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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  November 23, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PST

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robberies. i'm justin andrews. how your safety is a top for ci coming up next. and the plan from oakland's police chief to crime starting this thanksgiving weekend. and what we know after a scene of chaos involving an amtrak train. the covid holiday outlook good morning. it's tuesday, november 23rd. good morning to you. glad to have you with us. first a check of weather and traffic. you know i pay attention to every forecast you give. >> i love that. >> i heard you mention an area in the 0's this morning. >> yeah. in the north bay. another cold start to the bay. bundle up and put on the big coat as you head out the door. we are looking at the temperatures plummeting once again this morning. check it out. santa rosa down to 37 degrees degrees. that's a cold start for you. we are looking at 44 concord.
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40 livermore. 45 for san jose this morning. dealing with some patchy dense fog. many locations starting off with clear skies. you can see down to a quarter mile for the visibility in fairfield. really thick fog for you. looking at four miles for concord and livermore. as we head through the day it'll be a cooler day today. you will notice that difference. a dry cold front pushing through that. will bring more clouds, looking at partly sunny skies. about 60 in pacificca. 65 oakland. 65 san jose. for concord at 65 this afternoon and for the napa valley. that seven day forecast including your thanksgiving day forecast coming up. now let's check in with gianna and construction in the north bay. >> at least check maybe delays on 101 out of the north bay. that's tew to construction. we are monitoring that drive out of marin county into san francisco. we were tracking a few brake light there's.
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there was dirt, debris scattered in all lanes westbound 580 near richmond parkway. all the way to where the bridge starts. looks like traffic is letting up. i'm tracking a few brake lights. 45 miles an hour on the lower deck as you head eastbound on the richmond, san rafael bridge. they just cleared that road work. look at that 52 miles an hour. we are seeing much better speeds, south 101. your drive across the golden gate bridge no delays, everything clear into the city. we start with some braking news. the president is taking a major step to try to lower rapidly rising gas prices for the holiday travel season. the united states will release 50 million-barrel els of oil from the emergency stock pile. the move is in coordination with other countries including china, india, japan and the uk. aaa said the national average is $3.41 a gallon. here it's $4.70. to find the cheapest we have a
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link to gas buddy on our home page at >> continuing to follow that developing news we have been watching because the clean up has been going on all night r trair that wa u can the me that left behind. only minor injuries to report. the tractor trailer apparently got stuck on the tracks in san pablo and that amtrak passenger train came along and hit it leaving metal fuel spilled all over the ground. all of the vehicles fell off the semi. it happened at about 8:00 p.m. at chelsea and market streets. as far as the train the engine derailed and disconnected from the cars on the train. there were about 30 passengers on board. amtrak has called in bustos help them get on their way.
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the investigation continues. back to you. happening today new charges are expected in connection with those thefts in union square. >> san francisco district attorney called the robberies absolutely unacceptable. justin andrew is live in union square this morning after the vow to keep people in saty is core of all of this. th reat post and stockton in union square. you see that police squad car and the police officer outside here. just really making it clear to criminals that they are not going to accept what we saw over the weekend. people are just kind of fearful. they are scared to shop this holiday season knowing dozens of these mob style criminals are still on the streets. we have been taking these concerns to city leaders. we talked to san francisco -- the da about what he plans to do to make the city safe. he said that his office has
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been awaiting more arrests and will likely announce those lobby charges at some point today. he said 25 individuals still at large in connection with the union square burglar res on friday night. over the weekend the mayor and police chief said that there would be more of a police presence here at union square to let crooks know what they it'll not be tolerated. my colleague challenged the da. take a listen. >> so many people have reached out sidents and tourists who sa they believe under your leadership, san francisco specifically, not other cities across the country, has become this haven for retail crime, and property crime because of your hands off approach to crime. >> if it feels that way we have work to do. we want everybody to feel safe and be safe in san francisco and until everybody is safe and feels safe our work is not done. that's why i have been focused on proactive work. >> we talked to some shopper who say these recent rash of
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robberies has really shaken them. they are a little scared to shop. especially when it comes to black friday later on this week. today the mayor will be kicking off the shop and dine campaign. she is still urging people to continue to shop though we are seeing these crimes. we are live in san francisco. i'm justin andrews. >> hoping that gets taken care of. a virtual town hall will be held tomorrow to discuss details around an officer involved shooting it. happened in the south of market toghborhood aeft a man ad. morning call regarding a person with a knife. the medical examiner's office hasn't released the name of the man who died. new, san francisco police say they have arrested four people and seized 21 illegal weapons after serving search warrant isn't warrants at two homes in the city. you can see in the picture drugs and ammunition were also
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seized. federal and local agencies found the suspects through social media accounts. oakland police say they have a plan to crack down on crime. hundreds of cars and robbery caravans engaged with shoot outs over the weekend. a car jacking pursuit ends with officers kitting a suspect and oakland saw it's 124th homicide. starting weekend the chief has pledged to deploy tactical teams and ha extended staffing. as the violence seems to be getting worse they are caught off guard by the escalated use of guns. this he have learned over the pandemic year that they haven't been held in custody for the possession of firearms and the use of firearms. i do think that it's a criminal justice failure if that way. we haven't held very dangerous people in custody for very long. now it's not intimidating to come out and drive with a firearm, to use those firearms because there is not much responsibility right now. >> the chief said that he has
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received assurance from the da to be tougher on violent offenders. he is also asking the city to address the rise in crime. the council is expected to hold a special meeting next month. good news on the covid front the case rate has been stabilizing after seeing some troubling signs early their month. case rates and hospitalizations the state have dropped this week. still, health officials can't say enough the need for more people to get booster shots and for eligible children to get vaccinated as more people start gathering inside. >> people continue to get boosters to protect themselves as well as the five to 11-year- old's, protect themselves too from spreading coronavirus. hopefully we will make it through the winter with less cases. >> california's positive rate is the lowest in the nation at 1.9%. tonight at seven an original report. one little known effect of covid has been the impact on hundreds of families in the process ofa. doing children at home or
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overseas. when the pandemic hit. >> i have never seen anything that begins to compare with the size of this issue. >> sometimes i feel anxious and impatient and just sad. >> how technology is helping the pain of separation. watch our report empty arms tonight at seven on kpix5. it's now 5:09. still ahead,. >> pacific gas and electric ordered to pay up. the safety problem leading to more trouble for the utility company. bundle up friends it's a cold start to the day. we are down to the 30's, 40's and 50's this morning. a dry cold front pushing through and that will bring cooler temperatures this afternoon. i will have the forecast where you live including that thanksgiving day forecast coming up. and we are watching the roadway. we have a snag at the richmond san rafael bridge and it's travel tuesday. ly tell you how chp is helping keep you
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southern marin. a citation was also issued. it's for failure to inspect nearly 55,000 poles on lower voltage power lines throughout its service area. the a hidden disaster is unfolding off the california coast this morning. >> the under sea kelp forest that so many species depend on are disappearing. climate exchange is now robbing our coastline of its most important habitats. >> it's no wonder that the kelp forest exhibit is so popular. in addition to getting m esmerized we also get schooled as long the coast. that message, may be more important now than ever. >> i just have this fear that people are going to say how did we never know? >> the executive directorrer of the center of marine sciences and that puts her at
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ground zero of a crisis right now. >> i had grown men crying in my office saying i have been diving here for 30 years and never seen anything like this. what can i do? >> we have seen 96% of our kelp forest have declined in less than a decade. > this is a climate driven disaster that if this was happening in our forests, it would be front page news every day. these systems just abundant, and they are absolutely worth saving. >> losing 96% of an eco system mostly hidden beneath the waves can be difficult to see. let's look at an eight mile stretch of coast. we start in 2008. particularly good year for kelp. everything in teal is kelp forest can by. the forest grows larger or smaller from year to year but
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in 2015 most of it vanishes and then never recovers. ear. elp contty who havebeen big advantage. their natural predator was wiped out in 2013. right after that the kelp's defenses also started weak especiallying due to a warming ocean. warm is hardly the way anyone who dipped a toe in the water off the coast would describe it. kelp is used to chilly 55 degrees. lately the water has been reaching the mid-60s's and for this eco system that's a heat wave which brings us to the root of this problem. the pacific is getting warmer. if -- the last ten years we see the obvious trend. areas in red show temperatures that are above average. by the time we get to 2015 the year our delp forest collapsed we see a blob of water so large it's classified as a marine
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heat wave. the bl ob was followed by other there's one in 2017. here is another one in 2019. another in 2020. some of that water along the coast was near 70 degrees. >> there's certainly locations like this spot where the kelp is just hung on. >> the assistant ofe to a smal he found a bliemer of hope. if are you going to restore then maybe you should select from the best population that will have the best chance of surviving. >> once you find a strain that maybe can tolerate the heat better you get in to the blades and you will find perhaps millions of tiny spores. if you can collect those, transplant them up here, maybe that will work. >> eventually we will figure things out. right now we don't have the answers. we are working toward them. >> you are racing against the
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clock. >> with reracing against the climate clock right now. >> that was darren reportingn. this view taken in 2019 you see very little kelp at this beach. if we switch to this past summer you see a lot of this. this is up lifting to see. it's important to point out this past summer saw a strong up tick in the california current delivering much needed colder waters to the coastline. it was the best case situation for what kelp needs to thrive. the kelp is only about 10% of what we normally would have seen. it's travel tuesday. if you plan to hit the roads this wednesday for thanksgiving u wisee chp ofrs>>this as maximum enforcement period ahead of the busy holiday. our traffic expert has more on what that means for drivers. >> yeah. good morning. it basically means they want you to get to your destination
5:18 am
safely. in order to do that this weekend. all available chp officers will be in full force on the roadways looking for impaired drivers. looking for distracted drivers. speeding and surprisingly seatbelt violaters. >> it only takes two secs to put on that seatbelt in every single vehicle. put it on. you may be driving correctly. you may be doing everything in your lanes. speed limit. payingattention. c paying at tension, not driving correctly and that seatbelt could save your life. >> last thanksgiving, 33 people died on the roadways, 14 were not wearing seatbelts. the period is in effect until 11:59 on sunday night. coming up at 6:15ly have more details on how you can stay safe on the roadways this holiday and a lot of us will be traveling. let's take a look at the current conditions on the roadway. want to show you a live look. tracking a few brake lights and
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extra volume this was due to ey pers cleais t of lane this w westbound traffic, headlights heading toward the marin side. want to show you the area. we are seeing slow speeds going down to 43 miles an hour this was due to a large truck with a lot 6 dirt debris. things are looking slightly better. your travel times still only about seven minutes. it's early for that commute cross the span. rest of the bay area bridges are pretty quiet. live look at the golden gate bridge. that early morning road work has been clear out of lanes and everything will be nice along 101 into san francisco. not quite the case for the ride in to the pass. this is one of our super commuter routes. you kind of know what to expect. there's no crashes which is good news. that ride, 205 onto 580.
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you can see our speeds clocking in slow speeds there. the travel times 27. stays slow. gets better once you approach north flynn. travel times 36 minutes. definitely one of our slowest spots this morning. the good news is if you are taking highway 4 or # 01 things moving at the limit as well as the bay bridge. photograph sick quiet for that ride out of the east bay as you work over in san francisco. if you are going out the door you want to grab that jacket and get going. i woke up and walked outside and was like wow, it's cold. >> hits you. that chill in the air. if you are having a hard time waking up this morning. st that wi wake you for relo mpers doo the 30's, 40's and a liveokth the sales force tower camera as we look north at the golden gate and to patchy fog out there. concord in at 44. oakland, good morning to you at 50.
5:21 am
51 in downtown san francisco. san jose, mid450 owe and a cold 39 degrees. do you to a mile and a quarter for napa and fairfield as we start off for the day. bundle up this morning and as we head through the afternoon, looking at mix of sun and clouds, cooler temperatures, you will notice that difference. several degrees cooler compared to yesterday afternoon and clear skies, breezy conditions as we look to this evening. satellite and radar view and i'm tracking a dry cold front. there is that low pressure system bringing rain to the pacific northwest. it's dropping a cold front our way at this point it's a dry one. really it'll drop the temperatures, cool us down as well as bring a few more clouds back in to the bay area. you can see that on future cast as we go hour by hour. as we look to the temperature as long the coast upper 50's to low 60's for the peninsula, 63
5:22 am
san mateo. for the south bay 65 in santa clara. 66 morgan hill. mid-60s's concord, pleasant d t around the bay from 64 in san francisco, 64 alameda. 65 oakland, san leandro and highs in the north bay in the mid-60s's. 62 in ukia. thanksgiving day forecast we will continue with this quiet weather pattern. looking great for thanksgiving day. low 60's at the coast with that sun. mid-60s's and upper 60's inland this afternoon. great weather if you are planning to hang out with your friends, family, maybe eat outside. looks fantastic. san francisco, san jose and you can see not a lot of change as we head through the week. thanksgiving. inland east bay and the coast, slightly warmer. we are looking at the quiet conditions over the next several days. it's 5:22. still ahead, and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> we have heard about how
5:23 am
supply chain issues could impact gift giving for the holidays but we will tell you why there is a shortage of trees under which to put those gifts.
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♪ [mallet banging] ♪ [drums banging] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] [mallet banging] [drums banging] [inhales] ♪ it's a cold start to the
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day. bundle up if you are going out the door. we are talking 30's, 40's and 50's this morning and your lunchtime forecast at noon in san francisco. looking at partly cloudy skies, about 60 degrees in oakland for your lunchtime forecast. a cool 59 with the mix of sun and clouds for the south bay, for new san jose, 61 with partly cloudy skies, in fremont for your lunchtime at noon. 57. it'll be a datoday. you will notice that difference as a dry cold front drops our temperatures down and brings a few more clouds for today. for lunchtime in the upper 30's looking at 59 at noon with partly cloudy skies. with he will talk more about what you can expect today and into the holiday for thanksgiving coming up. back to you. supply chain issues putting the crunch on the holiday presents. >> and now it could mean a christmas tree shortage. the majority of the trees are -- at tree lots come from oregon and washington.
5:27 am
states that both experienced record high temperatures over the summer, during what would have been the peak growing time for trees. supply chain disruptions causing a shortage in fake trees as well. >> they are sell out early. they are pretty much done. they aren't going to be able to get more trees. >> most bay area tree lots will open at the end of this week. nothing can be easy. >> everything. everything is a mess right now. >> all right. it is 5:27 in the next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. the major action by the president this morning to combat rising gas prices. and the next step in the trial of the man accused of murdering ahmaud arbery today before the jury starts deliberating. >> and elizabeth holmes goes back to court. >> and we are asking you to help our neighbors in need to find out how you can donate your time or money to
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people are shifting their holiday shopping plans this week out of fear. i'm justin andrews when city leaders doing to deter crime up next. >> and the arrest made in connection with the shooting of a retired oakland police captain last month. > >> gas prices still going up. the major action expected from we will have the details coming up. and the arguments made to jurors in the ial of three men accused of murdering ahmaud arbery as we move closer to deliberating. good morning. >> we will get a check on your weather and traffic starting with a look outside, chilly this morning. >> yes it does for sure. hopefully you have your big winter coat to keep you warm we are looking at temperatures
5:31 am
in the 30's. 40's and 50's. had 4á 4 concord, 40 livermore, san francisco at 52. mid-40s's in san jose and down to 39 degrees in santa rosa as we start off the day. we are dealing patchy dense fog. down to a mile and a quarter in fairfield. four miles in concord and livermore for the visibility. tracking a dry cold front and that will bring a few more clouds back in the skies and also cool us down. the temperatures will be cooler compared to yesterday afternoon. we are talking 60 in pacifica. 64 san francisco, mid-60s's for the peninsula and also inland in the mid-60s's. 65 san jose, concord and for the napa valley. we are going to see a few more clouds through the day. we will talk more about that thanksgiving day forecast in just a moment. let's check in with gianna. are you talking about a crash in the south bay. >> just got first reports chp. this is san jose.
5:32 am
if are you getting ready to head out the door northbound 10 # not far from that 280 connector. a car that spun out in lanes, hit the center divide and now it's stuck in the carpal and left lane. chp crews just arrivingo be scene. looks like the back up almost to capitol expriceway. a slow ride. 87 or 280 surface streets over to 280. that may help out. peutads it'sc onto 580. look at that speeds dipping down to 14 miles an hour. we are following that breaking news. the president expected to announce his decision to release oil from the strategic reserve. >> we are live from a chevron at san jose. what's the prices looking like?
5:33 am
>> this is something we have been talking about for the last couple of weeks. these gas prices have just continued to increase. here at the chevron gas station on royal avenue in san jose you can see it's $4.75 for a gallon of gas of the hope with this expected announcement is that it'll coop a lid on gas prices, especially as we head into the holidays when people are traveling, filling up their gas tanks to drive to see their loved ones. take a look at this the national average right now is $3.40 for a gallon of gas. that is $1.29 more than a year ago. the average gas price in california is even higher according to aaa. it's at $4.71. take a listen to what the direct ear of the white house economic council said. >> question were focused on doing everything that we can to make sure that american consumers are not bearing the shortened of the stick during these periods and that is -- that's what the president will talk about. >> just a correction here.
5:34 am
it's $4.75 at this chef reason gas station with a car wash. it's $4.95 without one. we have a link to gas buddy on the website. there you can find the cheapest gas prices in your area. >> hope we can start to see some of that relief. today we expect charges to come down in connection to this weekend's rash of robberies in union square. >> san francisco district attorney said there are dozens of criminals still on the street who are involved in this weekend's mob style crimes. justin andrew is live in union square this morning and some shoppers shaken up. some are pretty scared as well. >> yeah. absolutely. that's because investigators say they are afraid that some of these crooks could strike again. we know at least about 25 of them are still on the streets. city officials over the weekend remember they promised we would see just this.
5:35 am
police officers right here on the streets of union square in san francisco. more police officers on the streets is one way to deter the crooks but also send a message of safety for the shoppers here in this area. people are altering their holiday shopping plans because of all of this crime that we saw over the weekend. the san francisco district attorney said that he plans to make the city safe. he tells us that his office is a waiting more arrests and will likely announce felony charges today, still shopper across the bay area are concerned. >> its been alarming. we are out here shopping during the daytime. >> change your shopping hours and habits. >> just got back from college and was made aware of everything that wento. >> today the mayor will kick off her slop and dine campaign urging people to continue to shop though we are seeing all of this crime especially over the last few days.
5:36 am
we are live in san francisco. >> so many worried. hopefully we can find an end to all of this. thank you. watching the clean up after a train wreck last night. this was in contra costa. check out the video. a real mess left behind after an amtrak trip hit a tractor trailer that was carrying vehicles. all of the vehicle itself was carrying fell off the tractor trailer and the 30 passengers who were on board that amtrak train were then stranded until they got bus itself to take them away. apparently it got stuck track there's in san pablo this was at market streets. it could not get off the tracks. the train came along and hit them and the train partially derailed. the engine went off the tracks and disconnect from the cars on
5:37 am
the train. only minor injuries to report but the investigation there at the scene continues. back to you. today is the last day of testimony before the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. yesterday the founder defended herself against fraudclaims by showing her company had success in 2009 and 2010. they said that her company worked patients the united stat and abroad. shipment is he doing a good job of personalizing herself and getting the jury to like her. >> holmes told the jury she could not have intended to deceive invest ears because she believed her blood testing devices worked. the police have arrested three suspects in the shootless of a retired police captain. the attempted robbery happened in broad daylight while he was at a gas station. surveillance video shows the suspects opened his car doerr and one appeared to take his
5:38 am
backpack. that's what he pulled out a pistol and opened fire. investigators say one of the suspects was arrested in elk grove. another in houston texas. the trial over the trying of ahmaud arbery in georgia is expected to go to the jury. prosecutors will make one final rebuttal to the closing arguments before the jury starts deliberate rating on the fate of three men this recharged with murder, assault and false imprisonment. >> they all made assumptions about what was going on, they made their decision to attack ahmaud arbery in their driveways because he was a black man, running down the street. >> whatever overwhelming reason he had to in captured that day and arrested by the police. he chose to fight. >> prosecutors argue that
5:39 am
travis mcmichael chased down ahmaud arbery for five minutes without any evidence that ahmaud arbery had committed a crime before pulling the trigger. it's 5:38. coming up and streaming on cbsn. >> real estate recovery. a look at how the housing market is starting to rebound. tiffany revealing it's newest, most expensive bring ever. what you could get for just a cool $20 million. >> all right. it's a cold start to the day. 309's, 40's and 50's with mainly clear skies and patchly dense fog. a mix of sun and clouds as we head through the day it. will be a cooler day for yesterday. many of us in the mid-60s's this afternoon. the daytime highs compared to average for this time of year. it's still running about two to three degrees above average. what you can expect for thanksgiving day coming up.
5:40 am
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. the -- and growth is starting to cool off for a video conferencing platform. diane king hall of cbs money watch joins us. >> good morning. zoom boom is slowing. they revealed their quarterly report card yesterday saying it earned $340.3 million and revenue climbed 35% to more
5:43 am
than a billion. both numbers beat expectations bah growth is slowing as the pandemic tapers off. the white house proping ina thline item included in the president's ssed the on friday. the provision would punish drug maker itself they increase prices more than inflation. and get ready for plan b. according to a new bank rate survey 77% of polereported some short of shopping problems in to the holidays. leading the list sticker shock meaning higher than usual prices and nearly half say their search for item was out of stock or on back order. to check out gift lists -- excuse me; americans pivoting to shopping earlier by gift cards. >> i'm not even thinking about shopping but about thanksgiving. >> i know. right? >> what would thanksgiving be like? >> what would it be without the leftovers? you know how people are
5:44 am
planning to feast this year. >> i know. a new cbs poll finds 65% of americans will be gobbl ing down on turkey. most americans will continue to chow on the turkey leftovers for three days after the holiday. only 14% say they won't touch the leftovers. >> don't touch thathe bestpart >>know. -- exactly. exactly. >> send them our way. having thanksgiving for breakfast. part 2. yes. >> throw some gravy on it. thank you. the house committee investigating the january 6th riot issues a new round of subpoenas. they are calling on five trump allie seconds. that includes roger stone and alex jones. the president and first lady spent an early thanksgiving with the troops in north carolina. the feast was held at fort
5:45 am
bragg. it was a kind of feast with the president honoring the troops. >> folks i want to thank not able the warriors you about your families because they stand and wait and i know how hard it is to have someone who is not at the table on a hole kay that are in harm's way to find themselves out of the country. >> the visit is part of ngfami the program focuses on employment, military child education, heat and well being. home sales managed to inch higher last month despite rising prices and falling inventory. sales of existing houses rose .8% in october from the previous month in all 6.34 million existing home was sold. that number is down almost 6% from a year ago when pandemic
5:46 am
home buying was in its peak. prices have not taken a break from going up for more than 9.5 years with sit longest increase duration on record. tiffany just revealed what it calls it's most expensive piece of jewelry ever. christ driller's around the corner. >> this is why she says that. this goes for about $20 million. the world's fair necklace was just revealed. it features 180 carets of diamonds set in platinum. the center piece is a flawless 80 caret empire diamond. the diamond was cut and polished in israel and set in new york. >> i think woullo so niight you? >> gold isr r.inmuch. you know. very. mu if you want it i will get
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it for you. gosh. >> just so lucky. >> it's the love right there. >> what are you getting us? >> are you probably going to share it. you get it on monday and tuesday. you know. >> i like it. >> that's how this will work. >> how is the forecast. chilly out there. a cold start to the day. you can see the temperatures 30's, 40's and 50's as we start off the day. a live look with the sales force tower camera as we look to sutro tower. you can see a little bit of patchy fog. 44 concord, oakland at 50. livermore 40. downtown san francisco coming in at 51. san jose, mid-40s's and a cold 38 degrees in santa rosa this morning. mainly clear skies but we are starting to deal with patchy dense fog. down to two miles in fairfield, half mile in napa and mile and three quarters for santa rosa this morning.
5:48 am
today's forecast, it's a cold start. bundle up as we head through the afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds and a cooler day that difference. several degrees cooler compared to yesterday. as we look to this evening clear with breezy conditions starting to pick up for us. this low pressure system bringing rain to the pacific northwest. it's dropping a cold front. we will be in the tail end of this front and looking at a dry cold front and what that means is just cooler temperatures and also a few more clouds streaming in. you can see on future cast a mix of sun and clouds as we go through the afternoon. daytime highs low 60's. mid6o's around the bay from 64 in san francisco, 65 oakland. mid-60s's for the peninsula. 64 for you for redwood city. we are be log at mid-60s's in the south bay in san jose. 65, topping out at 65 in concord. er for the napa valley at 65. the thanksgiving day forecast did what you can expect. it looks great. we are setting into that quiet
5:49 am
weather pattern. mostly sunny skies, low 60's. mid-60s's and upper 60's inland. at least for thanksgiving day with that forecast. seven day forecast, you can see not a lot of change as we head through the next several days, through the week including the weekend. maybe just slightly warm erin land east bay, the north bay and the coast. just slightly warmern as we look to thanksgiving day friday and into our weekend. let's check in with gianna and the roadways. >> it's getting busy out of the south bay. i'm getting new information on this crash. we have been tracking for about half an hour now this is northbound 101. you can see all that red in the middle of the screen. that is as people travel out of san jose this morning. northbound 1o 1. chp changing the location. this is where a crash is involving a vehicle that may have hit a box truck. looks like a lot of activity and fire crews on scene and a lot of red now on the sensors and the travel times reflect that. 22 minutes now as you head out the door to go northbound 1o 1
5:50 am
from 85. very slow there. if you want to use the alter net the best bet is to sit with guadalupe parkway. 59 miles per hour. clocking in nice speeds there as compared to eight miles an hour out of 101. looks like photograph sick backing up around -- where the brake lights begin. stays slow from there. all the way to at least tulle. be patient if you are traveling on 101 out of san jose or use r. ly watch that and watching a crash just sond01at tha connector, getting the southbouside. a couple of cars trouble spot on the ght hade of thro and south of there if you are going northbound 101 one of the super commuter routes in to morgan hill. we have brake lights as well. slow and the other super commuter route, it is busy.
5:51 am
a lot of red there. the brake light 42 minutes toward the dublin. police are offering a safe place for anyone to meet up and buy or sell online purchases. the department's safe exchange zone will be set up in a parking lot this is next to the police station in downtown oakland. they encourage people to use the area during daylight areas that. area is monitored 24 hours a day. it's 5:51. next on kpix5. >> the new unique record for a music superstar, taylor swift with her rerecording of one of today at two on ix, th's l and don't rget to s aifter hour show. bring up e ne the day omstudio
5:52 am
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good tuesday morning to you. grab that coat because it's a cold start to the day. we are down to the 30's, 40's and 50's. napa you are in at 37 right now. 38 in santa rosa. looking at low 50's for san francisco and for oakland. low to mid-40s's for the peninsula right now. 45 in san jose. 44 for concord at the moment. a chilly start as we head through the afternoon with a mix of sun and cloud it's will be a cooler day. i'm tracking a dry cold front pushing across the area. with it the temperatures much
5:55 am
cooler compared to yesterday afternoon. looking at mid-60s's as we head through the day today. still compared to average we are about two to three degrees above average this time of year. there we go with that low teeratures ana w more hat dry wetalk re about that seven day forecast coming up. back to you. > time now for a look at the entertainment headlines. netflix dives in to the story of one of new york's biggest con artist was inventing anna. the series follows the investigation of a a fake german heiress. it drops on netflix february 11th. sarah silver man and seth rogan are stirring in santa inc a new stop motion animated story not meant for kids. the new adult comedy is around
5:56 am
an elf who is determined to be the first female santa. it's available december 2nd. taylor swift has set a record. her new version of all too well which clocks in at over ten minute is the longest song ever to top the billboard hot 100 chart. the previous record was american pyatt a mere eight minutes 42 seconds. >> did you put that story in? >> i was shocked whoever did this. i'm glad i was the one who read it. >> hu a big smile. >> love that song. our next half hour on kpix5. >> a train slams in to a truck in contra cost anxious the new video just into the newsroom. and safety is on the minds of shoppers and city leaders. what's being done? we went to the da up next.
5:57 am
and california continues to pay high prices at the pump. major news from the white house that could bring some relief. we ersation]
5:58 am
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live from the bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. safety is on the minds of shopper city leaders. what's being done about it? we went straight to the da up next. and how did this happen? an amtrak train crashes in to a truck in contra costa. the hours long clean up stretching in to the morning. and major news from the white house that could bring relief to people at the gas pump. we will have more coming up. >> and get ready for the busiest travel day we have seen since the start of the pandemic. how the chp is making sure drivers stay on their best behavior. good morning to you. it is tuesday, november 23rd. >>


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