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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 24, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area looking live from the sales force tower camera. looking eastover the bay bridge. good morning to you. it's wednesday, november 24th. >> starting the morning with a check on the weather and traffic on this thanksgiving eve. happy thanksgiving eve. >> yes. >> almost there. >> it's chilly again. >> it is. actually if you thought the last few mornings are cold it's even colder. there's a frost advisory for the north bay. that frost advisory highlighted in blue here. so that's in effect until 9:00 a.m. today. please bundle up for sure. put on that big coat if you are going out the door. especially for these areas, santa rosa, napa and concord, antioch, as well as for livermore and the tri valley. all under the frost advisories. you can see the temperatures, concord you are down to 39 degrees. colder morning for you.
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oakland 48, 50 in livermore. 45 san jose and down to 41 for santa rosa under clear skies. we will see a little more sun. looking at low 60's. mid-60s around the bay. we will talk about what you can expect for thanksgiving coming up. let's check in with gianna. we will watch the roadways. a lot of people are going out of town for the thanksgiving holiday. right now is a good time to be getting out the door if you can. we don't have any major issues or accident. look at all that green. no delays on 880. if you have the early flight to catch at sfo or oakland airport or san jose. right now things are at the limit including the bay bridge. live look here. no metering lights. we will let you know if they turn on today and a lot of folks are off this week. schools as well so we will see
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less traffic on the roadway. that will change later on as everybody gets out of town for the holiday. golden gate clear. easy ride between 880 and 101. 27 minutes for super commuters. we have breaking space news. a nasa space craft launched that is going to crash into an asteroid. this is all to test new technology they are working with trying to push an asteroid into a different direction. it's called the dart mission. lifted off on board a space x falcon 9 rocket last night. the mission target is a small moon orbiting an asteroid that
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is near earth right now. near relatively speaking. this could be something that could potentially cause a crash at one point so the true test for this asteroid technology will come next year, september 22, when the space craft finally reaches its destination to see how it could impact the motion of an asteroid floating around in space. that will be interesting. i guess we will wait for the results. we found that holiday shopping in walnut creek has come to a crawl as police tighten up security. this after roughly 80 people stormed in to nordstrom this weekend. andrea reports a barrier has been put up to keep cars off the shopping. some people say it's all so bad for business. >> it's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year with shoppers spending and
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businesses profiting but some say the shopping experience isn't the same after seeing this smash and grab over the weekend. >> it's alarming. i have a 7-year-old daughter. i didn't bring her today because of what happened. it's not the same as before. a lot more online shopping for sure. >> and workers say they have seen a sudden drop in business ever since the barricades were installed. >> its been kind of slow and not as many people are coming down here. when they do they leave before it gets dark. >> i noticed it being a lot quieter. that being said i noticed people feel safer with the barricades. >> as the holiday shopping season is supposed to get into full swing on black friday employees say they haven't been told about any additional security measures. there is an increase presence of police officers on every block in front of many of the stores. some shoppers say there's an uneasy feeling. >> just not knowing it can
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happen anywhere. before its like certain areas, anywhere. >> the city said it'll continue to work with police and broadway plaza onamia the long term solution should be. for now the extra police presence is here to stay. here is a look at new video of another bay area smash and grab. more than 30 people broke in and stole everything. the security gate was ripped off it's frame and according to them it's the second time in the past month that the store has been hit. the small business is fundraising to help recover. happening today arraignments for nine people facing felony charges after friday night's series of smash and grab robberies at san francisco's union square. >> we see thefts, burglaries or other conduct we file felony charges. >> today the da filed felony
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charges including looting and commercial burglary against five people arrested in connection with the mass theft. the rest were charged with burglaries at walgreens and a cannabis store. >> [inaudible] that you will not reduce or drop the charges? >> in every single case, including these, it is the decision of the judges of the court of san francisco whether someone stays in custody pending trial or are released. it is the decision of the judges of the court of san francisco to decide what sentence should be imposed including charges filed as felonies here are reduced. my office has some discretion in that matter andjudges have discretion as well. >> he said that it's possible that one or more of the suspects is already out of custody pending trial. >> he is facing a recall
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election offer. a lot of people feel like what we are seeing from you represents a change in attitude and they question how sincere it is because we have seen these acts for months and months and months on end. can you address that? >> yeah. you can look at our charging. it's sad that the media hasn't been paying attention until recently. look at our charging and you will see we have been charging them since i took office. the only exception is during covid when we had severe bottlenecks. >> today the san francisco police officer's association said that he championed proposition 47 that got rid of felonies for thefts under $950. he routinely has refused to prosecute theft but now with national attention he is mr. tough on crime. >> we asked the da about the
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outcome on looting last summer. he said the average time to make a case through the system is two years. the pandemic forced many to skip holiday parties last year. this week will be extra special for families who will gather on this thanksgiving. >> many want to play it safe. how some are taking the extra step by getting tested for covid. >> in just ten minutes tests can tell you if you have the virus. the soonest you can get one is after thanksgiving. many are hitting test sites before the big holiday. >> they are happy to get tested. >> one family are renting a home with another family for thanksgiving. everybody is getting tested including his two young children. >> just to be on the safe side. >> are you all vaccinated? >> all of the adults are. the elder kids that are above six have gotten their first dose. >> he is not the only one.
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today santa clara county's test site at the fairgrounds tested more than 2200 people. they normally test about 1500 people a day. organizers believe the spike is from those making sure they are covid free before thanksgiving. >> we judgist had a family group chat and were like let's get tested just to be sure and make sure that everybody is good. >> i won't give it a blanket yeah, let's do it. there are certain circumstances where it may make sense. >> george ruth ford said testing isn't necessary for vaccinated groups unless someone was exsupposed, is exposed. >> you want to know if someone is infectious at that moment and the rapid tests do that. >> he is grateful that his friend is on the same page.
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>> it just gives us extra comfort before we hang out nonstop for three or now days. >> he said if people were vaccinated more than six months ago and haven't gotten the booster that's not special circumstance to get tested. coming up. >> a bay area restaurant that's been serving updelicious food for three decades is back from the brink. and a shift in the business model at dollar tree. and looking live outside before we head to break from our sutro camera looking over the city. ersation]
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a bay area restaurant that hosted presidents and celebrities was on the brink of closing during the pandemic. >> the owner sat down with kenny to talk about how he survived and remains thankful even with so much uncertainty around small businesses. >> as pandemic pressure nearly shut down his restaurant of 33 years he started feeling the heat. >> i was totally lost. i was not getting anywhere. i was not getting the ppp. i was not getting loans. >> he introduces us to everybody in the kitchen.
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it doesn't matter if you are the fryer or president clinton. >> he sits down on this chair to get to her level. what do you want to know? she is like, do you like broccoli? >> when someone famous dines at new deli at the end of the night he flips over the chair and write that person's name with a sharpie. this one anthony hopkins. >> the fish and vegetable guy, no brain. >> i know. >> that visit from hann ib al may not have happened if not for a patron's daughter. she learned of the restaurant's troubles and gave an ass ist. >> every disaster has a seat of opportunity. today i'm way more stronger than when i entered the pandemic. >> the path you took. >> the 64-year-old laughs even when facing staffing shortages
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and inflation pressures these days. the list goes on. business is picking up but his message to anyone facing pandemic hardship is clear. >> most important thing, hope, verses hopelessness. trust verses distrust. when i trust you i am light. >> it's a light that burns bright in union square and beyond. kpix5. time for the money watch report. inflation is hitting even dollar tree. plus a look at the tech sector. diane king hall from the new york stock exchange. wall street closed mixed tuesday as tech stocks declined while banking and energy shares climbed. the dow rallied 194 points. the nasdaq fell 79 and the s&p500 rose seven.
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yesterday the president ordered the release of 450 million- barrels of oil from the strategic reserves. the goal is to push prices down by increasing the supply. united states is one of several nations planning to tap their reserves in response to the rising demand for fuel. inflation is now hitting even dollar tree. for more than three decades nearly every item sold in its stores has cost the same. $1. on tuesday the company said its raising that to $1.25 beginning early next year. the ceo said it would let it introduce popular products it couldn't sell at the lower price. and that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money at the new york stock exchange. i'm diane king hall. another tahoe resort is pushing back its opening date because of the weather. sugar bowl is now the third resort in the area to do so. there were high hopes for the early start to the season after the storm in october but since
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then not much snow to talk about adding to the difficulty it hasn't been cold enough for snow making. a lot of people were looking forward to some skiing for the holidays. >> i know. we are looking at quiet conditions in the sierra with sun as well as here in the bay area. not looking at any storms coming our way any time soon. in fact we are looking at cold temperatures this morning. we have a frost advisory for the north bay and east bay and you can see that highlighted in turquoise this morning until 9:00 a.m. and that's for places like santa rosa, napa, mill valley as well as for concord, antioch and for livermore, san ramone under that frost advisory due to the chilly temperatures. if you thought the last few mornings were cold this morning even colder. concord you are down to 39 degrees. 48 oakland, 50 livermore, 51 downtown san francisco, santa
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rosa at 41 with clear skies. we have that cooling. we have clear skies, light winds, you don't have that cloud cover to insulate us and that's why the temperatures are falling this morning. we are watching some breezy northerly winds, especially up in fairfield. 16-mile an hour winds as we start off the day. a little breezy. today's forecast a colder morning, bundle up and put on that coat if you are going out the door. as we look to the afternoon plenty of sun with highs near normal for this time of year. watching the off shore winds for today, and that's the reason why we are going to clear out the skies. plenty of sun today and again watching those temperatures right around where we should be for this time of year. you can see that sun as we go hour by hour in the afternoon. daytime highs for the coast. low 60's for the peninsula, mid- 60s's this afternoon. mid-60s's for the south bay, for santa clara, san jose this afternoon. inland east bay in the mid- 60s's. also for the tri valley. not a lot of difference with
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the temperatures. 64 in san francisco. around the bay, also for alameda. 65 for oakland and highs in the mid to upper 60's for the north bay this afternoon. thanksgiving day forecast, looks great. chilly temperatures as we start off the day for tomorrow. then temperatures by the afternoon into the 60's. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose. very quiet with the weather through the rest of the week and maybe slightly warmer for the weekend ahead. and again just a little warmer as we look ahead to the weekend. it's a get away day. a lot of people hitting the roadways to see friends and family. i know it's a little quiet to start off. if is a little quiet this morning. i think people have been spreading out their travel throughout the day. it's this afternoon you will see the bulk of the brake lights and most between one and six. that's when afternoon commuters will merge with holiday travelers. if you can get the early start, get on the roads before one or sooner you will be better off
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and avoid quite a few brake lights. right now westbound 580 just a few spots where we are seeing slightly slower speeds out of tracy, coming in to the pass. down about 34 miles an hour. i have that arrow because eastbound 580 is a get away route for people going over to the central valley. plan for that to be busier than usual later on. you will see busy conditions along 680. right now live look at the dublin. things are moving at the limit for the most part. no delays onto 680. travel times still 27 minutes 205 toward 680. east shore freeway looking good right now. westbound highway 4 to the maze. that's a 13 minute commute. you will see busy conditions later as well, especially eastbound and some of the busiest routes are between san pablo. plan for that as well. i want to show you traffic on
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one of our other routes. gilroy, morgan hill. things moving nicely. southbound 101. we will see busier conditions for people trying to get out of town. golden gate bridge looks good. quick check of the bay bridge. things are quiet into san francisco. morning. straight ahead here is what we got. top two teams, in the college basketball game. ran the floor last night. as for the warriors, we are talking about practice. not a game. not a game. not a game. with clay thompson? practice. and here is a live look outside before we head to break. are you looking
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up top and the warriors. no game last night. they got the 76ers later on. they were busy on a tuesday. they had a full goal practice for clay thompson. first time with his warriors teammates in two and a half years. the next step, game action. when will thompson yesterday wouldn't give any specifics on a return date. >> we will be in the first half of the season. hopefully the first trimester. that's a third, right? >> yeah. >> school. there we go. >> reportedly they are targeting some time near christmas. he hasn't played a game since june 2019 because of first a torn acl and then a es ompsonwill eventually join a team that's carried the best record in the league and was
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asked to beef up the doves. >> yeah. 15-2. that's a great indication in our defense. i think is hop three in the league and the offense. i'm not even out there yet. think about that. really think about that. i'm more motivated than ever as well. i want a championship so bad. more than anything. >> college basketball. last night two west coast conference men's teams were on the national radar, playing five minutes from each other. in vegas. saint mary's, unranked and unbeaten in this tournament. the oregon ducks were in the way picking up late first half. dan finished this. he scored 16. under nine to play, gales up nine. the defense created the
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offense. that's logan johnson. the gales won 62-50. now 6-0 as they face wisconsin. five minutes away. gonzaga, first meeting since last april's final four buzzer beater finish for the bulldogs. remember that one? last night, not a classic. andrew sliced through the bruins defense for two of his 24. they led 33-10 up 23. second half bulldogs up 22 and a block party at one end. look at the big guy. driving down the court. he went and dunked it. gonzaga ran the bruins out of the gym. score a big one for that midmajor conference.
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if see more walking around the san jose campus pat him on the back. he hit a two handed dunk as time expired as they spartanned up and beat northern colorado 75-74. we will see you later. it's 44:57. coming up,. >> a busy day ahead in the sky, on the road and on the rails. a bay area travelers need to know. and pushing back on california's pandemic state of emergency. the new lawsuit trying to bring in the governor's powers. and here is a live look outside from the mark ersation] -great party, carlene. you must have blown your budget.
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here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. here in california, we believe in what if? after all, if is our middle name. like, what if we could go surfing and skiing in the same day? boom! what if we could have the moon and the stars what if we could roll like this. or float like this. and eat all this. here we welcome all what ifs, with open arms. even what ever this is. after all, there's only one wrong way to what if. what if you don't? the thanksgiving day travel rush happening right now at oakland international airport. you see all the travelers
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lining up to catch their flight. we have the numbers coming up next. holiday shopping in walnut creek looking a bit different. the tight security around broadway plaza after all the smash and grab robberies. and moving past the pandemic. the new lawsuit to end the state of emergency. >> and a new emergency in san francisco. the water shortage in the city and what official its are now asking residents. good morning. it's wednesday, november 24th. >> good morning. we have live team coverage this morning on what is a busy day in the skies and on the roads for tan than holiday travel. >> justin has what you can expect at the airports, gianna will look at the roads but we start with mary lee and the weather outside. >> good morning to you. we are looking at great weather for today and for the rest of the week. for thanksgiving if you are traveling. we are good to go for at least weather wise. it's a cold start for sure. we have a


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