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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 24, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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windy city. the nash version of futurecast, we'll show you those trouble spots. rain ends pretty early in the day for chicago, but then as we head towards noon, cincinnati, marshall, memphis, down towards houston, those are going to be the spots. eventually cleveland is going to have some spots. we'll focus on the bay area forecast in a few minutes. inflation, something everyone is dealing with this thanksgiving. cost of the traditional dinner is up 14% by some estimates, but reporter gabe cohen tells us it's not the farmers who are cashing in. >> reporter: as jim jones finishes the sweet potato harvest on this north carolina participate, skyrocketing costs are slicing through his profits. are you seeing any more money from this inflation? >> no, no. we're actually paying for it. >> reporter: the price of
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fertilizer, fuel, and labor are way up, with no ceiling in sight. how did you profit change this year? >> i would say 10 to 15%. haven't how about next year? >> add that much to it gain. >> reporter: inflation may be cooking up the most expensive thanksgiving it inpry for families. the average dinner cost subpoena 5 percent, the american farm bureau says it may be as much as 14%. their survey shows price hikes on most products from cranberries to turk yes, sir, which are nearing a record high. many farmers say the price they receive for their crop isn't going up. so your price is staying the same. >> my price is staying the same, or a little lower. >> reporter: why don't farmers just raise the price of their costs? >> farmers are police takers, not price makers. >> reporter: the president ofny national farmers union. who is making the money from that inflation >> much more the middle man than anybody else. >> reporter: in many cases,
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processers and distributors that get food from the farm to store shelves are the ones passing along their surging costs, with materials and ingredients still stuck on cargo ships and a shortage of labor and truckers driving up labor and costs. >> we're still paying for the uncertainty in the marketplace right now. we're in the middle of a perfect storm of unique events in agricultural production. i would say buckle up for a while longer of these higher input costs. >> reporter: some farms are stocking up on materials in case suppliers run out. others are waiting, hoping prices will drop. all of these costs, especially labor, are threatening matt's sweet potato farm. >> we were making, you know, 100 to 150,000 dollars a year in profit. this year we're probably going to lose $80,000 to $20,000. we could potentially lose a quarter of a million dollars next year.
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we would not have enough cash to take into the following year in order to get our operating loan in order to operate for the following year. >> reporter: farmers are used to volatility, and both of these farmers are looking for ways to adapt, like down sizing or shifting to other crops. >> i ain't gonna let it get me down. we'll survive somehow. >> reporter: as long as these money problems stop piling >> up we just need to get a fair price for what we're growing. >> organizations across the bay area stepping up to help those in need this thanksgiving. self giveaway holiday meals happening throughout the bay area today. in san mateo, the society of st. vincent depaul gives out meals, and today they are making it special. the thanksgiving spread with the turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie. it is making a difference for many people, needing some generosity. >> it's been tough.
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i'm unemployed, looking for a job. just to have extra food for the holidays, you know, the struggle that serve going through, and this place is good place to get help. >> we try and feed people right now. feed them later today, and hopefully feed them tomorrow and the holiday when they can go and buy their things at the grocery store. >> and kpix 5 helping our neighbors in need this holiday season with our food for bay area families drive. to donate your time or money, go to >> well, there's only one place you can find a spur some of and yoda floating through the air. it's the set-up at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. this year marks the 95th anniversary of the celebration, as set up continues in new york. crews are working hard to make sure this year's parade is different than previous years. many are eager to celebrate with the holiday season with loved ones that they were used
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to celebrating with before the pandemic. >> the thanksgiving day parade is such an up important part of so many american traditions on thanksgiving. so we are so excited that we're able to deliver something that feels very much like our normal thanksgiving day parade. >> the parade will feature over 28 floats and, of course, celebrity performances. >> well, now shopping after thanksgiving dinner, a holiday tradition for many, but several others aren't waiting for black friday this year. a survey from the national retail federation finds many shoppers started holiday shopping early, citing concerns about the supply chain issues, and high demand. experts are expecting a record- breaking holiday shopping season, according to the nrf, nearly 2 million more people will shop over thanksgiving weekend than last year. >> almost half of shoppers started browsing and buying before november this year. for reference, that's up from
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42% last year. >> shoppers expect to spend a record amount. retail groups estimate that shoppers will spend about $1,000 this holiday season on average. according to the fbi, the two most prefer lint crime this time of year are nonpayment and nondelivery scams. some criminals are setting up fake websites, and now thousands of consumers say they've lost money to scammers, posing as legitimate on-line retailers. >> we have seen a 2000% increase over the past three months, driven biff the supply chain issues that are in this country today. >> the ceo of lexus nexus risk solutions said that carls over 5,000 fake sites, up from just over 100 or so earlier this year. they are taking advantage of customers needs for products now in short supply. they come upon sites that are
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fronts for trance nasal criminal groups. experts say if you look closely at the sites, there are often tinoffs, misspellings, and links on the page that don't work, and a refusal to accept credit cards.. it's very difficult for the consumer to get the money back. coming up, a preview of nasa's powerful telescope that will give us a new look at the universe. >> i think it's greatest discoveries are going to answers to questions that we have yet to ask for imagine. >> coming up at 6:00, the city of san jose is cracking down on retail robbers. >> we are responding and we will arrest you, like we did yesterday. >> how the d.a. is making it tough for them to get out of jail. >> kpix 5 news at 6:00 with
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three, two, one, zero. ignition. liftoff. falcon 9 with a dart mission. >> the rocket blasted off from vanderburg space force base in southern california last night on a 10-month collision court with an asteroid. the double asteroid redirect test or dart, as hay call it, is attempts to crash a space university and an asteroid at 15,000 miles per hour. scientists want to see if they can redirect the asteroid. just to be clear, it's not like the movie. nasa doesn't know of any asteroid or comet that is threatening earth, but they want to be ready in case it happens. nasa is about 0 end bark on argument historic megatron,
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lunching a new telescope in search for life on other planets. they say it makes the hubblele space telescope look like a child's toy. the hubble telecoast has been transforming our image of the year universe for 30 years. now telescope 100 times more powerful is justs away from launch. the james webb space telescope is designed to answer humanity's biggest questions. are we alone in the universe, and where did that first light in the cosmos come from. >> i think it's greatest discoveries are going to be answers to questions that we have yet to ask for imagine. >> reporter: paul guys wish project manager, was hired by nasa 30 years ago to help fix hubble. >> installing corrective mirrors to the near-sighted
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hubble telescope can do what it's supposed to do, see. >> reporter: but once in space, webb can't be repaired by astronauts. it will be too far away. orbiting the sun at a distance four times farther from earth than the moon. it is also so pig, about the size of a tennis court, that it can't fit on top of a rocket fully impact intact. >> we had to design it so it would fold up and then be unfolded in speights. it's like the orrerygamy of space. >> up next, a history on the central coast. the discovery that's believed to be more than 100,000 years old. and coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. breaking news. after less than 12 hours of deliberations, the jury finds all three defendants guilty of
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from albert einstein sold for a record $13 million at&t an auction in pair it. bids came in quickly with buyers hoping to get their hands on the most valuable albert even design manuscript to ever be optioned. his handwritten notes on his famous theory of roll lativity. the bidder warranted to be anonymous, but shelled out $13 million. he wrote the 54-page manuscript between 1913 and 1914. it's full of equations that helped lead einstein to the general theory of roll lativity, which transformed our knowledge of space, time, and gravity. scientists have found evidence of ancient land dwellers at the bottom of the ocean. researchers at the monterey aquarium have found a mammoth
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tusk more than 10,000 feet deep. they believe it is more than 100,000 years old. they plan to use the dna for a deeper dive into what we know about mammoths. a maverick man is maybe the fastest anyonal throw miss around. >> share. >> normally, it takes a mound of paperwork and months to go through the grant application process, but with bill somerville's foundation, it's only 48 hours. >> reporter: at the saint france six center, sister kristina helps people with food, house,ing and youth programs. and when they need laundry and shower room, she turned to bill somerville. >> bill gets it. he said, yes, i understand that need. let's work on that. >> reporter: he founded the
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philanthropic centers foundation. it receives donations mostly prom private individuals and invests between $10 million and $50 million a year in grants, and he has made the process refreshingly speedy, simple, and streamlined. >> that's the essence of good philanthropy is trusting the people that you work with to do good things in and not take their time to fill out yao ming. >> reporter: he has given bay area teachers up to $500 for teachers the last few years. >> it used to be called the fast program. they used to just fax us a sheet of paper whether we would give them to the grant within 48 hours. >> reporter: larry purse elhas known bill for 40 years. >> bill is the only funder that i've met who swims amongst month the people in the community. our food truck, the first of four in a row that he supplied. eventually became the first food bank of san mateo county. >> reporter: often, bill
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himself identifies a need. >> i said larry, what would it be if i gave you $10,000 ask you just keep it in your pocket and give it out to people for rent when they need it? >> reporter: the grant grew to $57,000, and helped folks from going home unless the pandemic. the 90-year-old berkeley native fund and paint a fence at saint francis center's community garden. and he and center kristina collaborated to create a small school. >> i would put bill in the very top percentage of goodness in my life and in the lives other people. >> it's a pleasure to be able to serve. >> reporter: so for his streamlined grass roots grant- making process that meets his communities needs, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to bill somerville. >> he has author add book teaching his method of grass
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roots philanthropy, and has worked with over 4 hurricane community foundations, mostly in the u.s. and canada. >> what a wonderful person. >> yep. thank you, sharon. if you know someone making a difference in the community, nominate that person for a bay area jefferson award. you can find the on-line form on our website,, and just click on the mom nations tab. >> you don't have to be 90, but, man, bill, you look great! doing great work with a purpose. >> obviously there's a secret to his youth. >> yeah, positive attitude goes a long way, but obviously some good genes going on there, too. the dry weather continues with the storm track pushed up to our north into the pacific northwest. high pressure means sinking air overhead. offshore winds throughout the day. just an hour of offshore winds
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was all it took for temperatures to warm up to around 70 degrees in hayward this afternoon, making it the warm spot across the bear today. one degree off the pace in san jose. upper 60s for santa rosa and concord. all of these temperatures above average for late november, and these temperatures will be very similar once again tomorrow. the offshore winds are not going to be as strong, but still that light offshore address does help to boost our temperatures a little bit. right now a mix of 50s and low 60 understands there. 52 is the cold spot in petaluma, but napa is right on your heels at 53 degrees. our temperatures will back off as we head through the rest of tonight. all the way down to the low-to- mid 30s for the chilly spots inland. most inland temperatures will end up in the upper 30s. but cold enough for a trust affidavit visery to be in effect from 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for the north bay and east bay values. those overnight low temperatures could threaten the outdoor vegetation that hasn't been killed off by this point,
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so you want to cover that stuff up, bring it inside. temperatures tomorrow are going to warm up after that cool start. we're going to be three to six degrees above average for thanksgiving afternoon, which puts us into the mid-to-upper 60s. let's zoom in for a closer look. low-to-mid 60s along the coast. upper 60s, close to 70 degrees in the santa clara valley. temperatures will be quite that warm the tri-valley. you'll have chillier temperatures in in the morning and the possibility of some locally dense fog, but you'll still make spite the middle portion of the 60s. mid-60s around the way for san francisco and oakland. mid-60s for most of the north bay, and temperatures farther north for mendocino county and lake county, also reaching up into the mid-to-upper 60s. what we would like to see is some rain. there's not much of that in the seven-day forecast, but none of it for the 49ers's forecast.
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sunday at 1:25 is the kickoff time. take on the minnesota vikings. good weather, sunny and mild. the next hint of rain is way beyond sunday. six to 10-day outlook, which takes us through the first four days of december, significant chance of below average rainfall for the bay area, as we look a little farther down the line, eight to 14 days out, well into december, maybe a chance that we return to near average rainfall. that's a long way down the line. we could use the rain. it's ban dry couple of weeks after we got off to that great start to the rainy season. temperatures don't change much around the bear. up to around 70 degrees in san jose saturday and sunday. also warm for inland parts of the east bay and north bay, and even the coast, right around the low 60s for high temperatures as we go through the weekend into early next week. we'll check the nationwide travel forecast coming up and the dog walking forecast. coming up, two arrested in a mass robbery thwarted in the
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south bay. what we have just learned in the past hour. plus what is being done to deter retail theft in the south bay? still ahead here at 5:00. >> i'm john ramos in berkeley, where a culinary program is helping people who were hard to
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the pavano has we could havoc on the economy. >> but a program in berkeley is helping people in need of a second chance. john ramos has the story. >> reporter: a lot of us become chefs on thanksgiving, but there's an art to doing it every day, and that art can mean the beginning of a new life for people here at the bread project. the bread project began 22 years ago when a woman named loosey bookbinder created a program teaching people to bake. today they were baking 300 rolls for a thanksgiving feast for the homeless. >> it's not just a fun program for people who want to learn how to cook. u.s. really about helping people move and get involved. >> you have to think to do it, because it's too hard to do otherwise. >> reporter: it focuses on people who have a tough time
5:58 pm
finding work, such as the formerly incarcerated, or immigrants and refugees. the food they prepare is prepared by others in need. jay wants to live a life of service, but first must overcome people's vision is of him for having been in prison. and the ability to have an effect has never been greater. this is no charity program. restaurants are closing down because of the workers shortage, so the students in the bread project are desperate lily needed to help the food industry keep going, and that gave jaymee what he has always wanted a sense of purpose >> man, look, i'm too excited. you can't seen't are the mask, man, i'm cheesing, man. i'm ready. it's going to happen, it's going to come. >> reporter: since the pandemic began, the bread
5:59 pm
project has become an important lifeline for the community and creating a new wave of restaurant workers. it's the ultimate win-win situation, because in this kitchen, it's not just the dough that's rising. >> the bread project is a private, nonprofit. relies on donation are from the public for support. for more information, there is a link on our website, right now on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area. some of those caught in the union square robbery face a judge. . the laundry list of charges. >> south bay prosecutors sending a message to retail crooks. the message behind the million- dollar bail. >> plus it's a different kind of holiday rush playing out across the bay area. good evening i'm allen martin. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. >> those first suspects arrested in a crime spree in san francisco's union square went before a judge. >> max darrow on the criminal
6:00 pm
justice system trying to catch up to these brash crimes. max? >> reporter: the arraign .just wrapped up late this afternoon. this was the first time these suspects went before a judge, and it will not be the last. tonight, five people accused of felony's related to the smash- and-grab crime spree in union square last week entering in pleas to all charges. per the judge's orders, we're not allowed to show their faces. they all face felony charges related to burglary and theft. miller was said to be the driver of thus mist age seen on numerous videos. the judge ruled miller and speed are not to be released from custody, charging documents reveal miller has prior burglary convictioning, speed has prior gun and drug- related


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