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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 25, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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we don't know what to do. >> you don't. to go because you feel unsafe. now, shoppers nervous after a string of smash and grabs. the new alliance being formed to crack
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down on organized robbery rings. what we just learned about another smash and grab. this time in the north bay a few hours ago. >> already chilly out there. tonight, cold start to thanksgiving. you will like the thanksgiving weekend forecast. >> it has been such a long time. it is like it is nice. >> it was sad, it was just me and my wife. long awaited reunions tonight in a pandemic thanksgiving first. now at 11:00, streaming on cbsnbay area, good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm alan martin. now, region's top attorneys are vowing to stop the organized crime in its tracks. kpix5 is in san jose where she spoke to nervous shoppers tonight. >> reporter: we noticed heavy police and heavy security at the mall and santana row.
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days ago thieves hit the store. >> it is scary coming to work sometimes. >> reporter: this season, the twinkling of holiday lights is paired with security lights. >> we see security outside of the mall. >> reporter: not only are armed guards at store entrances but san jose police are making their presence known as valley fair as well as santana road. >> they barricade some areas and parking structures. there was a macy's hit. a lulu lemon, bloomingdale. >> reporter: her daughter was going to go to the mall the day thieves were there. a couple days later they stole at lulu lemon. shoppers say they plan to number and out of the mall quickly because of fear of the retail robberies. >> then you don't want to go because you are feeling unsafe. >> we have to pick up something
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that is why we have to be here but like we will try to make it short. >> we are aware, watching, responding, we will arrest you just like yesterday. >> reporter: san jose police announced they arrested these suspects, accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of clone and perfume. they are handing down stiffer punishments. >> for the two arrested so far the bail was set at $2 million. we are concern today is a crime of opportunity and when people get out they may try it again. we are doing everything we can to keep them in custody. >> it concerns me, our team, i talked to security here at this location, they are all aware of it. we don't know what to do about it. >> reporter: as for the thieves accused of stealing merchandise they are now charged with grand theft and burglary. at santana row, back to you.
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new at 11:00, santa rosa police looking for these suspects who stole more than $20,000 worth of merchandise from the apple store today. it happened about 11:30 this morning in front of customers and staff at santa rosa plaza. the four suspects are between 14 and 18 years old. >> in oakland the security guard who was shot and critically hurt while protecting a local tv news crew is now in stable condition at the hospital. a reporter from kron was covering this mob-style heist monday night. today, just before 12:30 an armed robbery crew pulled up on the 300 block of 14th street. eyewitnesses tell us that the gunman ordered the news crew and their guard to get on the ground and it was a few moments later shots were fired and the guard was hit. no one else was physically injured. the police are asking businesses and people who were in the area to check their surveillance video for clues.
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there is also a $7500 reward. kpix crews worked with that guard numerous times in the past. our reporters describe him just as the nicest guy. tonight, of course, our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. >> turning now to our weather. if your thanksgiving plans are in the bay area tomorrow you are going to be treated to some picture-perfect weather. >> let's bring in paul hagan with the first look at the thanksgiving forecast. >> it is looking good. chilly start away from the bay. temperatures dipping down to the 30s. warming up quickly. let's take a look at the hour by hour forecast for thanksgiving day. if you have plans to burn calories before you undo all of that work later in the day, a lot of turkey trots and burns, that is the one i am doing tomorrow morning, if you see someone struggling along in a texas a&m hat say hi and help me along.
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middle 60s, high temperatures, starting off in the 40s. not much of a warm up but low 60s in the afternoon. prefeast, post feast either side of it locking good. the nice weather will continue into the weekend. we will look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, paul, thanks. if you have not hit the road for thanksgiving it is a wise choice. the worst of the traffic is behind us. now, it is expected to be from 4:00 until 6:00 tonight. they said that the traffic on the east shore freeway was almost 300% higher than normal today. ouch. bay area airports are the busiest they have been in two years. looking live at sfo right now. it is the first pandemic thanksgiving with most travel restrictions lifted. >> what a long road. we spoke to travelers reuniting with family. >> you don't know if your flight will be on time, delayed or canceled but one thing you can count on is a lot of reunion
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smiles and hugs. [ laughter ] >> so good to see you. >> reporter: it is just the beginning of the miller family reunion. they are packing into this minivan heading to grandmas after the 2017 tubs fire destroyed her parent's fire in santa rosa and then covid-19. >> it is the first chance to have thanksgiving in the rebuilt house. it feels amazing. >> reporter: inside, ben and his brother wait for their nephew, josh, who they have not seen in two years. they are hoping their carefully crafted sign and prison sign will make them feel welcome. >> it was sad last year it was just me and my wife. >> reporter: long embraces, kisses, smiles, constant cars. >> it has been a long time. it is nice not seeing this emon a screen. >> it will be bigger. we will have in-laws and extended family and last year it was just my son, my wife and my
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daughter. >> reporter: delays, but reunions are, once again, looking and sounded like they should. something that josh and his uncles are thankful for. >> travel experts say expect longer lines and to arrive two hours before a domestic flight. if your flight gets canceled use your airline's website or their app for faster rebookings. at sfo, kenny choi, kpix5. >> reporter: the police released body camera video of a deadly officer-involved shooting inside of a residential hotel. the man rushed at two police officers with a knife before the officer shot him. 41-year-old man died from his injuries. the incident began early friday morning at the covered wagon hotel where he live inside a city-rented room. the police were responding to a 911 call from a hotel employee who reported that he was walking through the hallways, threatening people
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with a knife. according to the chronicle, he had a history of mental illness. he spent years serving as an afghan interpreter for u.s. forces. still ahead and streaming on cbsnbay area. not raining tonight but this street looks flooded. what caused this wet mess in the north bay? >> it happened again. this time in the southern california. the department store heist investigation unfolding right now. plus, what all of these people were waiting for tonight. we take you inside of the last minute holiday rush. and a reminder our foot for bay area families drive is on. to donate your time or money to help neighbors in need this holiday season go to kpi
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an intersection is open again after a huge water main break flooded the streets there. this is what it looked like earlier tonight. drivers tporplging their way through the water near the manual parkway. you can see the water pouring down the sidewalk creating a water fall. no word on what caused the water main to break nofollowing reports of another smash and grab
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tonight. this time in los angeles county. police are responding to a robbery at the nordstrom at the mall. it left at hroeft one worker injured. >> it has happened n. anr nostbein thieves ru e store d e could. the string of high end store robberies continuing tonight in woodland hills. >> it is unfortunate because the people that are here are trying to shop for the holidays, shop for their families. >> reporter: the lapd that just started a special task force of veteran homicide detectives rushed to the scene tonight. they tell us five thieves swarmed into the store and started stealing. a security guard who confronted them was sprayed with with a chemical. maybe pepper spray. they stole expensive handbags and bolted. why this store at this time? >> we deployed extra officers
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here. this is one part of the mall they were able to get in and get out even with our officers deployed here. >> reporter: it is a weeklong series, vowing to take the criminals down as holiday shopping season moves into high gear. >> cooking up the most expensive thanksgiving dinner in history tonight. the usda says the average dinner cost is up 5%. the american farm bureau says it may be as much as 14% higher. their survey shows price hikes on most products from potatoes to cranberries to turkeys that are nearing a record high. if you made a last minute run to the grocery store tonight you are not alone. check out the line outside of whole foods to pick up premade thanksgiving meals. kpix5 goes inside this year's rush. >> reporter: rolling through the aisles at gene's fine foods. the essentials are still stocked. >> a lot of people like their
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slopping just before. shocked by the amount of people coming in right now looking for pies. >> people like mark francis looking for pumpkin pie. >> they don't have one. i have to find one somewhere else. that is what happens when you wait too long. >> reporter: this is the busiest, all they are selling right now is pies, in fact, 2500 of them per location. >> it is a crazy day. today, tomorrow. >> reporter: in addition to people door dashing pies, some are waiting in line to pick them up. >> the pies are a family tradition for us. we always get at least chocolate cream and banana cream pie. i am excited to bring it home for thanksgiving. >> reporter: over in whole foods, precooked dinners just keeps going and going and going and going. >> what are the alternatives? say no? walk away? then you have to dig something up for tomorrow. >> reporter: in the spirit
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of giving thanks and sharing, monica has a lead on pies. >> they still have pumpkin pies and other items for thanksgiving. >> reporter: back to you. san francisco mayor and former mayors joined forces to prepare thanksgiving meals earlier today. saint anthonys hosted the annual turkey carve each year the foundation prepares meals before serving them on thanksgiving. the mayor and former mayors carved turkeys. community members also put together kits for guests. >> strong wind warnings have southern california firefighters on high alert tonight. red flag warning in effect now. it is going to continue until friday because of the santa ana winds. some firefighters in l.a. county are putting strike teams in specific areas near the hills. thousands of utility customers in southern california could lose their power this thanksgiving weekend if the winds do get worse. families gather around their tables
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for thanksgiving tomorrow, cal firecrews in sacramento are going to be on the clock. some of them heading to southern california. others at their firehouses. crews expecting to be home for the holidays but fire season is not over. >> fire stations and family and having some of their personal families visit are now in southern california. >> a boost in funding has allowed for peak staffing through christmas. >> we just need more rain. >> we do. we had enough around here to continue the fire threat and mitigate that for the next several weeks. southern california is getting much out of the rivers. not much in southern california. high pressure out over the pacific. higher elevations of the bay area, 30-50 mile-an-hour gusts over about
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1500 to 2,000 feet in elevation this evening. just the higher elevations, everyone else is calm. stronger winds for everybody. you can see the streamlines lit up. brighter colors there and the santa ana winds will continue through the end of the week. the red flag warning continues all of the way through friday around los angeles, san diego and palm springs, 30-40 mile-an- hour sustained winds, gusts, 60-70 miles an hour. combine that with humidity levels that are bone-dry. 5-15%, dangerous fire weather conditions, hopefully the crews can just be on alert and nothing comes of it. they are ready to go in case something gets started. >> closer to home. nice out there this evening. temperatures are cooling off with clear skies over head. 52 degrees downtown san francisco. upper 30s, napa, and the temperatures will drop down into the 30s on a widespread basis for inland parts of the bay area by tomorrow morning with the temperatures around the bay, bottoming out in the lower to middle 40s.
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chilly enough inland in the valleys of the east bay and north bay for another frost advisory from 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. you might want to cover up the plants unless you are willing to lose them until next year. a start to thanksgiving. temperatures will warm up. it puts us in the middle 60s with temperatures warming up to the upper 60s. zoom in for a closer look. lower to middle 60s. along the coast, middle 60s for the south end of the bay. the peninsula in the valley. just short of 70 degrees in san jose. middle 60s for inland parts of the 60s. chillier start. middle 60s around the bay and for the north bay. all of the temperatures are above average in almost identical temperatures again on friday. warming up just a little bit more inland for saturday and sunday. san jose will get up to 70 degrees on both saturday and sunday. modest cool down next week. still above average temperatures to finish off the month of november and
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head into early december on wednesday. no rain in sight in the seven- day forecast. it is dry, maybe december will bring us much-needed rainfall. the dry stretch continues for the next couple of days. eve of thanksgiving, families together. how about the current first family of the nba. the curries got togeth
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nba up top and the warriors. most of us gather at home eve of thanksgiving. the curry family, nah. how about a more natural venue for them. seth and steph, how about it, mom? sonya at the center. tip bucket, foul by green. cue the brother two shot. green got in foul trouble. philadelphia led by 19. warriors best first half shot right here.
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jordan pull. midcourt range to end the half. they trail by 9. they will have to grind out this one. he scored 25 and he was feeling it. warriors took the lead. anderson a closer, two massive dunks in the final period. he made all 6 shots, he took 13 point night. warriors won again, 6 in a ro6- record. how about this? brotherly love. steph, 9-2 in games against seth who scored 24 tonight. >> that dude is playing unbelievable basketball and it is fun to watch. it is impressive the way he is playing, the way he is stepped into his own identity in this league as a scorer and playmaker and all of that. proud, proud, proud brother. nhl, i love this. sharks, nick and his family, i wonder if he told his kids i am going to score a goal for you
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tonight. back of the net, his first goal as a shark. tied the game up at 3. then it was 3rd period, blasting one by. sharks dropped a 6 burger on him tonight. beat the senators 6-3 for back- to-back wins. college basketball, we get the preholiday tournaments this time of the year. a showcase for the west coast conference. and when we all woke up this morning bay area schools, saint mary's, usf and santa clara had a combined record of 17-0. bennett, running offense. wisconsin in red. message received. i love the ball movement on this tournament final. alex shot over the defense. saint mary's down by a point. badgers answered. wall, cleared enough space. wisconsin won it. 61-65. it was saint mary's first loss of the season. ever have a want to get away
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moment? you can compare moments. in orlando, not the time for the charlotte guard to practice dunk contest tricks. the ball was immediately pulled from the game. he did add 22 points at 106-99 win over the magic. how about that. oh, boy. >> oh, yes. >> better not have any hiccups. >> don't burn the turkey. >> be careful when you are carving the turkey. [ laughter ] >> all right, vern, thank you. still ahead. an unusual break in caught on camera. the buck that was a little
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a tennessee elementary schoolteacher had the shock of their life this week. >> they opened the door to find this little fella inside. >> how is everybody else's morning going today? >> that is a buck. that is a deer right in the middle of a classroom. maybe he could not wait to hit the books this morning and getting to school early for the extra credit points. >> what a mess. busting through an emergency door, spent the night locked in a classroom until tuesday morning. luckily he was unharmed. they escorted the unwanted class mate back in the wild. what do you mean he? thinking a doe not a buck.
2:08 am
once i saw it was a buck anthe classroom it will be hard. he passed everything, all of the teachers and students were happy to know he is okay. >> the deer did not show up to learn but experts say the buck was most likely crashing into the classroom in search of a mate desperate times call for desperate measures. >> if he would of found her he would of
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space x just launched the first mission to save the world. >> it is called dart. double asteroid redirection test. it is so an impact with a
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asteroid in hopes it will push it off course. >> if it is successful then if we had a real inbound killer asteroid we can do that with it and it would miss us. >> it will take it 10 months to reach the target. we just want to remind you. it is not actually happening, they are testing it. no asteroids are threatening earth that we know of. >> that we know of. >> we are safe. >> late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsnbay area. enjoy your thanksgiving tomorrow - [narrator] this program is a paid presentation for omega xl and is brought to you by great healthworks. (bright music) (calm music) - welcome, my name is connie craig-carrol, and i'm so glad that you're joining me.


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