tough times before. let's put it that way. however, we are finding that the effects of climate change are negatively impacting the forest as we see them right now. >> reporter: forests facing an increasing fire threat, but getting a small head start at growing back, one tree at a time. >> now the seeds and the seedlings that cal fire gross are available for purchase by private landowners, and of course it is a very labor intensive process to plant all of those by hand. coming up all new tonight at 7:00, there's a race against the climate clock, taking place off the sonoma coast. hidle kell forests providing protection from predators but those forests are disappearing. >> this is a climate-driven catastrophe that in this was happening in our terrestrial
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forest, it would be front page news every day. in our special report, the hidden forest crisis, what is being done to restore the lost kelp. that's tonight at 7:00. president biden and first lady jill biden landed in north carolina this evening for a special thanksgiving with the troops. the feast was held at fort bragg for about 200 lucky service members. it was a kind of friendsgiving feast with the president honoring the troops. he thanked them for their service with some turkey and a side of mashed potatoes. >> folks, i want to thank not only you warriors, i want to thank your families, because they stand and wait, and i know how hard it is to have someone who is not at the table on a holiday, that are in harm's way and find themselves out of the country. >> the visit is part of the white house joining forces initiative supporting military families, caregivers, and
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survivors. e entrreneurmilita child education, and health and and a reminder, if you are looking to give the gift of a hot meal this thanksgiving, our food for bay area families drive is on. to donate your time or money to help our neighbors in need this holiday season, just go to paul heggen is standing by. a lot of us getting hungry looking at that thanksgiving food, and sounds like the weather is going to cooperate, too. >> yeah, we'll keep you updated day by day. today's travel day looks fantastic. sunny to mostly sunny conditions across much of the country, and temperatures very close to what is normal for this time of the year. so places like chicago and new york, they are only going to be in the low-to-mid 40s. houston will be close to 70
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degrees. might somebody travel delays on wednesday, especially around dallas and houston. we'll keep you upd we get rthe week. for us, a dry cold front is it's ying to squetha. atmosphere, but high pressure will take over control of our weather and stay offshore, which means the atmosphere over the bay area is going to get squeezed and it will be an offshore wind that picks up as we head through the day tomorrow, and especially tomorrow night into early wednesday. fortunately we picked up all that rain in october and early november. so the fair danger won't be that high around the bay area. no red flag warnings or weather watches. but around san diego, they'll have gusts up to 60 miles per hour. so almost fire weather watch is in effect for southern california wednesday, thursday, and again on friday. let's return to the bay area. teat out a little above average. 74 in san jose. way above average.
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while everybody else was 66 or 67 degrees, a couple of degrees above normal. tomorrow san jose will return to the 60s with everybody else, but we will warm back up as we head towards thanksgiving and into thanksgiving weekend. right now a mix of 50s and 60s. 65 degrees still in san jose. temperatures by tomorrow morning will end up in the 40s inland with near 50-degree low temperatures around the bay. temperatures will warm up. some dense fog to start the day should dissipate. we'll end up two three degrees above average tomorrow afternoon, into the mid-60s pretty much across the board, except along the coast. you'll reach up tie round 60 degrees by noon ask then just hover there the rest of the day. mid-60s in the santa clara valley. low-to-mid 60s for inland parts of the east bay. antioch and brentwood, that will slow down your warmup with that fog, but those temperatures very nice by tuesday afternoon.
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mid-60s for san francisco and oakland. mid-60s for the north bay. just a little cooling market north with additional cloud cover and a chance of sprinkles in mendocino county and lake county. but our rain chances will remain pretty much zero for the next several days, through thanksgiving weekend. temperatures warm up away from the bay. around 70 degrees for san jose friday and over the weekend. tells inland in the east bay and north bay also warming up to around 70 degrees, especially on saturday, and along the coast, temperatures will reach the low 60s for thanksgiving day. dropping back down, though, to the upper 50s by monday of next week. we'll have the hour-by-hour forecast coming up at 6:00 so you can plan' head. we just spoke with san francisco's district attorney. how he promises to put a stop to a retail crime wave. plus. >> that weekend crime spree affecting different people in
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different way. just ask those that tried to show up at the neighborhood pharmacy today. elizabeth holmes spent her second day on the stand. how she is coming across as a witness. how the defense may be trying to preincident what will be a tough cross-examination. and santa cruz county now back tracking after a ersation] -great party, carlene. you must have blown your budget. -not exactly. -you have great name-brand snacks, tons of meat... and where did you get this imported cheese?
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a northern california city made headlines for dropping its indoor mask mandate. well, now it's making news for putting the rule back into place. >> kpix 5's devin fehely on how santa cruz county is responding is nbed year's post thanksgiving surge. >> reporter: how would i describe the vibe here? in a word, itation. mild irritation, but irritation, nonetheless. many said they understand that masks are protective, but simply hoped we had reach add point in the pandemic where they would no longer be necessary. in downtown santa cruz, masks have gone from optional accessory to necessity once again. >> i'm looking forward to the day i don't need to wear a mask. >> reporter: she said she was relieved, truth be told, to hear the county had reinstated it indoor mask mandate,
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believing that public health officials had eased the restrictions too quickly. >> i had to come to grips with what was right for me and kept the mask on and said what r whatever other people are doing, that's their choice. >> reporter: no cases have spiked in santa cruz county, shooting up 29% in just the past two weeks, and has forced them to reevaluate their mask policy as thanksgiving near. >> what looks like to the public that we're going back and forth, and we can't make up our mind. what it really is science kind of evolveling. >> reporter: shop herself in downtown santa cruz say they understand the emergence of the delta variant required return to masking. but the switch back and forth they say are dizzying and frustrating. >> we get close, no, we're mask thousand. we get close to like that feeling, we're getting back adapted to the normal lifestyle. >> would be nice not to have to wear masks anymore, but if that mean this cases are going to go back up, it would be better if
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we stayed like one way. >> reporter: public health officials defended the decision to drop the mask mandate, saying their decisions had to be tailored to the conditions at the moment. >> in the face of very low cases and rapidly dropping cases, i think may actually undermine credibility. >> reporter: public health officials acknowledge that we are not in the worst-case scenario, that there is not a crimson red warning light that is going off somewhere, but said they hope bin reimposing the mask mandate now that we never reach that worst-case scenario. now at 6:00, the crime spree continues. where dozens of looks were caught on camera ransacking a bay area pharmacy. >> nobody should to live through this! >> plus how this retail crime spree could impact black friday later this week. will shoppers be willing to take their chances. >> and day two of testimony
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from elizabeth holmes. how she said her company actually succeeded at times, but we start with yet another wild video of thieves ransacking a bay area business. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. dozens of crooks are seen wiping out an east bay pharmacy. wilson walker is live from piedmont with the other location that criminals targeted. >> reporter: department, jewelry stores, cannabis dispensaries. there's a list of targets we saw over this weekend, and once again, yes, one of them pharmacies. >> you know, they tell you, luke i said, they'll go over to altamont, grow down the street, and thenal of them all have to be verified and here we are right before thanksgiving? >> reporter: david massey showed aunt the walgreens on high street today, only to find the pharmacy closed after a robbery on sunday. >> i've got cancer, so i'm trying to get certain medications filled, and they tell you to go to another
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walgreens. >> reporter: on saturday night, it was the well spring pharmacy on piedmont avenue, which was open ed today, but surveillance video, which was sped up by the pharmacy owner, shows the crowd that descended on the store on saturday, and this, of course, just one of the businesses hit by a mob of thieves over the weekend. >> at least two dozen businesses were impacted with rove be caravans of vehicles, targeting cannabis retail operations, and pharmacies throughout the city of oakland. . >> reporter: this is not the first time, but it's a crime that can create serious hardship for those already struggling. massey was coming straight from a doctor's appointment today. >> this is the third time i know that en little guy that really needs it, you know. >> that this city has to deal with overwhelming violence in this community over the weekend, and it's unacceptable for our residents, it's unacceptable for our


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