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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 25, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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announcer: this is "the state farm postgame show." james: so that was just the sixth overtime game on thanksgiving day and the raiders knock off dallas in this turkey day thriller 36-33. coming up tonight on cbs, it's a night of comedy and drama beginning with young she woulden and utah of al, follow build ghosts and bull. that's tonight of cbs and hello, everyone and welcome back to our new york studio and the "the state farm postgame show." j.b. along with coach, nate, phil and boomer. i'm staring at you because i
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know you're firing away. talk about the game. phil: it was a thrilling game. i don't know if it was pretty. 28 penalties for 276 yards. no turnovers in the game, which is amazing too. and the raiders did a good job. they've found a way to win it and they only gave up 64 yards rushing. bill: the game went back and forth. like you said, no turnovers but honestly, the penalties, that's just too much. nate: are you throwing the flag at me, coach? i didn't do anything. bill: that's what they were saying out there today too. name: you're right. with the raiders having darrin waller go down so early in the game. crept to hunter republican trove, desean jackson and zay jones. boomer: i feel back if -- bad for brown, four pass interference calls, ultimately cost the cowboys the game. and the last throw by dak. threw it at the receiver's feet.
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but we like it that way! what's in your wallet? james: well, derek carr certainly an impressive game. you guys talked about the sense of urgency. he showed that. excellent game indeed and the raiders come away with a very impressive win and a reminder, the nfl's thanksgiving day triple-header continues with the bills taking on the saints.
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that's happening right now over on incomes as we welcome you back to studio 43 and the "the state farm postgame show." a big win for them. boomer: the raiders needed this more than the cowboys did. the cowboys are in control of the n.f.c. east right now. but the raiders, they're still in third place. now 6-5 tough chiefs at 7-5 and we have a huge game here on sunday. the chargers against the broncos at 4:00. nate: that's going to be big. you think what else is big? daniel carlson. the 56-yarder, was a career year long bill: desean jackson. and michael parsons, what a performance. phil: derek carr of the raiders threw for over 300 again today. when he does that they're 6-0. james: we'll come back right after this. wait, bicep byron got the patrick price? i thought that was our thing?
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james: the one team that you don't want to face was a team that was embarrassed the week before. the case when the saints embarrassed the bills. the bills are up 7-0. that game over on cbs n. sunday the nfl on cbs, plenty of games with playoff implications headlined by the titans taking on the red-hot patriots and an a.f.c. north showdown between the steelers and bengals.
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we'll get the day started at noon earn, "the nfl today." our sunday lineup. phil: the titans at new england, i think is going to be a great game and new england is hot on both sides of the ball. the offense is clicking with mac jones. and if the titans can't run the football, they're in trouble because the patriots' secondary is awesome. bill: look or the -- out for the titans on defense. jeffrey simmons could be a factor in the middle of that line going against mac jones. nate: steelers-bengals. bengals looking for three in a row. big ben hasn't thrown a pig pick in five games and t.j. watt may be back which is usual because the last time the steelers faced the bengals they didn't get a sack on joe burrow. boomer: we just watched a game in which both quarterbacks were the stars. some of their weapons missing and they elevated the play and the players around them.
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one guy who has to do that is justin herbert. he is an awesome football player but going on the roads in your division against a team off a bye is not going to be easy for the chargers because they defense gives you have over 24 points a game. bill: and these matchups right now have playoff implications. the urgency and sense of importance right now is real. you think what your record is and you only have so many opportunities left. phil: pittsburgh and cincinnati. ben roethlisberger threw the ball against the chargers about as well as i've seen him in years. james: we'll see you back here on sunday. w rotisserie-style chicken, new peppercorn ranch, new hickory-smoked bacon, new- did you just spike the footlong? sorry, i didn't want the delay of game. save big. order through the app. kenan! save big. hey kenan! looking good. feeling good. i just found all these cars on autotrader. wow! now wait for the best part there microwave.
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anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. they've had san francisco problems. on the creek, contra costa. >> a possible connection emerging in the wave of smash and grabs across the bay area. which is to local police department across the bay area are working to uncover. a deadly day on bay area roads. what we know about a string of fatal crashes. the most promising signs for the travel dustrysince e pandic began, but ouldmean a t surge.
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happy thanksgiving. we begin with a wave of smash and grab burglaries, and a possible connection unfolding right now. >> connections from two departments 50 miles away from each other seem to have found a link. we are live in downtown palo alto to explain. >> reporter: earlier this week, a group of people hit the real feel here intertemporal about on university avenue. the front of the store is boarded up because of this incident. now detectives believe this burglary could be related to another one from the north bay. in downtown palo alto, crews have painted over the boards in place to protect the real real storefront. >> really surprised actually. >> reporter: according to palo alto police, a group of 30 to 40 people showed up and around 20 cars sunday night and tried to smash their way into the consignment shop. a security guard called the
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cops, and the people all took off. >> it's almost movie like. >> reporter: when officers found two suspects, they found mercndise r real real shop in larkspur hit earlier in the night by a large group of people. according to central marin police, around 40 police were involved in a smash and grab, and made off with about $250,000 worth of merchandise. >> there are gangs moving around the bay area obviously. >> it's not like riots are going on or other instability. it is pure robbery. >> reporter: police arrested two people after the palo alto incident. keyonni marie jones and kevyonna barnes. palo alto police and marin detectives are working together to figure out if there are any connections between the people involved in the crimes in their cities, and those who committed similar crimes in other cities throughout the bay area. >> that had san francisco robberies. they've had walnut creek, contra costa, here. >> reporter: many locals are aware of what is going on not just in their neighborhoods. resident angela howe told us --
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>> i'll be sending soon. >> police are working together on the investigation, but what about bay area prosecutors? >> reporter: we learned that prosecutors and law enforcement from contra costa county, san joaquin county, san mateo, santa clara, san francisco, and marin county are working together to try to combat this ongoing issue with large-scale retail theft. >> thank you. a reward is growing for information leading to the gunman who shot and wounded a local news crew security guard in oakland yesterday. the reward now stands at more than $17,000. the crew from kron 4 was covering a mob style robbery in a downtown boutique when they were attacked. the guard remains in the hospital tonight but is in stable condition. oakland police announced
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they are boosting staffing, and applying tactical teams. they will support police officers responding to armed caravans, illegal sideshows, and other violent crimes. despite the clear weather we got today, the holidays get it get off to a deadly start with a string of deadly crashes. we begin with a two car crash in contra costa county. one of three deadly accidents in a 3 hour span this morning. it began around 6:00 a.m. . that accident killed one person and enter two others. before that, a pedestrian was hit and killed up in napa. 2 hours before that, a multivehicle crash killed one person on 101 in belmont. looking without at sfo, the tsa says it has screened more than 2.3 million people at u.s. airports yesterday, setting a new pandemic travel record. that is 80% of the number of travelers that passed through airports on the day before thanksgiving back in 2019. as michael george reports, experts are concerned that thanksgiving gatherings may fuel a covid spike.
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>> reporter: friends and families across the country are sitting down to feast this thanksgiving day, but there is concern getting together for the holiday could have more consequences than a few extra pounds. a new cdc forecast predicts covid hospitalizations and deaths will be on the rise over the next few weeks. >> even a small surgeon covid right now will put our hospitals over the edge. >> reporter: covid cases are already on the rise in 24 states , and hospitalizations are up in 22. >> we know there are already searches across the northeast and north, and as an e.r. doctor, i can tell you, our hospitals are already overwhelmed. >> reporter: well hospitals are dealing with the crush of covid cases from the delta variant, health experts worry that until more people are vaccinated, new mutations have a chance to form. >> the delta variant spreads so easily that it's crowding out other mutations right now, but there is the chance for something worse. the best protection about that
5:53 pm
is vaccinating not just the u.s., but the rest of the globe. >> reporter: the world health organization's meeting today to discuss a new variant. the b11529. has been found in south africa, botswana, and hong kong. doctors say the variant makes mutations that may make it capable of avoiding immune responses, but they add that it is too early to know exactly how transmissible the variant may be. michael george thomas cbs news, new york. let's move to a brighter spot in the newscast, the weather. it was beautiful today. perfect temperatures, if you pass in clouds overhead. we will keep it going for the next few days. high pressure is in control of the weather. it's been producing dusty went over southern california, seven flag warnings there. but plenty of sunshine as we head into saturday and sunday here, the high pressure building directly overhead. light wind here, later went for southern california.
5:54 pm
outside right now, temperatures are running in the mid to upper 50s. everybody is in the mid to upper 50s. passing clouds will keep temperatures from falling too far there tonight. it won't be as chilly tomorrow morning as compared to this morning. mid-30s in santa rosa, upper 30s in fairfield. mid to upper 40s around the bay. temperatures will top out about where we did today. close to 70 degrees in san jose, mid-60s in the east bay. mid-60s around the bay, and low 60s along the coast. temperatures in the end continue to run on the warm side as we had through the weekend, then everybody cools off a little bit, but still slightly above average as we headed to the first couple of days of december. a little more cloud cover, but no rain in the 7 day forecast. you may have noticed it was hazy today. we will take a closer look at air quality at 6:00. thanksgiving traditions steeped in whiskey?
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>> reporter: coming up at 6:00, families across the bay area enjoy time together outside as
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the holiday still happens in space. it does look a bit different. five astronaut so that thanksgiving is not bad at all on the international space station. >> the food is fantastic here. we are looking forward to some special things that have been sent for us. >> sometimes people do a turkey trot on thanks giving, and appear i have a treadmill. i have special colored headbands for us to where on the treadmill. >> back here on earth, no actual birds were harmed, but several bottles of whiskey were killed at richmond's annual thanks giving day turkey shoe. the mayor was among about 150
5:58 pm
people who raised a shot glass of wild turkey, or sparkling cider, in the decades-old city tradition. began in 1989 when the manager of the hotel mackin point richmond took his employees out for a shot as consolation for having to work on thanksgiving. more than 170,000 u.s. military personnel are stationed overseas this thanks giving holiday muscle the pentagon is giving them a taste of home. it sent out nearly 400,000 pounds of thanksgiving dinner to u.s. troops around the world, including these troops in south korea. president biden in the first lady visited a u.s. coast guard station in nantucket today. they met with troops stationed there, and had a video call with troops deployed around the world. now at 6:00, security will be tight this black friday, but that is not the only big change shoppers can expect.
5:59 pm
a live look outside on this beautiful thanksgiving, but will the weather stick around into the holiday weekend? paul has the forecast. how hundreds across the bay area are giving thanks, and making sure those in need have a hot meal this evening. >> reporter: for many families, the pandemic has changed how we celebrate thanksgiving, but the meaning of the holiday still the same. i'm da lin. coming up, i asked people, what are you thankful for? we begin with a live look at union square, where security is expected to be tight as black friday shoppers storm the stores hours from now. that evening. this all comes amid a sharp increase in retail theft across the bay area. kpix 5's shawn chitnis is live in pleasanton with the other big changes shoppers can expect this black friday. >> reporter: this was the scene all day at the small my completely empty mama a reminder of what thanksgiving was like before the pandemic, when you cannot be here because they were closed for the holiday
6:00 pm
, and an opportunity to come tonight after dinner is still not available. we do know shopping centers are getting ready across the bay area to open up early in the morning, and have shoppers return in person. the madness we saw on black friday and the start of the holiday shopping season year after year has become just a memory since the pandemic. >> and by to wake up at 4:00 a.m., go shopping. anything open, i will go shopping. >> reporter: people were returning to thanks giving traditions today, enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. retailers like best buy, macy's, target, and walmart were all closed today, stores that have stayed open on thanks giving in the past. >> i've never gone black friday shopping, so i feel it would be fun to try it out. >> reporter: others out and about say they will be staying inside a look k


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