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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 23, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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now on kpix5. millions of minutes hitting the road for the holiday are getting hit with sticker shock at pump. >> the president just spoke to outline his plans to help the problem. >> is he ordering the energy department to release oil from the strategic oil reserve.
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>> today we are launching a major effort to moderate the price of oil. an effort that will span the globe and reach your corner gas station. i have worked hard on calls and meetings with foreign leaders, policy makers to put together the building blocks for today's announcement. while our combined actions will not solve the problem of high gas prices overnight it'll make a difference. >> this comes as bay area residents are paying some of the highest gas prices in the nation. >> we are live from san jose and spoke to frustrated drivers. >> that's right. this comes as we approach the holidays. at gas stations like here in chevron they are paying $4.95 for one gallon. in addition to the holidays
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this is also affecting their day to day lives. they are hoping this makes diff >> i think everybody who comes to the gas station doesn't want to be here. >> that's because it usually involves seeing this number on the screen rise and rise. >> i'm pumping gas more than once a week. i don't have a small car. >> laura filled up her gas tank. it takes more than $100 and doing it twice a week can add up. >> daily, you know, bills and rent and everything is so expensive and now gas? >> yeah. >> yeah it adds up. >> she is hoping the president's announcement to release oil from the strategic oil reserve will lower gas prices here in the bay area. here are some of the average gas prices according to aa. in the state it's $4.71, in oakland and san jose it's $4.80. these prices are seen at the pump just as we head into the
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holidays. the head of analysis with gas buddy said that drivers could start to see the difference so. >> for now it looks like we will see a relief that could approach and exceed 25-cents a gallon in the bay area by christmas. >> and we know many people are going to be traveling the and watching tes for thging. these gas prices. live from san jose. kpix5. getting new details about the amtrak train that hit a semi-truck in san pablo around 8:15 last night. the truck carrying about five cars apparently got stuck ac the train hit it. the train was carrying around 30 passengers, none were hurt. we are told the engineer was taken to the hospital for a minor injury. the holiday shopping season has been shattered by the flash mob style robberies across the bay area. >> and now city leaders are rushing to address the spike in
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crime. justin andrews is live in union square. are shopper worried? >> right now things seem to be normal. people walking their dogs, taking a lunch break, doing shopping. when you see these boarded up buildings and extra patrols in the area and then you talk to some of these people that normal mood changes. >> days before black friday, normally a time to shop and spread a little holiday cheer. >> that was scary. >> it's sad, it's scary. it's disappointing. >> people who live, work or shop here say some of their cheer has been stolen. like the items over the weekend at bay area retailers. >> i wish that they would stop and that, you know, people would love and respect each other. >> spending hours in union square tuesday we spotted several windows boarded up as clouds of concern hangover
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shoppers and businesses. the san francisco district attorney said there are at least 25 people involved in these mob style robberies who are l on sts. y hice arrests and will likely announce felony charges. stephanie lives in the area and said her shopping routine likely won't change. >> i'm still going to go into stores and browse and do what i would normally do. i think it's just a bummer. >> others are scared. there has been a more prominent police presence. >> they all round this thing. >> in hopes of deterring criminals and adding a layer of safety for people. as city and police officials do what they can one woman said it starts at home. >> if we all work together and talk to our kids and tell us to stop and people would teach their kids how to act it would be more better. >> we have been talking to the da and they said that those
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charges, thosfelocharges are set to come down in about 4:00 this evening. when that does happen we are expecting a press conference. we will stream that live on cbsn bay area. we are live in san francisco. i'm justin andrews. and happening tomorrow police in san francisco will hold a virtual town hall to discuss a deadly police shooting from last week. it happened friday at the cw hotel on fulsom in the h market officers were responding to reports of a man armed with a knife. a confrontation apparently followed then an officer opened fire. the suspect later died at a hospital. the medical examiner has yet to release the name of the man who died. police in san francisco have arrested four people and seized 21 illegal weapons after serving search warrants at two homes. they also took drugs and ammunition as you can see in these pictures. those busts happened after federal and local investigators
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tracked social media accounts. happening now the last day of testimony before the elizabeth holmes fraud trial breaks for the thanksgiving holiday. today she walked in san jose while testifying yesterday she pushed back against accusations of fraud and said the company worked patients and major dub companies in the united states and abroad. she said she believed her devices worked. the man suspected of driving his suv through a holiday parade in wisconsin is due in court later today. >> darryl brooks is accused of killing five people and injuring dozens more. ann has the latest on the investigation and the victims. >> minutes before this horrible scene unfolded at a holiday parade the driver of that red suv left the scene of a domestic dispute. they say that he wasn't being
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chased when he drove in to the parade. >> we had a squad and barricades up. he drove right through them. officers tried to engage him and he continued through the crowd. >> brooks has a long criminal history. he has been charged with crimes 16 times since 1999. last year he was charged with three felony gun counts, most recently the 39-year-old allegedly was accused of running over his child's mother with the same red suv at a gas station. he posted a $1,000 bail
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. you can purchase or drop off any toy at any san francisco walgreens. last year about 2,000 walgreens were donated. this year community members will also be able to make a donation by venmo or go fund me. and today second harvest of silicon valley will give away holiday meals at several locations around the county. the first one happened earlier this month in palo alto and will finish at the salvation army in san jose later this evening. second harvest has given away thousands of meals and will keep doing this through the holiday season. check out for information on how to help. south bay high schoolers hosted a holiday turkey drive. the goal to collect one
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thousand turkeys. it's all happening at presentation high school in san jose. if you want to help you can drop off turkeys, chickens and even hams at the school until three this afternoon. we are taking a quick break but when we come back. a bummer for bargin hunters. why dollar tree is raising prices. and initiative to push for more water conservation is raising eyebrows. . and here is a live look at the golden gate with a few clouds out there. temperatures this afternoon, cooler compared to yesterday. ly have your seven
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the dow is up in the green. dollar tree says products for sale wi no longer cost exactly $1. starting next year price also increase to $1.25. the bargin said it'll help bring back customer favorites and introduce new items. the increase will also go toward freight and distribution costs and wage hikes. they have been selling products for just a dollar for 35 years. lot of numbers there. >> lot of numbers. uber is partnering with
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cannabis retailer tokyo smoke to let s indeis rough eak-into the industry for some time now after including liquor delivery earlier this year. they plan to introduce cannabis delivery in the united states once it's legal on a federal level. signature gathering has started to place an initiative on next year's ballot to force the legislature to fund more water storage in california. some central valley farmers uribe of pushing an initiative called the water from construct funding act of 2022. it passed by the voters. it would require the state to spend 2% of the general fund on project that would expand watersupplies. >> that would be three to four billion dollars per year to fund water supply projects and we don't choose specific projects but we define project category that are eligible for funding.
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>> the initiatives co organizer said the measure will pass if voters motivated by another dry winter but some are lining up in opposition. they don't trust one provision that would speed the environmental review process. with that let's get a look at the forecast with mary lee. good afternoon. we are looking at dry and quiet conditions over the next several days through the week. i'm not really seeing any storms in our longer range weather models. here we go and a live look with the sales force tower camera as we look southeast across the bay and you can see blue skies and just a few clouds. we are looking the upper 50's i low 60's for oakland, mid-60s's san jose and 60 for santa rosa. we are from one to 13 degrees colder compared to yesterday at this time. here is what you can expect. mix of sun and clouds today. again the cooler temperatures this afternoon compared to yesterday. and as we look to this evening of course once the sunsets we
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are looking at chilly conditions, mainly clear skies and breezy off shore winds developing. it was great to have that rain earlier in the month as well as last month. so that is helping a little bit. when you have the breezy off shore winds its something we are watching closely. at this point not a high fire danger things to the rain. low pressure is to the north bringing rain in the pacific northwest that's dropping a dry cold front and that's why we d-60s's around the bay. foo 64 san francisco, mid-60s's for the peninsula and inland this afternoon. you can see a few clouds streaming in as we head through rest of our afternoon with mainly cleskies by this evening. your thanksgiving day forecast looking great. a chilly start and then looking at temperatures in the 60's by thanksgiving afternoon. great weather there. seven day forecast, san
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francisco, oakland and san jose. temperatures a little warmer as we look ahead to the end of the week. issue land east bay, the north bay and the coast you can see the temperatures just a bit warmer. slightly warmer for thanksgiving day friday and into the weekend. back to you. that weather is something to be thankful for. thank you. amazon founder is giving away millions. what organizations are set to get the money. and streaming today on cbsn bay area interview with san francisco da asking him actual those recent retail thefts. that's at 1:30. you can find us on our app or on the cbs news app. you can download it for
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jeff bezos is giving $100 million to the obama foundation. it's in honor of john lewis. the, said that it's the largest individual gift it'ser received. he also said his family would give $166 million to nyu's medical center. nominations for the 2022 grammy awards are out. >> one of the most hotly
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contested categories, album of the year. tony bennett and lady gaga for their album love for sale. planet her her is nominated for not only album of the year but brought in eight nominations. lil nasx was nominated, taylor swift forever more and mild surprise to some. we are by john about, atiste. you can see them january 31th on kpix5. >> a lot of big names, lot of nominations. very exciting to see. >> tough category. coming up tonight at seven, an original report. >> one little noun effect of coronavirus has been the impact on hundreds of families in the process of adopting children at home or overseas when the pandemic hit. >> i had never seen anything that starts to compare with the size of this issue.
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>> sometimes i feel anxious and impatient and just sad. >> how technology is helping the pain of separation. watch our original report empty arms tonight at seven open kpix5. and when we come back we are taking another look at the weather. >> and today on the drew barrymore show. watch today at 2 here on kpix5. and this holiday season we are asking you to help our neighbors in need to find out how to donate your time mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. welcome back. a lots of people are getting ready to hit the roads. coming up at three the best times to leave and come back to avoid the worst bay area traffic. now let's get one last check of the weather with mary and lots of sun. >> a beautiful day. here is a live look at san francisco with our mark hopkins hotel camera. with relooking at temperatures cooler compared to yesterday at this time. in the upper 50's to low to mid- 60s's at this lunchtime hour. now as we look to the rest of the week really dry and quiet conditions settling in for us. san francisco, oakland and san jose looking great for thanksgiving day on thursday with plenty of sun in the 60's and slightly warmer by the end of the week as we look to the inland east bay, the north bay and the coast. you can see the temperatures
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for thanksgiving day in the 60's, slightly warmer as we look ahead to the weekend. back to you. >> have you to check this out. a bald eagle decided was hungry and stole this fisherman's catch which just happened to be a shark. >> just a shark. it happened last week in florida. unfortunately for the fisherman there's not a whole lot they can do since eagles protected in the united states. >> he got a picture. >> very nice. yeah. >> he did it for the gram. >> win win. that's it for the news at noon. >> we will see you la
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you can test, know, and go. ♪♪♪ >> steffy: what can i do? how can i help? >> finn: can you turn back the clock to the moment right before my adoptive dad, the man who raised me, i trusted and looked up to mitasn't true? that he's really my biological father and he's lied to me and my mother our whole lives? >> steffy: are you saying you wish you didn't know? >> finn: no, i'm saying i just-- i don't know, i don't know how to feel about any of this. to suddenly feel what i'm feeling about a man that i respected and i thought, i knew-- i mean, we knew.


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