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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  November 25, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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next. ornizecrime in bay area after a series of robberies. local counties leading the way in getting their residents vaccinated for covid-19. good morning. happy thanksgiving. it is thursday, november 25. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. happy thanksgiving to you as well. first, we want a check of weather and traffic. there are already some problem spots even on a holiday. it is a cold start on this holiday. then it will be a fast turn around. the rest of the day will be beautiful. but it is cold out there. we have a lot of mid 30s especially for inland valleys, north bay valleys, east bay valleys. you have a frost advisory it's so cold. in the city it's fine around 50. get to the north bay valleys, petaluma, it's 32. east bay valleys, 39 for concord, low 40s most other locations. you see the frost advisory. that stays in effect until
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9:00. the rest of the day will be fantastic if we look at the cast forthanksgiving day. upper 60s inland locations. we'll get close to 70 for the daytime high in san jose, 65 for most of the day. it will be in the low 60s at the beaches. even though i've got a cloud, you will probably not notice that a lot. it will be thin high clouds. today is fantastic. so is tomorrow. we'll look it he four day weekend and get to the seven- day forecast coming up in a bit when we go into detail on the complete forecast. gianna, you have some issues on the road. 101, a pretty big problem, all lanes shut down at rolls ton due to a deadly crash. cal trans is on scene with a hard closure which means this will be there for quite
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sometime. north bound 101ralston to hills dale completely shut down along the peninsula. you can use 280. they are diverting traffic off at rolls ton, get on at el camino. there aren't a lot of cars on the road way because of the holiday but unfortunately with the lanes closed we are seeing a back up building behind that in that area. i will zoom in and show you some brake lights as well, slow speeds on 92 east bound towards 280. people might be using that instead of 101. we'll check the bay bridge in my next report. today, glide foundation is once again making sure people have a thanksgiving day meal. >> the meal and celebration gets underway with a few covid safety protocols in place. justin andrews is live in the tender loin as volunteers are already preparing. i see all those tents behind you. >> reporter: absolutely. that's one of the changes we
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are seeing because of covid-19. you see the tents and tables set up for these people to enjoy their meals later today. joining me is george gundry. have you seen the need increase because of covid-19? >> we absolutely have. there are more people living on the streets, more people hungry now. glide is here every day providing services and today is our special traditional thanksgiving meal. >> reporter: this means a lot for people who go without food every year, really every single day. let's talk about the volunteers that have come and participated year after year but especially this year. >> volunteers are big this year. we've pretty much gone most of the pandemic without a full core of volunteers. but today we are welcoming volunteers back. they'll be here probably starting in about an hour. they'll be carving turkeys, hams, helping us set up.
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we're excited to have volunteers back at glide. >> reporter: how many people do you think you will be feeding this year? >> we'll be serving probably about 2,000 meals during our brunch service 11:00 to 1:00 and then our normal breakfast this morning, about 800 or 900. >> reporter: anything else you would like to add? >> we are trying our best to provide a little holiday cheer this year. we are doing covid protocol and we just want to make sure our clients feel welcome. we are taking care of our community. >> reporter: thank you so much. we know there is a strong need for the meals to go to the individuals who are in need of this. it is also important to mention that this thing kicks off in an hour or so and that's when volunteers will be coming in to carve the hams and turkeys. we'll try and get inside when the volunteers are wrapping up
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their prep work. we'll get a live shot of that inside in an hour or so. >> so glad those folks are there to help people in need. business owners and holiday shoppers on edge after a series of retail robberies across the bay area. >> the region's top attorneys are vowing to stop the organized crime in its tracks. maria medina has more from san jose where she spoke to nervous shoppers. >> reporter: we have noticed a heavy police and security presence at valley fair mall as well as at santana row where days ago thieves hit the lulu lemon store. >> it's scary to have to come to work sometimes. >> reporter: the twinkling of holiday lights is unfortunately paired with security lights. >> we see security outside of the mall. >> reporter: not only are armed guards at store entrances but san jose police is also making their presence known at valley fair as well as santana row. >> they barricade and block
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certain roads and even entrances. there was a macy's hit, a lulu lemon, blooming dales. >> you feel what do you do as a mother? >> reporter: her daughter planned to go to union square the day a crew of robbers targeted the louis vitton. a couple days later thieves stole merchandise at lulu lemon. shoppers say they plan to be in and out of the mall quickly because of fear of the retail robberies. >> you don't even want to go because you feel unsafe. >> we have to pick up something. that's why we have to be here. but we'll try to make it short. >> we are aware. we are watching and responding. we will arrest you. >> reporter: police announced they've arrested these suspects accused of stealing thousands worth of cologne and perfume. district attorneys from nearly all bay area counties also announced they'd formed an alliance to hand down stiffer
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punishments on thieves caught. >> for the two arrested so far, bail was set at $2 million. we are concerned that this is a crime of opportunity and when people get out they may try it again. we are doing everything we can to keep them in custody. >> it concerns me, our team. i have talked to security at the location. they're aware of it and we don't know what to do about it. >> reporter: as for thieves accused of stealing merchandise, they're being charged with grand theft and burglary. santa rosa police are looking for these suspects who stole more than $20,000 worth of merchandise from the apple store. it happened about 11:30 yesterday morning in front of customers and staff. the four suspects are between 14 and 18 years old. san francisco police released body camera video of a deadly officer-involved shooting inside a residential hotel. warning, the video is hard to
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watch. video shows a man rushing at two police officers with a knife before the officers shot him. the 41-year-old died from his injuries. this began early friday morning at the covered wagon hotel where he livedin a city-rented room. police were responding to a 911 call from a hotel employee who reported amlkpeople with a knife. according to chronical he had a history of mental illness and spent years serving as afghan interpreter for u.s. special forces. in oakland the security guard shot and critically hurt while protecting a local tv news crew is in stable condition at the hospital. a reporter from kron television was covering this mob style heist monday night. yesterday an armed robbery crew pulled up on 14th street. the gunman ordered the news crew and their guard to get on the ground. it was a few moments later that
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shots were fired and the guard was hit. no one else was injured. police are asking businesses and people who were in the area to check surveillance video for clues. there is also a $7,500 reward. kpix crews have worked with that guard numerous times. our reporters describe him as the nicest guy. thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. we have some breaking vaccine news. kids in europe are about to start getting pfizer covid-19 vaccine. the european union drugs regulator just authorized covid's coronavirus vaccine for kids 5 to 11 years old. of course that's been going on for several weeks in the u.s. and that clears the way for millions of kids to get vaccinated at the same time as they are dealing with a big wave of cases. just in time there. the eu vaccine regulatory
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agency is proposing nine month time limit on the validity of vaccinations when it comes to traveling into and within the block. that's going to be a little ways off. it's going to be part of a discussion but we will keep you posted on that as well. back to you. more on the coronavirus, marin and san mateo continue to lead the rest of the bay area in covid-19 vaccination rate. data from cdc shows more than 90% of people 5 and up in both counties have received at least one vaccine dose as of wednesday. both counties have the highest rate of fully vaccinated eligible people at 86.6%. for a closer look at covid vaccination rates across the state and your county click the banner at the top of 5:10. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, thanksgiving feasts are back. the hefty price americans are paying this year when they
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gather around that dinner table. firefighters on the clock for thanksgiving as peak wildfire season winds down. a major freeway shut down due to a deadly crash. i will have details and
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5:13. inflation may be cooking the most expensive thanksgiving dinner in history. the average cost is up 5% but american farm bureau says it may be as much as 14% higher. there are foto, rrs, rkey if you made a last minute run to the store, you are not alone. check out the li atwhole foods in dublin yesterday to pick up premade meals. >> reporter: rolling through the isles at gene's fine foods in pleasanton. >> people do their big shopping before but you would be shocked by those coming in right now for pies. >> reporter: mark francis looking for a pumpkin pie. >> they didn't have any so i have to find one somewhere else. that's what happens when you wait until the last minute. >> reporter: at nation's this
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is the busiest holiday of the year for them. basically all they are selling is pies. in fact 2500 per location. >> a crazy day today, tomorrow. >> reporter: in addition to people door dashing pies, some are waiting in line to pick them up. >> the pies are a family tradition. we get at least chocolate cream or banana cream. i am excited to bring this home for thanksgiving. >> reporter: the line to pick up preordered keeps going and going and going. >> what are the alternatives? you say no and walk away? gotta dig something up for tomorrow. >> they still have pumpkin pies over there and other items for thanksgiving. thanksgiving meals prepared yesterday by san francisco mayor london breed and several former mayors will be
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delivered. each year st. anthony's hosts a turkey carve before serving meals on thanksgiving. mayor london breed and former mayors carved turkeys and community members put together hygiene kits for guests. strong wind warnings have southern california firefighters on high alert. a red flag warning is in effect and will continue until tomorrow because of santa ana winds. some fire crews are putting strike teams in specific areas. thousands of utility customers can lose power this thanksgiving weekend if winds get worse. sacramento area cal fire crews will be on the clock, some heading to southern california and others at the fire houses. crews were expecting to be home for the holidays but fire season is not over. >> staff that thought they were going to be having thanksgiving in fire stations with some fire station families and having
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some of their own personal families visit are now in southern california. >> a boost in funding has allowed for peak staffing through christmas. 5:16. we will turn it to darren peck now with what you can expect outside today. you are going to need that jacket this morning. >> for the next few hours until about 9:00. 9:00 on the dot is when the frost advisory will expire. there is a frost advisory for many of us. not everybody. i will show you where. that's a live look. if you look at the current numbers, you can see where the trouble spots are. it's where they have been every morning for the last week. in santa rosa it's 35. meanwhile, 49 in san francisco. san francisco, close to the bay, a nice moderating influence that keeps temperatures relatively warm. if you go inland from there, concord is 39. livermore is only one degree better than that. our trouble spots will be inland valleys. you see it on the map. north bay valleys in blue.
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up and down 580 and 680 on the east bay shoreline, no issues. it's chilly but not frost advisory cold. that's the focus for right now. the forecast for today is just fine. we'll be near 70 today for the daytime high. san jose is going to 69. most other locations will be in mid 60s. red wood city hits a relatively warm 67. you will probably notice mid level clouds today, not as crystal clear blue as yesterday. it's still a nice day, just not the picture perfect wow this is mid to late november in the bay area but still nice. you see that on futurecast. cloud through late morning. that's 2:00. they get much thicker overnight. that's thursday night. by friday morning, they're gone. friday will be pretty clear. it will look nicer than today. you don't notice any difference on daytime highs. look at that stretch of numbers
5:19 am
for san jose, around 70 every day for the next seven days. nothing but sunshine. oakland, same story except it will be upper 60s. in san francisco it's mid 60s. if we do micro climates, same story. inland valleys in mid to upper 60s and around 70 for north bay valleys. maybe a cloud or two, that's about it. no other significant changes in that forecast. that's where things stand now. how does the drive look? it's a little bit busy unfortunately along the peninsula. we are monitoring a traffic alert, a deadly crash that happened a couple hours ago. this is north 101 in belmont near ralston. all lanes shut down between ralston and hills dale. if you are getting an early start, you will want to use alternate. 280 will be your best bet. you can use el camino to get to 92 to get to 101 if that works
5:20 am
for you. three cars are involved in this incident. cal trans has a hard closure in place so this can be out there for sometime. we'll let you know when lanes open. if you are getting out early, stick with the alternate to avoid brake lights or closures. they are diverting traffic off the freeway at ralston. busy conditions on 92 east for people heading towards 280. travel times elsewhere are looking good. 580, 80, highway 4, 101 out of san jose showing no delays or brake lights. bay area bridges are quiet. bay bridge toll plaza, there are not a lot of cars this morning. they'll probably be busier later on as everyone tries to make it to lunch or dinner at family or friends. if you plan to take transit, plan for schedule changes. muni and vta on a sunday holiday schedule. cal train on a weekend schedule for today. also bart will be on a sunday schedule. if you plan on using public
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transit, do plan for that. roadways are fairly quiet. the golden gate bridge, not a lot of cars making that ride out of marin. we have this major problem on 101. we'll stay on top of that. it is 5:21. with san francisco planning to restrict vehicle traffic at night, mayor's office is trying to make it easier for holiday shoppers to park near union square. starting tomorrow through end of, a three city owar union squ offering free parking up to two hours. they are the suter stockton, ellis ferel and union at post street. it is meant to give shoppers and retailers peace of mind during the busy shopping season. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> black friday and cyber monday almost here. the scams though that you need to be on the look out for online.
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thanksgiving. maybe you are doing an early dinner, i know that's a tradition, your forecast, by early afternoon, low 60s. 63 degrees inland and low 60s in the bay. if we get more specific, san francisco will be 59. temperatures for oakland will be in the low 60s and we'll see numbers in san jose noticeably a few degrees warmer at 64. san jose your daytime high by 4:00 in the afternoon you are near 70. that 64 is just part of the journey to get you there. i will be back with the rest of the forecast including the seven day in a few minutes. did you catch the cheese pizza and burger in the forecast. interesting thanksgiving. >> i like that menu. supply chain bottlenecks means christmas is coming early for scammers. >> fake websites promise items that seem to be back ordered
5:26 am
everywhere else. lexus nexus seeing 2,000% increase in fake sites over the past months. >> these websites will often only ask for payment via a wire service such as paypal, venmo. places where the transaction is put through, those monies are gone. it's very unlikely, almost impossible, for the consumer to get their money back. >> it's like a virus. it just spreads. it doesn't stop until the consumers stop falling for the trick. >> other red flags to watch for, misspellings and grammar mistakes and links that don't work. also be careful clicking certain links as well. that can also spell trouble. 5:26. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> city sponsored rv parking site shut down after protests from neighbors. a stanford professor leading the charge on managing
5:27 am
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so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. it's 5:30 in the morning. hams and turkeys are ready to feed those in need across san francisco in the tender loin. a live interview for updates for volunteers preparing for this, coming up next. happy thanksgiving. salvation army volunteers getting ready to deliver about 4,000 meals. we'll tell you about the process. stanford professor taking a big role on climate change in our nation's capital. suspects facing charges
5:30 am
after storming through walnut creek nordstrom over the weekend. good morning. happy thanksgiving on this thursday november 25. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will get a check on weather and traffic. we have gianna keeping an eye on those roads for anybody heading to their family's. we have some issues. we are looking at our weather and we have some chilly turkeys this morning. >> mid 30s. it's november. this is when this starts to happen. but we are talking about frost advisories this morning with temperatures down into the mid 30s for north bay valleys and east bay valleys. if you look at the temperature spread across the map, look for the deep blues. north bay valleys, you've got it. we've got it for inland valleys of the east bay. we'll talk about the frost advisory in the complete forecast. once we get past 9:00 the real story for the day is it is going to be real nice with
5:31 am
upper 60s near 70 for warmer inland locations, mid 60s for the bay. san jose goes to 69 today. we'll hit 66 in oakland, red wood city 67, a pretty day on the peninsula. napa is going to 63. that's the easy part of this. now we've got to get to the difficult part. even on thanksgiving morning you have some traffic issues. if you are getting ready to head out early this morning, maybe going to family or friends, peninsula, 101, we have brake lights due to a deadly crash that happened over night. north 101 near ralston. they may have just cleared this. we saw a change. this is what traffic is, happens in the moment. 101 was showing purple and red as a closure but now we are seeing green. that's good news. i am happy to bring you that information. i will make sure to confirm
5:32 am
with chp. we are seeing a dramatic difference in the brake lights with the area. 101 looks okay. you can use 280 or 82 to work around the peninsula. today, hundreds of volunteers at the salvation army will be delivering meals to home bound seniors. >> joycelyn moran is live in san francisco with how they are preparing. it looks like you are where all the cooking magic happens. >> reporterat's right. good morning. happy thanksgiving. take a look at what's going on behind me. there is a lot of cooking. we have some green peas and there is a lot of work being done to prepare for today. salvation army is preparing to deliver around 4,000 meals today but there are two events going on here. let's head over here and talk to major david pierce with the salvation army. good morning. can you tell us about what's going on today? i am aware there are two events. >> on our campus we have two events. we are doing traditional
5:33 am
thanksgiving meal delivery service for home bound senior citizens and other disabled residents within the city. we are having community members come, some from four generations, to come to the campus to deliver a meal to a senior citizen. it's not just handing the meal off but conveying love, appreciation, gratitude, giving to the individual a sense of warmth and care that someone cares about them and they're not alone. on our campus, incredible food services preparing traditional thanksgiving dinner for 200 plus residents. >> reporter: with the 4,000 meals, you will be working with a catering company. can you talk about the change in the protocols to keep everybody safe given the pandemic? >> sure. 2019 in the past we used to prepare the meals on campus, have a great event and being adapted to the situation we partnered with a local catering company. they put together the meal of a wonderful nice traditional meal that will be easy for the
5:34 am
resident to prepare. then the community constantly shows up. every year this event is driven not simply by salvation army but by volunteers that make it work. >> there is a lot of work going on. we will be here looking at the process. we will bring that to you as well. >> thank you, joycelyn. justin andrews is at the glide foundation in san francisco where everyone will be able to grab a thanksgiving meal today. >> justin is getting a closer look for us right now. hey justin. >> reporter: we were able to get inside. take a look at all the hams and turkeys ready to be cut and carved so many people can come inside. you have the knives and the pans. that's where everyone will be here, the volunteers to carve the turkeys and hams. covid-19 has really struck and
5:35 am
they're expecting more families to be in need. the hams and turkeys will be needed. we talked to one of the volunteers, the organizers. >> our volunteers, we have a really committed team of volunteers that help us every year. this year and last year we don't have as many volunteers as we usually would because we don't need the volume of people coming through. we'll have about 200 volunteers come through. they'll start about 6:00 this morning and they'll be carving ham and turkeys and getting our meals ready. they'll also be serving breakfast and lunch. we'll have a team of volunteers going out. they're going to do roaming vaccinations this morning. we'll have a set of volunteers coming to help us do celebration services at 10:00. >> reporter: some volunteers are already in action. take a look. they're unloading the huge box of ham and turkeys they're passing along. this is something volunteers
5:36 am
will be doing all day to make sure the families definitely have the food that they need this thanksgiving day holiday. a lot of action in the tinder loin and it is also for a good run. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. let's go live to new york city where they are gearing up for macy's thanksgiving day parade. it is a refreshing sight because last year's was limited to a single block. it was a tv only event with no spectators allowed. today as you see from the live shot, we have a lot of people out and about, thousands of people crowding sidewalks along the two and a half mile route. it's starting on the upper west side. you see live macy's flagship store at harold square and the parade will have 15 giant character balloons. the newcomer is baby yoda. parade participants are required to show proof of vaccination. spectators are not because
5:37 am
they'll just be lining the sidewalk. it's starting at 6:00 our time. i have an eye on it. >> that's going to be fun. thank you. we are getting our first look at two suspects arrested in connection with a mass robbery broken up by palo alto police. 30 to 40 suspects tried to break into the store in downtown palo alto sunday night. they smashed glass but no suspects got inside and they took off when police arrived. an officer then stopped a car in menlo park with stolen goods from another location. police arrested the two suspects, one from richmond and other from vallejo. the investigation revealed two women traveled topple oh alto to burglarize the store with the larger group. they were allegedly among a group of about 90 who stormed the store. hundreds of thousands of
5:38 am
dollars worth of merchandise. most got away. someone smashed their way in in downtown san jose and stole a cash register. police are calling that heist a standard burglary unrelated to the organized thefts. san jose shot down the city sponsored rv parking site that prompted protest from neighbors when it first opened in september. mercury news reports as of sunday, everyone at the site on vista montana in north san jose had found somewhere else to go. they had been rerouted to the temporary site from an encampment on apple property. san rafael intersection open after a huge water main break flooded streets. this is what it looked like last night, drivers forcing through the water near the parkway. you see the water just pouring down the sidewalk creating a waterfall. no word on what caused the water main to break. a jury found all three defendants guilty of murder and
5:39 am
other charges in the death ar-o acman killed jogging through their neighborhood. natalie brand has the latest from the court house. the court house is quiet but around the time that the verdict was read, demonstrators who gathered outside the court house erupted in cheers. people we spoke to expressed a sense of relief. ahmaud arbery's mother said her son can now rest in peace. >> count one, malice murder, we the jury find the defendant travis mcmichael guilty. >> the jury deliberated more than 11 hours before convicting travis mcmichael on all counts. his father and their neighbor convicted on felony murder in killing of ahmaud arbery. inside the courtroom arbery's brother appeared in silent prayer. she thanked supporters. >> i never thought this day
5:40 am
would come but god is good. >> the killing garnered national attention and prompted officials to repeal state citizen's arrest law. the defense claimed they were trying to make citizen's arrest believing arbery committed a crime but there was no evidence to support that. the prosecutor argued their actions were based on assumptions. >> the verdict today was a verdict based on the facts, based on the evidence. that was our goal, to bring that to that jury so they could do the right thing. >> this is the scene outside the court house shortly after the verdict was read. demonstrators who had been here since start of the trial have called for justice for ahmaud arbery. >> i have been here 30 years. it's a blessing. >> the defense team said they're disappointed and plan to appeal but right now are respecting the verdict. >> these are two men who
5:41 am
honestly believed that what they were doing was the right thing to do. >> we felt from day one that the video showed travis mcmichael acted in self defense. maybe we had our own tunnel vision. >> the three defendants face life in prison. a sentencing date has not been set and the three face federal hate crime charges in a separate case. georgia's attorney general said this verdict brings us one step closer to justice and healing. i am natalie brand. back to you. an actor has joined the list of people charged for participating in u.s. capitol riots. james beaks of florida has been charged with obstruction of congress and unlawfully entering grounds. the 49-year-old performs as a michael jackson impersonator and played judas in a tour of the musical jesus christ super star. white house creating a
5:42 am
federal agency for climate change. benson will serve as head of office in the new energy division. the agency will develop national clean energy innovation as u.s. tries to reach net zero emissions by 2050. it is 5:42. many retailers closed for thanksgiving and where you can get last minute items today. taking a look ahead to what you can expect on that forecast today. it will be plenty sun and temperatures near 70 for some of our warmer spots. i will have a lot more specifics on this forecast, coming up.
5:43 am
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welcome back. time for the money watch report, retailers closing today plus cooking free dinner alternatives and take out meals available for the holiday. diane king hall reports now from the new york stock exchange. wall street is closed this thursday in honor of thanksgiving. tomorrow investors will return for a half day of trading and after a bumpy week for stocks, investors are hoping santa clause will show up early. nation's trade gap narrowed in october. according to commerce department the trade deficit contracted by more than 14% to
5:46 am
$82.9 billion. that was better than expected thanks in part to a sharp increase in exports last month. imports also rose modestly. for the second year in a row, many retailers will remain closed. walmart, target, kohl's, jcpenney say they are keeping doors shut. many retailers spread out their deals this year in the run to black friday. there will be a handful of stores open this thursday like kroeger, 7-eleven, cvs, and walgreens. if you can't handle the heat, enter the cooking free meals. there are also home style dishes offered as thanksgiving take out. at ihop, a roasted turkey dinner with two sides and los e en thursday. for more head to at the new york stock exchange,
5:47 am
i am diane king hall. 5:46. let's get a check of our weather and traffic. >> before we get down to business, gianna i saw you posting pies on facebook. i haven't seen you bring any to us yet. >> i knew this would come up. i will bring some tomorrow. >> we get the leftovers. >> kiddos come first. >> these are home made pies from scratch? >> pumpkin and minced meat. it's not really meat in it. look it up. it's my husband's favorite. >> i didn't know that part. >> that's the one i am bringing for you. >> that's for another time. let's look at the weather. >> i will not be able to think about anything but what can it be? this is one of the places where
5:48 am
the temperatures are still relatively mild. that means it's not cold. it's like 49 degrees. that's technical definition of mild. you barely notice. it is cold when you get into valleys of north bay and east bay valleys. you see color codes down into the deep blues. upper 30s for inland valleys of the east bay, 43 in san jose right now. some of us have a frost advisory because of that and it would be places where temperatures have already gotten to the mid 30s. north bay valleys and east bay valleys. up and down 680 and 580, that's where temperatures are down to the upper 30s. north bay valleys, mid 30s. that stays in effect until 9:00. once we are passed that, this is a nice day. let's get everybody's daytime highs. we will be near or at 70 for south bay locations. 67 sunnyvale, 65 union city. we work towards inland valleys
5:49 am
of east bay and numbers are mid 60s, 63 danville, 64 livermore, 65 pleasant hill. come over the hill and into bay proper and temperatures aren't really that different. everybody is pretty much doing mid 60s. this is the time of year where we don't see the temperature spread across the bay as a whole. you do get differences, inland valleys of the north bay will warm up more. you will see that in the seven day. as far as today other than temperatures, it won't be as crystal clear blue sky as yesterday was. yesterday was pretty nice. today is almost as nice but you will notice a few mid level clouds and don't quite get the clear blue sky and brag to your friends and family and relatives here about how wonderful the weather is. it's going to be nice, just not have the same look. seven-day forecast shows you blue sky and numbers that don't change. remember how it rained in october? it will not do that for the
5:50 am
rest of november and even into early december at this point. how is that drive treating us on this thanksgiving morning? it's looking a lot better. we started the morning with a deadly crash on 101. that's been cleared up and everything is moving at the limit. things are a lot better. if you are ready to head out the door, we have good news. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights, all clear. an early start to see friends and family for thanksgiving, drive safe. you should be okay for the most part unless there is a crash. right now things look pretty nice. a lot of green is good news. east shore freeway is clear as well as highway 4 and 101 is clear, 38 minutes from hellyer to sfo. i checked traffic towards sfo, oakland airport, san jose, everything is at the limit. if you are taking 92 east bound towards 280, some slightly slower speeds but nothing too bad. there are three lanes blocked
5:51 am
north 880 due to a crash but we are not seeing a lot of brake lights. you are okay to take 880, maybe just a pinch of delays as you head through there. if you plan on taking vta today, they will be on a sunday holiday schedule. cal train will be on a weekend schedule today. bart will be working on a sunday schedule. also thanksgiving day transit for muni, on a sunday schedule today. ace, no service today or tomorrow. plan for that. golden gate transit, no service today. they'll have modified service friday and sf bay ferry, no service today. a lot of changes for public transit. make sure you check the schedule before you head out the door. to the south bay where free thanksgiving meals will be delivered today. mount olive church of god on hamilton avenue in menlo park is hosting an event from noon until 1:00. next on kpix5 and streaming
5:52 am
on cbsn bay area. >> how you can own a piece of if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
5:53 am
5:54 am
if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. hopefully you've got friends or family visiting for the next four days and they're coming from the east or the mid section of the country. we've got great weather to show off what it can be like here in november. it is cold out there now with 36 in santa rosa, 39 concord. that's cold for us.
5:55 am
there is a frost advisory in effect. you can see the map for the frost advisory as it is basically north bay valleys and east bay valleys. for daytime highs if you look at where we are going, near 70, plenty sunshine. you might notice it won't be as crystal clear as yesterday was but i don't think there will be a lot of complaint. these are on the mark if not a degree or two above average for this time of year. we'll talk about any possibility for rain. don't get your hopes up. it's not in the seven-day forecast. we'll look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. time for a look at the entertainment headlines. characters from south park emerge from the pandemic but will life ever be the same for them? find out how they're coping in the special "south park post covid." the streaming is today on paramount plus. own a piece of sports history if you are the high bidder. more than 600 items from some
5:56 am
of the most iconic athletes are going on the auction block december 6th. a jacket made for the late kobe bryant is just one of the items at the sports auction. 5:55. in our next half hour. >> shoppers nervous after a string of brazen smash and grabs. the security measures in place ahead of black friday. volunteers are hard at work in the tender loin making sure tables are ready for people to have a thanksgiving day meal. i will have a live report next. we'll leave you with this live look outside before we head to break. we'll be right back.
5:57 am
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now if i had to guess i'd say somewhere upstairs there's a broken pipe. geico. save even more when you bundle home and car insurance at on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, volunteers up early to continue the thanksgiving tradition of serving meals with a side of compassion. we are live there. plus. it's scary to have to come to work sometimes. >> bay area stores stepping up security ahead of black friday. the changes you can expect to see. an uncomfortable trend. what we have just learned about yet another smash and grab, this time in the north bay. throwing a life line in the coronavirus fight across the pond. the major announcement from pfizer.
6:01 am
good thanksgiving morning. it is thursday november 25. i am len kiese. >> i


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