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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 25, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from our exclusive sales force tower camera, we are giving you a live look east over the bay bridge. good morning. happy thanksgiving to you. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. let's start with a check on our weather and traffic. good morning gianna. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. good morning to you. >> mary was the only one that took thanksgiving off. happy i could be here to fill the role. it's cold. >> it is. >> especially inland valleys in santa rosa, it's mid 30s. considering, it is thanksgiving. this is the time of year when we should start expecting things to get to the mid 30s in north bay valleys. it feels fine here in the city getting moderating influence of the bay this morning, temperatures actually fine in san francisco. it's 50 degrees. but it is 15 degrees cooler
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than that when you get inland specifically in north bay valleys. inland concord 41 and livermore 40 is cold enough. we can pick a few other locations. low 50s down the peninsula. you can see that in green. it's 39 in napa. as far as fog, there isn't any. as far as the forecast for the rest of this day, sunny and warm. that's the thanksgiving day forecast. we are going to be near 70 for inland locations, mid 60s in the bay, low 60s for the beaches. i will have the rest of the forecast in a few minutes including what things look like over the next seven days. remember it used to rain here? we'll see about that. i am glad to see the temps will be nice. i wish i had better news if you are out early. we will take you to 101 where we have our eye on this major trouble spot. a traffic alert on 101 north bound. all lanes are shut down and unfortunately this is due to a
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deadly crash. three cars are involved in the incident. i don't have a lot of details except there is the lane closure in effect. they did call cal trans crews for a hard closure so likely we will see this shut down for quite sometime. 280 is a great alternate. you can exit the freeway and take 82, el camino. i am seeing surprisingly slow speeds for today on 92 as you work west bound through there as well. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. let's go live to new york city where they are gearing up for the macy's thanksgiving day parade after a very muted event last year. you can see the floats are getting ready. we've got people standing around. the parade will start at 6:00 our time, 9:00 on the east coast. so they have another couple hours but macy's herald square there, they're ready for the action. this is going to be more like a
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normal parade, 2.5 miles of public viewing as balloons, floats, bands make their way from the upper west side to macy's flagship store at harold square. last year it was tv only, no animated crowds and no long parade routes. so it is refreshing to see this and refreshingly cold if you are out there. we'll just watch from the comfort of our homes. i will keep you posted from the live news desk. >> thank you. bay area airports are busiest they've been in two years. looking live at sfo, it's also the first pandemic thanksgiving with most travel restrictions lifted. >> kenny choi spoke to travelers reuniting with their loved ones. >> you never know whether your flight will be on time, delayed, canceled but one thing you can count on before the thanksgiving holiday, a lot of reunion smiles and hugs. is just the beginning of
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the miller family reunion. they're packing into this mini van heading to grandma's after 2017 tubs fire destroyed rebecca's parents house in santa rosa and then covid. >> this is our first chance to have thanksgiving in the rebuilt house. that feels amazing. >> reporter: benjamin and his brother wait for nephew josh whom they haven't seen in two years. they hope the sign and prison joke get a chuckle. >> we're going to make him feel special. >> it was very sad last year, just me and my wife. >> reporter: long embraces, kisses, smiles everywhere like constant flow of cars dropping off and picking up. >> it's been such a long time. it's nice not from a screen. >> it will be a bigger gathering. we will have inlaws and extended family where last year it was my son, my wife, my daughter. >> reporter: covid delayed count less gatherings but reunions are again looking and
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sounding like they should, something josh and his uncles are thankful for. travel experts say expect longer lines and arrive two hours before a domestic flight. if your flight gets canceled, use your airline's website or app for faster rebookings. kenny choi, kpix5. inflation may be cooking up most expensive thanksgiving dinner in history. the average dinner cost is up 5% percent but american farm bureau says it may be as much as 14% higher. survey shows hikes on potatoes, cranberries, turkeys, which are nearing a record high. business owners on high after a series of retail robberies. >> vows to stop the organized time in its tracks. maria medina spoke to nervous shoppers. >> reporter: we have noticed a
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heavy police and security presence where days ago thieves hit the lulu lemon store. >> it's scary to have to come to work sometimes. >> reporter: this season the sprinkling of holiday lights is unfortunately paired with security lights. >> we see security outside of the mall. >> reporter: not only are armed guards fixed at store entrances but san jose police is also making their presence known at valley fair as well as santana row. >> barricade and block certain roads and even entrances to the parking structures. there was a macy's hit, lulu lemon, blooming dale. >> what do you do as a mother? >> reporter: her daughter planned to go to union square the day a crew of robbers targeted louis vitton. a couple days later, lulu lemon. shoppers plan to be in and out
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quickly because of fear. >> you don't even want to go because you feel unsafe. >> we have to pick up something. that's why we have to be here but we'll try to make it short. >> we are aware, watching. we will respond and arrest you like we did yesterday. >> reporter: san jose police announced they've arrested these suspects accused of stealing thousands of dollars in cologne and perfume yesterday. attorneys announced they've formed alliance to hand down stiffer punishments on thieves caught. >> for the two arrested so far, the bail was set at $2 million. we are concerned this is a crime of opportunity. we are doing everything we can to keep them in custody. >> it concerns me. it concerns our team. i have talked to security. they're all aware and we don't know what to do about it. >> reporter: as for thieves accused of stealing merchandise at oakland and valley fair
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malls, they're being charged with grand theft and burglary. santa rosa police are looking for these suspects who stole more than $20,000 of merchandise from the apple store. this happened around 11:30 yesterday morning in front of customers and staff at santa rosa plaza. four suspects are between ages of 14 and 18 years old. in oakland a security guard shot and critically hurt while protecting a local tv news crew is in stable condition at the hospital. a reporter was covering this mob style heist at prime 356 monday night just before 12:30 yesterday afternoon. an armed robbery crew pulled up on 300 block of 14th street. eye witnesses tell us the gunman ordered the news crew and guard on the ground. it was a few moments later when shots were fired and the guard was hit. no one else was injured. police are asking businesses in the area to check
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surveillance video for any clues. there is a $7,500 reward. kpix crews have worked with that guard numerous times in the past. reporters describe him as the nicest guy and thoughts and prayers are with him and his family this morning. san francisco police released body camera video of a deadly officer involved shooting inside a residential hotel. warning, the video is hard to watch. video shows a man rushing with a knife before officers shot him. the 41-year-old died from his injuries. the incident began early friday morning at the covered wagon hotel where he lived in a city rented room. police were responding to a 911 call from a hotel employee who reported amani walking through hallways threatening people with a knife. according to the chronical, he had a history of mental illness and spent years serving as afghan interpreter for u.s.
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special forces. coming up, what all these people were waiting for last night. we take you inside last minute holiday rush. can't handle the heat of the kitchen, the restaurants keeping their doors open today. our food for bay area families drive is on. to donate your time or money, go to you are looking at the city of san francisco from our treasure island camera. it's 4:41. we'll be right back.
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if you made a last minute run to the store last night, you are not alone. check out the line outside whole foods. it keeps going and going. katie nielsen takes us inside. >> reporter: rolling through the isles the essentials are still stocked. >> a lot of people do their big shopping right before. then you would be shocked by the amount of people coming in right now for pies. >> reporter: people like mark francis looking for a pumpkin pie. >> they didn't have any so i have to find one somewhere else. that's what happens when you wait until the last minute. >> reporter: this is the busiest holiday of the year for them. all they are selling is pies,
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2500 per location. >> a crazy day. >> reporter: in addition to people door dashing pies, some are waiting to pick them up. >> it is a family tradition titan. we get at least chocolate cream and banana cream pie. >> reporter: the line to pick up preordered or precooked thanksgiving dinners keeps going and going. >> the alternative, say no, walk away, gotta dig something up for tomorrow. >> reporter: monica has a lead on pies. >> they still have pumpkin pies over there and other items for thanksgiving. >> all the pie talk has us hungry. san francisco mayor london breed and several former mayors joined forces to prepare thanksgiving meals. each year the foundation prepares meals before serving them on thanksgiving.
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the mayor and former mayors carved turkeys. people also put together hygiene kits for guests. retailers closing today for thanksgiving plus cooking free dinner alternatives and take out meals available for the holiday. diane king hall reports from the new york stock exchange. wall street is closed this thursday in honor of thanksgiving. tomorrow investors will return for a half day of trading and after a bumpy week for stocks, investors are hoping santa clause will show up early. nation's trade gap narrowed in october. according to commerce department, trade deficit contracted by more than 14% to $82.9 billion. that was better than expected thanks in part to a sharp increase in exports last month. imports also rose modestly. for the second year, many
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retailers will remain closed this thanksgiving. walmart, target, kohl's say they are keeping their doors shut. there will be a handful open if you need a last minute item like kroeger, 7-eleven, cvs, walgreens. if you can't handle the heat, enter the cooking free dinner alternatives. cracker barrel has family meals and fallly feasts. it is also offering home style dishes as thanksgiving take out. at ihop, a roasted turkey dinner with two sides and all locations are open this thursday. that's your cbs money watch report. head to i'm diane king hall. 4:46. let's get a check of our weather and traffic on this thanksgiving. >> we will start with darren peck with how it is feeling outside. for right now, it's cold. really the headline today is
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it's going to warm up and you are going to see a quick turn around. the temperatures will be really nice once the sun goes to work this afternoon. for now we have to talk about a frost advisory for inland valleys east bay and north bay. that's a pretty view over the city where there are no issues. a relatively warm 50 degrees in the city and just about anywhere else that has access to the bay down the peninsula, east bay shoreline, down through san mateo, lower 50s. we've got a few mid 40s the further south you go. by the time you get to san jose, it's 41. that's chilly but not cold enough for the frost advisory. for that, up here, mid 30s for north bay valleys, low 40s for inland valleys of the east bay. watch what happens when you put on the frost advisories and you can see the pattern. up here, 580, 680. so from concord to livermore and then a frost advisory here as well. fog is not an issue.
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visibility looks great. as we look to daytime highs, there is a fast turn around so the numbers really warm back up. we're going to be 69 degrees in san jose today and we'll see mid 60s for north bay valleys and for inland east bay valleys. it will be a sunny day but not totally. there are these mid level clouds that will be hanging out today. it's not going to be that crystal clear blue we had yesterday. you notice a few high clouds. more come in tonight and overnight thursday through friday and then we get to friday and friday should be more sunshine than anything else. it will be a good looking forecast for really the whole next four days. look at the seven-day forecast, whole next seven days. do you see any change? no, you do not. san jose, around 70 and sunny for seven days. oakland 67 and sunny for seven days. san francisco, mid 60s. for micro climates, same story.
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middle line is our warmest numbers. 70 degrees for the next seven days and there is no rain in the forecast unfortunately. how does the drive look on this thanksgiving morning? if you are getting ready to head out and you have an early start, for the most part, we are seeing green. we have one major crash. if your drive takes you to 101 on this thanksgiving morning, we are dealing with a traffic alert issued about an hour ago. the crash has been out there for sometime. unfortunately we have word from chp that this is a deadly crash. three cars involved north 101 between hills dale and rolls ton. all lanes are completely shut down. avoid that and use el camino or 280. we'll let you know when lanes open. if you exit at rolls ton, you can hop over to 82 and take it to 92. 280 is looking good in both
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directions if you want to use that instead. all lanes shut down 101 at rolls ton. we'll keep an eye on that. if you are getting out early, 580, 80, highway 4 are looking good. bay bridge toll plaza is clear, very quiet, holiday light for the ride into san francisco. if you plan on taking transit, check the schedule. vta will be on sunday holiday schedule today. cal train will be on weekend schedule and bart will be on a sunday schedule. several transit agencies will be on a different schedule due to the thanksgiving holiday. if you are traveling today, you should have lighter than usual traffic conditions. most of the traffic was yesterday as folks got out of town for the holiday. here is vern with sports. good morning everybody. it's finally here. thanksgiving. the families are together. how about the current first family of the nba? last night the curries got
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together, basketball high stakes game
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good morning everybody. happy thanksgiving to you all. last night, in case you missed it, warriors got their family gathering at chase center. the curry family in a more natural venue for them. curry and philadelphia 76ers with 11th meeting with his brother steph. how about it mom? tiptoe bucket and foul by green. green got in foul trouble. philadelphia led by 19. warriors best shot in the first
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half, right here. jordan pool to end the half. dubstrailbynine. astephfreeballhelped. hescored35andwasfeelingit. warriorstooktheleadandandersonw sa closer, two massive dunks. he made all the shots he took in a 13 point night, warriors won 116-96. six in a row. steph is 9-2 in games against seth. >> that dude is playing unbelievable basketball. it's fun to watch. it is impressive the way he is playing, the way he has stepped into eyed end tee in the league as a scorer, play maker. proud brother. i love this. i wonder if he told his kids i
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will score a goal for you last night. found the back of the net, first goal tied at game at three. third period, one blasted by. sharks beat senators 6-3 for back to back wins. then college basketball, preholiday tournaments this time of year is a showcase for some conferences like west coast conference. when we woke up yesterday morning, the bay area schools st. mary's, usf, santa clara, had combined record of 17-0. bennet passionately asked his gayles to work offense last night against wisconsin in red. i love this ball movement. shot over the defense, st. mary's down a point late but badgers answered. wall cleared enough space to
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create his shot, wisconsin won for st. mary's first loss of the season. look at this pass behind the back number and ended with a two fisted slam. four players in double figures, cal down one. he got a good look at it but sometimes the shots just don't fall. 21st ranked seed in all won this with a game final 62-59. ever have a want to get away moment? he will tell you all about it. the charlotte guard missed badly. he was pulled from the game right after that. he did add 22 points in a 106- 99 win over the orlando magic. that is sports at this hour. about time for me to check on
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that turkey. a 20-pounder. gotta cook five hours before i feed my family and extended family. just call me chef vern. see you later. >> where is our invite chef vern? >> make sure that turkey doesn't burn. the vow to stop organized crime this morning after all those smash and grabs here at home. local counties now leading the bay area in i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, as this may increase risk of blood clots. while taking, a spinal injection increases risk of blood clots,
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♪ [mallet banging] ♪ [drums banging] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] [mallet banging] [drums banging] [inhales] ♪ i am justin andrews live. the tents and tables are set up. that's because the glide foundation is ready to give meals to those in need throughout san francisco. i will have a live interview, next. ornizecrime in bay area
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after a series of robberies. local counties leading the way in getting their residents vaccinated for covid-19. good morning. happy thanksgiving. it is thursday, november 25. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. happy thanksgiving to you as well. first, we want a check of weather and traffic. there are already some problem spots even on a holiday. it is a cold start on this holiday. then it will be a fast turn around. the rest of the day will be beautiful. but it is cold out there. we have a lot of mid 30s especially for inland valleys, north bay valleys, east bay valleys. you have a frost advisory it's so cold. in the city it's fine around 50. get to the north bay valleys, petaluma, it's 32. east bay valleys, 39 for concord, low 40s most other locations. you see the frost adviry


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