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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 23, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the ground. details are limited. here's what we know. it started around 230 this afternoon. police got a call that two people were shot at 2001 story road. one of those victims went to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. a witness tells us the two victims look like they were hit in the torso area, and that one was laying on the ground, and laying for police officers to arrive. the gunshots were loud and sounded like fireworks. >> i hear the shots five times. >> reporter: were you scared? >> of course. as soon as i hear the gunfire, i'm scared, and i tried to, you know, runaway. >> reporter: we did see members of san jose's gang investigations unit roaming about, and talking to potential witnesses. no word on suspects or motive so far. if any san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. in the past hour , the san francisco district attorney
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announcing the first criminal charges in the retail crime spree. >> they involve the suspects who went on a robbery spree at union square. >> we are live in san francisco, and we got a copy of those charges? >> reporter: we just got a look at the charges. the da called this a brazen crime spree, and said these kinds of acts will not be tolerated in san francisco. nine people in total are now facing felony charges. we will put all of the different kinds of charges up on the screen. the district attorney filed this series of felony charges against the suspects, which include looting during a state of emergency, second degree commercial burglary, grand theft by receiving stolen property, and some of the suspects were also charged with the felony charge of carrying a loaded firearm. again, this is the first of what will likely be more charges to come after this retail crime spree, mostly in union square.
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we did speak with mayor london breed today, and also the police chief. they talked about accountability. listen to this. union square was busy with visitors on tuesday walking in and out of shops, and walking by po ficers the increased police presence a result of the major weakened crime spree were numerous stores were burglarized and/or vandalized. the police chief told us they initially arrested eight people, but he is confident there will be more arrests. >> we have significant leads we are following up on. there is a lot of video evidence to go through. >> reporter: were any of the arrests people have been arrested for similar crimes? >> i don't know if they were for similar crimes, but a lot of people involved in this in a general sense, are known to us, in and out of the criminal justice system for a variety of things. >> once the arrests are made, we are hopeful the da will prosecute. >> reporter: today the mayor encouraged people to shop in san francisco.
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>> we will make sure that we can do everything we can to keep our city safe. >> reporter: she says it includes the increased law enforcement visibility, and traffic access in and out of union square getting cut off every night. >> talk doesn't mean anything unless we can demonstrate that we have actually followed through on what we say we are going to do, and people are held accountable for the crimes that they committed in our city. >> reporter: the chief says the police department will do its part in making arrests, and followed that with he hopes accountability happens from there. >> we have an issue with people repeatedly doing the same act over and over again. we have to figure that out. collectively we have work to do. >> is the da planning on holding the suspects in custody while charges are still pending? also we are hearing protesters? >> reporter: there are a group of protesters here, a dozen or so people who have been
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protesting since the beginning of the news conference. as for the first question, whether or not these people remain in custody, the da that he can't guarantee the people remain in custody. the decision lies with a judge if they will stay in custody through trial. >> and that is one of the reason the protesters are there this evening. palo alto police arrested two people suspected of being part of a mob that tried to break into the high end consignment shop the real real. it happens that i died on university avenue. a security guard called 911 when he saw about 40 people trying to smash the stores windows read when police arrived, the suspects sped off. officers stopped two cars in menlo park and the rest of the drivers. traffic barriers are now up and down downtown walnut creek to discourage more smash and grab robberies. this comes after a group of about 80 people ransacked and nordstrom department store saturday night. police arrested three suspects in what they call an organized theft. some business owners and the barriers are a bad idea.
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>> if anything it will hurt the business more than it will save anyone from anymore future theft. this is a hindsight, monday mourner cornerback, and effectual. >> you can watch more of the announcement on cbsn bay area. you can stay up-to-date streaming on, or on the kpix 5 news app . a with 2 days to go before thanksgiving, bay area airports are bracing for a surge of travelers. travel is expected to rebound to near pre-pandemic levels. so far, more than 49,000 people have passed through security at sfo since yesterday. more than 15,000 people at oakland international. the high price of gas won't stop millions of americans from visiting family for thanksgiving. the average price of gasoline in california is about $4.71, and the highest in the nation. drivers here in the bay area are paying even more the pump. >> everyone who comes to the gas station doesn't want to be here. >> i'm pumping gas more than
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once a week. i don't have a small car. >> daily bills and rent, everything is so expensive, and now gas. yeah. it adds up. >> now president biden is going to do, quote, what needs to be done to reduce gas prices ahead of the holidays. the president has ordered the release of 50 billion barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to counter the rising prices. it's part of a coordinated effort with other major energy consuming nations. the announcement comes less than a week after president biden also asked the federal trade commission to look into whether there is price gouging at the gas pump. >> today we are launching a major effort to moderate the price of oil. an effort that will span the globe, it's reach, and ultimately your corner gas station, god willing. our combined actions will not solve the problem overnight, but will make a difference. >> the biden administration says 32 million barrels of the oil it is releasing now will
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eventually be returnedthe reserves in the years ahead. let's bring in chief meteorologist paul heggen with a look at the travel forecast. driving around the bay area and california should be absolutely fine. just a bit windy in southern california. if you are taking to the skies, things are looking pretty good, especially for tomorrow. the travel hubs connecting out of sfo, san jose, oakland, the weather is looking pretty good. breezy, typical for the windy city in chicago. houston will see an increasing cloud cover. there is a chance of showers for chicago, dallas, houston those travel hubs late in the day tomorrow. by then the bulk of travel will already have occurred. around the bay area, it's looking really good. temperatures are going to warm up into the 60s. a bit warmer further inland. we will take a look at the forecast and detail for the bay area tomorrow in a few minutes.
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the theranos founder elizabeth holmes on the stand for a 3rd day in san jose to defend herself against fraud and conspiracy charges. she answered questions about why she misled walgreens after putting the pfizer logo on theranos documents. it later resulted in her ceiling a deal with a major retail drugstore. kpix 5's len ramirez will have more on holmes's testimony tonight at 6:00. now to savannah, georgia, where we are following another highly charged trial, the case involving the death of ahmaud arbery, the unarmed man shot and killed while chucking through a neighborhood in 2020. a short time ago , the jury wrapped up its 1st day of deliberations, at one point telling the judge that they were close to a verdict. we were at the courthouse. msk to find all three defendants guilty. >> reporter: the lead prosecutor delivered the states
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final rebuttal in the ahmaud arbery murder trial, arguing all three defendants should be held accountable for his death. >> you're saying, only one person had their finger on the trigger in this case, travis mcmichael. in georgia, it is as if they were all holding the gun together. back travis mcmichael, who fired the fatal shot, is on trial alongside his father, gregory mcmichael, and a neighbor william bryant, who recorded the murder last year. they suspected our bury was responsible for breaking into a construction site and trying to make a citizens arrest. one defense attorney tried to portray ahmaud arbery is a criminal instead of victim, even criticizing the unarmed joggers appearance on the day he was killed. >> khaki shorts, with no socks to cover his long, dirty, toenails. >> malign the victim, it is the victim's fault. i know you're not going to find that. it is offensive. >> reporter: outside the courthouse, the attorney spoke out. >> i feel confident in the case we have put forward read i feel
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confident in the evidence of travis's innocence. >> reporter: arbury's mother , who has been in the courtroom every day expressed confidence in the predominantly white jury. >> god has brought us this far, and he's not going to fail us now. we will get justice. >> reporter: the three white defendants could face life in prison if convicted. all have pled not guilty. omar villafranca, cbs news, brunswick, georgia. >> the jury will resume deliberations tomorrow morning. still ahead on kpix 5 , and streaming on cbsn bay area , new developments in a holiday parade tragedy. the man accused of barreling through a crowd of people faces a judge for the first time. what happened inside the courtroom, and new video showing the suspect minutes after the attack. a new effort b.a.r.t. is taking to make sure riders are safe as health officials fear a possible winter covid
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the suspect in the wisconsin parade tragedy appeared before a judge. we are also learning that a six person, a child, has died from their injury. darrell brooks is accused of barreling through the event with his car on sunday. he was also captured on a doorbell camera 20 minutes after the carnage. i'm sitting cash bail in the amount of $5 million. >> reporter: 39-year-old darrell brooks made his first court appearance, facing six counts of intentional homicide in connection with the deadly vehicular rampage at a waukesha holiday parade sunday. >> i was to notify the court set a that today we learned of another death, of a child related to this case. we do expect a sixth count. >> reporter: the doorbell camera appears to show brooks on a front porch, about 1 mile from the waukesha parade route, where he is accused of plowing through a crowd, killing six people, and wounding dozens more. >> i called an uber, that i
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don't know when it's coming, can you call it pretty please? i am homeless. >> reporter: the residents, who had no idea what happened, let brooks use his phone, and even got him a coat and sandwich. >> this all time he's got my phone. when i'm getting messages to shelter in place, he has a phone getting those messages, and i'm oblivious. >> reporter: soon after, police arrived. >> maybe i helped, i slowed him down for 10 minutes. matt brooks has a long rap sheet dating back to the 90s. earlier this month, he was accused of intentionally running over his child's mother with his vehicle. he posted bail 2 days before the parade incident, an amount that the da says it was inappropriately low. ryan was watching his niece perform in the parade and the red suv tore down the street. she suffered serious injuries. >> she said tell them to gloomy
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back together. >> reporter: brooks could face life in prison if convicted. >> prosecutors have indicated that more charges are coming. criminal charges have been filed against two of the three suspects involved in the shooting of retired oakland police captain ersie joyner. marlon king and kemandre king were arraigned today on charges that include robbery, attempted murder, murder, and assault with a deadly weapon. the third suspect in getaway driver joshua hayles is being extradited from texas to california. surveillance video shows a group of men trying to rob joyner last month at a gas station. joyner said he feared for his life, pulled out his gun, then shot and killed one of the attackers. another suspect shot joyner several times, but he survived and is recovering. the da says all three suspects face murder charges because the killing happened during the attack. three fishermen were
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rescued after their boat capsized on monday. they were spotted off the coast near tomales bay. a group from the bodega bay station arrived 30 minutes later to retrieve the men. none of the fishermen were injured, but they did have to be treated for symptoms of hypothermia. a tough break for skiers, another tahoe resort delaying his opening due to weather, or lack of winter weather. sugar bowl is on the third resort to do so. mild and dry weather is being blamed. there were high hopes to an early start of the season with that atmospheric river back in october, but since then not much snowfall to talk about, and temperatures aren't cold enough for much snowmaking. got everybody's hopes up with that early round of snow, but it was too early in the year. normal november temperatures are warm enough to melt what did accumulate 5 to 6 weeks ago. we are looking at better chances for precipitation in december. short-term, joint forecast.
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high pressure takes control of this weather. it will squeeze the atmosphere overhead and produce dusty offshore wind tonight and tomorrow. we did get that rain in october and early this month fortunately. as the high pressure sets up camp overhead, the wind will die down for thanksgiving. mild and dry weather through the holiday weekend, but it will still be squeezing the weather over southern california, so it will be windy through the rest of the week. our wind will be strongest over napa and solano county, but the higher elevations are getting some stronger gusts. the strongest is from napa to vacaville to fairfield, around 25 to 45 mile per hour gusts after midnight. that will back off as we head into early tomorrow morning. it will be noticeable as we head through did the day tomorrow, but not strong enough to prompt a wind advisory. and because we have for the rain, the fire danger should remain on the low side. we will keep an eye on things
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in case. it will not be the case for southern california, where red flag warnings go into effect tomorrow, and continue for things giving day, and friday as well. 30 to 40 mile-per-hour sustained winds, with gusts 60 to 70 mile-per-hour. it's going to be a dangerous combination around los angeles and san diego. back home, a beautiful sunset in progress. the temperature downtown is one of the warm spots on the map at 62 degrees. 62 in santa rosa with other temperatures back down into the upper 50s. will be a bit chilly early tomorrow morning. most of us, low to mid 40s. the coldest spots in the end, into the upper 30s ran santa rosa and livermore. eventually enough that the national weather service has posted a frost advisory for the east bay valleys. i don't think it will be that called, but it will be on the chilly side. you may want to cover up that vegetation.
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tomorrow's high temperatures will recover from that chilly start and will and up to to four degrees above average by tomorrow afternoon, with almost identical temperatures for thanksgiving day. low 60s along the coast. mid 60s for everyone else. mid 60s for most inland parts of the east bay. temperatures for san francisco and oakland itching up into the mid-60s, with mid to upper 60s r north bay. the officer wind results and temperatures may be a degree or two warmer. temperatures further north also in the upper 60s. no rain in the forecast, but there are signs as we head into december that we might get into more of an active weather pattern. this is the age of 14 day outlook, and it shows a good chance of above average rainfall for the bay area and northern california. no such luck for southern california. this is more of a trend forecast. we can't get into the weeds of which days are going to rain, but it's a good sign.
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it's a dry 7 day forecast all the way through the end of november. temperatures don't change much around the bay, but they do warm-up inland, 70 degrees for san jose by saturday, sunday, and monday, and only a degree or two cooler for these bay and north bay. along the coast, temperatures should top 60 degrees, and even to start off next week. coming up at 5:30, we look at the fire danger index, and make sure the wind won't cause any mischief. >> not like socal. >> thank you. coming up, the bay area rapper giving back to his community this holiday season, and it couldn't come at a better time. streaming today on cbsn bay area, we have betty yu's full interview with the san francisco district attorney at 8:15, and you can find cbsn bay area on , or the kpix app. we are also on the cbs news app ima which you can download for
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san francisco's mayor is trying to support the cities and small businesses just in time for the holidays. mary london breed is promoting the shop and dine in the 49 campaign, which highlights the cities small businesses at a critical time of the year for restaurants and retailers. >> we are asking san franciscans, and people who visit our city, to shop locally. shop on haight street, shop on chestnut street, shop on union street, shop in hayes valley, shop in the sunset, the inner sunset, and other places where you see all of these incredible
5:24 pm
and unique stores. some major retailers are shutting their doors for the holiday this year. yesterday we told you target was the latest to announce it is staying close on thanksgiving, but they are the only ones. the list includes walmart, best buy, macy's, and more, and it keeps growing. >> is not good, is good not only for the business, but the employees they have, being able to spend time with family. >> it won't be me out there shopping. >> extending black friday into christmas, some have extended the sales all week, making a single day shopping event into a weeklong one, and ending up with more sales as a result. in san jose, an entire school community has come together to help families in need this holiday season. presentation heiskell held its annual turkey donation drive, and it started early. 7:00 a.m., with the food collected helping to support sacred heart
5:25 pm
community services. within the past hour, we learned the team collected 888 turkeys, so congratulations to all of those folks. the bay area rapper and businessman mr. fab held his annual 17th turkey giveaway in oakland, and today we had the opportunity to catch up with the east bay icon and what it means to him. >> he would look at those families and say wow, to be obsolete of this beautiful memories, not able to share those things, i want to be able to say if i was ever in a position to make a difference and help my would love to lighten the load for individuals. >> is making it happen. today we saw lines extending around the block at the famous honey baked ham in concord. residents all across the area gathering to grab their share of that honeybaked goodness before they possibly sold out. we are asking you to help our neighbors in need this season. to find out how to donate your
5:26 pm
time or money to a good cause, go to thinking about jumping on b.a.r.t. this holiday season, the agency wanted to know what they have been working on at the hayward yard. their latest steps in making sure the air is clean. could artificial intelligence help stop wildfires? i look at the new firefighting technology. >>
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 , and streaming on cbsn bay area , it is one of the hardest hit areas in california. the spike in covid cases that has health officials pleading for help to take care of patients. could artificial intelligence prevent the next big wildfire? the new technology pg&e is testing out point first, our top story with talk of a possible holiday covid surge my what b.a.r.t. says it is doing to make passengers feel safe. let's get right to kpix 5's wilson walker, who explains the agency is also thinking more writer strip growth may be around the corner. >> reporter: the holidays, and a couple of things on the horizon that could help b.a.r.t. , but first, they need more fares, and they are worried that covid fears may still stand in the way of that. >> you know, air being changed
5:30 pm
out every 70 seconds in a car is industry best practice. >> reporter: to take it a step further, b.a.r.t. has upgraded its air filters a step beyond what is considered best practice. >> the pleat design is a lot tighter. the 14, as small as 3/10 of a micron. >> as long as you stay away from everyone, and have your mask on all the time, yes, definitely. >> reporter: beyond the quality of the air filter, there's another reason passengers may be feeling comfortable on trains these days. >> it's not crowded like it used to be before covid. it was very crowded. >> it is going to take a while to get back to pre-covid numbers. >> reporter: weekday ridership is 25% of pre-covid levels, a number that has been closely aligned with the slow return to office space in the bay area must specifically san
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francisco. while b.a.r.t.


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